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Hello there, readers. I am 19 years old, 5’9″ tall, and have a handsome and fit body. I work out regularly and have kept my body in shape throughout the years.

This occurrence occurred two years ago in October. It was Diwali season, and my parents had to depart for the village two weeks before because of a family feud over an ancestor’s land. I couldn’t join them because I had a semester exam after Diwali and I couldn’t miss my prelim examinations in my coaching class.

My parents were concerned about leaving me alone because I was a good academic performer. Everything was explained to me by my parents. I was a competent cook.

My folks left for the village on that day. I went to the station in the evening and returned home at around 9 p.m. I decided to get some food from the restaurant so that I could eat it when I got home. I arrived at my destination and showered.

Then I monitored my order and discovered that it was only 10 minutes away from being delivered. I poured myself a drink from my father’s mini-bar and switched on the television. It was some sort of southern movie playing on TV, which I was not interested in watching. I was merely looking through my phone while sipping my drink of scotch. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and there was the delivery man. I accepted the order and paid the bill. I ate my meal, cleaned up the mess, and went to bed. Because the following day was a Sunday, I was free to rest and do things at my leisure.

Our building committee had delegated rubbish removal to a garbage collector and cleaners. As a result, every morning at 9 a.m The cleaners come door to door to our house to collect the waste. There are just three flats on my floor, including ours. One of the apartments is empty, and no one has stayed there. As tenants in the other flat, there was a newly married couple. They left for their office early. I was about to take a bath when my doorbell rang. I came out of the shower in the middle of it, wrapped my towel, and raced to open the door. Water was dripping down my body and seeping into my towel. “Kachra,” screamed a female. I assumed who it was and went to get the trash can and open the door.

A woman in her early forties was dressed in a churidar. She had a brown complexion and appeared to be in good form. She was well-dressed and wore a dupatta that left her eyes and forehead uncovered. She was staring at me, noticing that I was only wearing a towel and was topless. I used to have a lean muscled body with a few packs because I used to work out daily.

The steam of hot water on my body only added to the coziness of the situation. I pushed open my safety door and bent down to empty the waste into the dustbin she had placed in the corridor. I finished putting it inside and looked up directly into her eyes, and we were making eye contact.

The cleaning lady then knelt to pick up the rubbish can. When she did that, I had a glimpse of her deep cleavage. She had a little black dot on her left boob that was quite enticing. I had a hard-on right there and then! She lifted her eyebrows and began to go down the stairwell. I was staring at her ass, which was swinging so wonderfully as she walked down the street.

I shut the door so she wouldn’t think I was a desperate horny guy. I walked inside and masturbated myself while fantasizing about her cleavage and boobs. The next morning, I awoke at 5 a.m. and began studying. I had finished my work by 8:30 a.m. and was considering taking a break. I walked into the kitchen to see if there was something to eat, but I couldn’t locate anything.

I was dressed casually in shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. I went down to the grocery store with my wallet and keys. I purchased a carton of milk, a loaf of brown bread, and a half-dozen eggs. I observed her taking her empty garbage can and mounting the stairs to start collecting garbage from the top-most floor as I entered my building wing and climbed the stairway. She turned around when she noticed me. I smiled at her. She returned the smile in a perplexed manner. I was walking behind her, admiring her ass, which was swaying from right to left like a pendulum. My floor arrived later. I went inside after opening my door. My doorbell rang a few minutes later. I knew it had to be her. I took my trash can and opened the door to find her.

She was dressed in a green churidar dress, and her neckline was so low that I could see her cleavage. She hadn’t covered her face all day, and her lips were sultry. She had used eyeliner and lipstick to make herself look sexy. When I opened my door, she grabbed the box from my grasp. She knelt to transfer the waste from my bin to her box, and I can see her cleavage again, which was driving me insane looking at her. I was entranced at the time, feeling numb and standing still. “Where has madam gone?” she questioned, breaking the silence.

“My parents are both out of town,” I explained.

She: Oh, you opened the door when I rang the doorbell. Good.

Me: Hello, what’s your name?

Shreya is her name.

Me: Okay, Shreya, thank you for your assistance.

I was doing my best to strike up a discussion with her, to make her feel at ease with me, and to learn more about her.

Shreya: Okay, sir, I have to leave now or I’ll be late.

Me: By the way, it was a pleasure speaking with you. I appreciated having a face-to-face talk with you. I’m hoping to continue next time.

She considered my words to be quite pleasant, perhaps because she had never received courtesy from a house owner or from anyone who spoke to her so gently.

Shreya: Thank you for your kind words, Sahab. I’ll see you later.

I was really upset that I couldn’t take her up to my bedroom, but I didn’t give up hope and was planning how to get closer to her.

We used to have a brief talk every week for a week. So it was close to Diwali. Our members had instructed the cleaners to wash the staircases of all buildings with water.

Shreya arrived on time and got right to work. The committee determined that each level should donate one bucket of water for floor washing. Shreya then came to my floor and rang my doorbell.

Shreya: Salutation, sahib. To clean the floor, I’ll need a bucket of water.

I walked inside to fetch a bucket of water. I spilled some water on the floor while bringing the water. I handed her the bucket and stood back to watch her clean.

I’m not sure, but maybe she was displaying her cleavage on purpose, which was driving me insane! I had to give her one more bucket of water due to the lack of people on my level (since my house was the only one where someone was staying at the time).

My leg slipped on the water that had been spilled earlier while carrying the third bucket. I tripped over the bucket of water, which splattered all over my house. I screamed in agony while falling. Shreya heard my voice and opened the door, which was half-open at the time. She peered inside and noticed me lying in the pool of water.

She dashed towards me and grabbed my biceps. I had sprained my ankle and was in a lot of agonies. I couldn’t walk because I couldn’t move. Shreya assisted me in standing. One leg was off the ground and in the air, and it had gotten bruised. I was able to hop with one hand on her side and one on her shoulder.

Her boobs were enormous, and I could feel them even though I was standing so close to her. She dragged me into the living room and forced me to sit on the couch. She took my broken leg and placed it on the table.

She inquired about the location of the first-aid kit. I told her it was inside the cupboard’s drawer. She brought it and sat on the floor in front of me. She lifted my leg and placed it on her lap, then began to carefully apply balm to it. My foot was so close to her boobs that it brushed up against them. I wasn’t doing it on purpose. I felt as if I were in heaven. She applied the balm and proceeded to clear up the water that had dropped in the path. She finished wiping up the spilled water and informed me, “I’ll be back in 20 minutes when the floors are cleaned.”I was sitting on my couch, daydreaming about her. With the occurrence of this episode, I was feeling quite fortunate. After a few moments, the door was knocked on. It was Shreya who came in, locked the door, and questioned me about my suffering.

“It’s slightly painful, but I’ll receive relief shortly,” I said.

Thank you, Shreya; if you hadn’t been with me today, I wouldn’t have been able to cope.”

Shreya: You don’t have to say that, Sahab. You’ve always been very gracious to me. I couldn’t figure out how to aid you while you were in difficulties.

Shreya: Thank you so much. You are thoughtful. So, Shreya, tell me a little bit about yourself.

Shreya: I live on the outskirts of town, near the municipal school.

Me: Oh, so you’re going to stay there.

Shreya: Of course.

After a few moments, she asked if I had eaten anything. She said she could cook for me.

Shreya, it’s fine with me. You are not required to do so.

Shreya: I’m not going to listen to you.

Me: Okay, but you’ll have to come with me to lunch. That is the only condition under which you will be permitted to enter the kitchen.

Shreya: All right (with a smile on her face).

She moved into the kitchen, and I followed her after a few minutes, leaping on one leg and grasping the wall (to be honest, I had a huge relief and I was just playing my cards).

I went over to see what she was working on. I approached her back and took a position behind her. My crotch was brushing up against her buttocks. Meanwhile, she turned around and was shocked to see me.

Shreya: What drew you inside?

Me: How would you know where the items are kept?

Shreya: Oh… Take this stool and sit down.

Meanwhile, her cleavage was apparent, and it was rather deep. I told her to make scrambled eggs (burji) and then take the bread to cook it. She got the plates and went to the dining table to place them.

She returned and assisted me in getting to the dining table. We were seated next to each other. She brought me food and then took it for herself. We were speaking amongst ourselves.

Is it true that you’re married?

Shreya: Of course (her face fell, and her expression got changed).

Me: What’s the matter, Shreya? What’s the problem?

Shreya: Nothing at all, sahib.

Me: I’m not sure what’s going on in your head, but if you feel a little more at ease and confident with me, please express your thoughts.

She stared into my eyes, her thoughts racing, and she broke the quiet.

Shreya: It’s just that my husband has remarried and has a new wife. Accepting this thing makes me untrustworthy.

Me: Oh, you haven’t informed your parents?

Shreya: I married my hubby when I was 25 years old. He had married that other woman a few years earlier.

So, what was the reason he left you? Me:

Shreya: He has not granted me a divorce. My father has given me one kholi (room), which he wants me to sell for us to get a divorce. I’m now staying over there. How could I possibly consider such a thing?

Me: Ooh… So he’s not nice to you?

Shreya: He used to strike and scream at me.

You don’t have any children, do you?

Shreya sobbed and her eyes became moist as tears streamed down her face.

Shreya: He was impotent, and that was the only reason we fought.

Shreya was crying, and I couldn’t bear seeing her in this state. I got to my feet and went to hug her. She held me back, crying, and then she stopped. I couldn’t believe it; how could I have a hard-on at that precise moment? I took a glass of water and forced her to drink it, which caused her to stop weeping.

Me: If you need anything, just let me know; I’ll be there for you at all times, love.

We were still holding each other and making eye contact. As I kissed her, she stood up and leaned forward. She couldn’t stop herself, so we just lip-locked. I pushed the plates on the dining table away. I then grabbed Shreya’s a$$, raised her, and set her down on the dining table. We were both preoccupied trying out each other’s tongues. She took off my t-shirt and began kissing me on the chest and nipples. I took off her churidar and she was naked except for her black bra. I noticed a black dot on her left boob. I kissed her on the neck and the boobs. She sat down on the table, and I took off her pajama bottoms. She was dressed in red underwear on the inside. I stripped down to my underwear and went bare. I took off her bra and began sucking her nipples. She gasped loudly when I bit her nipples.

Shreya: Oh, Sahib, please don’t stop.

I sat on the chair, and she sat on her knees with her hair flipped backward. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it. She then began sucking my dick, and to my surprise, she was rather adept at it. I simply cummed on her face.

Then I took down her underwear and began licking her cunt. She smelled nice, which surprised me. I licked her quickly enough that she squirted all over me. She apologized and looked terrified.

This is a fun item to have, in my opinion.

Shreya: When I squirted, my hubby used to slap me for it. He assumed I was peeing on purpose.

Screw your fucking hubby, I say. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a condom.

Shreya: Forget about the condom. I’d like to have you fill my insides.

I sat on the sofa and directed Shreya to sit on my dick with her back to me. She was in the cowboy stance, and she was quite adept at tweaking her ass up and down. I grabbed her hair and spanked her with one hand. Her ass was enormous. In that position, we were constantly kissing each other.

I pulled her up, my dick still in her vagina, and led her to the wall. Her boobs and hair were jumping as I fucked her. I took her to my bedroom and we fucked like dogs, and then I fucked her in the missionary position. We finished our session and then had a shower together. I penetrated her again and massaged her boobs with soap.

In the shower, I scooped her up and fucked her again. With each thrust of my cock, I was quick to hit the insides of her vagina. It also sounded hot because the water was rushing and my body was smacking her ass. I forced her to roll over and attempted to insert my cock into her other hole. That surprised her. She pleaded with me not to go, but it was too late. Her anal agony gradually transformed into pleasure. I fucked her anus and she had a great time. We drenched our bodies in each other’s cum before returning to my room. I offered her my mother’s clothing. She spent the night with me, dressed in my mother’s gown, and cooked dinner. She had been my wifey that night. I blew her brains out. She was overjoyed to have my cock in her pussy and ass.

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