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Hello, my name is Rohan. This happened approximately four years ago when I was in my first year of college. I was 21 at the time. I’m 6 feet tall, a slender man with fair skin and long, gleaming black hair.

Let me tell you about Amrita, the heroine of my novel (name changed). She was 26 years old, 5’6″ tall, and weighed 55 kg at the time. Her measurements were 34-28-36, she had dimples on her cheeks, and her long hair cascaded up to her waist.

This narrative, like my other ones, is quite extensive because I wanted to cover every aspect. Have fun with the story.

Amrita was a chemistry professor at my institution who taught my class for six months during the second half of the first year. I’d seen her before, even in my first half-semester when she and one of our instructors shared a staff room.

When I went to the staff room to retrieve my book back from my teacher, I was surprised to discover her sitting at the neighboring table. Wow!! How could somebody be so stunning?

That very instant, I began yearning after my lady lecturer. Since then, we’ve crossed paths several times in college, and each time, I’ve turned around and stared at her for as long as I could.

I began to fall in love with her figure. Amrita was incredibly pretty, and her fashion sense was excellent. She typically wore suits and mixed and matched their colors quite skillfully, making her look even more appealing and pretty.

Then came the day when she walked into our class for the first time. I was overjoyed to see her again and thought to myself that now I’d get to see her every day for about an hour.

I was overjoyed since she was so stunning that she could turn anyone on simply by looking at him. I began to fantasize about her and began to attend every chemistry lecture.

I became her favorite in barely a month because I was good at studies and communication skills, which made me extremely happy.

A peon came into our class one day, called my name, and asked me to accompany him. He told me outside the classroom that Amrita ma’am had summoned me to the staff room. I went to that place. She was sitting at her desk, doing something.

A few strands of her hair fell over her crimson cheeks, and she looked stunning in a light pink suit. I welcomed my lovely professor, and she invited me to enter and settle in the chair opposite her.

Amrita informed me that in two weeks, an international science conference will be held in Delhi and that the principal wanted three teams from our college to attend and represent the college with our projects.

Amrita ma’am informed me that she was in charge of selecting team members and that she wanted me to be a part of her team. She asked if I was ready to join the team because we would have to put in the extra effort.

I just said, “Yes,” without thinking about it for a second. She seemed cheerful and smiled at me. She invited me to meet her in the chemistry lab after class to go over the entire plan.

After my last lesson, I walked there, where ma’am and one of my seniors from another department awaited me. She invited me in and then introduced me to this senior girl, Aditi, who was also going to be a member of my team.

“Hello,” I said as I shook Aditi’s hand. We brainstormed a suitable project that would make our college proud, and we began working on it on the first day.

I never missed an opportunity to catch a glimpse of my sexy professor in between tasks. She used to stand right next to me on numerous occasions, and I must say that she smelled wonderful, and the fragrance of her perfume drove me insane!

I could also see Amrita’s cleavage, which was fairly deep, whenever she bent down. I also got a look at her milky and luscious melons. After working like that for ten days, I found out it was her birthday the next day.

I brought her some imported chocolates, but she was hesitant to accept them. I insisted on her and instructed Aditi to persuade ma’am, and she eventually agreed and accepted the chocolates.

I went to my home in Delhi one day before the conference to get my automobile so that we three could travel without incident because my college was in Haryana.

The next day, we planned to depart at 8 a.m. to arrive in Delhi by 10 a.m., which was the time set for the conference. I met my lecturer, Shalini, outside the girls’ dormitory where she was staying. We picked up Aditi on the way and drove to Delhi.

The conference was a huge success, and many additional colleges attended. Our project came in third place, which made everyone very delighted.

It was a difficult tournament because it was an international conference with teams from all over India. We were especially thrilled because three additional teams from our college were not even in the top twenty.

The long conference came to a close, and everyone went to enjoy the substantial snacks that the management had prepared for the attendees. Amritama’am demanded that we leave because it was becoming late and her hostel would be closing soon.

So we got in the car and drove back to college. There was a lot of traffic, and I was just thinking about my heroine and fantasizing about her lying naked with me!

Amrita was sitting next to me as we dropped Aditi off on the outskirts of Delhi and drove to our destination. I was desperate to talk to her, so I initiated the discussion, and we gradually began to open up.

On the way, she received a call from her roommate, who was also a staff member, informing her that the hostel had closed and that she couldn’t arrive until the next morning because it was a Saturday. In addition, the warden was not there to grant special permission.

Ma’am became terrified and told me what she had said. I was overjoyed but didn’t show it to her since I didn’t want her to leave and it was a great opportunity to fuck my lovely professor.

I devised a strategy and informed her that she may accompany me if she was okay with it, as I was living alone in a 1 BHK independent flat, and that she could return to her hostel in the morning.

After a few moments of thought, Amritas answered, “Yes.” I figured I couldn’t get luckier than that, so I began preparing everything.

I began talking to her about her life, marriage, and so on. She told me that she had been in a relationship that ended a year ago, and that she was now single, but that her family was planning her marriage, and that she would marry shortly.

When we arrived at my house, I opened the gate and welcomed her. There was everything that was required because it was a well-furnished flat. Then I handed her some juice, which she drank before I changed my clothing.

I told her to take a bath because it had been a long and exhausting day, and we had also traveled a considerable way. I handed her my towel and some clothing so she could change out of her formals before heading out to buy some supper.

I asked her if she wanted anything before leaving, and she answered, “No.” I returned and placed the food in the kitchen. She had had a bath and changed into my clothing at that time.

Her hair was loose and moist, which gave me a boner right away. In those trousers and tee-shirts, I could see my young professor’s physique more clearly. She said she was looking in the fridge and discovered a wine bottle.

I told her I drank occasionally and asked if she wanted to have a few drinks before dinner. I also told her that I had some whiskey and that we could share it if she liked. She agreed to the wine.

We sipped the wine till it was gone, and she began to feel drowsy. I served her lunch, and we both began to eat. Amrita was high and began speaking in a low tone that was enticing to hear. I was listening intently to everything she said. She informed me that I had transformed from a boy to a gentleman and that she was impressed with how I treated her.

It was now my turn to begin anything, or else she would sleep and I would live to regret it for the rest of my life. I began by asking her why she was still single, even though she was exceptionally attractive and could date anybody she wanted.

My lecturer stated that there was nothing like that because no one had proposed to her in the previous year. “If you weren’t a professor, I would have proposed to you the first day I met you,” I remarked.

She recognized my objectives and offered me a sly smile. “You are cute,” she remarked as she stroked her fingers through my hair. She entered the kitchen and began washing the utensils.

I followed her and urged her not to do it because I would later. I seized both of her hands in mine and said, “I can’t let you do this.” “OK, then tell me what I should do,” she said. “Nothing,” I said.

“Nothing huh!” Amritas smiled at me. “How unromantic are you?” It took me a few moments to process what she had just said. I told her that I had been dreaming about her since the first time I saw her.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed. Someone was falling for me and I had no idea.” We both remained silent for a minute. Then she rose slightly on her heels and kissed me. That elicited no response from me.

My hot female professor pushed me up against the wall and we began kissing like there was no tomorrow. While we were playing with each other’s tongues, I grabbed her breast and began pressing.

We then parted ways, smiled at each other, and kissed one more. I was squeezing her big rounded hips while she was messing with my hair. Then I seized her in my arms and carried her to my bedroom, where I flung her on the bed.

I wanted to fuck my lovely college lecturer, so I took off her tee-shirt and bra. Oh, my goodness, she had the most beautiful curves. She was significantly more seductive than she appeared.

I took her melons and began licking them one by one. She was fully turned on at that point, and she began moaning. Then I shoved one hand inside her pussy. It was drenched. She took off my tee-shirt and her pants. She was dressed in a white pantie.

Imagine a milky-colored girl in a white pantie without a bra and with her hair loosened — the scene was beyond my wildest dreams! I removed my professor’s pantie for the first time and saw her baby pink pussy for the first time. It was fair-skinned and clean-shaven.

I continued tormenting Amrita by moving my fingers over her inner thighs, and she started groaning like hell. Then I started kissing her neck and ear lobes, and she went crazy.

She took my fingers and inserted them into her pussy, and I began fingering her, and she was having a great time with it. After taking a bath, there was a little perfume scent remaining on her body around her armpits, and that smell drove me insane.

Finally, she orgasmed and appeared to be extremely delighted. Then she pulled down my underwear, exposing me in front of her. She snatched my 6+ inch penis and began a handjob.

She did it for a few minutes before my gorgeous professor took my tool in her mouth and began sucking! She did this for 5-6 minutes before I unloaded it in her mouth.

Amrita sipped the beverage. It was my turn after I took out my dick. I knelt and began licking my professor’s vertical lips. I was biting her clit slowly and steadily, and she was moaning and enjoying it. With both of her hands, she drove my head into her. I inserted my tongue inside her and began licking it fiercely.

Amrita unloaded again after licking for 10 minutes.

Then I moved up and kissed her while biting her shoulder and neck.


I inserted my dick into her, and because she hadn’t had sex in about a year, it took some effort to fully insert my tool into her.

I started fucking my college professor in a missionary position, and after 5 minutes, we switched to woman on top, and we were both having a great time. Then we switched to “reverse cowgirl,” and she began to leap enthusiastically.

Then it was time for the “face-off” position, which we held for a few minutes before switching to doggy style. I was slapping her and pinching her boobs with my other hand while forcefully fucking her.

Amrita sprayed her juices for the third time. She took a few moments to savor it before we shifted to “ballet dancer,” which we weren’t too sure about.

So we finally settled on “Flatiron.” I had now begun pushing hard and deeply with full effort, and she was moaning, and her moans could be heard throughout the room.

Then I accelerated and ended up discharging within her, where we remained for some time. Finally, we walked to the bathroom to clean ourselves, kissed one other, and went to our bedroom, lying naked in bed. I kissed and hugged her from behind while we slept.

My tool was upright again in the morning. Amrita could feel it nudging her behind the ear. She awoke and began sucking, so I got up and we had one more session there. After that, we went to bed.

We awoke around 12:30 p.m. We didn’t have any jobs because it was Sunday. I brewed coffee because it was my daily ritual to drink coffee to break the fast. I handed it to her as well, and she said the coffee was delicious.

We had another fuck session in the shower. Amritama’am then changed her clothing and asked me to drop her off. On the way, I picked up some contraceptive tablets and gave them to her.

She told me that it was the best sex she’d ever had. She kissed me goodbye and walked away. I returned home and fell asleep again after drinking a banana smoothie because I was exhausted. I fucked her numerous times following this incident for about a year without informing anyone. Then her family fixed her marriage, and we stopped seeing one other. She then married, dropped out of college, and moved abroad, and we never communicated again.

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