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Ritu Swarna and Mayuri’s Hot Body Showing off

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

I met Ritu and Swarna at a conference a few years ago. We got on well straight away. And in the following years, we specifically registered for the same meetings and conferences to see each other again. And between such occasions, we phoned or emailed ourselves. I sent a lot of postcards to them from my business and vacation trips. And at least for the holidays, there was usually a nice greeting card from Ritu and Swarna.

Ritu and Swarna are American. They are among those well-educated, liberal, and cosmopolitan citizens of the New England east coast who disprove any cliche that people like to do with the “Americans”. They are cultivated, interested and tolerant. In their view, the Bush administration is one of the Low points in American history. Like me, they worked for an internationally active humanitarian non-governmental organization. And so they were able to think outside the box and to follow and understand world affairs somewhat differently than the US average.

Swarna is a little older than me: six years, actually, in his mid-forties. It is around 1.80 meters tall, slim, yes wiry. Heather gSwarna hair and a well-trimmed beard give it an imposing appearance with a very masculine look. The light blue, radiant eyes are very distinctive on his face. Yes, he is an attractive man, always dressed stylishly and well.

Ritu is my age – in her late thirties. Although you don’t see her age. She is blonde with shoulder-length hair. And she has a gorgeous, horny figure. Long, slender legs, a well-shaped buttock, an inviting pelvis, narrow waist, luscious, plump tits, a cute face with a snub nose, eyes, and a mouth that let a man melt away – and a tongue-blue artificial pearl as a tongue piercing. This piercing corresponds to Ritu’s way of life: something unconventional and cheeky, always a little unpredictable, always good for a surprise. Ritu also always dresses tastefully, often figure-hugging and sexy.

Admittedly, I have had a lot of great fantasies in which it played a role. But in reality, I haven’t made the slightest attempt to approach them. The friendship with Swarna and Ritu is too important to me – at least more valuable than an eventless prospect. Because Ritu and Swarna love each other – without any doubt and any recognizable restriction.

At the end of the year before last, Ritu and Swarna had visited my partner at the time, Doris, and myself. Together we had rented a holiday home in the Sauerland. We were lucky and there was snow and sunshine. It was a nice day together. Now the two had invited us to New England. Well, then Doris broke up. But Swarna and Ritu kept their invitation to me. And in early summer we also found a suitable date.

So I traveled near Boston. I was very happy with this distraction. The whole separation story had taken me more than I usually wanted to admit to myself. Now the tension dropped noticeably from me. Almost as if every kilometer across the Atlantic would take me further away from my grief.

Ritu picked me up at the airport. The envious looks of the bystanders when this dream woman hugged me and gave me a friendly hug gave me a grin. Many thought that this beautiful woman was my partner.

Ritu and I loaded my luggage and drove to one of the nicer suburbs when the weather was fine. Wow, it was a handsome home that we drove up to!

Swarna came out of the house and greeted me warmly. Then he took me to my guest room. And then of course there was a guided tour through and around the house. I was impressed. The house was spacious. In terms of style, a successful mix of English quarry stone construction and American wood construction. And behind the building was a beautifully landscaped garden with a great swimming pool. The host emphasized several times that I should feel at home.

Ritu and Swarna were perfect hosts. They pampered me in their house and were courteous in everything without spanking me. Together we made trips to the surrounding area. When we returned home after a day in downtown Boston, there was one more flatmate. Sybille, the daughter of the two, had come. She studied. Somehow something like art science or art history. I remember thinking that this somehow staid subject didn’t go with

Mayuri’s (that’s how everyone called Sybille) funky demeanor. In the latter, she was her mother’s daughter – and not only in it (but more on that later).

Mayuri had come home after a long weekend. Ritu was delighted. Swarna didn’t seem so happy about it. Coincidentally, I snapped up how he held up Mayuri’s lack of enthusiasm for studies and weak work ethic later that day. “But then you can at least take care of our guest a little,” he added.

The day after next after Mayuri’s arrival, Ritu and Swarna left for breakfast for a two-day business trip: some board meeting in Saint Louis. This trip could not be postponed and was discussed with me in the long term. Swarna emphasized again that I should feel at home in the house, everything was available to me, and of course, I could also use the car for trips. “And if you have any questions or something is missing, Mayuri is there,” Ritu added. Then the taxi drove off with the two of them. Mayuri and I waved to them.

I decided to spend the next few hours comfortably in the garden. I selected a book I wanted to read from Swarna’s library, squeezed a few more oranges, and dragged the book, juice, and a bottle of mineral water to the edge of the pool. Then I got two more towels and made myself comfortable in a T-shirt and Bermuda shorts on a deck chair under an umbrella. The weather was perfect: sunny in summer, but with a light, cooling breeze. So it could be endured. I delved into my reading material.

I think it had been three-quarters of an hour since I heard the patio door open. I looked up. Mayuri – whoever else – came out. She’d changed the t-shirt and jeans she’d worn at breakfast for a tight summer outfit: a baseball cap with a few floral appliques, flip-flaps, and a summer dress that was incredibly tight and more like a babydoll nightie than anything else. And all in pink!

The daughter of the house strolled slowly and provocatively across the terrace. Her long blonde hair played around her really cute face. For the first time, I noticed that she has a certain resemblance to the German actress and singer Jeanette Biedermann. Not that Jeanette was the woman of my wet dreams. Therefore, I only noticed this certain similarity now. Well, and finally this similarity was also limited. Anyway, she inherited a lot of sexy looks from her pretty mother.

Mayuri smiled at me and stopped facing me. She was standing on the knee and waist-high terrace, my deck chair was below the terrace, about 2 meters opposite a few steps leading down from there. The terrace and the area around the pool were paved with white-gSwarna stone and contrasted wonderfully with the strong green of the lawn and the light blue sparkling pool water. And right in the middle of this scenario is this girl in pink.

Mayuri fixed me and playfully twisted slightly left and right a few times. Then she suddenly grabbed her breasts and asked carefree: “Do you like my breasts?” Her eyes flashed cheekily. I was flabbergasted! I hadn’t expected the daughter of my friends to present themselves to me like that But I decided at lightning speed, simply not to react and not to let anything show in. This bitch would like that I jump on her immediately and then stand there as a horny buck!

But Mayuri was not to be put off. She noticed that I was still looking at her and just kept smiling. Then she threw the cap quickly behind her and quickly slipped out of the dress, skilfully pulling a small object out of a pocket in the fabric. Even though Mayuri was a delicious sight in itself, every man who could see her so naked was speechless. In general, I wondered how many of her fellow students she had already presented, yes, for how many she had already spread her legs. Uninhibited youthfulness!

Mayuri went down a few of the steps and sat on the middle step of the terrace stairs. She raised her right hand and I realized what she was holding: a small vibrator, about as long as Mayuri’s index finger – but thicker. And of course, this vibrator was pink too. Only the front part was set off like a penis acorn in darker pink. Mayuri opened her mouth slightly and sensually licked the tip of the vibrator. The woman never let me out of my sight. Man, what an exciting sight!

Mayuri now sat down so that her legs were wide apart by putting one foot on the same step she was sitting on. Carefully, almost with pointed fingers, she held the vibrator to her shaved pussy. Very gently and slowly she drove along her labia. The pleasure device whirred very quietly. It was wonderful to watch Mayuri’s outer lips swell – and something swelled in my pants too.

Mayuri was slim, but not skinny. Small, shapely tits with small nipples were played around with strands of her blonde hair. A small, tight ass emphasized her youth. In addition, this pretty face and her lovely smile, which she continued to show.

I continued to watch Mayuri. She continued to play on her easily opening pleasure grotto. She had inserted the vibrator so far that the pink “head” in her column had disappeared. She turned it slightly back and forth. At first, I concentrated on what was happening in her crotch. Admittedly, at that moment the little one changed Pleasure toys there in my cock in my mind’s eye, and I wondered whether I shouldn’t get into the game after all, but I remembered and remained motionless on the deck chair to continue enjoying this wonderful sight.

For a few more moments, Mayuri inserted and removed the vibrator – always a little, never much deeper than just the pink tip. A slight smacking accompanied her masturbation. I noticed that Mayuri was still breathing quite normally – her arousal didn’t seem to be particularly advanced yet. This little bitch was probably much more used.

Mayuri suddenly turned, went on all fours, and presented me with her tight ass. It too was smooth and flawless – a damn pretty sight. Mayuri braced himself on the penultimate step with one hand, spread one leg to one side, and reached between his legs with his right hand. In this position, she put her vibe on her cunt again. Slowly and emotionally, she pushed the device into her small grotto. She put her index finger at the end of the joy donor and with his help pushed it into her column again and again, then pulled it out again with relish. She proceeded provocatively, always making sure that I got to see as much as possible.

And I looked very closely. I watched her every move carefully. I concentrated as best I could on Mayuri’s pop art. I almost “soaked up” her movements. My right hand went down into my crotch and rubbed my already swollen dick slowly through the fabric. And I heard that Mayuri was now changing to a heavier breathing and a quiet groan. She played me not just doing something. The little girl was running hot.

The moments that passed in this constellation were almost infinite. Again and again, Mayuri pushed the little joy donor into her wet hole and pulled it out again. I noticed that each time she pushed the vibe out with her cunt muscles, gently pressed it out so that it slipped into her waiting fingers.

Slowly she increased the pace. I devoured this sight. And the inhibition sank in me not to overuse the local hospitality. In my field of vision was her cunt with the vibrator dancing in it as if in a close-up, everything around was as if hidden.

I was startled by my thoughts when Mayuri suddenly swung open and turned again. She sat on the top of the stairs. Then she leaned back a little and braced herself on the sun-warmed floor of the terrace. In this position, she pushed her abdomen forward until it hovered freely over the step. She supported herself with one hand and legs.

Mayuri took a close look at me. A slight smile played around her mouth. And then she rammed the vibrator back into her pleasure column with verve. Yes, ramming is the right term. With impetus, she pushed the device between her legs and acknowledged his penetration with a pointed “hhhssssssss!”. Then Mayuri continued to work on her pussy. At a calm, somewhat irregular pace, she inserted and removed the vibrator. She closed her eyes and with pleasure made her floating abdomen work, circling her pelvis, then moving her lap back and forth several times, then circling again, using the vibrator to work her pussy with the appropriate rhythm.

There was a mixture of excitement and pleasure on Mayuri’s face. Oh, how could I empathize with these feelings! Because I was no different. Mayuri was now picking up the pace. it became faster and faster. She was working towards the climax. Her breath became panting. She looked at me seductively with half-closed eyes. But in the growing ecstasy, she found it difficult to keep control. Again and again, she rolled her eyes to pull herself together for a few moments, accompanied by a groan from her deepest inside.

Then her whole body reared abruptly. Her hand supporting her almost clawed into the stone floor. Her legs were shaking. Her right hand held the vibrator deep in her grotto. As if in a spasm, she pressed him into herself. From her half-opened mouth escaped, yes another moan slipped out of her. But it was different from the previous sounds: tender, fragile, even more emotional.

Mayuri flowed audibly and visibly through an incredible orgasm.

That groan of Mayuri drove me through the leg. I felt it almost physically deep inside me. And it also brought me to a wonderful climax. I noticed how I was missing one in my pants. Pleasantly warm moisture spread between my legs and soaked the fabric of my pants. My breath caught. I almost had the feeling that my poor heart would also stop.

Time seemed to stop at that moment. I was frozen and looked at the still.

trembling Mayuri. After endless moments, she lowered her body and sat on one of the steps. Then she pulled the vibrator out of her cunt with insolent slowness. She kept an eye on me with a lusty look. She couldn’t have missed the fact that I had come too. She was too cunning for that.

I sank wearily into the deck chair. Mayuri paused for a few moments. Through her nose, she sucked in the fragrance in the air. Although we were outdoors and there was a light breeze, she seemed to perceive and enjoy the scent of sweat and lust, sperm and hormones.

Mayuri rose abruptly. Without a word, she reached for her dress and cap. Then she went back across the terrace, bare-chipped, with slightly soft knees but cheekily swinging hips, and disappeared wordlessly into the house. Only when she slipped through the patio door did she give me a brief, meaningful look.

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