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In most situations, I’m the one who takes risks. The game of dripping wax is one that I carried with me to our sessions. She cherished the immediate sensation of burning, as well as the gratifying experience of removing the wax from her tits. I was the one who purchased the silver nipple clip and chain that were used to direct her, and each time I pulled on the chain, it exerted a significant amount of force on them, causing them to groan. This morning, she took me by surprise. I informed her that a gift had come, and in response, she sent me a text that said “Open it. I would want for you to try it out on me tonight.”

Holy hell, she had a lot of nerve. But I appreciated her recommendations. In the situations that she intended to investigate, she was supposed to hand over control of me to me. I couldn’t wait to get started on opening the item. A beautiful blindfold made of silk, a set of shackles made of shining metal, and a whip made of leather. When I started to think about how I might keep myself busy for the remainder of the day until our date that evening, I couldn’t help but crack a grin.

Now she was in this place. My adorable daughter. Her wrists were restrained by handcuffs that were fastened to the head of the bed. Her vision was obscured by the silk blindfold that was placed over her eyes. Her bare body was in the room. Her lips were parted as if she were gasping for air in her final moments. Her nipples, those gorgeous little bumps surrounding her, were hard and her chest was rising and falling as a result of her fear. When she extended her legs out in front of me, I could see that she was already wet. This could have been the most amazing thing about her. Her outer lips had already spread, and the silky, opaque, milky fluid coated her inner joy. Her outer lips had already spread. A very slight amount of liquid began to seep out. This evening was not the time for me to sample the honey, as the flogger was waiting for me.

I told him to turn around because I wanted his behind. To our good fortune, the handcuffs did not prevent this. I had to give her a little assistance, but eventually, she was able to get down on her stomach. The fact that she was holding her hands above her head served to create the most seductive indentation in her small cross, which drew attention to the exquisite curvature of her back, which was heightened by the fact that her hands were above her head. This accentuated the natural contours of her behind. Her posterior was as round as a butt. Very smooth and rounded. I had the want to leave my mark on her, which made me happy. Earlier, we were making light of the fact that she was using her code phrase. Maybe.

I went ahead and grabbed the cane. The coiled leather handle had a pleasing amount of weight to it, and the tails of the leather were hanging down. As I moved from left to right, I drew them over the skin of her ass, signaling that I was getting close to being able to start. It seemed like she was gathering her composure as she took a few long breaths.

I hung around. I was aware that this would result in her death. It seemed like an eternity. She was writhing and shifting her hips and her behind as she fidgeted. While I kept completely motionless, she made a very small movement with her head.

“Are you still there?” she questioned. “I’m sorry.” “Oh absolutely. Are you prepared to go?” I answered back. “Spank me please,” was what she pleaded for.

After allowing the multiple cocks to pass through the palms of my hands, I turned my wrist and gently slapped the cocks on her posterior region. When she felt the first hit, it caused her to recoil. She had three or four little red dots on the left side of her cheek. I carried on in the same manner on her right cheek as well. She groaned and seemed to take pleasure in it. Next, we’ll ramp up the difficulty.

The following time I flicked my wrist, I was able to hear her sputtering for air. It was a bit painful. I was able to make out the bright crimson marks left behind by the flogger’s tails. After that, on the opposite cheek. The following blow I dealt her went directly up to her rear end. After that, on the opposite cheek. She was chattering away. We were both taken aback as we felt the sting of that hit. I could now make out the formation of a cross-shaped pattern of marks.

She spoke to me in a voice that was so low in her throat that I had never heard it before. “Spank me… harsher, please,” she pleaded.

The following time, I will put a little bit more effort into it. A resounding thwack was followed by a forceful clapping of the tails. Then one again. Almost instantly, these thick streaks of crimson appeared.

“Can you try a little bit harder?” her voice shook.

It appeared as though she had a strong desire to do so. When I rolled my hand back and forth, the whip struck first one of my legs and then the other. I immediately went back over everything and did it again in rapid succession. Every time, there was a loud smack. Her whole derriere was blazing at this point. It should be painful and stinging. Her breathing is shallow, and she is muttering in a low voice. I saw that the sheet that was under her was damp. It actually rained quite a little. It wasn’t just dripping; it was really streaming out of her pussyfoot. Her pussyfoot was leaking.

“Please, more,” she said in a hushed voice. Gasping.

I continued to give you the whipping on both of your cheeks. Whipping and flogging. The

lines have begun to mingle. Her whole derriere is a bright crimson. She bit her lip, and the agony was so severe that she almost screamed. She bore the discomfort quietly because she was curious about her own capacity for suffering.

I saw that there were a few spots of blood. She said the words “More please” in a very feeble manner.

Whether it was her willingness to submit or her pampered ass, I had no choice but to fuck her, and I had to fuck her right away. I was already pushing myself to my limits, and the play was incredibly thrilling. I undid the zipper, drew out my stiff cock, and rubbed my head against her wet entrance before opening the zipper again. When she understood what was going on, she let out a shocked gasp. I could feel myself slipping in as she pulled me back, which caused her to pull away. I pushed into her warm and tight pussy and slid deeper into her as I did so. It was an amazing experience. When I first started fucking her, I had my hands on her hips; when I pushed, the red cheeks of her ass wiggled. Her groaning didn’t stop at any point. Faster and harder. I required that in the same manner that she did. Her muscles tightened, and I could feel her clinging to me even as she writhed in the throes of an orgasmic twitch. As I hammered harder and deeper into her, my own began to come closer. After giving my kid a severe spanking, I proceeded to have some fun with her. As I entered her and fertilized her with my sperm, she made a groaning sound and then joined me. She adored the idea, especially the part about how I was going to wind up within her.

I took the key out of the lock on her shackles and pushed her over onto her back. I adjusted the position of the blindfold. There were a few tears in her eyes. I raised her body, embraced her in both of my hands, and encircled my arms around her. I brushed my lips on her head. In response, she followed everyone else and wrapped her arms around me.

I leaned up close to her ear and said, “I am very proud.” You have excelled in every way. As soon as she recognized my voice, her arms pressed together. I spent the next hour cradling her in my arms and keeping a close eye on her till she was prepared. She was already talking about the next time, how nice it felt, the pricking and biting, and how she was looking forward to it. She wants to have it once again. It should only take a few weeks until she is completely healed. At that point, she would already be bearing the markings.

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