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Hello folks, this is Rahul, and I’m going to tell you about my first encounter with my colleague Sandhya (both names changed). I am married with a child and work for a BPO in Chennai. Sandhya is also a coworker on the same floor. We were only pals when I used to interact with Sandhya’s staff. When someone tries to flirt with Sandhya, she is quite straight up and strict. She has 38′ boobs, is of average height, and is always smiling.

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Last year, she added me on Facebook. She had been absent from work for more than ten days. I didn’t pay attention to her absence until I saw her on Facebook chat on a Friday and asked whether she was on an extended leave.

She explained that she had back surgery and was therefore living in her hometown. We started talking for more than an hour because she was bored in the hospital and I wasn’t feeling asleep. I was quite concerned that if I went over my limit, she would become enraged. As a result, I kept the tempo modest. Then I told her to join me on Whatsapp, and we began talking. Because of the volume of our Whatsapp discussions, the network bandwidth was considerable, and we shifted from friends to close friends. I saw her in the cafeteria after she returned to work and we talked for an hour, during which time I learned that her birthday was approaching. I wanted to surprise her with a present, so I went out and purchased a jacket that she could wear while riding her bike. It was pricey, and she couldn’t wear it because the size didn’t fit her. As a result, she exchanged and told me of the transaction. When I asked her what she bought later that week in the cafeteria, she pointed to the t-shirt she was wearing that day.


When I questioned if that was all she bought, she tried to avoid answering. I sensed she was attempting to avoid the subject and innocently asked it again.

She simply turned around and displayed the strap of her already-exposed spaghetti to me. I’m not sure why, but I felt a sudden surge of heat throughout my body.


I chose to end the conversation there because the cafe was packed and other colleagues were present. I was unable to concentrate on my task, and the latent ills of my psyche began to manifest themselves. I texted her, “I knew the top and spaghetti didn’t cost the same as the jacket,” and she responded with a smiley and the words “B & P.” I knew what that meant, but I inadvertently asked her what it meant. My god, my penis started to get hard at this time and again since it was a Frida, she said with a blushing smiley that it was bra and panty…my god, my penis started to get erect at this moment and again since it was a Frida, she said with a blushing smiley that it was bra and panty…That night, I decided to continue the chat.


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I texted her after dinner and received a quick answer as if she had been waiting for my message. I was still scared that she would start having romantic conversations with me, so I decided to toss a stone instead of waiting for the fruit to come down. I began by asking if she had a partner, she replied that she only had boys as friends, as well as a close buddy who was no longer her friend. She told me that the guy was talking vulgar to her and she didn’t enjoy it when I probed her with polite inquiries.

Suddenly, a red warning signal came in front of my eyes. I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t ping her and instead said good night. I didn’t send any messages over the weekend, and she pinged me on Monday night, asking why I hadn’t texted her. She also stated that she was checking her phone for my messages. For me, the red signal has now turned green. I told her straight up that if I had called her on Friday, I would have been the second person to be burned in the same week. She chuckled and stated that she liked me and that she would continue to speak with me. I told her I didn’t believe her, and she swore she’d never be upset with me again. Suddenly, the wickedness in me surfaced, and I inquired, what color bra you were wearing… I instantly sent the second message, warning her that if she becomes upset, her promise will be broken. There was a little pause, and I assumed the show had ended. A beep followed, which paused my heartbeat for a minute. Her response was that she didn’t have any on her at the time.


WOWWWWWWWW I then inquired as to the color of her panty, to which she replied that it was black. What else do you need, my friends? It was all XXXXX At work, though, we never expressed any feelings for one another.

She texted me from her hometown one weekend, saying that her wedding was set and that a guy’s family had been to see her and that they liked her. He was really black, looked gruff, and spoke a little aggressively, which she didn’t enjoy. It came as a surprise to me, but she nodded to that person as well. For a week, I didn’t speak to her. She attempted to contact me multiple times, but I never returned her calls. She texted me that she wanted to see me one last time on Sunday. I went to her uncle’s house, where she was staying, and there was no one there. I was at a loss for words. We traveled halfway up to Pondicherry after I invited her out for a drive. She was sobbing uncontrollably and begging me not to ignore her. I pulled over to the side of the road and took her hand in mine, trying to calm her.


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She hugged me inside the car right away. I had an unexpected erection and waited to see what would happen. After a while, every time I changed her gears, I purposefully touched her laps. She took notice of it and gave me a cold gaze. She didn’t appear to be angry, though. I placed my hand on her lap afterward, and she shivered.


I told her not to worry and that I would keep my hand on her to help her relax. She didn’t give much of a response. My hands gradually began to drive up. There was utter silence, and I could hear her breath become increasingly loud, indicating that she was becoming hot. I kissed her unexpectedly, and she was taken back, yet she enjoyed my kiss. So I decided to drive her back to her house, and I kept her entertained the entire time. Her black bra strap could be seen peeking out of her top. This piqued my interest. I was massaging her thighs all the time and could see her chewing her lips. She invited me in and handed me a drink when we returned. I’m not sure how to proceed because there were families just next door. They might peep in if you make a loud noise. She sat next to me, and I was conversing with her while keeping my hands on her lap. My hands gradually inched closer to her inner thigh, close to her vagina, after a point.


She became enthralled and closed her eyes. I decided it was time, but I kept my hands on her panty from outside the salwar on only one occasion. Then I drew her in close and sat her on my lap, kissing her passionately. She responded as well, and we kissed for over 5 minutes until I realized she was totally in. Then I moved my lips to her neck while my hands continued to explore her back pantyhose linings. I tried to excite her more and unzipped my shirt, revealing my penis saluting…


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While the other hand was toying with her vagina, I began rubbing my penis across her ass. She had had enough and began to play with my dick. I took off her pants and she was left in her black panty. Only now, as I carefully placed my hands over her boobs, she swung about in all directions, giggling. I licked her navel as I came closer. She was shivering, and I was losing tolerance for her. I then took off her top completely, leaving her in just black. I went berserk and bit her breasts through the bra. My dick was rubbing her cunt with panties over it , when she started moaning, I made her sit over me. I was squeezing her breasts and making circles with my tongue, and there wasn’t a single hair on her nipple. She became aroused as I tried to pull it with my lips. I was constantly stroking her vaginal area while licking her breasts. I could feel my fingers getting wetter as her panty became wetter. My dick was massaging her vagina while we were sitting and cuddling each other. I was continuing licking her boobs, and she was ecstatically arching her back. I didn’t leave any region of her upper body un-suckled or kissed. I didn’t want to rush through it because she had reached her peak. To cool down, I took a break and drank some water. I then went up to her thigh and licked it from hip to toe, revealing the goosebumps. Her legs were very smooth and attractive to look at after she had recently plucked her hair. I then began licking her fluids off of her pantyhose. I then made her sit back down and kissed her back while gently massaging her breasts with my hands. My dick continued to point at her vagina. She split her panty and inserted my dick into her vagina as she became more enthusiastic and out of control. She piled on top of me until I couldn’t take it any longer. While I was going insane with her 38′ breasts moving about, she started pounding on me. I snatched them from her and sucked while she pumped. I was about to cum because I wasn’t wearing a condom. So I drank some water right away, delaying the climax.

I made her lie down on the sofa with her legs spread and inserted my dick into her in one shot; it went deep into her and I could see her moaning and enjoying it. Since her groaning became more audible, I began kissing her lips to keep her quiet. When I reached the climax, we banged for almost 5 minutes. I simply removed the penis at the last possible moment and cummed all over her breast and torso. She sucked whatever she could off the cum, and we both collapsed wearily. She went to clean herself after a while, and I followed her. I was assisting her with her cleaning from the back when I was aroused again. My dick was caressing her ass as I held her from behind. I twisted her around and licked her pussy before slipping my fingers deep inside it.


Because I had big fingers, it reached deep inside, and she got her orgasm at the pinnacle. I licked it all down like a hungry man trying for the first time to lick ice cream. Then I put her back to bed and experimented with doggy style.

We were both exhausted, so we slept naked, clutching one other without any space between us. I awoke later, dressed up, and kissed her goodbye before leaving her house. When I questioned if she was still a virgin the next day, she told me that the guy she had fought with was her ex-boyfriend, and they had been having bang-bang sessions for well over a year. Her fiancé tried to be daring by taking her to a movie the next day. He lost control and finger fucked her after rubbing her vagina over her jeans. She became drenched and went to the restroom to clean herself up. She then informed him that her hymen had been broken.During her honeymoon, she would call me and tell me what her hubby was up to. We’re still friends, and even though we didn’t have sex after that, we used to touch, wink at one other, and try to kiss in elevators on the spur of the moment.

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