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To say Rina was frustrated would be an exaggeration. Rina stood on the terrace of a castle hotel, surrounded by her obnoxious relatives. It was her great-100th grandmother’s birthday, and the entire family had gathered to this medieval festival to celebrate. Rina came from a wealthy household full of successful individuals. Rina was no exception, but in terms of career, she was just the worm at the moment. She had studied business administration and received a degree, as was customary in her family. She then chose to pursue a career with a prominent bank in America, but due to the growing banking crisis, she was unable to find work and had to beg her grandfather for a position in the family business.

Rina went to the bar and ordered a glass of champagne. She had just ordered her glass from the bartender when someone came up behind her and ordered one for herself.

Rina’s nose detected a peculiar scent. Rina’s favorite men’s fragrance is Habit Rouge. This fragrance was worn by men such as Keith Richards. This smell rose right from Rina’s nose up into her brain, then down her spine to between her knees. The bartender poured champagne for her and the man behind her. Rina turned around with curiosity to see who was standing behind her.

Raju was her second cousin. Actually, his name was Raju Rastogi, but he went by Raju. He was the family’s black sheep.

Raju’s mother, Rina’s father’s cousin, had married a construction worker from Munich and therefore fell out of favor with the family. Her son Raju, who ran his father’s business, was unpopular in the family, and celebrations like this were frowned upon. With his attire, he reinforced his status as enfant terrible. He was a gorgeous man in his late forties with very light, terrible hair. He was nearly two meters tall and athletically slender. The other male visitors were all dressed up in suits and ties, but Raju was dressed casually in well-fitting jeans and a white shirt. His shirt sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, and his top buttons were left undone. Rina, who was just half a meter shorter than Raju, had to stretch her head to see into her uncle’s smirking face despite her high heels.

“But, Rina, you’ve matured.”

Raju raised his glass to toast Rina before she could respond. They drank their glasses practically simultaneously.

They ordered another glass and stood apart to discuss. But before they could finish the small talk, Rina’s mother appeared to rescue her daughter from the wild uncle. Rina was given a timpani because she had already drunk so much, and her mother told her to go to her room and sleep so she would be ready for the big family party tomorrow. To make an intercession in celebration of the jubilee. Rina was literally dragged away from Raju by her mother, and Rina could only say goodbye to her uncle with a brief we’ll see you tomorrow.

She went to her room, which made her even more frustrated.

She stripped naked and sat on her chilly sheets. She wasn’t tired at all, and the meeting with Raju had stimulated her, so she began to pleasure herself, but she didn’t get very far since the door was knocked on. Angry, she stood up, grabbed the hotel robe, and stormed out the door. Christina, her sister, was perhaps the only one who wanted to brag about her wonderful spouse. She would, however, soon get rid of Christina this time. She opened the door grumpily and was shocked to see Raju standing in front of it, rather than her sister. The tall man in the door frame casually leaned one hand on the opposite door frame, holding a bottle of champagne and two glasses in the other.

“May I come in?” he inquired, his voice husky and velvety.

Rina kept the door wide for him, as if in a trance. Raju walked over to a little table, opened the champagne bottle, and poured a glass for them both. Raju perched on the edge of the bed and handed Rina one of the glasses. Rina took a sip and realized she was only wearing a bathrobe that was barely concealing her. Rina apologized to Raju and was going to go to the restroom to change her clothing when Raju grabbed her bathrobe belt and drew her onto his lap.

Rina was taken aback, and her bathrobe was suddenly flapping open. Raju placed one arm around her waist so she couldn’t get up, then spoke softly in her ear.

“I believe we should not pass up such a chance. What are your thoughts, little one?” Then he began kissing her neck. The mind began to fray with Rina. She couldn’t help but stammer. “But,” you say, “we’re related.”

Raju said with a laugh: “Second-degree niece and nephew This is no longer punishable under the German penal law. Perhaps weird, but not criminal.” Raju then turned Rina’s head to start on the opposite neck curve. Rina could only sigh; words were no longer required. Raju began stroking her thigh with the hand he had been grasping around her waist. He smiled gently when he realized how wet it was. His deep laugh was like a tremor, giving her goose bumps all over.

“My little Raju would like to meet you as well. Why not say hello to him?” Raju spoke into Rina’s ear.

Then they both stood up, and Raju removed his pants while leaving his shirt on.

Rina knelt in front of him as he sat back on the bed. She stroked her tongue up and down the length of the tail many times slowly. Then she started sucking on the tip and experimenting with her tongue. Meanwhile, Raju had leaned back on the bed and started moaning happily. Then she took the limb in her mouth as far as she could and moved it up and down a few times. Then she started sucking on his testicles and working on his cock with his hand till he shot. Rina removed her bathrobe after a little moment of relaxation, and Raju placed Rina on the bed next to her, her knees dangling over the edge of the bed.

Because of his stature, he was able to stoop over her abdomen and caress her breasts. He licked her nipples and didn’t forget about the slight gap between her breasts. He kissed her belly button after he’d had enough of her breasts. He took out his champagne glass from beside the bed and poured some of the tingling juice into her belly button.

The champagne was then licked off his navel. He did it three times, each time running some of the liquid towards her vagina. With his mouth, he followed the drip.

He had tried a number of women, but Rina’s flavor was his favorite. It was a tremendous flavour explosion when combined with the champagne. He licked her damp crack and sucked on her clitoris. He crossed her legs over his shoulders and elevated her abdomen slightly to gain greater access to her “hobby room.” He proceeded to probe her core with two fingers as he licked and sucked. Rina began to rise at some point, her hands curled into the rumpled sheet. He had discovered her G location. When he caressed her, her vagina began to twitch and her breathing became staccato. Then he pushed Rina deeper into the bed, laid down on her, and penetrated her. The cadence was gradual and almost delicate at first, but soon the strength of his bumps intensified. But it wasn’t violent enough for her. She wrapped one of her legs around him and continued to spin them till she was sitting on him. Now she was in charge of the beat, and it was free and wild. It wasn’t long until Rina felt her tail begin to pulsate and her vagina began to twitch again. When she felt how it came to her, she realized it had occurred to her, and the two experienced orgasm at the same time. The tail inside Rina began to pulsate, and her vagina began to quiver again.


When she felt how it came to her, she realized it had occurred to her, and the two experienced orgasm at the same time. The tail inside Rina began to pulsate, and her vagina began to quiver again. When she felt how it came to her, she realized it had occurred to her, and the two experienced orgasm at the same time.

When Raju drew Rina into his arms and covered them both, they were both short of breath. He took her phone and set the alarm clock, then kissed her on the lips softly, bid her good night, and turned out the light. Raju was looking forward to the next day of the family reunion now that the first day was finished.

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