MILF Punishment


 515  MILF Punished by Ritu and Ragini Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of Mitu knew it was a bad idea to be doing this, but it was too late to say no now. Besides, all of her friends were going, and she didn’t intend to be the one sensible person in…

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Unforgettable Weekend


 522  Unforgettable Weekend Hi sexy readers of, I’m Amit from Delhi. This is a hot and steamy story about me and my friend’s ex GF, at our common office!   Well, it seems a little complicated but it isn’t. We three used to hang out together, Shalini was my best friend’s gf at that…

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The Business Trip with Maria


 474  My name is Raju and I had to travel to our business partner in Hungary for the second time. I asked my wife if she would like to come with me so that we could see Budapest. She declined that she could not leave professionally. But shortly before leaving, she told me that it…

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