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Hello there, friend! My husband had gone abroad with my son for his admission to Oxford, the United Kingdom, and I had been alone at home for the past week. I’m a 35-year-old married woman with a flat and curved stomach, huge breasts with a deep valley in between the two mounds, and busty ass cheeks. My pussy is incredibly deep and slippery, perfect for a big and plump size dick. I have a deep ass crack in my ass melons and my pussy is really deep and slippery. My breasts are 36 C, my waist is 28 inches above my pussy, and my round ass is 38 inches. If the occasion arises, I enjoy revealing my torso, waist, belly button, and even my legs.

When individuals look at my bare physique with lusty eyes, I get a kick out of making an uproar in their trousers. My husband has turned me into a slut since he is extremely horny and prefers anal fucking to my pussy.With one long stroke of his meaty tongue, he licks both my anal and pussy holes, creating eternal joys in my love holes. When his lengthy cock pushes my wet anal hole while pinching and squeezing my pussy lips and clit with his fingers, I, too, squirt violently into the canal. He licks and eats my pussy lips and clit so passionately after fucking my deep anal canal that I squirt my love juice into his mouth like a jet pen. He’s extremely hot, and I once saw him sucking my sister’s pussy, but instead of being irritated, I felt horny and joined them in a trio. This improved our sexual understanding, and I even let him have protective sex whenever and with whomever he wanted, especially when he was away from home.

He also permitted me to get a body massage from she-males who work at a neighboring massage center that offers home service. Reshma is my favorite because her plump fleshy dick dangling between her legs provides me the most pleasure when I eat it or take it out of my two holes. She makes twice as much money as my husband and fills every void in my life to the brim. However, because Reshma was on leave and my husband was out of the country, I was alone in my bed for the past seven days and starving for sex. I wanted someone, anyone, to discharge his love load into my anal after putting his dick in my pussy. Even though I had been masturbating regularly in the afternoon and before going to bed, trying with various artificial toys and elongated vegetables such as cucumbers and carrots in my holes, I was ravenous for the actual penis. The lady’s luck continued to smile on me when my brother informed me that my nephew would be coming to spend his summer vacation with me and my son Amar in the evening. He was unhappy when I told him about my husband and son because Amar and my nephew were quite close.

Both of them were twenty-one years old.

When I told him that he would enjoy his time with me, he became more relaxed. I was ecstatic and enthralled by the prospect of luring innocent-looking boys.

I was skilled at luring and seducing them. I wore a low neck and see-through mini skirt without braziers, but with a contrasting undie, and left half of my breasts and cleavage exposed by leaving my top undone. I greeted my nephew in the corridor with a strong hug and a kiss on the cheeks, pushing my fat breasts against his chest and rubbing my swollen pussy into his crotch when the bell rang.

As the meatloaf lying between his knees began to expand, I kept him squished in my arms until I felt him uncomfortably moving his thighs away from me. His nervousness amused me greatly. I forced him to sit on the sofa, brought him cookies, and took the chair across from him. When I told him his cousin was out of the country, he was a little sad. But I promised him that I would make his stay here as exciting and memorable as he had imagined.

When I noticed his juice glass was empty, I grabbed the juice cane and began refilling it while bending in front of him and exposing my breasts to the fullest extent possible. I noticed a gleam and naive lust in his eyes, as well as a slight jerk in his trousers, which indicated that he was interested in me. I could see his eyes looking at my nude smooth legs and the deep cleavage between my luscious breasts throughout our conversation. We went to the kitchen and started eating late at night. I bent to the maximum to show him my assets while purposefully filling his plate with modest amounts, and was constantly startled to see the lust in his eyes and a small bulge jerking in his trousers.

I purposely spilled the glass on the table while replenishing juice, which ruined not only my skirt but also the marble floor. He grabbed a tissue roll and began cleaning the table right away. I, too, used a tissue to dry my skirt before mopping the floor with a big length of tissue roll. He approached me for assistance and offered to clean it. I told him not to worry and knelt on the floor, deliberately keeping my back to him, and began methodically scrubbing the floor. My ass was lifted high enough to face him, and I knew he could see part of my ass cheeks due to the small size of my skirt, but he didn’t seem to mind because he was standing behind me.

I drew the stripe of my undie, concealing my ass crack to one side while sitting at my knees, and I felt a surge of chilly air from the bracket fan at my buttocks and in my ass crack, indicating that my ass was entirely exposed. I extended my legs a bit wider than normal, not letting him know what I was up to, so he could see my femininity and clit without any obstruction.

I continued to sweep the floor methodically while conversing with him about his activities. I moved my eyes a little higher and saw his penis swelling in his trousers and his eyes fixed to my heavenly parts through the enormous wall mirror on the opposite side. A few drops of my pre-cum dribbled out of my pussy lips as I jerked my pussy twice to show him how aroused I was. I’m not sure if he noticed my juice, but I noticed constant jerks in his trousers, and he was attempting to hide his dick with his hands, forming a cup.

I escorted him to the living room after supper, holding a cup of coffee in my hand. I sat in the chair across from him on the sofa. After a while, I lowered my legs and sat down, displaying my inner assets, which were covered in a smooth undie, as if it was all unintended.

I drew my chuddi to one side once more to offer him an unhindered view of the riches. I avoided making direct eye contact with him so that he might look and enjoy what a desirable woman has between her legs for as long as possible. He decided to take a nap at 10 p.m. I escorted him to his room, but the air conditioner didn’t work when I turned it on; (only I knew why, as I had already pulled the fuse out of its bracket). I told him he could sleep with me because he looked so much like my kid, and he eagerly agreed.

I told him to put on his shorts and shirt, and I went to my restroom and changed out of my underwear.

I was practically naked beneath my skirt. I turned off all the lights except the table lamp’s zero watt bulb and waited for him to snore. I waited for him to snore for about twenty minutes, but I didn’t hear him. I summoned some confidence and lifted one leg to his thigh, squeezing my breast against his arm. When I noticed he wasn’t moving, I pulled my leg out a little and placed the upper portion of my inner thigh at his dick. It was incredibly difficult. He remained still. I drew closer and wrapped my arm around his waist, squeezing both of my melons against his body while inhaling deeply. I could feel twitches and spasms in his balls and dick crushed against my calf. I felt my pussy getting wet as I softly brushed my nude inner thighs against his naked legs.

To cover his fully hard cock, he moved his face to the opposite side. I wrapped my arm around his waist and let my hand contact his meatloaf on purpose. He remained still.

I curled my palm around his penis and cradled it in my hand. My god, it was elongated and fat, like an iron pillar. I pinched it and felt his penis jerk. With his pre-cum, I touched its mushroom and felt it a little damp. My pussy moved as well, and I felt a droplet of my delicious juice dribble out of the petals of my pussy. I yanked on his shorts’ elastic band, which quickly fell. I took his plump flesh in my fingers and softly massaged it.

Pre-cum, it began to ache and drip into my hands.

I murmured in his ear, “Hey baby, turn your side up if you want your aunt to make your stay interesting and memorable,” and he turned his side up with his eyes still closed. His mast-like penis was erected from his rock-hard penis. While altering my position between his legs, I gently caressed it. I took his cock in my hand and began licking his mushroom down to his clean balls and shaven pubic area. In my hands, it was pulsing. I started devouring it with zeal.

I whispered again, “Hey baby, open your eyes if you love what aunty is doing,” and he did. I unzipped his shirt and took it off.

Then I took off my skirt, let my pointy tits brush up against his chest, separated my legs, and allowed my pussy to brush up against his cock while pushing my warm tongue into his mouth. He opened his mouth hesitant at first but soon began responding with his tongue. After ten minutes of exploring each other’s mouths, I resumed chewing his dick. His entire body began to tremble.

“Hey baby,” I whispered as I chewed and kissed his lips, “I’m missing Amar (my son).”

“You remind me of my son; would you like to refer to me as a mom while you’re with me?” “Yes mum,” I responded, and he agreed. That gave me incredible pleasure and feelings I had never experienced before. I wanted to educate him that love with his mother is possible if both parties agree, and I believe I succeeded because he began calling me mum.

With genuine passion and love, I grabbed his penis in my mouth and began eating him. I wanted to consume every last drop of his pre-cum since it tasted so good. With a hard shudder, his entire body trembled. To give maximum enjoyment to my newly discovered sex partner, my nephew, who was just like my son, I increased my devouring and squishing speed. I could tell he’d reached his peak when he elevated his ass.”Okay, honey, put a bit of come in your mother’s mouth. Mom will savor every drop of your love with maternal zeal “Squishing and squeezing his shafted tongue, I whispered. I sucked his mushroom into my mouth after he squirted his love juice on my face.

He dribbled every last drop of his sperm into my mouth till he was empty. I continued to devour him till his rock-hard cock became flaccid and then hard again. I wanted him to stay involved, so I spread my legs wide and sat vertically on his cock, my pussy lips opened with my fingers.

His cock entered into my love canal, and I began rocking up and down, completely engrossed, as he slid his cock deep into my pussy. I’m a slow cum and it takes me hours to reach orgasm with my husband, but when it’s an unexpected and especially incest relationship, I can’t hold it in any longer and explode in minutes. But I tried to restrain myself since I wanted to spend time with my nephew. I could tell he was concentrating because he had squirted a few minutes before.

His cock slipped out of my juicy pussy as I elevated my ass a little higher. I took his shaft in my hand, uprighted it, and positioned my anus’ hole at the top of his ball.

I pressed my ass towards his dick, and it began to enter my anus’ canal. I began to move up and down to give him a sliding feeling, but he began pumping minty anus himself. I was astounded by how he went about it.

“Hello, darling, you’re a natural at anal fucking; where did you learn it?” I inquired of him, but he did not respond.”Have you ever had any anal fucking, my baby?” I asked again, smiling, and he grinned back. Later, he told me that he and my son Amar had been doing it for a long time. When they meet up, their anal sex is a frequent component of their friendship. They are not gays and merely do it for fun. My anus was pulsing with his cock, but I yanked it out and changed into 6/9. We began ferociously devouring each other. I could smell my anus at his shaft, but believe me when I say that the taste of kissing his penis while it was coated with my anal fragrance was incredible.

His penis was dripping hot juice into my hands and lips at this point. Drops of my hot juice combined with his saliva were dripping down my legs, causing my pussy to throb. He then came between my legs as I lay face up on the bed with my legs elevated. He ate my pussy for five minutes, but I stopped him and directed his cock into my hot pussy before I could erupt. He started hopping on my pussy with his cock flawlessly gliding over the inside walls of my pussy as we started rock n roll.

We were in a state of rapture and perfect bliss. “Oh my baby, Oh my son, Oh my gorgeous baby, oh ohhhhh, oooooh, cum in your mom’s heavens, discharge your entire love load in mom’s heavenly hole, oooooh mom will receive and preserve every drop of my son’s love in her pussy,” I wailed. “Oooohhhhhhh, oooohhhhhhh, I soon felt his body shiver and spasm. In my heavens, his balls twitched and his penis shook.

My pussy was throbbing as well. I grabbed his soft ass cheeks, pushed his buttocks, yanked him between my legs, and slipped my slim wet finger into his writhing anus hole, which my son had repeatedly entered.

We increased our pumping speed and quickly arrived at our climax. To manage my nephew’s loud groans, I put my breasts in his mouth and wrapped my legs over his thighs to get the most out of his cock in my starving pussy. His cock was now pulsing and pressing against the inner walls of my pussy, and a jet from his fountain exploded in my pussy. I, too, had reached my apogee and had been experiencing strong orgasms for weeks.

I kept twitching and felt a stream of our combined fluids penetrate my ass crack, wetting my anus even more. Even after we had squirted and emptied our love organs, we continued to lie in the same posture as mother and son, and he continued to play and suck my tits like my baby. It felt like we were in heaven for the entire week. And having a threesome with my son and nephew after the examinations, as well as watching them have anal fuck in front of me, was another hot experience of my life

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