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Every year, the first-year members of Gamma Bi go on a much-deserved vacation. As the coolest, hottest and largest sorority, it is important that the girls really are close together and know each other. What better way to get to know your fellow members and bond with them, than a week-long vacation somewhere on the other side of the world. Each year, around twenty girls go drink, explore and fuck in some new place and come back as sisters. It is essential for an organization like a sorority or a fraternity, that its members are close to one another. During the academic year they need to organize a lot of events parties and general sorority things, so the closer they are to one another, the better and smoother things will go. Everyone loved the tradition and the current first years were very excited to have a girls’ TRP, especially considering the location. It was a bit of a splurge, for sure, but great memories are priceless. The newest members of Gamma Bi were going to Italy for a week. Sarah had been saving for the entire year so that she could have an amazing vacation and did not plan to hold back on the spending, or on the partying.

Sarah was a pretty Louisiana girl, with a cute Southern accent. She had white, pale skin and blond hair with blue eyes. Her face was very beautiful, symmetric, and with sharp features. She loved the sorority and her fellow first years, for her, this Euro vacation was a much-deserved reward for the harsh hazing the girls had gone through. In a way being a pledge did serve its purpose and the girls got to know each other as well as the sorority itself, but it most certainly was not a fun experience, one that she could look back at and remember fondly. Instead, she was looking forward to exploring a new country with her fellow freshmen. They were going to eat great food, swim in the Mediterranean Sea, and walk around ancient Roman ruins. But, of course, as a college girl, she was mostly looking forward to getting wasted and maybe even getting laid. Sarah had always had a thing for the exotic and an Italian girl would be an awesome catch. She was the only lesbian girl in her freshmen year, or at least the only one that was open about it. There were however quite a few bisexual girls in the sorority, as in every sorority.

However, it was strictly forbidden for the sisters of Gamma Bi to hook up with each other, which was quite a shame, considering the number of beautiful chicks they had.

It was a hassle getting all 15 of the girls to board the plane on time and there were a couple of close calls. Time management was not everyone’s strong suit, and this seemed to be the first time a lot of them were going to fly international, including Sarah. Finally, after hours of hanging out at the airport, going through the duty-free and talking with parents and boyfriends, the girls were sitting in their seats, about to take off. Sarah got lucky and had a window seat, and one of her fellow Gamma Bi freshers was sitting in the middle. Nia was a pretty, black girl, from New York. She had long Black hair, brown eyes, and a cute face, with soft features. She was one of the shyer girls from the group and Sarah did not know her all that well. Luckily, this trip was the perfect time and place for the two girls to get to know each other a little more intimately.

“So, have you ever been to another country?” – Sarah started off.

“Only to Canada so far. I am really excited about going to Italy, I just want to swim in the sea there.” – The pretty black girl responded.

“Oh my god, me too! Just jump in the warm Mediterranean, it is going to be awesome. It is going to be the first thing we do when we get off this plane.”

– Sarah exclaimed.

“I know. I am really looking forward to some quality time with you girls. Get to know each other a little better. And also party a bunch. I can’t wait.”- Nia said.

“I didn’t think you were much of a party girl Nia. You are usually quieter. Are you going to go crazy during this trip?” – The blonde asked.

“Yeah, I know. I am a little more reserved. But, I want to have fun in Italy, so yeah. I guess you can say that I’ll go crazy. Not too much of course, but definitely more than usual.” – Nia seemed bend on partying, which was exactly what Sarah wanted.

“Love it! Go as crazy as you want, I mean it. This is what this vacation is for. Don’t be ashamed to be yourself, we are all sisters, kind of, so don’t worry. And I do not think you’ll be the only one going crazy, I’ll keep you company for sure.


The conversation went on for a while longer and it was the first time Sarah and Nia had talked for so long. The black girl was really cute with her shyness, but the more experienced Sarah was going to show her how it is done. Overall the flight was not as unbearable as people usually said. Of course, it took quite a few hours for the girls to get to Germany, where they had a connecting flight to Italy. When it was all said and done the entire trip from the US took them about 12 hours. It was not much of a problem for Sarah, but a bunch of the girls was complaining. It is just one of the problems you experience when traveling with 15, 19-year-olds. Once they arrived in Italy, the sorority members took a taxi to the villa they had rented. It was huge, expensive and right next to the sea. Maybe a hundred yards from the beach. Enthusiastically, Sarah proposed they go for a night swim, but despite the proximity to the beach, most of the Gamma Bi first years did not want to join. In the end, it was just Sarah, Nia, and a couple more girls that headed off, towards the sea. It was the southern girl’s idea that they do a skinny dip.


“I don’t know. I am a little shy, to be honest.” – Nia complained.

“Hey, no need for that. We are all from the same sorority, who cares if we see each other naked.” – Sarah began convincing her.

“Well, ok I guess. If it’s just us. I am very self-conscious about my body.” – It did not take much convincing to get the pretty black girl to undress.

They got undressed, threw the clothes on the sand, and within 15 minutes all 4 of the girls were naked, swimming in the warm and salty Mediterranean Sea. Sarah could not help but notice Nia’s amazing body. The African girl was very athletic with a great ass, breasts, and skin. A great hourglass body shape, something which you would not guess from the unsexy clothes she wore.

This was supposed to be a bonding experience, but the lesbian girl could not stop herself from getting a little horny. The girls swam and splashed around in the warm and inviting sea. The four of them, young, naked, and having fun, must have been quite the sight. Luckily no one passed by. After a few minutes in the water, the girls felt satisfied with their first swim in the Mediterranean and it was time for them to head back home and take a shower.

Everyone had already fallen asleep when they arrived, it was a long journey and the jetlag was unforgiving. Sarah knew that she needed to take care of herself. The southern girl was so turned on by her fellow black sorority girl, she was going to masturbate on the very first night in Italy. As she stepped into the bathroom, Sarah began feeling even hornier, already looking forward to her shower. The villa that the girls had hired was expensive but totally worth it. The blonde was happy to find that there was a bathtub in the all-marble bathroom. This was a special occasion, so she decided to try it out. She got in the tub, once it was full of water and bubbly, and immediately got down to it. With one hand, she cupped her breast which was just big enough, to fill her hand. The other hand moved slowly, towards her warm, wet pussy. She liked to tease herself, starting off with one finger. Sarah let out a little moan when the finger entered and began playing with her nipples, with the other hand. The Gamma Bi chick then moved her hand down from her breast to her stomach and back. Sarah loved caressing her smooth, silky skin, and it made her tingle, with anticipation.

She then inserted both of her fingers inside. Her palm was rubbing against her clit. By now Sarah knew exactly what to do, in order to hit the sweet spot. Her fingers jerked, with the right rhythm, slowly edging her to an orgasm.

She could not take the image of the beautiful black Nia out of her head. The girl had voluptuous curves that the white southern girl had never had the pleasure to see, or better yet make love to. The fact that she had a pretty face and great body, combined with her inexperience and shyness, got Sarah even hornier. There was something wild, irresistible and purely sexy about that girl. Sarah wanted that soft, black skin to rub against hers. In the meantime, her other hand was exploring her beautiful, young, and petite body. She felt the orgasm was close, began moving her legs, spreading them and then pushing them back, together, and finished herself off. Sarah felt the walls of her vagina contracting and rubbed even harder. It was a deep orgasm, that made her leg shiver with enjoyment. Exactly what she needed to take her thoughts off the beautiful black goddess, that was with her on this trip. The blonde got out of the tub and began drying herself, contemplating if she should try and fuck her sorority sister.


The next morning, the entire group of girls managed to get up, at a reasonable time, get dressed and head off to a nearby café, to have a breakfast.

Croissants, panini, frittatas were all ordered as well as some delicious and fresh coffee. The food in Italy was amazing, just as everything else, and the Gamma Bi members had a hard time deciding what exactly they should do, on their very first day. Some girls wanted to go and explore the city, others wanted to sunbathe and enjoy the sea, while a vocal minority, that included.

Sarah just wanted to start drinking and did not care where exactly they were going to do that. With a group as large and opinionated as the 15 sorority girls, every decision proved to be difficult. It took them about an hour, over breakfast, to figure out a compromise. They were going to head home, put on their swimming suits, then go to the beach until lunch. After that, they were going to check out the city, eat and start drinking. There was no plan for when the night was going to end, but it was pretty clear that the sorority girls were intent on going crazy tonight, which is all that Sarah really cared for.

The blonde put on her blue and black swimming suit as soon as they got back to the house, she quickly came to the realization that the rest did not intend on being as fast and Sarah was stuck waiting for them, alone on the veranda. This gave the southern girl some time to reflect on last night. There was no way to beat around the bush. Nia was super-hot. But she was also her sorority sister and that made things very complicated. The two girls were very likely to be living in the same house, as of next year and if they fucked and things went south, that could be very awkward. Even if they didn’t live together, they were still going to see each other at least a few times a week, just doing Gamma Bi stuff. That is why the rule existed that you can not hook up with other members of the sorority. Things could get uncomfortable for everyone and if experience had thought the 19-year-old anything, it was that she was not the best at break ups. If she fucked Nia, there was bound to be drama in the future. There were a lot of practical issues with the two of them fucking up. Sarah was also not sure if the black girl was into chicks. Nia was very shy, and it seemed unlikely that she would want to even fuck with theblonde. It would also be super awkward if she tried a move on her only to have the black girl reject her. That would spread through the sorority very quickly and put Sarah in a very uncomfortable situation.

The sorority girl’s thoughts were interrupted when the rest of her friends came out of the house. They were all in their swimsuits. Every single one was 19 or 20, with a great body and pretty. And still, Sarah could not take her eyes off of the curvy, black Nia. Luckily the southern girl was wearing sunglasses, and no one could see that she was checking out her fellow sorority sister’s great body. And she really did have a great body. A big, athletic ass, surely the product of a lot of working out. It was round and brown, the perfect size for the rest of her body. Her butt was not to big, the proportions were exactly as they should have been. The rest of Nia’sbodywas also great. Her stomach was flat, also well trained, and her breasts were amazing. They looked great in the swimsuit she was wearing, but last night when the girls were naked, Sarah had seen it all. The black girl, of course, also had a pretty face, with nice full lips. But she was also out of reach. There was no way the two of them could hook up, while they were members of Gamma Bi, it was against the rules.

“Exited about the sea?” – the black beauty asked.

“Oh yeah, sure. Even though I think it will pale in comparison to our skinny dip yesterday.” – the horny blonde answered.

“Yeah, that was so much fun. We should do it again one of those days. It feels so freeing, being naked in the sea.”

‘Well, you could take your clothes off right now as well.” – that came out a little creepy, so Sarah laughed it off. – “But, anyway. Are you looking forward to going out tonight? Are you finally going to go crazy?”

“Oh, for sure. I plan on getting drunk every day this trip. I hope you girls do not mind bringing me home.” – Sarah wanted to comment on what Nia said, but figured it was too forward.

“Don’t worry. So, are we finally ready to go to the beach girls?”

As usual, everything takes a while longer with a large group, but the first years of Gamma Bi managed to get to the beach, early enough. Sarah, being a white, pale, blonde did not plan to spend much time under the sun. Instead, she hid under an umbrella and began applying sun lotion to her skin. That was not particularly eventful until her sexy new friend asked if she could do the same for her.

“Hey Sarah, can you put some sunscreen on my back?” – Nia asked.

The southern girl was a bit baffled, as she presumed her black skin did not need it but agreed. It was just the black girl’s back that she got to touch, but that was enough to get Sarah wet and horny. Nia skin was silky smooth and immaculate. There was also something very erotic about putting lotion on someone’s back, it was almost like a massage. It took some will for the southern girl not to turn her black friend around and start fucking her, right then and there, on the beach. But she knew that she couldn’t. It was forbidden for the two sorority sisters to hook up and the risk was simply too high. But, the reward was very sweet.


The great thing about the yearly vacation that the Gamma Bi first years took, was the fact that it allowed the girls to see each other in another light and get to know each other better. They hung out a lot in college and in the sorority, but it was different in Italy. Now they did not have their routines, the school, other friends and obligations. It was just them, in another country, on a different continent, away from home. They were going to spend a lot of time together, exploring and taking in the city. Their time was filled up with all sorts of things during this vacation. It was only their first full day and they had already had an amazing real Italian breakfast, went to the beach, and were now headed to the city, where they would have lunch. The sorority girls were staying in a small, but touristic Italian city, on the Amalfi coast. There was a lot to take in. The food, the culture, the architecture, but Sarah had one thing on her mind. She wanted to bang her black friend Nia. She could not believe, she had been in the same sorority as her for a year know and had not noticed that she was super-hot. It did not matter though, the two of them could not be together. The southern girl knew that there was no point, trying to fixate on her sorority sister and that instead, she should try and enjoy herself. After all, this trip is not just about banging, it was about bonding with her fellow first years.

Once again, it proved difficult for the girls to decide what to do. There were a lot of options available and choosing the right restaurant was hard. Some had a better view than others, others looked cooler. In the end they figured they are all probably descent, besides the girls had enough time to try a few. They settled and finally could order. Sarah wanted to get a drink. She had always been a party girl and could not wait until tonight to go out and dance. Maybe she could not have the black beauty Nia, but no one could stop her from getting drunk. She ordered a Negroni and a few of the sorority girls followed suit. It seemed like everything tasted better in Italy. The food, the coffee and also the alcohol. Granted, Sarah was used to the college cafeteria, the coffee coming from a vending machine and the cheapest beers, but she was still very amazed at the quality of food and drinks in Europe. It really was a great vacation and as she was sitting there, talking to her friends, she felt like it was worth the rather large sum of money they were spending. Maybe she would not be able to fuck Nia, but the blonde was satisfied with getting closer to her friends and making some memories that would last.

Once the pretty, blonde, sorority girl stopped thinking about her sexy black friend, she began enjoying the trip even more. The girls walked around the narrow, curvy, cobbled streets and were amazed at the Italian architecture. Everything seemed so old, there were building from the Renaissance and even some ruins from Roman times. It looked like a fairy tale, so different from the modernistic, but bleak college campus they spent most of their time at. It was great, walking through the city, chatting with her friends and stopping to take the occasional photo for social media. Aside from some pretty quarreling, the girls got along very well, and everyone got to know each other a little better. It reminded Sarah of one of those trips she took, back in middle school. The whole class would go somewhere and there would always be someone knew, that you have been acquaintances with for evert, that you got to know better and hang out with. The girls were in the same sorority, but that did not mean that they all had the same personality. On the contrary, they were all very different from each other, but had Gamma Bi, as something to bind them. After an afternoon of sightseeing and gossiping, it was finally time for the real drinking to start.

They went to a place, where for 10 euros they each got a cocktail and a decent meal. But it was not the food that mattered anymore, it was time to drink and let loose. They quickly ate and finished their drink and the group of 15 college girls moved to the bar. There was a mixture of locals and tourists in the bar, but they were the only Americans. That, combined with the fact that they were all pretty hot, got them a lot of attention and free drinks. It was awesome! After a day filled with relaxing and taking in the culture, having a drink with her friends and a bunch of Europeans, was all that Sarah wanted.

Everyone was going crazy, even the usually timid Nia was doing shots, to everyone’s amazement. In the US, the group of 19-20-year-olds would never be allowed to party like that, but in Italy where the drinking age is 18, they could legally get wasted. It gave Sarah a glimpse into what the future would be like, once she turned 21. The southern girl was amazed at just how relaxed the Italians seemed about everything. On the one had the country was very Catholic, but on the other, they liked to party. It was very different from what she had experienced growing up in Louisiana. However, she did not have much time to ponder on the cultural differences between the states and Europe.

“Hey, can you help me get home?” – the pretty drunk Nia asked. “Uhm, yeah. Sure.” – Sarah said reluctantly.

She was enjoying the party but could not refuse her friend. After all, if she got in that situation herself, she would like to know that she could count on her fellow sorority girls.


It was a pretty long walk from the bar, to the villa. The fresh Italian air and the breeze from the sea, seemed to have sobered up the black beauty. The girls walked briskly, talking the whole time. It was the second time, after the flight, that they could really have a hart to heart and Sarah felt like she got to know Nia on a whole other level. It turns out, she was from a strict and rich family. She went to a fancy private school and college was the first time she really felt free.

“That’s why I joined Gamma Bi. I just wanted to come out of my comfort zone a little. All my life I have been living the way my parents wanted me to, but now I can finally do whatever I want. It feels so great, I feel like I am really growing and developing as a person.” – the pretty ebony girl said.

“I am glad to hear it. I think it is great for you, to come out of your shell a little, and experience the world. There is a lot of thing out there that you can try.” – before they knew it, they were at the door of the villa.

“I’m sorry I took you away from the party. It was a bit selfish, but I really did not want to walk alone, you know.” – Nia said.

“Hey, no problem. Besides, we can have a party on our own here.”

As she said that Sarah pushed Nia on to the couch and got on top of her. They started making out. The black girl was a little reluctant at first, but she quickly got into it. It was clear that the southern sorority sister knew what she was doing better and took control of the situation. She kissed Nia’s neck, bit her, and began undressing her. In no time the black girl’s shirt was on the floor, and the sexy, pink bra followed it. The black big tits, with big, perky nipples were exactly what Sarah had been dreaming of, for the past day. She could not resist sucking and nibbling on them passionately. Finally, they were in her hands and she could play with them as she pleased. She was like a high school boy, that saw breasts for the first time. Once she had enough, the white, blonde took off her own shirt and bra, to reveal her perky tits. They were small in comparison to Nia’s black melons, but still very well-shaped and erotic.

The girls fooled around a little longer and explored each other’s bodies. Sarah took off Nia’s shorts and panties, as well as her own, and got back on top of her. They continued making out. The white girl was playing with the black sorority sister’s massive tits when her hand started moving down until she found her target and her middle finger entered the warm, soft, wet vagina.

Nia let out a moan at the penetration and then another one when the ring finger also entered her. It was the first time she was getting fingered by another girl. They continued making out, touching each other. Sarah began her fingering, first slowly, but then picked up some speed.

Nia enjoyed it. She began moaning and groaning, her legs started moving, pushing against each other. She also began moving her curvy hips in all directions. It was hot, and she loved what the more experienced white girl could do with just her fingers. She also liked the more ruff aspects of the sex, like the biting and scratching. Nia grabbed the hand that was fingering her and pushed it deeper inside of herself. Sarah’s white fingers just felt too good. Nia was about to cum, and Sarah knew it. The white girl began moving her fingers even faster, it was like she could go on forever, clearly, she had had a lot of practice. Nia came with a glass-shattering moan and a spasm that moved down her entire body. It was only the first one, however. Sarah simply switched hands and the fun went on.

The inexperienced black girl came a couple of times and was ready to return the favor. She was not very experienced at doing this but knew what she liked herself, so decided to give that to Sarah. The black girl got on top and after a few sensual kisses, began moving south. She loved kissing and licking Sarah’s athletic and petite body. Her black skin was so warm and smooth, it was great to the touch. Soon enough, she made it to the vagina. Nia loved the contrast the pink vagina made with the white skin and could not wait to get in there. She began licking the pussy, which was already sufficiently wet, after a few strokes, she decided to focus on the clit. Nia herself, enjoyed it when vertical moves were made with the tongue, on the clit, so that is what she did. Judging by the purrs Sarah let out, she also enjoyed it. The black girl also put her index finger in the pussy and began moving it around, trying to hit the G-spot. The southern girl could not keep it together for too long. She wrapped her legs around Nia’s head and began waving her hands uncontrollably. Her orgasm was wild and animalistic. She had wanted to fuck the black sorority girl for a while now.


The Italian vacation the Gamma Bi girls had, was definitely worth the money they spent on it. They got to explore a beautiful and ancient new place, eat great food, and most importantly of all, they bonded with each other. It really was one of those vacations the girls were going to look back at one day, in many years, and remember fondly. Easily the best part of their first year in college. It is one thing seeing people at parties, having fun, and drinking. But, when you get lost in a foreign country, almost miss your flight, or get food poisoning, you really get to know the people that call themselves your friends. That is why the sorority had the tradition for first-years to go on a trip together, they came back as a team. Everyone got to know the rest more intimately, but Sarah and Nia even more so than the rest.

They were finished fucking by the time the other girls came back from the bar and no one find out what had happened. They figured that was the best way to keep things. The girls did not want to break the sorority rules and also knew that if the rest knew they were fucking, things would get a little awkward. They did manage to get some more alone time during the trip and came up with a plan. None of them really wanted to make anything serious out of the situation, so they agreed to fuck each other whenever they felt like it, no strings attached. It was a great deal for both of them now they had a fuck buddy that was going to live nearby and was always down. Overall Sarah was very satisfied with the outcome of the trip. Not only did she get to see Italy, the blonde also got to fuck a cute black chick.

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