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Greetings, friends! I’m 25 years old and my name is Aditya. I live in Hyderabad, and she’s a really gorgeous, sexy aunt who lives in our neighborhood and works in a private office since she’s a divorced woman who needs a home and to care for her children. He needed to work or else he wouldn’t be able to pay his bills. The aunt is 38 years old.
Indian Sex Stories
She has two daughters, the elder of who is 18 years old and the younger of whom is 14 years old, both of whom were enrolled in school. My aunt’s figure size is 38-32-38, and I was surprised to see his beautiful blond face, large boobs, and sloppy ass in my house when I saw his elder daughter’s boobs she is also sexy. Her ass was also quite cute because her daughter, like her mother, was still very young and incredibly gorgeous. Friends, she used to view that aunt with his sex-filled eyes all the time, but she never paid attention to my activities, and even if she did, she never opposed me in them. I was considering


She was wearing a yellow silk saree, in which she looked very hot, sexy, and her blouse was very small in size, when I went to meet her at her house, she did not go to her job with my good luck, and both of her girls had gone out of their house for their studies at the time, so she was completely alone in their house at the time, she was wearing a yellow silk saree, in which she looked very hot, sexy, and her blouse was That exquisite attractive path between her two mountains, out of which her white expanding breast, meant her The depth between the two boobes was also clearly evident, as I could see with my eyesight. When she spotted me, she invited me to sit and offered me tea, which I declined, but she went to make tea for me.

Now I was sitting on his bed in his bedroom, watching TV, when a song of his favorite heroine line, whose name of the picture was coming from the players, which I was now watching, came on, and she recognized the tune as her favorite song, but I quickly changed the channel before she arrived.

Now she came to me and asked me to play the same Rekha song again; I did so, and she was pleased to hear it; she then returned to get the tea; she was extremely pleased with that song, and I was unconcerned about them. It’s now that she’s handing me a cup of tea, and I neglected to hold it, perhaps on purpose, and the hot, hot tea spilled all over my thighs, and they noticed that she was extremely worried since the hot, hot tea spilled all over me. My leg was burned, and she was terrified and uncomfortable just thinking about it. So he swiftly went and got a glass of water and poured it on my thigh, and when she realized she didn’t have any cloth or handkerchief, she began washing it with the pallu of his sarong. Friends, when she removed her pallu, their boobs were plainly visible to me, and because they were pressing down on my knees owing to their leaning down, my cock was completely hard and at the same time, a mistake. While cleaning the water, she began to clean my trunk cock with one of her hands, and she began to clean her boobs by pressing closer to my knees, causing me to be unable to stay and I left. I couldn’t control myself at the time, so I grabbed her boobs and forced them against her boobs, which she screamed loudly ahahah ahahahah. My cock was still in the aunt’s hands, and both my knees were having a blast pushing their boobs and sucking their lips closed with a french kiss. They sucked their lips for eight to ten minutes, and in the interim, they and I bit each other two or four times, licking each other’s spit, which totally soaked both my and aunt’s lips.


Aunty gives me a Blowjob


She had removed my cock from my paint by the time I stopped kissing. So the aunt took my cock in his soft hands and stroked it for a few moments before sucking it with her lips like a slut and licking it like a lollipop, and I was laughing ahhhhh.

She continued to suck my cock with tremendous pleasure for approximately 15-20 minutes while I pressed both of her hands into her boobs. Now he was lightly biting my penis with his teeth, causing odd motions in my body, and I pressed my nipple with a little power, causing a loud cry from his mouth, as well as that passion. After coming in and leaving my cock, I began kissing and cutting my lips. After a while, she began sucking my cock in her mouth loudly, and after a while, the fountain of my semen entered her mouth, and she began licking my cock with delight. She began undressing me as soon as I sat down on the bed. She then began kissing me all over my body; she was still wearing a sari, so I removed her shirt and tucked it to one side, followed by her cool pink silky bra with small holes. She removed her clothes as well, and I carefully stripped her down to her underwear and began licking her blond beautiful body. I grabbed a piece of ice and began rolling it about her body, as well as rubbing ice on her pussy and rubbing it on her pussy. She was yelling ahaahaa hmhmhmaa aahhmmh and lowering her ass, which slipped and left my hand, and a piece of ice got into her pussy, causing her to scream from the cold.

I was removing the piece of ice with my finger when she said, “Let me tell you, that feels extremely good.” I agreed to leave the ice within her pussy at her request, and now I may use her pussy with my tongue. I began licking. The ice was slowly melting from the pussy’s heat, and along with the snow, his pussy’s water was seeping out as well, which he was licking with delight. The aunt was screaming madarchod kha jaa uFFF, and I tasted that the cold water was a lot of delight. aahah hmm ufffufuf aaha hmmh she screams madarchod devour my pussy this pussy full of yours and she presses my head against her pussy and now I’m sucking it hard, and began biting her pussy.

As a result, aunt’s siski’s voice had grown considerably louder, and on the other hand, both of my hands were pushing their 40-size boobs extremely hard, and those boobs had turned fully red, and milk had begun to flow from them. She told them that the day was theirs after licking their pussies for a while and that they should come and suck my milk as well.

Fucking her pussy in doggy style

After sucking their boobs and sipping their milk for about 15 minutes, I began fucking them by sitting in a doggy position and sucking on their ass. IEEE UFFFFFF PLEASE PULL OUT NOW, I am in a lot of pain, I inserted the cocks in his ass and he yelled extremely loudly because of the pain, IEEE UFFFFFF PLEASE PULL OUT NOW, I am in a lot of pain, But even then, I didn’t pull my cock out and jerked them out loud, so she started making noises. After a while, the aunt joined in the action and began funneling her ass back and forth. Friends, both my hands were on his ass and cocks were in his ass at the time. I extracted the semen from my cock in his ass after approximately ten minutes of bashing. After that, I removed my cock, and the aunt began sucking it and licking it with my tongue, as I laid on top of her, sucking on her lips and fingering her pussy. We both got up naked and walked to the kitchen after a while.

fucking boss

Both of us drank some juice and milk there, and then I held the cylinder in my hand. When I saw him, a sense of mischief came over me, and I stuffed him into the aunt’s pussy, which went a few inches into his pussy. The aunt informed me that this cylinder is extremely little, so you put your cock in my pussy while I place the aunt in the kitchen at the same time, and I place both feet of the aunt on my shoulder in the kitchen at the same time. After that, I inserted my cock into her pussy gently at first, then abruptly, causing her to scream even louder and more vehemently fuck me ahhhaha ahmmhhhaahmma hahamha hh today you tore my pussy, you inserted my hand into my pussy and pushed me hard, Chod ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


I told her I was about to fall now since I was jerking even louder after approximately eight to ten minutes of banging. She told me to pull him out of my pussy, so I did. At the aunt’s request, I extracted my semen from his pussy and then sat on top of her. Now when both my aunt and I were weary, and I was lying on top of them, I slowly began licking her boobs.

Fully satisfied aunty with my cock

After that, my fuck aunt informed me, “I am really satisfied with this fuck of yours.” Aditya, you have absolutely filled me, and after the fuck of that day, I returned to my house, and on the fifth day, when I had that opportunity again, I thoroughly liked the aunt from the start, and then she began telling me. That you have made my heart happy, you know how to fuck me very well, and I banged aunty thrice that day, in which she gave me full support, as a result of which both of us were very happy, after giving Aunty many years with my cock Had a chance to get fuck and I had gotten to fuck her raspberry pussy, so now a great need of both of us had been fulfilled, as a result of which she began to be happy, and I began to pleasure her by fucking her as well.


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