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The excitement of not knowing what will happen next. The young woman has never experienced any of the things she has read about in romance novels. The kiss is of critical significance. He has the power to seal or scuttle a deal. Getting to know some intriguing men. Finding the person who makes your back arch and your toes curl is an important step.

Naturally, kisses are immediately followed by rough touches over clothing once they have been exchanged. At first, there is a tentative brushing together of clothed bodies. Gentle probing and probing touches. Getting hold of his butt through the loose pants drew my attention in the first place.

Putting pressure on each other’s bodies. I can feel his rough cock pressing against the back of my leg. Squirming. The discomfort between my legs grows greater. Pressing more vigorously on that tough cock. Will it be similar to the ones that I’ve been looking at in the racy mags that my friend has hidden?

I’m growing braver. My hunger for more motivates me to keep going. While he kisses the back of my neck, my hand rests on his knee. My entire body is beginning to shiver. I begin to slowly move my hand up to his leg in an attempt to “accidentally” brush his toughness. His groaning. My gasping. Is there any way it could be any better than that?

It’s almost as though he’s trying to respond by slipping his hand beneath my shirt. My breasts are starting to feel the effects of it now. He puts a lot of pressure on it through my bra. My back is arched, and my nipples are making a pebbling sound. I hear someone ask, “Baby, are you all right?” in my ear.

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The stifled groan that emanated from my lips that were wide apart was quickly followed by a “Yes, please.” My bra has been adjusted such that the cups are lower. His palms skim against the hellishly tough skin of my nipples. Holy hell, the feel of his calluses on my skin is amazing. My mouth is always saying, “Don’t stop.” The words “need more” are spoken quietly in his ear.

My shirt seemed to be rising. Will he admire the size of my breasts? I first look at myself from below, and then I gaze at him from above. He was looking at my chest with his eyes. It appears as though he will never move again. He brings his head down in a very measured manner. While he does so, his right hand continues to tenderly caress my left breast. He kisses the right side of my nipple gently.

He does a backflip onto my breast while his tongue is sticking out of his mouth. He takes it in his mouth slowly while making a low growling sound in the back of his throat. My skin is tingling from the vibration. My clitoris, my nipples, and my pussy all appear to be experiencing a piercing sensation at the same time as he pinches the tip. I make squeaky noises and wiggle my way around.

Forced him to let out another sigh as a result.

He wears a variety of breasts. He pays the same amount of attention to each of them. When he pulls away to blow on the saliva stones, my nipples become even more dripping wet than they already were. He has me roll over onto my back and then maneuvers himself so that he is between my legs.

Shit. I can feel his firm cock on my clitoris. His body has prompted my legs to widen. Also, my pussy lips crack and left me vulnerable to the great pressure when he rubs against me. His hips move and let me feel his hardness sliding back and forth on my clitoris.

I am now also filthy. I can no longer calm down. I want continual pressure and friction. I can feel my underpants becoming moist. I tell him how much I love it when he lets me go like this. Tell him how fantastic it feels and beg him to let me cum.

I have entered a universe that feels like an alternate world. One when I’m so turned on I’m not able to be cognizant of myself. A place where only my feelings and his feelings count. I drag myself back into it. I tilt my hips so that he touches me just where I need him to.

“Please, honey, let me cum”, I urge him in my frantic need to clutch his back. At this point, I would do virtually anything. He stops and draws back a little bit. I moan at the loss.

“Don’t be sad, sweetie. You’ll feel incredibly terrific,” he assured me. “Be patient.”

His hands travel to my pants button. He stops and looks up at me questioningly. I nod my head enthusiastically to see whether his hands will feel as amazing as mine. His fingers seem to quiver a little as he releases the button. Slowly he pushes open the zipper.

Butterflies are dancing in my stomach. I had waited so long for his touch. I feel anxious and excited at the same time. His lips find mine again while he softly puts his hand between my underwear and my tummy. I giggle a little. He examines my eyes intently while his fingers split my pussy lips. He pauses to see whether I’m going to complain or stiffen up.

The tip of his finger scarcely brushes my clitoris and my hips jolt. I laugh out scream and grab his head to kiss him harder. I summon my bravery to show him that I am ready. I drop my hand into his lap and begin to massage my palm over his swelling cock. I adore the sensation he has under his trousers.

He starts stroking me slowly and sucks on each nipple in turn. After I open his jeans I glide my hand down his tummy and inside his pants. My eyes are on his all the time to watch how he reacts. When my palm hits his cock and I grip him, I close his eyes and he moans straight into my ear. The combination of all these substances induces a spasm in my pussy. The feeling of soft flesh over steel, the noises he makes and his fingers moving over my clitoris all combined create my destruction.

My body arches towards his. My hand strokes his cock quicker than my body begins to shatter. His fingers do not stand motionless. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I attempt to get away from that feeling. It’s nearly too much.

He won’t let me move away. I curse and beg when my second orgasm strikes me. I scream, and my body shakes. I have lost all sense of time and place. My head feels expansive and my body tingles and is hypersensitive. When I look down, I notice moisture on the front of his jeans and feel happy to cuddle up in his arms and relax.

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