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Sharing wife with all of my Friends

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

It was a nice, mild summer night. Samiul and I sat in a garden bar dimly lit with colored lightbulbs over a cool beer. We were thirsty because we had just come out of the cinema and had watched a hot porn movie.

“Well, that was a great streak, do you think?” I asked with a dry throat and toasted him. “Did you like him?”

Samiul took a long sip and wiped the foam off his upper lip with the back of his hand.

“Yes, of course,” he replied and laughed mischievously. “I was particularly impressed by the sharp housewife, how she did it with the different boys.”

“It was super sexy and very sophisticated,” I confirmed ”

Samiul nodded. “And you know what, Mahesh,” he whispered mysteriously “she reminded me of Conny, the face, the lips, the hair”.

He looked directly at me. “Unfortunately I can’t judge the rest.”

Conny is my wife, but I wasn’t surprised at all. “Yes, Samiul, I can assure you, the rest is right”.

I clutched the beer glass and asked in a slightly husky voice: “Would you like to try it out?”

Samiul reacted hesitantly. He stared at his hands, which trembled very slightly. After a long pause he replied softly: “Honestly, you know that I have always liked Conny very much. But just, she is yours and I must probably do without it. I have to put up with that,

I eyed my counterpart. Samiul had neat hands with long, fine fingers. He was sporty and had a boyish face with smoothly-shaven cheeks and dark blonde hair. All in all a handsome man, but just very shy.

“And what would you say if you knew that my wife raves about you? She confessed to me that she likes you very much.”

“I hoped that,” smiled Samiul. “How she laughs at me, looks at me, her looks, so expectant and challenging.”

After a short pause, he continued: “But what do you say to that, Mahesh? You would hardly accept it if I got involved with Conny.”

“On this point you are wrong,” I told him, “the opposite is the case. I would find it incredibly sexy if my wife were coveted and nibbled by another. The imagination goes through with me when I imagine that you kiss her that you caress her whole body and that you sleep with her. ”

“Are you sure Mahesh?” Samiul doubted. “Can you imagine that I’ll do it with Conny?”

“Yes my friend, I can not only imagine that I would even find it very cool. I would be proud of my wife, proud that you want her, proud that she is open to this variant of sex.”

“And not jealous at all?” Samiul insisted.

“Jealous already,” I replied sincerely, “but this jealousy is an intoxicating agony for me. The pleasure of suffering can be very exciting. And can you imagine what pain it means to know your wife in the arms of a lover?”

“I see,” Samiul replied comprehensively, “you want your wife to give yourself up to someone else and you have to watch and suffer.”

I laughed a little embarrassed. “You are right, such feelings and desires rule me.”

After a short silence Samiul also confessed his wishes to me: “You should know, Mahesh, I have often imagined a threesome when I am alone in bed and have to satisfy myself and it always makes me incredibly horny.”

“So you take part,” I stated with satisfaction. “Let’s go then.” And we made a short decision together on the way home.

Our apartment was dark when we arrived and we saw that Conny had already gone to sleep. I mixed a drink for Samiul and me. I felt a queasy feeling in the stomach area and heard my heart beating loudly.

“We make Conny very tender, okay?” I whispered, “While you take a shower, I will wake and prepare it.”

When I went into the dark bedroom, I smelled the sweet smell of my sleeping wife, which excites me again and again. I felt my limb swell and I trembled from the emerging lust. I quietly went to the bed, knelt, and tenderly caressed the cheek of my Conny.

She snuggled up together and mumbled, half asleep, “Come, dear, I’ve been waiting for you. Come to me, I need you.”

My hands slid down her neck under the covers. As always, Conny was naked to sleep and I touched her firm, round breasts. The skin was silky soft and hot. I felt the hard nipple between my fingers and turned it gently. Conny moaned slightly and I felt my trunk get hard and wet. My lips flicked over her little ear, across her cheek,, and found her sweet mouth. I smelled the sexy smell of her breath and then I kissed her deeply and passionately. My wife returned my kiss with a moan and lust, stroking my neck.

“I brought you a surprise, little one,” I whispered, noticing how Conny winced. “Samiul is in the shower, we will seat you together.”

“Oh, no” Conny groaned “you can’t do that, you should have told me beforehand.”

I gently kneaded my wife’s breasts and whispered in her ear: “Relax, honey, nothing will happen that you don’t want, we’ll spoil you very gently.”

Conny wanted to say something, but I kissed her mouth, stifling her concerns. After a short while, I felt her body relax as I caressed her flat stomach and hips.

The bedroom door opened quietly and Samiul stepped into the half-dark room. A little bit of moonlight shone through the slanted slats on the bed and the bare torso of my wife.

“Hello Conny,” smiled Samiul, “I hope I won’t disturb you” and stepped to the other side of the double bed.

He only wore his panties and in the dim light,, his strong body was visible. In the first fright, Conny hastily pulled the covers up to her chin and shamefully covered her breasts.

“Hello,” she stammered a bit distraught, “hello Samiul, but you did something daring.”

Samiul leaned over her face and kissed her directly on her mouth. After a moment’s hesitation, Conny opened her lips and returned his kiss.

I hadn’t stopped caressing my wife’s body. When I put my hand on the front of her lap, her thighs parted willingly. Her breath grew faster. She writhed under my caressing hand, which gently slid over her breasts, pushed further down into the forest of her pubic hair.

Conny winced as if electrified and groaned. She kissed wildly Samiul’s mouth and sucked hard on his tongue. His fingers ran through her hair and she let go of the blanket and took the friend’s face between her hands. She gently stroked his earlobes, neck,, and broad shoulders.

I pulled down the covers and her naked, impeccably shaped body lay on the sheet unprotected in the moonlight. Her fleshy pair of lips came towards me with desire. My index and middle fingers wiggled over her clitoris and with the other hand,, I gently spread her thighs. I stroked her pussy, thighs, hips.

“Ohh, yes, that’s wonderful,” Conny groaned and Samiul started to knead her hard breasts. To do this, he licked her earlobes, her neck, and his tongue wagged between the two hills. His chapped lips encircled one nipple and he sucked on it until he got up steeply while turning his fingers on the other wart and gently pressing the breasts together.

Conny groaned and started to gasp: “Ahh, that’s nice, just keep going, don’t let up.” With both hands, she stroked the hair of our two men’s heads and pressed them to her hot body.

While our friend Samiul kissed her passionately, massaging her breasts and sucking on her hard nipples in between, I started licking her pubes. The pussy was shaved smooth and completely wet and my tongue penetrated deep into its open column.

Conny whimpered and fidgeted and I put my middle finger deep into her hot body, pulled it out,, and pushed again. I sucked on her stiff clitoris and my wife let out cries of pleasure. She enjoyed the tender treatment from us lovers.

My member was extremely hard and when I blinked likely my wife’s sweet shame, I saw that our friend’s masculinity was also seeking liberation. His tight panties spanned his stiffener and a dark patch showed his wetness. Conny’s hands longingly stroked his loins and ran over the bulge of the fabric, where the profile of his trunk was visible.

Samiul let out a suppressed groan and pushed his abdomen closer to my wife’s face. With a tender bite, she snapped his hard and the hand ran gently between skin and fabric. Then she took out the huge handle together with the heavy testicles.

The lust flicked through me. I saw very clearly, close to my eyes, how my wife began to stroke this strange member, how her fingers ran over the shaft, how they lightly stroked his testicles.

She grabbed my hair and pressed my mouth down to her soaking wet pussy.

“Lick me,” she moaned wildly, “yes, lick me, I want you to finish my tongue.”

Then she kissed Samiul’s shiny acorn, ran her tongue down the groove, licked the tip of his foreskin with his tip, and greedily saluted his long shaft.

“Oh Conny, that’s wonderful,” Samiul said. He kneaded her breasts and turned her nipples. Then he stuck his tail deep into my wife’s greedy mouth. She sucked so hard on his stand that it smacked properly. And she took him deep until her lips touched his pubic hair. Samiul groaned excitedly and reached into Conny’s hair to pull her head even closer.

“Come on, love,” I stammered, licking her pussy like crazy. Her legs were spread wide, her hot flesh was pushing against my tongue and I was digging my tongue deep into her cleft.

Then, with her friend’s member in her mouth, it came to her. A trembling tremor went through her slim body, she pressed her thighs together and a pleasant moan accompanied her tremendous orgasm.

I stroked her clit and pressed my hand to her pubic. Slowly the waves of her orgasm subsided. Samiul pulled his rod out of her mouth, pulled the panties off her loins, and lay on her back next to her.

I also got up and took off my jeans. I was glad that I could get my hard member free.

“That was beautiful,” Conny whispered, “You made it so great for me. Now it’s your turn.”

She kissed Samiul and stroked him. Then she sat on his abdomen. The steeply raised pole sought its way into my wife’s body. The tip touched her shame and then he slid into her pussy.

Samiul piled her up and her lips encircled his sturdy handle. I stood next to her and my member came up to the level of her face. She put it in her mouth without being asked and began to suck it. Her lips encircled my trunk and smacked up and down, smacking.

A wild lust gripped me. She licked and sucked my cock and rode to our friend. I grabbed her by the head, pressed him firmly to my abdomen, and fucked her in her hot, greedy mouth. My acorn was deep in her throat and my pubic hair touched her lips.

Samiul shaved her hot pussy and he massaged her bobbing breasts with a hard hand.

“Yeah” Conny gurgled when it came to her. Her whole body trembled and she squeezed her vaginal muscles hard as she soared.

At that moment Samiul reared up too, squeezing her warts and with a fiery scream, he pumped his hot juice into her pussy.

My wife let my cock slide out of her mouth and threw herself on the sweaty body of her fucker. She took his face between her hands, kissed him greedily,, and gave him my sweet love foam in his wide-open mouth.

I watched her slide down his shiny body, stroked and kissed his pubes, and then took his still strong cock, on which the sperm remains dripped down streams, into her greedy mouth. She sipped all the juice and licked it clean.

“Kiss me, love,” my wife groaned and pulled me close.

I felt and tasted the seed and licked it out of her mouth. A crazy shiver ran through me, washed me up on a wave of a desire never felt before and I was unconscious for a few moments.

I caressed her hot cheeks, neck, bac,k and buttocks. Then I knelt between her thighs from behind and put my rock-hard handle on her dripping cunt.

I pushed forward, so deep that my testicles clapped against her behind. I pulled my hard one out again, pulling out the hot, slimy juice that Samiul had poured into it. My stud shone milky white, my testicles were drenched and the semen ran down her legs. This was incredibly cool to see and feel and I smelled the spicy scent, which also brought me to ecstasy.

“Yes, push me, spray” my wife called “spray me fully, oh yes, please, come on.”

I groaned loudly again and again in her soft, open pussy and then I felt how it came up inside me. The boiling juice found its way out of my overcrowded eggs, rose the shaft, and reached my exploding acorn. I pulled my rod out of Conny’s body and then I sprayed. The tide shot out in a high arc like a lava flow and slapped her glossy back within several shocks.

Then all three of us lay on the bed exhausted, Conny between me and Samiul, and we stroked her wonderful body from head to toe.

Later our friend rolled on Conny, stuck his trunk between her widely spread leg,s and began to bang her with deep, gentle thrusts. My wife whimpered and shouted and it wasn’t long before she came to her orgasm. She clutched Samiul, her fingernails scratched his back and her mouth sucked against his tongue while I had my hand between the two wet bodies and squeezed her breasts.

“Come on, Samiul, come to my mouth, I want to drink you up,” my wife begged and Samiul knelt with his legs over her face.

Conny licked his balls and then she grabbed his rod and pulled it deep into her throat. I watched as he moaned into her mouth, how his sperm flowed from the corners of her mouth and how she greedily swallowed his semen.

Then he lay down exhausted next to her and I kissed my wife in gratitude for this wild adventure in her delicious mouth. And the three of us fell asleep happily and contentedly.

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