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Sex with My Neighbour

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Hell, everyone. It’s Mohit again. Thank you for your responses to my previous sex story. Those who haven’t read my sex tale should read “Became tailor for Marwadi aunty.” For those who are new here, my name is Mohit and I am 22 years old from Pune. This is my true sex tale with my neighbor aunty. This is a long narrative, but I hope you like the situation in which I was fortunate. In terms of sex, I had the opportunity to fuckAnkita from my apartment, who used to dwell on the first level.

Anita is 30 years old, has a killer figure (36 28 39), and is in good shape. She is married to an alcoholic named Chetan and has no children. He had a nasty personality. As a result, he fights with everyone in our society. He, too, used to chastise the children of our culture for no apparent cause. After a night of drinking, he would beat Ankita.

So, it was a Sunday afternoon, and my friends and I were playing football near our building. Ankita’s apartment was close to mine. Our flats are separated by a composite wall. Her balcony was just above the compound wall because her flat was on the first floor.

So we were playing football that afternoon and I kicked a fantastic kick. The ball smacked into the complex wall before bouncing into Aunty’s balcony. As the ball landed on her balcony, one of the teapots dropped and made a commotion. We all raced away from the ground in fear that Uncle would come and fight us. He’d say hurtful things. “Now, you go and fetch back the ball,” all my buddies said, blaming me for my kick. So I was out of alternatives, but I didn’t have the guts to go and get the ball back. So I pondered and came up with an idea.

Then I went down to the ground and began climbing the compound wall. I went outside to look at her balcony. The door was shut, and even the curtains were drawn. So I assumed there would be no one at her home. When I saw my football, I jumped onto her balcony. Then I took the ball and was ready to jump back when I noticed someone on the bed through the crack in the curtains.

Oh my god, that was Ankita aunty lying on the bed when I looked attentively. She was only wearing a black bra and panties. I was both surprised and delighted to see her. Her back was turned to me, so she couldn’t see me. I got out my phone and began taking pictures. Then I mustered up the confidence to enter her bedroom. I attempted to unlock the door and, to my surprise, it was not locked. So she entered her room and began to walk gently towards her bed. I began filming the video on my phone. My heart rate raised as I got closer to her. I noticed she had headphones in her ears and her eyes were closed. Then I got close to her and noticed her phone screen. Her phone was playing a porn video, and one of her hands was inside her black panty. I was taken aback to see her in that position.

I moved in closer and began to carefully record her footage. But, all of a sudden, she opened her eyes and saw me. We were both taken aback, and she burst out laughing. I was terrified and said, “Aunty, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” “I was only there to get my ball.” But, as a result of her cry, her uncle, who was seated in the hall, asked from outside, “What happenedAnkita?” “Why are you yelling?”

I was terrified and clasped my hands, saying, “Please, don’t tell Uncle about this.” I was only coming to pick up the ball. But I’ll leave right away and delete your footage.”

“How can I tell your uncle?” she said. If he sees you and me in this state, he will beat both of us,” she whispered as she wrapped herself in a bedsheet. We heard her bedroom latch open right after she said it. We merely stared at each other, her eyes wide with horror.

I simply went into the bathroom, which was attached to her bedroom, and hid behind the bathroom door till uncle entered the room. All of this happened in a matter of seconds. He walked in with a beer bottle in his hand.

Uncle – Why did you scream, Ankita?

– Aunty I screamed when I saw a cockroach near the bed.

Uncle, you scumbag. I had another thought. And why are you dressed in a bedsheet?

Aunty- I was about to take a bath when you came in.

Daddy – So, what are you hiding from your husband?

He also took off the bedsheet. She gazed at me through the bathroom door as he removed it.

Uncle- hello, you gorgeous babe. Take a look at my hot wife. I just fucked you 20 minutes ago. But I still want to fuck you.

Aunty- No, not right now. I’m in the mood for a bath right now.

Uncle – You scumbag! You don’t want to hear what your husband has to say?

She allegedly grabbed her hair and yanked her back. She was wailing in agony. He then poured beer into her bra. And began to laugh.

“Please leave me,” she said.

Uncle- All right. Do only one thing. I’d like to watch you shower. So, instead of closing the door and taking a shower, open it.

I was quite excited to hear what he had to say. Aunty was surprised, but she had no choice but to follow or he would beat her. So she entered the restroom, and I was hiding behind the closed door. She walked down to the shower, but her back was turned to the door.

Uncle- Hey, you whore, look at me and bathe.

She turned around to face me. I was preoccupied with her boobs in her black bra. She turned on the shower. And as we glanced at each other, I put my palm on my ears and apologized. Then I took off my shorts since I was having difficulty and was uncomfortable down below.

She was taken aback when she saw this. So I pulled my tool from my underwear and began to touch my dick. What a spectacular view! In the shower, she was wearing a bra and a panty. Wow! Uncle, what are you looking for? Take a look at me. Now give me a flying kiss and take your boobs out of your bra. She gave him a flying kiss, and I gave her a flying kiss. I was engrossed in the show at all times. She has removed her boobs from her bar. But she didn’t take off her bra and began to squeeze her boobs. Wow, she had erect pink nipples. I was still stroking my dick, and she was constantly staring at it.

Then I discovered her white bra hidden behind the door. I took it, placed it on my dick, and began to rub it over my dick. She was taking a look at it. Now, my uncle’s phone rang, and it was a call from a friend asking him to meet him for drinks. So, following the phone call, he stated,

Uncle- I’m leaving now with a pal. I’ll be there late at night. And when I return, I’m going to fuck you.

Aunty- Okay, but don’t drink too much and don’t arrive too late.

Uncle- You fucking whore, you. What if you don’t tell me what to do? Come out now and give me some new clothes.

She exited the shower and walked outside to give him his clothing. He put them on and attempted to kiss Aunty. “But don’t do that when you’re intoxicated,” she cautioned. “I’m not a fan of the stench.” He then slapped her, kissed her, and exited the bedroom.

Aunty hurriedly closed the door as he exited. I came out of the bathroom as soon as she shut the door and grabbed her by the back. I had one hand on her abdomen and the other on her boobs. I muttered gently in her ears, “hello aunty, I’ll enjoy today,” and began kissing her neck from behind. While uncle was still in the hall, she also muttered. “Please, Mohit, leave me alone.” Don’t do it. Uncle is still present.”

I thrust my dick into her ass over her panty and gargled her boobs. “Aunty, I know you want to enjoy yourself, and uncle is not stratifying you,” I remarked. Nobody will suspect that I am assisting you.”

She began to groan slowly now, and she began to respond to my touch. We learned that uncle had left when we heard the main door latch. So I turned her around and kissed her lips. She, too, began to respond. I was squeezing her boobs over her bra while we were kissing. We kissed for around 10 to 15 minutes before stopping. I stared her in the eyes. Her eyes were welling up with tears. “Aunty, why are you crying?” I asked. “Aren’t you having fun with me?”

She claims she hasn’t kissed in a long time because her spouse was constantly drunk and she doesn’t enjoy the scent of his mouth.

Aunty-Mohit, I enjoyed your kiss.

Me- aunty, you’re going to love the entire part, darling.

I carried her to the bed and sat alongside her. She took off my t-shirt, and now I was naked on her. I removed her bra and began sucking her left boob while pushing her right. My lips were full of her pink nipple. What a rush it was! So supple. “Oh, suck it like a baby,” she said. “Suck it up hard.

After sucking her boobs for a while, she walked over to me and began kissing me all over my body, all the way down to my dick. Then she started sucking my dick. She soon had my entire dick in her mouth. What a rush it was! I can’t put it into words. I was staring at her while she acted like a pornstar. “OhhhhAnkita” You’re the best.

I grabbed her by the hair and began fucking her mouth. The sensation of her wet tongue on the dick was incredible. So I took off her panty and saw her freshly shaved pink pussy. I put her in the 69 positions and began sucking and licking her pussy. As I began to suck, she said, “Oh, no one has ever done this to me, ya Now that I’m out of control, please fuck me.”

We returned to the missionary posture. My dick was in her pussy as I sucked her lips. I then pushed my dick head into her pussy, and half of my dick was within her pussy. So I gave another strong shot, and my entire dick was into her pussy. Then I began to administer shots, and she began to moan. With my kiss, I closed her mouth and accelerated my fucking tempo. The entire room was filled with moaning and the sound of my body bouncing on her body.

Then I put her in the doggy position, inserted my dick into her pussy, and began fucking her by gripping and pressing her boobs towards the back. She liked being in the doggy position.

After this phase, we were both tired and laying on the bed naked. “Rohit, I had a great time with you today,” she added. My spouse doesn’t stay in bed for more than 5 minutes, yet you fulfilled me.”

“This is only a trailer, aunty,” I explained. “You’ll have a great time with me,” I said, and we kissed again. Then I put on my clothes and walked home, assuring Ankita that we would have fun again. In my next sex story, I’ll describe my next encounter with Ankita.

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