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Friends, it’s a pleasure to be writing here. I’m 30 years old, unmarried, and work for a private company in Bangalore. Through a chat room, I’m sharing my true story with a married lady. I usually get bored on weekends because I’m off, but I had to work an extra shift due to client calls one weekend. I was swamped with work and phone calls. I was bored during the break because no one was at the office that day, so I started looking for a chat room to kill time. As soon as I logged in, I got a ping.

Even though I was not interested in responding to the chat because the chat ID had no name other than an alphabetical letter and the gender of Male, so I ended the discussion and went on the hunt for someone lovely with whom I could relax a few minutes.

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I received another “hi” ping from the same individual, who presented herself as Swati, a 29-year-old homemaker from Bangalore. I greeted him and introduced myself, and she was pleased to learn that I am from Bangalore. When I inquired why she had male initials and gender, she explained that she does so to escape other people’s chatter and to talk about what she’s interested in.

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We began talking, and I was still unsure if she was a woman, but I had to trust her since she was simple, with a good heart and sensibility; she was originally from Jammu/Kashmir, and her husband worked in a private hotel; they moved here 6 months ago with their children. I had to return to work, so I informed her that we might communicate later when I was in the office if she is on Gmail. She quite understood and gave her Gmail ID, as did I. I was shocked at how quickly she responded when she stated, “I just ping u on Gtalk.” I told her I’d message her later and logged off.


I checked my Gtalk after finishing my work and saw her message: “hello Ali, jab be free ho message me because I like talking to you.”


I was overjoyed and told her how much I admired her simplicity and quickness of action. We simply had a pleasant conversation until dusk; she was well-educated and a nature lover.


Because of the climate, she was glad to be in Bangalore. Because it’s been hot for the past week, I informed her that Bangalore’s temperature has changed dramatically, and I’m currently sweating. She chuckled and said it’s because of our conversation. No, I said, I’m serious. I inquired as to whether she stays with her in-laws and, if so, how come she is free from midday to this time despite having a child and a spouse. I’m sorry if you’re getting bored, she said. I returned the apology and stated, “No, nothing like that.” Because it was the weekend and her husband should be at home, I inquired. With a sad smiley, she replied. I didn’t ask her any more questions, and we just spoke about food, hobbies, and other things. “You don’t have a girlfriend?” Swati questioned abruptly. When I texted her “SAD” smiley, she burst out laughing and said, “You’re copying me.” I stated that I do not have a girlfriend. We resumed our conversation as simply and amusingly as possible, and she mentioned that she misses her husband.


“Is everything fine?” I inquired, to which she said, “Yeah, my hubby is in the UK for a project from his hotel for the next month, so she came to chat to kill time.” I laughed and asked, “Doesn’t time just pass?” She was, of course, and stated that she would find you, but she didn’t know where to look. I said it was my pleasure, and believe me when I say that we will be decent for the next few days and share numbers.


We began chatting and messaging on Whatsapp and quickly became excellent friends.

We used to talk all the time because she was usually free. We hadn’t seen any of them before, and she sent us a photo of herself. “WOW” was my heartbeat.

I got a call from someone who wanted to know if you liked me. I told her I didn’t think it was you because the photo showed a younger woman, and she instantly exclaimed, “Wait a minute,” and hung up. I was thinking to myself, “Did I say something wrong?” and whether I should call back or wait for her. My Whatsapp began to ring with a video option, and I became concerned, wondering whether she had been harmed and had picked up the call.

To be honest, the women in the photo and video were identical, and I was pleased. I told her she was married with a child, but she was still stunning.


Following that, we used to video chat regularly, and it became a habit. On Saturday, she called and said, “Why don’t we meet?” I told her I was looking forward to it, and she blushed and urged me to come near “Bangalore Central MG RD” because she lived in Richmond Town.

She called me to inquire where I was, and I told her I was immediately behind her. We were both relieved to see each other and exchanged a short hug even though we were in a public place. We had a fantastic day shopping and then I dropped her off.

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We didn’t discuss anything other than shopping because it was a casual get-together, and she chose a t-shirt for me. I couldn’t think of anything nice to get her, so I asked what she wanted — she looked me in the eyes and answered, “you.”

Inside I was overjoyed, but then I learned that you are married and a dear friend of mine, and that yes, “Idiot,” I want your friendship. Guys, you and I both know what she’s been through. Later, I returned after dropping her off at her house.

I got a message saying “I like you” as soon as I started walking away, and I answered, “I like you too Swati.”

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We became closer after that day, and our conversations began to shift; we used to be mischievous at times. The baby started crying one day when she was on video chat, and she had to nurse him while unbuttoning her shirt. I couldn’t keep my gaze away and inquired about her breast as she was nursing, telling her that she was a lucky baby. She chuckled and asked, “Would you like to be lucky?”

Who can say no to that? She stated she hasn’t had sex since the birth of her son because her husband isn’t interested anymore, and she’s looking for a partner, who is why she visits chat rooms regularly but hasn’t had any luck until meeting me. She just wanted someone she could trust, regardless of appearance, and was relieved to see me because she now has a good-looking man to fulfill her desire, which she had been suppressing for a long time and now wants to try everything because her husband was not romantic and only had sex once a month.

She was alone and had determined that she wanted to savor every moment. I told her I understood her feelings, but I didn’t mean any harm until we hugged, to which she replied that I had only sex on my mind when we started talking. I informed her that if she is okay and trusts me, we may proceed; she replied, “Please come immediately, I will wait for you.” I said give me 30 minutes and I’ll be there — it was a large single-family home, so I had no problem going straight to the door.

She was standing outside the door, wearing a lovely grin and a black saree. When our gazes connected, we could see the gleam and desire we felt for each other. I apologize for informing you about her now; she is a 5.5′′ fair white Brahmin woman who is totally from the Kashmiri family. She hugged me as soon as I walked in, saying, “I miss your touch from the last time you hugged me, and I adore my scent.” We exchanged long hugs and tiny kisses on the ears and necks. It was hot, so we decided to cool off. She brought apple juice for me, and I had to explain to her that I wanted mango milk – laughing she understood, and she said it’s all your honey, but let’s enjoy every moment while we have no one to bother us.

I asked, “Where is your son?” She replied that her friend lives close and that she had given him off for her because she had a child of the same age, so I had to drop him off for you. That was fascinating to learn, and I’m glad she had everything planned out.

I drew her in close and we both fell asleep on the sofa, her entire weight resting on my shoulders. We had no idea what we were doing when we started kissing and continued kissing for the next 30 minutes till she broke the kiss and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom, ya sofa pe he Pyaar karoge.

We went into the bedroom, and she shoved and leaped on me. Her saree palu sagged, revealing her lovely white breath and all her blue muscles against her white skin.

While she was sliding her fingers in my hair, I pulled her in and hugged her tightly, planting a beautiful kiss on her forehead, eyes, and pink lips. She quietly murmured, “I love your saliva because it’s sweet like honey,” and called me honey man – hehe.

We were having a good time and kissing when I noticed her hands searching my manhood. We just parted and began removing one other’s clothing – wow, great firm boobs; I was kissing her neck while removing the bra, OMG, what a lovely pair of fair boobs with pink nipples erect and inviting she began to moan, “I had no choice but to suck them.”

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I was licking her breast till she remarked, “Hey, this is cheating, I want to lick your nipples and play with your body, we need to be sharing and caring AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA She took off my shirt, kissed my cheat, and began playing with my nipples and neck, saying, “You’re a big man.”

I assisted her in removing my trousers as she slid further down. It was simple for her to pull my underwear down after the pant was down, which she accomplished quickly.

With my circumcised 7.5” standing straight in front of her, I was already erect; she wasted no time in sucking my enormous tool and light pink mushroom head. I liked the tongue on my penis tips, and she was doing it expertly as if she had been educated to do it. I had to push her to the side and leap on her because my fire was getting too hot. We exchanged glances, and she was shy this time. I knelt down to kiss her, and she seemed to enjoy it. I was looking forward to seeing the lovely woman.

I moved her legs slowly and began to rub my penis on her pussy; I couldn’t get my penis head inside her because she was too tight – she got out of bed, applied saliva to her pussy and my mushroom, and guided me towards her love hole; we had to struggle for a while before I was able to enter the head. We relaxed for a while, and suddenly I was halfway in. She was in excruciating pain and crying, and I felt I had no choice but to attempt to go full – at last, I was entirely within her, and she was wailing like there was no tomorrow.

She claimed that this was the first time she felt fucked and wielded such a powerful weapon.

I started moving slowly with her legs wide open because she couldn’t move due to pain – I proceeded at a moderate pace for the following 10 minutes until she was comfortable and responsive to my motions. I was confident that she was fine, so I increased the rate at which she was active and enjoying her squirt. When she added, “You know why I messaged you,” she was exerting pressure on my back with her nails, which was killing me, and she stated, “I always had a craving for a Muslim dick.” “Fuck my Brahmin pussy today, make me your slut, bang me and fill me, you make my small pussy huge today,” she said, and every syllable made me horny and hard.

It took over 25 minutes of fucking and time to come. We cubed together for the next two/three minutes, and I was still hard banging her when she pushed me and took my penis in her mouth, along with my cum, which was dripping from her mouth onto her magnificent boobs.

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We simply knelt next to each other and kissed.

We were ready again after 10 minutes, and I fucked her this time in doggie, which is my favorite, and it was a terrific experience for her because she had never done it before. We then transferred to the lady on top and proceeded to sip her milk while fucking her in this manner — we had three rounds of fuck until her friend called and said she would be dropping her child off in 20 minutes. We washed up and kissed each other before I left her at home.

We did this for the following ten days until her husband returned, and he was tragically moved to the United Kingdom with his family. Despite her best efforts to stay, they were forced to go owing to corporate policy, and I miss her…


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