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My suspicions were confirmed when I discovered my wife having sex with my eighteen-year-old son’s friend during a sleepover at our house.

It all started one summer when I noticed Mayan acting strangely whenever our son’s buddy Shear would sleep over at our house and the boys would stay up late playing Xbox games or whatever.

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When I would wake up and discover Nayan missing from our bed, I became suspicious, so the first few times this happened, I would go back to sleep.

I noticed Nayan acting quite flirty with Shekar and even wearing sexual dresses at night when going about the home in front of Shekar a few weeks later. You could see her sexy panties and even the dark of her nipples in some of these gowns.


So later that night, we all went to bed, and it was approximately 2 a.m. when Nayan got out of bed and left our room; I waited about ten minutes to see if she would return, but she didn’t. So I got up and walked around the house looking for her, and to my surprise, I came to our spare bedroom and heard muffled noises, so I cracked the door a little to peek inside, and to my surprise, there was no one there. I walked into our spare bedroom and heard muffled noises, so I opened the door a crack to peek inside and saw Nayan on her knees giving Shekar a blowjob. I was shocked at first, but the sight of my forty-year-old wife, who still looks as stunning as the day I met her, sucking this young man’s cock was really turning me on.


I stood there looking through the crack in the door until Shekar stood up and positioned himself in front of Nayan, giving me a side view as if he wanted me to see what was about to happen. He grabbed his cock and jerked himself off, leaving Nayan on her knees with her mouth open and tongue sticking out. He then moaned as he poured gobs of come on her tongue and into her mouth.


She then sucked on his cock with her hand, licking all over it, and I could see his sperm glistening on her cheeks, lips, and a bit dangling from her chin, which she took care of by running her finger over her chin and licking it clean.


Nayan was sucking and swallowing Shekar’s cream load like a slut gone wild, so I eased the door back and went back to bed. Nayan returned and snuggled up close to me like nothing had happened, and I could smell Shekar’s fresh cum on her face.

A week later, Nayan encouraged our son Gaurav to have Shekar over for the night if he wanted to. This time, I was going to be ready to film all the action, so I set up my nanny cam in the spare bedroom behind some boxes so no one would notice it.

My plan was set in action, and Shekar would be spending the next night. At about 1 a.m., Nayan got out of bed quietly so as not to wake me up, but she had no idea I was waiting for her to leave.

When I realized she was gone, I grabbed my laptop and switched on my camera so I could monitor and film everything that transpired that night.

Shekar pulled his boxers off and Nayan wasted no time in caressing his cock with her hand before reaching over to accept his erect cock in her mouth.


Shekar slipped Nayan’s short gown over her head and kissed on her erect nipples while Nayan swallowed and licked his cock. I was feeling a little hard on myself from watching Nayan go naked and licking this young cock.

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Shekar took Nayan’s pantyhose off and went down on her, eating her pussy until she had to put a pillar over her head to mask her cries from the orgasm she was having after a few minutes of getting her tits kissed and nipples sucked on.

Shekar then got up and slid his cock between Nayan’s legs, which she had spread wide open and her knees were almost back in her chest as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit before slid his cock inside my wife’s pussy. He fucked Nayan like this for a bit before rolling her over and fucking her dog fashion with her ass in the air, I could hear his balls slap her


My cock was jerking off to all this hot activity from watching my wife get fucked by this young stud by this time.

Shekar rolled Nayan over and mounted her chest as he fed his cock into her mouth with her juices still on his cock, Nayan sucked as he began to pump his warm seed into her mouth but he pulled out before he was done and let his cum squirt out onto her cheeks and lips as she tried to lick most of it up with her toes.


Before they got up to conclude this wild night, she finished licking him clean and sucking the last drop of sperm from his cock.


This has happened several times, and despite my capturing all of the activity on film, Nayan is still unaware that I have been aware of her behavior for quite some time.

When our son had gone out of town and I informed Nayan that I was going fishing with a few people, she would be alone at home for the night and I would be back the next evening. This next meeting between them was a major surprise to me.

But I didn’t go fishing; instead, I stayed around to observe what was going on that night, while Nayan assumed she had the home to herself. Sure enough, around 8 p.m., Shekar arrived, but he wasn’t alone; he was accompanied by another man.


I allowed them in, then went downstairs and turned on my computer to check what was going on upstairs.

Everything was dark in the spare room, so I turned to our living room camera and saw Shekar and his friend fondling Nayan as Shekar unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, then Shekar’s friend, whose name I later learned was Vishal, reached around and unsnapped her bra and removed it.


I couldn’t believe Nayan was letting these two young boys strip down to their underwear and do whatever they wanted to her. Next, Shekar began undoing her jeans while Vishal found a tit to squeeze and a nipple to suck on. Her jeans and panty’s soon followed as Nayan, my twenty-one-year-old wife, stood naked in our living room with two young eighteen-year-old boys.

Then they both got out of their clothes and stood at attention with their firm cocks. Nayan wasted no time getting down on her knees between them and sucking on each of their hard cocks.


Vishal sat back on the couch and dragged Nayan over to him, then took his hand on her head and directed it onto his cock as his other hand stroked her breast.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Shekar fucking her pussy while she sucked Vishal’s cock; I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Nayan letting two young boys fuck her. Then they switched places, and Vishal fucked my wife’s pussy while Shekar filled her mouth with his cock.


Both of them kept doing this for a while, switching between her pussy and mouth fucking both until they were ready to fire their loads. Nayan then got down on her knees and began sucking both cocks till each one took their cock and jerked off into Nayan’s open mouth. She had taken wad after wad of cum over her tongue and face until she had cum streaming out of her mouth and dripping off her chin onto her tits. Then Nayan scraped all the loose cum off her face with her fingertips, then licked her fingers clean till she had eaten every last drop.

They took a break, then went back to fucking her mouth and pussying her before dumping their warm seed into her mouth once more. I’d never seen or imagined Nayan allowing two people to fuck her at the same time, let alone allowing them both to jack off into her open mouth at the same time and swallow their sperm loads. I haven’t told her that I know what she’s done with these young guys or that I have filmed it all because I’m too busy seeing her act like a slut wife right now!


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