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Last year I moved into my new student apartment. It is just a room, but there was simply no money for anything better. The room I was supposed to get belonged to a lady 20 years older than me. When I moved into my room, I didn’t know much about her. She was about 41 years old, quite rich, widowed for 6 years, and without children. Her name was Rita. We got on brilliantly from the start. She was very nice and helpful, so a nice friendship soon developed between us. I had a lot of freedom in her house, for example, I was able to invite my friends, hold small parties, use the big screen TV that was in her living room, everything. I could not even have dreamed of such accommodation. Later she told me that she didn’t rent the room because of the money, just because she felt very lonely. She did have her friends with whom she met regularly. But they were all married, some even had younger lovers. When all your friends went home to your children and husbands after a meeting, she had to spend countless evenings alone. She has had some relationships with men during these 6 years, but mostly not for long. she had to spend countless evenings alone. She has had some relationships with men during these 6 years, but mostly not for long. she had to spend countless evenings alone. She has had some relationships with men during these 6 years, but mostly not for long.

Admittedly, I had thought about seducing her under all of these conditions several times, but I never tried. Not because of her looks, she looked very sexy, despite her 41 years. She had shoulder-length, dark brown hair, was about 1 meter 70 tall, had an overall sporty body, small but very beautiful breasts, wonderful long legs, etc. I did not want to destroy our wonderful friendship, yes I saw something like one Mother figure. I didn’t want to jeopardize how she cared for me, how she cooked for me, or just gave good advice. At some point, I just decided not to do anything and let them take the first step if it ever came to that. As the time passed, she was busy working in the bank, and I was studying.

Then came the crucial day that was supposed to change our relationship. It was Rita’s birthday. I got up a little earlier to make coffee and do breakfast. She was still asleep when I walked into her bedroom with breakfast.

“Happy birthday,” I said, to which she replied with a groan. Only when she smelled the smell of coffee did she wake up.

“My present for the 42nd coffee and breakfast, please,” I put the breakfast with the coffee on her stomach, which was still covered.

“So how do you feel at 42”, I wanted to know from her.

“How do I feel? Worse every year. You only get older, nothing else. Thank you for breakfast, it’s very nice.”

“No cause, that’s the least I could do. Already today, do you throw a party or something?”

“Nothing special, I’m just inviting a couple of friends, we’re going to have a women’s night out today.”

“That means I have to go out. I was going to study” “No, no you can stay safe, you can study in your room.”

I later realized why the ladies wanted to spend an evening alone. One of the

invited friends had the idea to organize a striper for the evening as a kind of birthday surprise for Rita.

In the evening it was ready. The first friends arrived and the mood was cheerful from the start. I was in my room and heard when they burst in, with roar and laughter. They wished Rita a happy birthday and presented their presents. I could hear everything even though I was on the first floor. Out of curiosity, I left my door a crack open to get as much of the action as possible. One lady suddenly asked Rita:

“Where is your cute student? Well, what did he give you for your birthday?”, everyone started laughing out loud.

“Please be quiet Arunita, he’s up in his room. He could hear you. Besides, certainly not what you mean!”

“Oh, come on, admit it, you’ve eaten him anyway, when we’re at it, why don’t you call him, he could celebrate with us. It would please him”, everyone laughed again.

“You still only think of sex, and you’re all over 40. Come on, let’s go into the living room.” Rita replied in an almost parental voice.

After that it got a little quieter, but only because they had closed the door behind them. I could no longer understand what they were talking about, only heard the loud laughter at regular intervals.

It was about 11:00 p.m. The doorbell rang and I heard Rita at the door. “Who’s there?”

“A birthday present for Rita”,

It was the striptease dancer that Rita’s friends had hired. Hell was going down. Everyone laughed, screamed, and asked the young man to dance. A clear

influence of alcohol on the screaming was hard to miss. The dancer went into the living room where he let his striptease show run to the loud music. The ladies were over the moon, they even drowned out the music. I could hardly believe it. The otherwise serious women behaved like 17-year-old teenagers. I wasn’t sure, but I hardly ever heard Rita all evening. I thought that she either knew that I was listening to everything or that she just hadn’t drunk much. The dancer stayed for about an hour. He wanted to leave earlier, but the women simply wouldn’t let it happen. They probably stuffed him with bills,

Around 2 a.m. the women who were quite drunk said goodbye. Shortly afterward I heard Rita coming up the stairs. I slowly closed the door, sat at the table, and pretended I was still studying. She knocked on the door.

“Come in, it’s open,” I said.

“Hello, you’re still not sleeping?” She asked.

“No. I wanted to go to sleep now because the party is over.”

“Yes, the party,” she said thoughtfully, “I wanted to apologize to you if we were a bit silly, but that’s how my friends are when they have had a drink.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. I understand that. You have to be able to enjoy yourself too.”

“You know, I wasn’t enjoying myself,” she said disappointingly.

“Exactly, I heard you so little tonight. Why weren’t you in a good mood?” I had to ask her.

“Yes … the others can do it well, but after the party, they go home and someone is waiting for them there. They are not as lonely as I am,” she said, almost close to tears.

“Why lonely, you have me, we have a lot of fun together,” I tried to comfort her.

“No, it’s not, I mean you still have something that I don’t have.”, she said. I knew exactly what she meant. I could almost swear she was stripping me with her eyes. I went up to her.

“It’ll be all right, you can talk to me about anything.”, she looked at me, she was still in my arms. We looked at each other for a few seconds without saying anything. Then I kissed her on the mouth for the first time. She was surprised, and looked at me again, as if to say with a look: “I want you, I want to feel you in me.” Then she closed her eyes and kissed me, her tongue dipping deep into my mouth. We kissed passionately for about a minute. I could feel her desire for sex as if she was screaming for it. It was no different with me. She must have felt my erection against her stomach. Then suddenly she said:

“Please sleep with me, I’ve always wanted this from you,” she begged me to give her what she had been longing for. I said nothing more but immediately started unbuttoning her blouse. At the same time, she eagerly unbuttoned my shirt. We kissed again and again. At first, my shirt was open, I just dropped it on the floor, then it was her blouse’s turn. It also landed on the floor. I kissed her neck, causing her to moan softly. I hugged her again and ran the tip of my tongue down until I was between her breasts. Then I opened her bra and when our two upper bodies were bare, I took her in my arms and put her on my bed. Slowly I started kissing her breasts, playing with the nipples and sucking on them. Her moan was getting a little louder. I switched from one breast to the other. Then I drove my tongue further down to the navel, I kept my hands on the breasts and continued to play with them.

Then I unbuttoned her jeans, opened the zipper, and slowly took off her pants. Then I asked her,

“Are you sure we should?”

She replied very quickly: “Please keep going, I’m crazy about you!”

I massaged her pussy through the panties and immediately noticed that she was already very wet. My erection was already so strong that I had to unbutton my pants. I slowly took off her panties. Wow, I thought, perfectly shaved. She had shaved her pussy, but not quite. She had left a narrow strip in the middle as if asking me what I like best. I slowly slid into her love hole with two fingers, moaning loudly. Then slowly she started fucking with my fingers and at the same time, I played with my tongue at the top of her column. Her clitoris was also slowly emerging. I knelt on the floor while she was lying on the end of the bed. In ecstasy, she put her legs around my head, and with her hands, she reached into the bedspread to her left and right. She moaned faster and faster and I slowly accelerated my two fingers.

“YES … !! … THIS IS GUUUT !!!, FASTER, FASTER … !!!”, she shouted, reaching for my head with her hands and pressing him even more tightly.

A violent orgasm shook her body. She was out of breath when she said:

“I have to return my favor now, come … lie down.” I took off my pants and shorts and lay down next to her. We kissed again, taking my cock in my right hand and slowly starting to jerk it off. Then she lifted her right leg over me and knelt over my erection, which she put in the right position with her hand. Then she slowly sat on my member, threw her head back, groaned loudly, and slowly started riding me. At first very slowly, then faster and faster. She put both of her hands back on my thighs for support. I heard myself moan. Her warmth and her quick movements just drove me crazy. A few seconds later I would have injected my entire load into her, but I wanted to delay the orgasm a little longer. I took her by the hip and stood up without coming out of it, I put her on my back, bored my member into her as far as it would go, and kissed her passionately, making very slow thrusts. From the position, I straightened up, put her legs back so that her knees almost touched the head, supported me on my elbows, and started to fuck her properly. She started moaning louder and faster again. I couldn’t put it off any longer, I was only a few seconds away from spraying her with my sperm. My movements became faster and faster, my cock slid in and out so quickly that you could hardly see it anymore. Rita screamed at me … I didn’t know what she was saying anymore, I felt somehow strange to myself, like in another world. And then, I groaned loudly. It was so far. Rita got what she wanted. I unloaded my sperm into it. In each of the last 10 shocks, something came out or into it. It was so much that it flowed back along with my cock and dripped onto the bed. I left my cock in her for the time being, and kissed her on the mouth, while my cock slowly sagged and slid on her own.

We stayed there for a while, wordlessly, next to each other. After the breather, we caressed each other for a long time until we finally fell asleep.

What a birthday present, right? The End.

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