Step Mom and Son Sex Story Part-1


Step Mom – Step Son sex story. Step-Son blackmailed Step Mom and fucked. 


Hello friends my name is Smith I am from Hyderabad.  This story is about me and my sexy young stepmom’s fucked story.  This fucking incident is from that time when I was resting at home by giving 12th paper, I was absolutely free, so I used to watch sex stories and porn movies day and night on my phone and laptop.  For this reason, I was always yearning for sex in the boom of youth.

How stepson blackmailed his stepmom and fucked her.


My Step Mom’s name is Maria.  And my dad’s name is Carlos.  My Dad is 55 years old and my step Mom is 32 years old.  My Mom is of a muscular body and her figure is 36-30-40.  Seeing their big ass of 40 inches, the dry cocks of old people also stand up.


Actually, my Dad has married Maria for the second time.  My real mother has passed away.


My Dad is a great Pastor.  He is also the president of clergy unions all over Asia.  And he has been entrusted with the responsibility of the whole Church of Asia.


Maria married my Dad in the greed of his status and wealth, but she was not able to get sexual pleasure.  Because my father was old.  He was now able to have sex only occasionally or once or twice a month.  At the same time, his penis was also very small.  At the same time, Maria was at the height of her youth.  She needed to be fucked several times a day.

I saw my Mom’S putting carrots in her Pussy.


One day I made a plan to go to a friend’s house and went away after talking to my mom.  On the way a friend’s call came that I am going out of station for some work, so don’t come today.  I went back.  and came home.  I had a key to the house.  And opened the door and went inside the house.

mom fucked

I was feeling very loud urination, so I was going to urinate, when I was going to pee, I saw the movement in my room, I secretly went to my room and there I saw that my mom was naked on my laptop and watching porn and putting carrots in own pussy was doing it inside out, seeing them masturbating with carrots, my cock also got tan.


I silently watched her masturbation and kept recording on my mobile.  Then I also masturbated there seeing my naked mom and thought that I will fuck sexy mom’s pussy, and fuck my mom very badly like a whore.  Just now my target was to fuck my stepmom and kick her ass.


Then I started looking for something else so that if mom is not ready to fuck me directly, then I can blackmail and fuck her.  So I got a chance one day and started looking at Maria’s phone.  I was surprised.  Mom’s phone contained photos and video clips of her pre-wedding boyfriend and their intimate time having sex.  Which I instantly transferred to my phone.


And it was clear from mother’s calls and chats that Maria was still in a relationship with that man.  And used to call her home and fuck her.


The next day I told sexy mom Maria – I am going to a friend’s place today, I will come in the evening.  With this, the sexy mom’s Maria would have got a chance to call her lover and get her thirsty pussy fucked by her lover And I wanted to make a sexy mom fucked video. I installed a video camera in my mom’s bedroom to film my mom’s porn and off I went.

Then I came inside through the back door and I hide in the house.  My sexy mom’s boyfriend came over, both went into the bedroom, and stripped down and completely naked.  Then my mom’s boyfriend started banging my mom badly in different styles.  And my mother aaahhhhhhh.. aaaahhhhh.. oooooohhhhhh… ssssiiiiiiiiiii.. mom started kissing while doing it.  My mom and her boyfriend had sex to the fullest.


And my installed video camera shot a porn video of my mom kissing.  After having sex with my sexy mom, her boyfriend left.  My sexy mom went to bathe naked after getting her pussy licked.


I sneaked out and came back home an hour later.  We both had dinner, sexy mom was in the kitchen, so I put the porn video camera of my mom’s fucked in her room so that she could see.  When the sexy mom went to sleep in her room, she saw the camera and picked it up and started watching it, then the video of the sexy mom and her boyfriend’s sex played in it.  My sexy mom Maria was shocked to see her porn video, I was just sneaking outside.  Hearing the sound of the video, I quickly came to her room and asked – was there any sound coming now?  When mom started hiding the camera, I snatched the camera from her hand and started the video in front of her.


Mom’s blushed, and started crying in fear.  Started blackmailing me emotionally – Smith I am your mother, you are my very good son.  Please forgive me, and don’t tell your Dad, I will do whatever you say.

I told Mom – I want to fuck you too


That’s all I wanted, I said – I want to fuck you too.  I want to fuck your ass and pussy.


At first, my moms got nervous but what could she do, her life was in my hands, she had to bow down before me.


What was it now, I secretly turned on the camera and kept it in one place.  Now slowly I started taking off my mom’s clothes.  Now my semi-naked mom was in panties and bra.


I too quickly took off my clothes to fuck mom, then I gave my cock to my sexy mom Maria.  My Mom got scared holding my cock.  I abusively reminded her of the video of her fucking video, then immediately the mom started sucking my cock by putting it in her mouth.  After sucking for a while, my cock became very hard and red.


I said you are very beautiful hot and sexy.  Today I will not leave you, I will give my cock in your pussy and ass.

Now, mom has a good look at my cock.  And she was surprised to see my cock.  I knew that my mom liked my cock very much.  Because my Dad’s and her boyfriend’s cock is much smaller than mine.


Now, mom was also happy to see the cock.  Because she also used to yearn for sex, and for sex.  Because she was still young.  And whether food is available in youth or not, but it is necessary to have sex.


Now, mom had also opened up.  And she said – you have to hold me to fuck me.  Saying this, Mom started running around the bed in the room.  After a lot of hard work, I finally caught my mom.


After that, I held Mom in my arms and started lip kissing her.  Now, mom also started supporting me.  She also started lip kissing me.  While kissing, I was also pressing on mom’s breasts.  Mom was enjoying this very much.  She was also kissing me with great pleasure.


Friends, I had never seen my mom like this in panties and bras.  Today I saw mom like this for the first time.


After that, I started kissing my mom again and started stroking her hair.  Mom’s hair was very long, so I was pulling it too.


She was doing ‘Ah aaahh..ooohhhhhh..  aaaaaahhhhhhh… babbbbe.


I kept on kissing mom for 5 minutes and started pressing her breasts.  After a while, I tore off her bra in a jiffy.  Now my mom was completely naked in front of me.  I started drinking my mom’s breast milk.


Mom was shouting loudly – aaaahhhhhhhhhah …    ooookkhhhhhhhh… sssssssiiiiijjiijjiiiiiiiii … and pressing loudly suck my boobs … Ssssiiiiiiiiii oooohhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh…. my son.. hard suck my boobs … this is for you only.  Drink your stepmom’s milk.


After a while I made mom stand on the wall and tore her panties too.


Now my mom was standing in front of me completely naked.  When I saw Mom’s bare body, I felt as if some heavenly nymph was standing in front of me.


Then I picked up mom on my lap and threw her on the bed.  After slamming her on the bed, I saw her pussy, there was not a single hair on her pussy.


Then I opened both the legs of mom and put my face on mom’s pussy.  I started licking mom’s pussy loudlyHer pussy was as soft as butter.  I was drinking glutinous water coming out of my mom’s pussy and she was making loud noises.


Aaaaahhhh ooohhhhh, yeahhhhh, baby.


Then I put the cock in the mom’s pussy and started chugging, my mom was also making tossing her waist. And moaning Mom was shouting loudly – aaaahhhhhhhhhah …    ooookkhhhhhhhh… sssssssiiiiijjiijjiiiiiiiii … and pressing loudly fuck my pussy honey …ooohhhhhhhhhhh yes baby fuckkkk haarrrddddd….. my pusssy……. Ooohhhhhh yeeeaaahhhhhhhh my son.. fuckkk my pussyyy……. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh …aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh….. ohhhhhhhhh.. Ssssiiiiiiiiii oooohhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh…. my son.. hard suck my boobs … and fuck my pussyyy ….. fuck your mommmm my king…. Ohhhhh yessss babe … i like this. You are my king honey.

……. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh…… you are so hot..  your penis is very hard n big..     aaaaaahhhhhhhh…….  Fuck me jaaannnn fuckkk mmeeee…… ohhhhhhhhhh…. Aaaaahhhhhhh…… this is for you only my son. Fuck my pusssyyyyyy..

लंड की प्यासी चुत

I fucked my mom in different poses for about 40 minutes.  During this, she had fallen 4 times.  Whenever my mom fell, she used to hold me tightly in her arms.  And by shaking her waist vigorously, she used to take my cock in her pussy.


After about 40 minutes of fucking mom, I left the semen in mom’s pussy.  Mom was completely satisfied to find my hot semen in her pussy.


After kissing mom twice, I went to my room to sleep.  Then mom grabbed my hand and pulled it over her.  And started saying- will my ass fuck your father?  … first fuck my ass and then go to sleep.


And then after fucking the ass, mom asked me – when will you make me the mom of your child?


Friends, how can I fucked mom’s ass after banging her pussy.  And how the moms became the mom of my child by fucking me.  Read in the next section.


Friends, how was the story of me and my mom’s fucked.  Do let me know by commenting.  

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