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When he puts his fingers through the hole in your throat and tests your gag reflex, he looks you in the eyes. When you don’t flinch, you get a small smile of approval. The pleasure he gets from how wet his finger is because your mouth is open. On the other hand, he gives your right nipple a strong squeeze. He pulls on the little bud so hard that it hurts.

Can you see how much he wants you in his eyes? You already know he will use what you say. I don’t know what bad things he might do. So many things could happen if your mouth was wide open. How would you feel if your “sir” sucked on his fingers and licked your drip and saliva after putting his fingers on the back of your throat? Does that make you want to breathe a little? I believe it will.

I think you’d love it if he licked the little drops that run down the corners of your mouth. He is hard because he knows you can’t move and has a deep throat. You can tell by the way he looks at you that he will check to see if what you say is true.

He gets even more excited when you put the gag on with your mouth open because you can’t stop his hard cock from getting into your mouth and throat. That you put your trust in his hands, which are already grabbing your hair and forcing you to your knees.

When you see how hard he is, you want to taste that one drop of precursor that is already on his stupid head. You can’t talk right, and the sounds you make don’t make sense. But he knows it by the gut. He holds your head back and lets his hard cock hang above you. He squeezes the drop out with his free hand. It’s what your tongue wants. That one drop was so sweet and sticky.

A single drop turns into a thread that reaches your tongue and connects you to it. The taste was a little salty, but it was delicious. You’d like more. You’d beg if you could, but the gag keeps you from doing so. The hopelessness in your eyes. You want him to fuck you through your mouth. He’s making you do it.

He grabs your chin and gently moves his cock through the metal that keeps your mouth apart and into your mouth. You want to shut your mouth over it, but you have to settle for touching your head.

You can feel it on the top of your mouth where your tongue is. Then you feel your mouth getting fuller as more of the shaft goes in. He gives you more food, and now your head is pressing into the back of your throat very slowly, but you don’t choke. Because you have trained yourself, you are used to it.

How good it feels to have such a deep cock that the metal gag lets you relax your mouth and go deeper than usual. Even though the swallowing makes your throat dry out. He knows this, and as you try to swallow, he pulls his cock back. He will hold your mouth open and spit in it so that the liquid in his mouth will go down your throat. He also spits on his cock and rubs it along the shaft to make it smooth. He grabs your hair and pulls your head back so hard that you have to gasp for air. When you look into his eyes and see how determined he is, they smile.

He puts his cock back in your mouth again, tilting his head to get a more natural straight angle. You can feel his long tail pressing down and going into the back of your throat. You stop yourself from swallowing and instead let it get into your throat. He has the other hand on your throat and is holding you on your stomach. It’s now clear that your throat is getting bigger. He groans, “Shit.” How far in your mouth it goes and how good it feels for him. You feel like you’re going to choke, and your eyes start to burn and tear up. Having his hand on your throat makes the feeling stronger. You can’t help but gag and choke, spit comes out of your nose and mouth, your eyes fill with tears, and your mascara runs.

He keeps it there all time, and you feel like you’re choking on it and can’t breathe right. You fight the urge to fight and run away, even though his hands are holding you tight. He lets go of you at last and pulls himself out. Your saliva is all over his crotch. You quickly take two breaths in and out.

“Goodbye, my sweet princess,” he says, impressed that you didn’t pull yourself away. He looks at how messed up your face is, with your jingle and black mascara on your cheeks. Red and swollen eyes. You can’t answer because your tone doesn’t make sense.

“Ready?” At least he gave you a chance to say no. When you say yes, he grabs your head and throat, puts his cock through your open mouth, and starts fucking you in the face. You push his cock in and out, and sometimes his head presses down so hard that you have to cough on him a little bit. He keeps your head up.

tight loves how your spit makes him slippery and how tight he feels when you touch him. His breathing and the “Oh fuck” and “Oh God” sounds he makes show that he’s having a good time.

You use your tongue to lick and twist the bottom of his dick. Even though it hurts your eyes, you love how he uses you. You can feel the vein in his cock contract and pulse as his balls get smaller. He’ll spray.

He grabs your head with a bit too much force. He puts his cock deep into it and holds it there. You can’t breathe, and the throbbing and pulsing of his cock getting bigger before his orgasms make you choke. You try not to give in. Then you know. His sperm shoots out and hits the back of your throat. You try to swallow, but you can’t because your mouth is full and you’re wearing a gag ring. You choke. Your throat burns from the bile. His sperm also makes your back of the throat burn. So much semen. He grabs you with his hands while he puts his balls in your stomach. You’re weak and your knees buckle, but he holds you up. Then, while you swallow, he takes out his softening part. A mix of sperm, vomit and spit.

He came by going through your throat. While you’re struggling to breathe, he bends down and kisses your saliva- and sperm-covered lips.

“You’re so cute, I’m so happy.” When you hear his voice, it makes your heart beat faster. You know how well you can kiss a cock and how much he liked it.

Now both your mouth and your jaw hurt. But now it hurts even more. One that goes from your clitoris to your pussy. You know that if he doesn’t fuck you, you’ll fuck him, so ride him until you come.

He can tell by the way you look at him. He’s aware that you need more. You can’t get enough.

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