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Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

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“Okay, baby, my turn.” I responded, “Stand up between your legs’s”Uhhh nay.” They said and flung the pillow in my face. You got up from the bed swiftly.

“You’ll have to catch me first.” You giggled as you hurried out of the bedroom. It felt like slow motion, your lovely hips, and sexy arse as you raced, you looked over your shoulder laughing, your hair spinning around you. I was racing after you, my bare body, my stiff cock swinging between my legs.

I cornered you in the kitchen, face forward over the kitchen counter. You were laughing. A broad smile on your face. I went to your site, but you ran to the opposite side just as fast.

“You can’t catch me.” You laughed.

I reached over the bench. You stayed behind and grinned broadly. Then you turned on the tap and sprayed water on me.

“You’re not…” I stopped myself.

You gazed at me with a harsh face.

“Go ahead, say it. You bitch. You gorgeous, lovely, slutty bitch. Say it. Say you want to grope me and fuck me with your huge hard cock.” You taunted me when you looked me in the eye.

“Oh God, baby.” I was muttering, “Yes, I do.”

“Then come and take me.” You said, “I won’t run away.” Your eyes were blazing with want.

I moved around to you carefully. You didn’t move. I reached down, my arms went around your butt, hoisted you up, and hugged you to my body.

“Oh.” You wheezed.

Your eyes closed, and we kissed fiercely while I brought you to the table.

Laying lightly means gently placing your bottom on the edge of the bed. As you waited for my response, you clenched your lower lip. In between your legs, I made my way over to you. My cock is in my hands. I massaged your pussy’s firm head back and forth. Dousing yourself in your libido. Slowly, between your pussy lips, and then slowly push it inwardly. He pushed you apart as he came in, and you could feel his head sliding in behind you. It’s exhausting in the way it strains you. My dick head had morphed into a pink pussy when I looked down.

“Mmmm.” You let out a sigh of pleasure.

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I steadily increased the pressure till another inch of my cock reached you. “Oh my gosh,” said the narrator. You let out a groan. You sighed.

One more push and I’m even further within you. Watching my hard-veined cock go in and out of your pussy, slowly back and forth. It gets a bit deeper each time.

This is all I’m saying: “Fuck me now.” You claimed to have hands that play with your large breasts and fingers that stroke your nipples while you’re in bed.

This is the point at which my hips begin to move at an even quicker rate and the sting from my cock grows more intense and painful. Your hips were pressing into me as I felt my cock press into the silky folds of your femininity. Your body is swaying. Breathing became quicker and more labored.

“Oh my God, you’re in heaven.” I let out a groan. Let me know how it goes.” You’ve responded.

When I realized it, I pushed myself even harder. Long, deep, and difficult. My body collided with yours. That table would be shaking as well as your breasts.

I’ll smash your a$$ with my balls if you just shake me. Let me know how you feel about it.

“Harder.” You let out a groan. You sighed.

I’ve picked up the tempo and am moving quickly and hard. Your juicy pussy is a magnet for my cock. Wet pussy noises meet firm cock, groans, and creaking furniture. My lungs are burning and I’m groaning with each fast thrust. The odor

I’m about to start covering my chest with a blanket.

“Oh, crap, that’s great.” I make a groaning sound.

Fuck you fast, my dick. As you closed your eyes and arched your back, you swung hard and fast.

“God, sure,” he replies. You let out a groan. You sighed. “Oh, God, this cock… Fuck,” I screamed. The more I shoved into you, the more you whimpered. You kissed me as you leaned in close to me. You sunk your teeth into my bottom lip and rubbed it. You then pulled me away after placing your hand on my chest.

When you stood up, my cock jutted out, its surface covered in a layer of sticky white milk. Grabbed my hips and pushed myself towards the sofa.

You ordered, “Sit down,” and I did as you instructed.

When I did, my tenacity became enmeshed in the ceiling. Once you had stretched me out, you sank your body upon my cock. I could feel your arms around me, squeezing me close.

“Mmmm.” As you crushed against me, I whimpered. When you felt that firm, thick cock inside of you, your mouth was wide open.

After that, you began to fuck me. You sink your teeth into me. Your huge breasts were bouncing as your hands running through your hair. As you rode me, my hands found them quickly and pinched your tits. On the hardness of my skin, your hips and ass are swaying.

The words “Oh fuck” come to mind. “Ride me hard, baby,” I murmured.

As a result, you placed your hands on my chest and shoulders and increased the intensity of your bouncing. The intensity of each bounce drove my dick even further into your genital region.

pussycat The sound of your sobs was so deafening that I grabbed hold of your ass cheeks and pinched the tender skin. You scraped my chest with your nails, leaving red stains. “Oh my God,” moaned the speaker. That’s exactly how I felt when I moaned, too.

To meet your bouncing down, I pushed myself up to a higher place. My biceps began to tense. There was increasing pressure in my genital region.

When I get back with the baby, I’ll be right there.” I let out a groan.

Yes, I said. “Come, darling, come for me,” you said, your voice trembling and your breathing becoming nearly labored.

“Oh fuck,” I said to myself “I’m at the end of my rope. My genitals were throbbing. Baby, I’m so sorry. The sound of my screams pierced the silence.

As my genitals erupted inside of you, I forced myself to get to my feet. Twitching and pulsating as my hot, thick sperm burst out of your pussy. As soon as you felt the splashes and the warmth, you squealed. There is a palpable pulsation in my crotch.

‘Shit!’ you muttered. As more sperm squirted out, my dick began to pulsate. I sat back in my chair, tired. When you were on top of me and kissing my lips, your hair was dripping wet and your face was covered in perspiration.

You said, “Don’t believe we’re not done.”

This is going to be a long night,” I chuckled with a chuckle.

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