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This is how did go Sunny’s Summer

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

I felt a cool breeze on my back and woke up. Blinking, I looked around the dim room … “Where the hell is I,” it went through my head. I straightened up and immediately regretted it. A thousand small knives stung my head. I sank back and looked around me carefully.

I lay in a bed that was huge for my terms, felt the cool but silky soft and probably sinfully expensive satin fabric on my skin, with which the duvet was covered. The room was of a size that my little student room far exceeded. The ceiling alone was almost 4 m high. Every single piece of furniture was probably more expensive than my entire furniture. Behind the reddish-brown curtain, I suspected a window, a small chest of drawers with a mirror, an armchair and two chairs, and a huge closet to complete the furniture.

Everything was wonderfully coordinated and was underlined by the tasteful wallpaper and two great, framed photos, which showed two erotic black and white pictures, which, however, looked more artistic than offensive.

I tried to remember how I could have gotten here. I was … the motorcycle … Pavel … we drive on the country road towards Paris … I still remember the wonderful vibration of the heavy machine, the wind and then …

“Good morning, Madame, I am Suzanne, did you sleep well? I’ll have towels and a bathrobe ready for you here, if you feel fresh enough, come downstairs for breakfast. ”

I must have fallen asleep again. The cheerful voice with the wonderful French dialect came from a young woman in her mid-late twenties. She was wearing a white blouse, a black knee-length skirt, and, above all, a white apron. “In what film am I here?” I asked myself, amused to find that Suzanne even wore a bonnet on her tightly combed black hair.


“Where am I and how did I get here?”

“Can’t you remember? You had a motorcycle accident. Monsieur found you and your friend and brought them here. ”

  • Pavel, “I called, startled and louder than I wanted to be. ” Is he…?”

“Do not worry! He’s fine. You were both so lucky that you ended up in the haystack of all places. Now get ready, Monsieur is waiting for you downstairs. ”

I pulled back the covers and slowly got out of bed, mindful of the experience with my head. Only now did I register that I was naked. I looked at him in disbelief down.

“I brought Madame yesterday to bed,” guessed my thoughts, Suzanne. “Your clothes are being cleaned, your bathrobe will be enough for breakfast on the terrace. The bathroom is right here. “She added and pointed to one of the two doors.” Do you need help? ”

“I think it will work,” I replied and walked slowly towards the bathroom. I was dizzy, I felt like I had the most severe hangover I had ever had. I braced myself against the back of the armchair and paused.

“Come on, I’ll help you better. Maybe you should first of all go for a swim, I’ll quickly the water.” Suzanne gently pushed me into the armchair and poured me a glass of water, which I drank greedily. Then she disappeared into the bathroom and a moment later I heard the water running into the tub.

I looked at myself in the mirror. A large bruise adorned my right shoulder, my reddish-blonde hair was streaky and disheveled, and I found a small abrasion on my right eye. I got up carefully and looked at the rest of my body, but could see no further “damage”. Completely incoherent I noticed that my small, almost light pink nipples had stiffened – certainly not a result of excitement but rather the result of the light breeze, that puffed up the curtains.

“You drive me crazy, your body drives me crazy, I could without a break …” Pavel’s voice echoed in my head and I saw you again at this small lake. For my part, I don’t know what fascinated Pavel, I think my breasts were rather too small, my butt too thick and my legs too short, but Pavel claimed the opposite. For his sake I had shaved my pussy bald, he thanked me with his skillful tongue. “Oh Pavel” I sighed unconsciously and was I am no longer so sure whether my hard nipples were only caused by the wind or whether it was due to the memory that gave me this cozy pull between my legs. I remembered how he had taken me from behind at the lake, wild, passionate, and yet with so much tenderness.

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“The tub is ready, Madame,” Suzanne’s voice tore from my thoughts. “Come on, I’ll help you.”

I had Suzanne help me into the tub and enjoyed the warm, wonderfully scented water. My headache had subsided, but now I felt a dull ache in my right shoulder.

Suzanne had taken a seat on the edge of the tub as a matter of course and carefully dabbed my shoulders with a soft sponge. “Is that a good thing for you, Madame?” She asked, continuing the path of the sponge over my back.

“Please, I’m Sonja and not Madame,” I replied, “please tell you and Sonja, it’s no different ”

  • Of course, Mad … uh Sonja, as you like, is it nice? “

“Yes, you do it wonderfully, but please be careful on the shoulder, it hurts quite a bit.”

I turned a little towards her and it turned out a bit violent, at least some water sloshed over the edge and if Suzanne didn’t jump open my mind would have been soaking wet.

“Excuse me, I think I would rather continue alone, otherwise you will be soaking wet in the end,” I commented on my clumsiness.

“Pas de problem … I just take it off, too,” Suzanne replied, and before I could protest she had already stripped off her apron and blouse. “Or do you mind?” she asked me a little uncertain.

The soothing warm water, the unfamiliar surroundings, and probably also my tiredness had to plunge my mind into a cloud of cotton wool, how else could it be explained that I replied: “Not at all, on the contrary.”

I just had that as a stranger to my wife said? Doesn’t matter … I don’t care … I didn’t think about it and took it as a normal thing that Suzanne was now also sitting naked on the edge of the bathtub and continued to soap my back. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. She had one Bigger breast than me, but huge would be exaggerated. I was fascinated by her dark brown atria and her much larger nipples. She was not as slim and well-trained as I was, but not fat. No six-pack but no buffalo bellies either.

Suddenly I realized that Suzanne had stopped spoiling my back and was just about to slide the soft sponge over my breasts. And what am I doing? I the completely straight woman, the male-killing beast that was first tamed by Pavel? I sit back and moan comfortably as she slides the sponge over my nipples instead of protesting and ending the game here.

“I’m getting cold,” Suzanne whistles and I know exactly what she wants now. Do I want that too? I listen to myself, register my rock-hard cherry stones, as she always calls Pavel, notices that I feel the desire to touch Suzanne’s breasts

… I must have been hit hard on the head.

“Come into the tub,” I hear myself say and I am amazed to see that my gaze is sucking into her shell when she accepts my offer and climbs into the tub. “Even shaved,” I state almost objectively in my thoughts and register the small strip of dark hair that carefully trims her pussy. The sponge is now driving my left leg up from the foot and I still enjoy it. Then the sponge is gone and I can feel Suzanne’s hands sliding on my thighs to my bottom.

my hands stroke the breasts for the first time in life … I feel their tender kisses on my neck, their no less tender fingers on my pussy … and then I feel their soft lips on mine, feel how their tongues gently Access to play with mine … my hands lie on her soft buttocks, slide into the crack … I — I am carried away by the deluge of an orgasm caused by her nimble fingers in me. “Damn, I’m not lesbian – I’m not — my god is cool!” Everything around me seems to sink in a pink fog, I feel so weak, like floating, so infinitely good .. . and then I feel her soft lips on mine, feel how her tongue gently accesses to play with mine … my hands lie on her soft buttocks, slide into the crack … I —

  • I am carried away by the Deluge of an orgasm caused by her nimble fingers in me. “Damn, I’m not lesbian – I’m not — my god is cool!” Everything around me seems to sink in a pink fog, I feel so weak, like floating, so infinitely good .. . and then I feel her soft lips on mine, feel how her tongue gently accesses to play with mine … my hands lie on her soft buttocks, slide into the crack … I — I am carried away by the Deluge of an orgasm caused by her nimble fingers in me. “Damn, I’m not lesbian – I’m not — my god is cool!” Everything around me seems to sink in a pink fog, I feel so weak, like floating, so infinitely good …

“Now is time for breakfast,” Suzanne’s voice brings me back to reality.

Less than a quarter of an hour later she leads me down a wide flight of stairs into a large hall. I see where I am for the first time Castle, yes, that’s how a castle has to be. Just wearing my bathrobe I immediately feel “underdressed”. Suzanne seems to be guessing my thoughts again and says: “Don’t worry, Monsieur won’t wear anything else and Pavel too, come on, the two of them are already waiting impatiently on the terrace.”

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We cross a large room, rather a salon, with large windows and two French doors leading to the front. The “house” was adjoined by a huge garden, which was bordered at the end by a grove. At the center of the “garden”, the sunlight was reflected on the water of a pool, where there were several sun loungers.

Then I only see Pavel – and he sees me. he immediately jumps up and runs, which means he limps rather, towards me and closes me in his strong arms … “Sonja, I’m glad, I thought … my god we were lucky.”

“What is because ever happened? ” I ask, “I have a full blackout, I don’t know anything anymore!”

“Maybe I can explain that over a cup of coffee,” a deep, pleasant voice interrupts us and I notice our host for the first time. A veritable giant rises from one of the terrace chairs at a set table. Definitely 2.00 meters tall, tanned, dark short hair and dressed, just like Pavel and I in a bathrobe.

“Hello, I am Jean de Montzar, you have already met Suzanne. I live here alone with her and I am to blame for your accident. But you want to be safe first Would you like to call once and get in touch with your relatives?

Thankfully we took up the offer and after we had informed our parents and assured them that we were not lacking, we returned to the terrace. “So one by one, let’s sit down” our host continued.

In a few sentences, he explained us or me, because Pavel seemed to be able to remember well. In the evening M. de Montzar came around the corner a little too quickly, we came to meet him, Pavel had to dodge, and – luckily – we ended up in a huge haystack. This left us almost unharmed, but I was passed out. The machine was only slightly damaged.

M. de Montzar had brought in a doctor that evening, who confirmed that I was missing nothing more than a shoulder bruise and a slight concussion, Pavel had a bruise on his shin and, unfortunately, sprained both wrists slightly when he supported himself wanted. Only now did I see the bandaged wrists and when Pavel looked at it, he waved him off: “Half as bad, that will work again soon.” Something jealously shoots through my head whether Suzanne had washed it like me, but Pavel distracts the thoughts and says:

“Jean had to help me first, shaving and washing were a bit difficult like that.”

“That was probably the least,” replied our host and smiled. Pavel is suddenly embarrassed and changes the subject …


The End

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