Sunday is the Funday



Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

My kid, you’ll have to wait till the next Sunday. Baby Girl, make a Sunday night date on your calendar.

These and a slew of other remarks had piqued my interest in the upcoming weekend. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary on Sunday, and I began to fear that it was all just a huge scratch. In the morning, I woke up first and completed a brief version of my daily stretching routine, as we were going to the gym together after lunch. Once my muscles and joints had recovered, I headed to the kitchen to finish baking the croissants I’d made from scratch over the weekend. During the time it took me to set the table with yogurt, fruit, and blueberry jam, my mind traveled farther and deeper into the past until now.

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Breakfast was finished, so I called up the stairs and started making a small lunch for the road while I waited for him to arrive.

As a result of witnessing how much he enjoyed the croissants, I was overwhelmed with joy and pride. My primary love language has always been giving, thus I’ve always given handcrafted presents, cards, poetry, homemade pancakes, cookies, and other treats to everyone I’ve ever been in a relationship with. The only difference this time around was that he was a lot more. For the first time in my life, I had given myself completely to another person. Not quite as, trustingly, and gladly as you might think. I enjoyed being at his beck and call, ready to grant him any of his desires. For the past year, we’ve been on a quest to explore my inherent submissiveness, and so far we haven’t come across any hard restrictions in our exploration. My life has been transformed by our love and our escapades into the darkest corners of the world. None of this occurred to me at the time. Being a slutty, subservient baby girl comes with its fair share of soft and rough sides.

Even though I was aware of his propensity to become sidetracked at work, I didn’t imagine he could have forgotten about the promises he had made to me today. I had no idea what such commitments included, to begin with. Because of his spiritual blindness over me, I could not see. It was just how I wanted it. I was always willing to give it my all.

because I didn’t want to be the one to break the mystery, but I wanted to be shocked.

We took a trip to the gym, worked up an appetite, and then returned home. Nobody said anything about tonight’s plans at all. To be on the safe side, I hopped in the shower and washed clean with a glistening shower gel. When I got out of the shower, I sat down with a book, but I couldn’t focus on the words since I was so preoccupied. He was up there now, rummaging around, and I could hear him. So, perhaps, in the end…

When he eventually came in, I had my back to the door. Even though I attempted to ignore it, a tingle ran down my spine. This is what happened next: He placed his hand on my shoulder.

“My precious child, it’s time to have some fun!

I climbed the stairs cautiously, one step at a time. His gaze was fixed on my back and buttocks as I walked. Almost making me laugh, I felt a flutter in my tummy. In the bedroom, I entered. There was a small adjustment to the mattress straps under the new one we bought, but nothing more than that. What was he up to all this time?

He had stripped down.

When I heard his voice, I was taken out of my thoughts and reminded that I was in no position to inquire more. I’m here to follow directions. Speak only when you’re being asked. Never ask a question; instead, always provide an answer. “My lord.” I’m like a lump of clay that he has to keep reshaping. Like the enormous purple dildo or the dazzling nipple clamps, I am part of an interactive art installation and a toy. I could see him removing the blindfold as I undressed. As he loosened the strap over my neck, I was enveloped in a cocoon of velvety, black cloth. I felt peaceful and confident in the cushioned darkness. Since he mentioned Sunday, I had been missing a certain frame of mind.

“I’d want to have your hands on me.

I’m subjected to even more draconian limitations. He tightened the chains on my wrists, but instead of bringing me to bed as I had expected, he hoisted my arms over my head. As he worked on the knots, my arms were dangling precariously.

moving along in a positive direction. Take a step in that direction.

His gentle prodding prompted me to cautiously approach the force that was squeezing my hands. In the bedroom, I felt my tits on the chilly wood of the door. As if by magic, he had bound my hands to the door’s top or frame. Sighing, I let go of the discomfort that had been lovingly placed on my body.

You’re doing a great job, young lady.

My bottom was slapped hard before I could register what was going to happen. A scream escaped my lips before I could even seal my mouth because of the force of the contact. Even more difficult. He flicked the chopped tip up just before it contacted my tender flesh, leaving a scorching mark. He took a breather. He used the same item that had caused me so much anguish to gently rub my thighs. My needy pussy was rubbed by him as the crop was brought up further on my inner thigh by his hand. My entire body was writhing to acquire more of that touch, more pressure. He chuckled with a knowing grin on his face. He, of course, would make me wait.

He scoffed, seeming to be offended, at my neediness.

Once more, he slammed the crop into the ground. I can only think how swollen and flushed I must be at this point. Slowly, but steadily, the heartbeat picked up in intensity, but not in pace. His hands alternated between smacking me on the back of the head and gently stroking my aching face. Suddenly, a torrent of slaps and strikes poured down on me in a hailstorm of harsher and softer ones. I was unable to move from the collision since I was in such a state of shock. That didn’t even put a stop to it. It’s not like I expected him to quit. In my perverse, pain-loving instincts, I leaned forward and savored the sensation of the crop’s hot sting.

As quickly as it had begun, it was finished.

I was greeted by his sweet voice and a hug from behind.

It was great to see how wonderfully you handled yourself, Baby Girl. The accomplishments you’ve made have made me very proud of you.

I’m gasping for air, and I can’t get out of the cocoon of anguish I’ve made for myself.

Yeah? I was only able to mumble a few words.

You handled it beautifully, and you looked stunning in the process.

I could feel his fingers between my legs as he knelt behind me.

It’s the wettest pussy I’ve ever seen. It was leaking on the floor. You’re doing a great job, young lady. The pounding was fun, wasn’t it?

“Yes,” I paused, exhaling, before responding. My body had already betrayed me, so there was no use in lying.

Suddenly, I felt the rope slacken, and my arms dropped to my sides. He shoved me onto the bed without removing the chains from my wrists. I was pleased to observe that he looked to be enjoying the initial stages of his strategy. I had no idea how much more he had in store for me at that point.

The shackles he had added to the handcuffs had once again lifted my arms over my head, securing each hand in a corner of the bed. A minor tug on my left foot resulted in the addition of ankle shackles. As in the past, I was prepared to have my hands and feet shackled to the bed’s four sides. In any case, he seized both of my legs by the ankles and yanked them up toward my heart. Even though I was naturally flexible, I had to thank my childhood gym teachers for teaching me how to stretch. When they let us practice the splits and reminded us over and over again that it should hurt, it was not what they had in mind. That concept made me grin. After all, the discomfort isn’t that severe.

He widened my legs and clamped each ankle to the matching wrist once I was double bent with ass and pussy in the air. That’s what I mean by being made an example of. Because I was wailing and moaning in response to his taunts, he swiftly and neatly placed a gag in my mouth to silence me. The drool started running down my chin after a short time.

The following 30 minutes were a haze of near-orgasms. “Sir, may I join you for lunch?” Moans and screams fill the air.

Consistently, they would say “No.”

A variety of vibrating devices danced with fingers, and eventually, his warm and firm cock was all he had to soothe me as he fearfully held on to me. When I was warned that I may fall over the edge, I screamed with pleasure and trepidation until I fell in his arms. The fact that my arms and legs were still hanging at the wrists took me a few minutes to discover. We spent the rest of our time hugging and laughing and kissing, with happy grins on our faces, until he quickly unfastened me.

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