Step Mom – Step Son Sex Story Part-2


Step Mom – Step Son sex story. Step-Son blackmailed Step Mom and fucked. Part-2


Hello friends my name is smith I am from Hyderabad.  This story is about me and my sexy young stepmother fuck.  This fucking incident is from that time


 When I was resting at home by giving 12th paper, I was absolutely free, so I used to watch sex stories and porn movies day and night on my phone and laptop.  For this reason, I was always yearning for sex in the boom of youth.

How step-son blackmailed step-mom and did ass fucking after pussy.

Friends, let me tell for new readers.  This story is the second part of the stepson blackmailing the stepmother.  So all of you are requested to first read part-1 of this story, then only the essence of the story will be understood well and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest.


Friends as you know.  My mother’s name is Maria.  And my dad’s name is Carlos.  My father is 55 years old and my stepmother is 32 years old.  My mother is of a muscular body and her figure is 36-30-40.  Seeing their big ass of 40 inches, the dry cocks of old people also stand up. Actually, my father has married Maria for the second time.  My real mother has passed away.


My father is a great pastor.  He is also the president of the Clergy Association across Asia.  And he has been entrusted with the responsibility of the whole Church of Asia. Maria married my father in the greed of his status and wealth, but she was not able to get sexual pleasure.  But my young hard and thick cock made up for this shortcoming.


So read the next incident.


How my stepmom got pregnant after fucking me and became the mom of my child.


So you read that I first blackmailed my mother Maria, but my hard cock made her pussy fire so cold that she became addicted to my cock and now she aspires to be the mother of my child.


I started going to sleep after licking my mom twice.  So my mom grabbed me and dragged me over her and abusing me, got excited to get my ass killed.


After we had kissed twice, both of us were feeling a little tired.  So I was lying on my mother’s side.  And my mother Maria was kissing me.  Sometimes kissing my head sometimes on the cheeks sometimes on the eyes.  And I was saying I love you.  I was also kissing my mother in the middle and said I love you to me.


The fire of my cock also increased the heat in my mom’s pussy


About 15 minutes had passed like this.  After getting the heat of my mother’s pussy, my cock started getting hard, while the fire of my cock had increased the heat in my mother’s pussy as well. Now again both of us started kissing each other wildly.  I started licking my mother’s throat with my wet tongue.  Then he started biting the lobes of his ears lightly with his teeth.  Now the mother got excited and started moving her waist, due to which her pussy started rubbing on my cock.  Mother’s pussy was already very wet, now it has become even wetter.  I could feel the sticky, smooth water of his pussy on my testicles.


My mother took her hand down.  And holding both of my butts started pressing down.  So I got the hint.  And I started to move my waist lightly, due to which my penis started rubbing on the grain of mother’s pussy.  And my testicles started rubbing on my mother’s wet pussy hole and pussy lips.


My mother went completely crazy after getting the feeling of my cock and testicles rubbing together all over the pussy.  And spoke loudly to me tightly in his arms.  Sumit my pussy is thirsty for years son.  Today, after eating your young hard cock, the hunger of my pussy has increased further.  Fuck me today.  I want to kiss you  You are a wonderful man, my lion, my king.  You are really a very sweet and strong man.  You have fucked my pussy 2 times and have satisfied me completely both times.


But I don’t know how long my pussy is thirsty and hungry.  That’s why my pussy needs more of your cock now.  Chod le your mother’s thirsty pussy and erase the hunger of years. Then I slowly started coming down and stopped at the navel.  I kissed my mother’s navel and started licking it with my wet tongue.  Mother’s enthusiasm had increased a lot.  She was taking hissings with her eyes closed.  And fingers were running through my hair.  And she was speaking


Then I came down further and grabbed both his legs and raised him.  and spread.  As soon as the legs were spread, the mother’s pussy opened like a ship and the inside started looking red like a melon.  The grain of the mother’s pussy is not very big nor is it torn, it is dark pink in color at all.

Mother pussy

Now I put my mouth on my mother’s pussy and started licking.  Holding the grain of the mother’s pussy in the lips, started pulling it upwards.  Due to which the mother became mad and started pressing my head hard on the pussy.  I started licking his entire pussy by rubbing it with my tongue.  Then I tightened my tongue and put it in the mother’s pussy and started taking it inside out.  And started mashing the grain of the chute with his hands.  Mother started making loud noises in fun.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhssume, eat my pussy, come on my pussy.  Lick Sumit, lick my pussy…………  And then mom’s pussy started releasing water with full pressure.  ….  And mom presses my head hard on her pussy…..  Lick Sumit lick my pussy…………  Lick and loud my red…….  Eat your mother’s pussy…….  This your father’s chute is now in the name of the son, my king.  ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh……  My king son……….


A lot of water came out of the mother’s pussy and I drank all the water.


Then I started licking mom’s ass. My mother’s ass was completely closed.  It was as if mother’s ass was like a closed bottle.  The water came out of the mother’s pussy and had spread to the ass.  Then I put a finger in the mother’s pussy and rotate it well so that the smooth water of the pussy gets on my finger.  And then after taking out the finger from the pussy and putting it in the hole of the mother’s ass, after some hard work, one of my fingers entered the mother’s ass.  And mother started putting the finger inside out and started rotating it around.  Then I spit a lot on my mother’s ass and put 2 fingers inside.


Mother was uncomfortable for a while but when I started putting 2 fingers inside the ass, then mother also started enjoying it.  I was also caressing the part between mother’s ass and pussy with one hand, due to which mother got very excited.  Now I was putting my finger along the edge in both ass and pussy.  After kissing with the finger-like this for about 10 minutes, once again the mother’s pussy started releasing water. But this time I did not drink the water of the pussy, but by preventing it from going under the ass, spread the ass with 2 fingers and let the water go into the ass.  I put all the water inside the ass and all around, due to which the mother’s ass started shining.


Mom had fallen twice.  That’s why I said mom, now let’s start the real game.  Mother understood and said saale, you are very bastard.  First tore his mother’s pussy.  And now got ready to tear the ass.


Come on, what will you remember?  Leave your mother’s ass.  Get your young cock in your mother’s ass.


Then I said but mom I don’t have the experience of fucking ass, how do I do it?


So mom got up and became a bitch and said come on and put your cock in my ass from behind.  And yes saale, your cock is very thick and big.  I have fucked the ass many times, but such a big and hard cock never entered my ass, otherwise, put it comfortably, otherwise, the ass will burst.


I got even more excited after listening to such dirty things of mother and applied my cock from behind on mother’s ass hole, then mother said, what is the intention of my brother-in-law, will he tear my mother’s ass.  First, put all the spit on your cock, and also on my ass.  Then put your cock.


I spit a lot of spit on my mother’s ass.  And started wrapping the spit in his cock.  Due to this, the spit on the ass of the mother also got well. Now I set my cock on mother’s pussy and hold the waist.  Then the mother said that you should put all that power in you and in one stroke put the whole cock in my ass.


I did the same and hit such a blow with full force that my entire cock entered the mother’s pussy. Mother felt a little pain but mother said son, don’t move now, stay like this for 2 minutes.  Like a faithful dog, I also lay in silence with a cock in my mother’s ass. After 2 minutes the mother herself started rearing her ass.  I understand that mom wants to kiss now.  So I also started shaking my back.  After 4, 5 shaking, I started kicking my mother’s ass with full force.  And started mashing the mother’s pussy with his hands.  In between, I was also mashing his nipples.


Mom was abusing me in full enthusiasm and kissing me.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. fuck Sumit.  aaaahhhhhhh go kick my ass my rajaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sons they the better you kick their ass.  ……  Give my ass Sumit.….. blow away both of my ass.  And I started rubbing the mother’s pussy vigorously….. The water coming out of the mother’s pussy started spreading on the whole bed.…  Mother’s pussy had released a lot of water.


Here I was loudly banging my mother’s ass.  Our mother was crying.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh son.  …..  Hit Sumit fast, hit my ass and pussy…………  Fuck and loud my red…….  Fuck your mother’s pussy and ass…….  This chute and ass now became my king in the name of my son.  ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh……  My king son………. And for about half an hour, I kept hitting my mother’s ass, during which my mother fell 4 times.  And then my cock also happened to release water.  As soon as my mother understood that I was going to fall, she quickly took the cock out of the ass.  When the cock was separated from the ass, the sound of a loud cup came.  Like the sound of opening a beer bottle.


And mom sat down and took my cock in my mouth.  And I started kissing his face.  After 4, 6 bumps my cock started releasing water, and then mother drank all my semen.  And cleaned the cock by licking it well.  And said son, your semen was very thick.  And I never got to drink such a large quantity of semen.


Today you have given me the head of paradise.  you are very good  Along with my ass, the thirst of my mouth was also quenched.  I love you, my king son. And then we slept naked in each other’s arms.


Woke up around 5 in the evening.  And both of us mother and son went to the bathroom together.  And fuck while bathing under the shower. And then at night when mother was cooking in the kitchen, I went and caught me from behind.  And then on the slab of the kitchen itself, Chodna started.  And once again kicked ass.


Now our fucking game goes on every day.  Meri Lund Ki Deewani Meri Maa took a breakup with her boyfriend.


After about 2 months it was found that the mom was pregnant.  And then 9 months later mom gave birth to my child.  who looks exactly like me.


So this was it guys.  The love started with the blackmail of mom and son till the child is born.  So how did it feel to tell me the story of mother-son fucking by commenting.

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