Sex with Lesbian Mom


Sex with Best friend’s lesbian mom

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of


“Hey, Adira! Are you even listening to me?” – my friend Rajib asked me.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry. I was just thinking about what to order.”

“The order, or John?” – she squinted her eyes. – “You have to get over that whole thing.”

“I am over it.” – I wasn’t. – “But, you know, he still crosses my mind, and you were the one that brought him up.”

“Yeah, because you were still thinking about him.”

“How do you know what I was thinking about?” – I said with a smug smile.


“Listen, it’s fine. You just need a couple of drinks, that’s why we are here. Let’s get a couple of cocktails in us and then we hit the town, find some guys to have fun with.” – Rajib suggested.

“Yeah, sure. I mean, I want to take it easy today, I don’t really feel like partying too hard, but we have a few drinks.” – I wasn’t in the mood, but she was my best friend and I couldn’t say no.

“Well, let’s have the drinks first and then decide how hard you want to go. I always find that I make better decisions when I’m drunk.” – she had always been the crazy, wild, party person. – “I know it sounds dumb, but whenever I go partying, I never really regret it. The wilder it gets, the better the memories, I’m definitely not one of those people that just feel bad about it the next morning. Get in a fight, get laid, whatever. Who cares? Just go out and do something, you will feel better, just underdoing stuff.”

“Yeah, that sounds like bad advice, but I don’t really have a choice but to follow it, do I?” – the waiter came, and we got a big jug of sangria, I hadn’t tried it before, but it was great. – “How are things with you anyway? I mean, we haven’t seen each other in like two weeks, did I miss anything interesting.”

“Well, while you were traveling, with your ex-boyfriend, I was all alone.” – she said with some ironic snark. – “I don’t know, I just did the normal stuff that we always do. I mean, I’m twenty and it’s summertime, I just went out, hung out. Drank coffee with some friends went to this kick-boxing gym with my mom. That kind of stuff.”

“I can’t imagine you doing any sports.”

“Well, you don’t have to, I’m never going again. It’s exhausting and you get drenched in sweat, I hated it. I don’t know what has gotten into my mom lately.”

“What do you mean.” – I asked.

“I don’t know, she is, like, doing stuff. Before she just worked and did some boring, mom things, but now she is way more active. She is doing kick-boxing, some new diet, she wants us to go to Europe, all kinds of stuff. It’s like our roles have switched, and I’m the grumpy old woman. It’s not bad, but it is a little weird. But enough about that, let’s drink up, I want to go dancing.”

Rajib had always been the bad one between us, while I was more of a good girl. It was just how we were, but regardless of our differences, we were best friends. There was no way I could tell her I didn’t want to go out, have a few drinks with her, and then dance, after all, that’s what friends are for. I had to join her, but I didn’t have the slightest intention to go crazy and hook up with some guy. It wasn’t in the books for me and I wasn’t going to do it. I wasn’t ready yet, or at least, that is how I felt. I was just going to join her, and we were going to have some fun, but there wasn’t going to be any fucking going on. I knew that I was going home alone that night, I needed to get my life in order first before I fucked some random dude.

“Which bar are we going to?” – I asked.

“Well, Uhm, let’s go to Coppers, I haven’t been there in a while and there are always cool people there.”

“Sure thing.”

“Are you in the mood, you seem a little low in energy? Do you need more booze?” – my concerned friend asked.

“No, what? I’m fine, like, when am I ever high in energy? And also, you know how I feel about dancing right now.”

“Yeah, I know, but you need to get laid, that is the only thing that can make you feel any better. So, figure out a way to seem more energetic, we are going to go in there and we are going to find some guys to talk to.”

“Well, we’ll see about that. I’m fine with a bit of dancing, maybe a few more drinks, but that’s it. I’m not going home with anyone tonight.”

“Trust me, you need this.”

“Fine, I’ll consider it.” – I wasn’t going to, but it seemed like the easiest way to get her off my back. Rajib could be a little pushy at times.

We went to the bar things went exactly as I had expected them to. It was loud and crowded, as a bar should, and I didn’t enjoy it. I went to places like this because of my friends, especially Rajib, who absolutely loved them for some reason. I wasn’t going to find a nice, decent guy at some bar and I wasn’t really looking either. We got a couple of more drinks, overpriced, and we drank them while dancing. I can’t say I didn’t have fun, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. Of course, Rajib immediately got the attention of some guys and we kind of dance with them, but I wasn’t in the right mood and it was showing. After about an hour we gave up and headed home, which I was perfectly fine with. Once I was all alone, I could masturbate and go to sleep.

As soon as I was home, my first and foremost intention was to go and fuck myself. I might have been recently broken up with and I may not have been looking for more men in my life, but I was horny and ready to do something about that. As soon as I got to my room, I locked the door and started playing music. Then I quickly took off my clothes, there was no real need to rush, but I was getting hornier by the second. Once everything was off, I took out my favorite sex toy from under my bed and headed to the bathroom, which is luckily in my room. It had become something of a routine for me to fuck myself every night, a little sad perhaps, but something I looked forward to every morning.

I walked into my bathroom, with my favorite vibrator in hand and stepped into the shower. Immediately I adjusted the water, to where it was perfect and got down to business. First, I liked to play with my nipples and let the toy stimulate them. It was a nice, big and expensive vibrator, which could tease me better than any person could. Nothing got me more aroused than the feeling of the vibrating rubber cock on my sensitive nipples. With my free hand, I caressed my other breast, as well as the rest of my body. I am young and in shape, and as narcissistic as it sounds, I love the way my body feels when I touch it. I was very proud of my athletic build, even though I did not do any sports to maintain it. After a couple of long minutes in the shower, I was done with teasing myself, I was aroused and ready to go. The vibration of the purple toy I had in my hand, was just strong enough for it to be pleasurable, though I sometimes wished for something new and more exciting. After the nipples, it was time for the vibrator to stimulate my slit and get me going even harder. I moved the toy around my clit in circular motions, this was my favorite and fastest way to cum. At the same time, I continued touching her. I liked my perky tits and my soft, silky skin. I loved that moment, being all alone in the bathroom, fucking myself. As much as I denied and tried to hide it, I am a horny chick that likes getting fucked. It was a shame that no one was there, in the shower with me.

My mind often wandered while I pleasured myself. I thought about boys, girls whatever really. As long as it was another person, that worshiped me and told me I was beautiful, it turned me on. During sex, I often acted a little shy and afraid, but in my fantasies, I got a lot wilder. I dreamt about getting fuck, long and hard, but I could never get that in real life, there never was a boy, that could dominate me the way I secretly wanted to. I could only imagine what that would feel like and I liked what I imagined. And it was not their fault, guys my age are young and inexperienced, and I never did let anyone know, just how submissive I really was. I didn’t know how to even raise the topic, so I kept to myself. At least, under the shower, I got what I wanted. After pleasuring my clit for a few minutes, I liked to switch it up.

I put the purple vibrator inside of my, warm, wet pussy and used my free hand to play with the clit. This was the way I came the hardest. I moved the vibrating toy, in and out of myself, first slowly, but slowly I built it up to where I wanted. I needed this orgasm, and since no one was here to give it to me, I was going to get it myself. I began moaning wildly and loudly, the sound of the water and music drowning out the noise. My breath was heavy. When the orgasm came, my knees almost buckled, and I had to lean on the shower wall for some extra balance. It was an amazing orgasm, that would keep me happy for the evening. I felt great post-orgasm, it was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. After I came, it was time to clean my vibrator, still covered in my juices, and then myself. I was feeling great, rested, and ready for bed.


Ever since I was single, I had the habit of masturbating before going to bed. It was great and I loved the feeling after, it was like all of my stress and anxiety were gone. The mornings, however, were much harder on me. Of course, as a twenty-year-old, that was to be expected, but I feared it had something to do with me being single. It was the summer vacation, I didn’t have much college work to get done, and I should have been having fun. I should have been getting laid, instead of being frustrated and shouldn’t have been laying in bed. But it was hard to do that. Usually, after I woke up, I needed to grab my phone and check it, that always got my brain up and running. Messages, Facebook posts, and the odd email all helped me to get ahold of myself. As usual, that morning I awoke to a text from Rajib, who wanted to hang out. She always wanted to do something, and I always obliged. Today it was going to be coffee, so I got up, showered, and headed her way.

“Hey, how are you feeling? Still hungover?” – I asked, as soon as I saw her.

“God, yes, but it is getting better. I think I’m starting to get the hang of this. The most important thing is to drink water, which I always forget. But I did drink a couple of glasses last night and it definitely has an effect. It’s not perfect, but I think that after a coffee and a sandwich here, I’ll be fine. What about you? How are you feeling?”

“Good, you know, the usual. I’ve been thinking about doing some kind of a sport lately, just to kill some time. And of course, for health reasons and getting fit. Do you have any suggestions, something around town?”

“Uhm, you’re not asking the right person.” – Rajib never did like sports. – “The only thing that I have any experience is, was that kickboxing class I did with my mom. I think I told you about it. But I’m not sure you’ll like it, it is a lot of cardio and strength and sweating. And I hate having to change and shower in a locker room, it’s super awkward.” – she made a disgusted face.

“Well, it kind of sounds normal to me. I want to sweat, and a mix of cardio and strength is good in my book.”

“I can talk to my mom, see when the next practice is if you really want to go. It’s probably going to be good for you, you’re right. And there are a lot of guys there, so maybe you can meet someone. It’s, literally, only guys and my mom, a little weird if you ask me.”

“Wow, are you sure your mom isn’t, you know.” – I lifted my eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh, no, c’mon. She’s old, she’s like 45, I don’t think she is having sex with anyone. I don’t know if she is even having sex with my dad, so definitely not some kickboxing guy. She just goes there to get out of the house and move around. I think she is having a bit of a mid-life crisis, with the whole health obsession.”

“Well, I’ll keep an eye on her.” – I said.

“Yeah, thanks.” – Rajib apparently didn’t find the insinuations about her mom too funny.

The rest of the day we spent, like almost any other day in summer. Somehow, after years of knowing each other, we still managed to make each other laugh and had good, long conversations about all sorts of things. I and Rajib just get along. We were always on good terms, never even fought. I had often thought about what makes us such a good duo and I think it is just chemistry. Despite the differences in our personalities, we still always managed to get along and find a way to joke around and talk. After finishing our drinks, it was time for us to go on a walk, it didn’t matter where, we just walked, and as we did that, the conversation kept on flowing.

“…yeah, that’s just how I feel. I don’t want a guy right now, I don’t need one.” – I said.

“But here is my theory, and I am not saying that what you just said is a lie. I suspect that it is if I have to be honest, but I am not actually saying that it is a lie. I think that you are just afraid to come out of your comfort zone and do some whacky, fun stuff. To just go out and have a one-night-stand, to have sex with someone that you won’t date. Jut knowing that it won’t work out between you and that person and still doing it.”

“Yeah, I don’t know, I just don’t see a reason to do that. What, just for the sex?” – I asked.

“Yes! Exactly, just for the sex, it is a physical thing, no need to put in any emotions into it.”

A part of me knew that she was right about everything. I wanted to have sex, it was pretty evident from my solo shower sessions, but at the same time, I feared it. I didn’t want to approach a person and then go home with them, it made me feel uncomfortable. I just wanted to live life and kind of hoped that things would work out, that I would meet someone. After all, that’s exactly what happened with my ex, I was never a girl that went to a bar and picked a guy up. Maybe it was time to change, but I didn’t feel ready.


The next morning, I didn’t go to have coffee with Rajib, but I still awoke to a message from her. Apparently, her mom had a kickboxing class later that day. I was happy to have something to do. Something new and challenging. I kind of felt in a rut during that summer and knew that a little bit of movement would do me well. Besides, I liked Rajib’s mom and wanted to hang out with her, I was sure it was going to be a fun experience. She had always been one of the cool moms, very understanding and nonchalant. She treated us like we were her friends, and not like some children, something more parents had to learn. During my years of friendship with Rajib, I had gotten to know her a little, but this was going to be the first time we were actually going to hang out alone. Once I was up and getting ready for the day, I assembled my gym bag. I wasn’t sure what to bring but figured my grey top and American flag short-shorts would be suitable for a kickboxing workout. I imagined there would be a lot of kicking involved and a more revealing outfit would help me with the mobility and sweating.

Eagerly I awaited the class, it was the first new and exciting thing I was going to be doing this summer and already I felt better. Just knowing that I was going to be doing some kind of a sport, instead of just staying at home, watching TV, made me feel more energized. After lunch, it was time to finally head to the gym, which was a walking distance away from my house. I had never known that such a place even existed and probably never would have if it wasn’t for Rajib’s mom. After some wandering, I finally found where it was and entered. As soon as I walked in, I saw my best friend’s mom, standing there, talking to some guy.

“Oh, Adira, how are you doing?” – she hugged me. She was also wearing a tank top, but a black one, and shorts. Somehow, I had managed to pack the right clothes for my first kickboxing class. – “It’s so fun that you want to train with me, it’s going to be nice to have another girl in the gym. Now, uhm, you need to change, right?” – I nodded. – “Well, the girls’ locker room is there, c’mon we start in 5 minutes, hurry up.”

She really was a nice woman and I wanted to see what this whole experience was going to be like, considering I had never in my life done a combat sport. The locker room was empty when I went in and considering there were only two women training, that kind of made sense. I put my bag on the bench and began undressing, my pants, shirt, and everything else. I had just put on my shorts but didn’t have a bra on when the door opened.

“Hey, Adira, I just wanted to…” – Rajib’s mom walked in, and I immediately covered my breasts with my hands. – “Oh, you don’t have to be shy, this is a locker room. I just wanted to tell you that it is 12 dollars per workout usually, but you get the first one for free.”

“That’s great.” – I said awkwardly. – “I didn’t even consider what it would cost. But I think that’s a pretty good price.”

“Yeah, and you can get a discount if you get it monthly.” – she said while looking at my breasts.

It was an awkward encounter, but I thought that sort of thing just happened in locker rooms, if anything, I needed to be more mature about the whole thing and not think about it. After all, she was my best friend’s mom, what did it matter if she saw me naked? We were going to be taking a shower together, after practice anyway. Once I was ready and wearing my shorts and tank top, it was time to head into the gym, where the kickboxing workout was just about to start. Just as hinted at, by Rajib, it really was a sweaty and tiring experience. We ran around, a lot, more than I thought we would, considering this isn’t tracked and field. Then it was time for some punching and kicking, both of which I sucked at. Luckily Rajib’s mom was there to show me the ropes as well as the coach. I think I improved a lot, and definitely got a better technique when it came to kicking and punching. After that, there was a lot of strength, push-ups, sit-ups, and stretching. I was drenched in sweat by the end of the whole thing and could not wait to take a shower.


“So, how was it?” – my best friend’s mom asked. “Great, I loved it, but I am spent.”

“Don’t worry, there is nothing a hot shower can’t fix.”

We walked into the locker room and it was time for things to get awkward once again. I knew that the only thing weirder than us two getting naked and taking a shower together would be me acting weird about it. After all, that’s just what adults did. They did sports and then walked around naked, took showers, and talked, maturely treating each other’s bodies. I wasn’t necessarily ready to see my best friend’s mom naked, but there was no turning back. Once we were in the locker room, she quickly dropped her shorts and tank top and so did I. Of course, I wasn’t going to stare, but I also couldn’t miss the opportunity of taking a nice long look at her body. It showed that she did sports, for a woman her age she was amazing. Her stomach was flat, with abs almost showing. Her skin looked soft and young, still tight on her tights and torso. Her tits were also big and perky, well-shaped, and preserved. If she told me that she was 30, I would believe her, it was that good. I wanted to look like her when I got older, but I didn’t tell her that, it would have been awkward. Instead, we took our towels and walked into the shower. I picked the first one and she got the one right next to me.

“So, you don’t do any sports at all, huh? Because you have a great body.” – she glanced at my body.

“No, nothing really. That’s why I’m here, I want to keep things that way.”

“It’s so great being young and full of energy, you don’t have to worry about your body at all. I, on the other hand, need to work hard, just to look like this.” – she said with disappointment.

“But your body is great too, I mean, better than mine I would say.” “Really? What do you like about it?” – she seemed intrigued.

I didn’t know how to respond, so I just looked at her. For some reason, my gaze was averted to her tits and she seemed to notice. After I didn’t say anything for a few seconds, Rajib’s mom grabbed my hand and put it on her breast.

We just stood there for a second, smiling looking at each other, until she made the first move. We exchanged a passionate kiss, which was as shocking, as it was hot. The MILF knew that she had to take charge and show me the ropes, I didn’t know what was happening, but was willing to see where she would take things. Rajib’s mom began moving her tongue across my lips and chin. She worked her way around to my ear and kissed my neck and earlobe. I couldn’t help, but let out an audible gasp.

“Are you sure you want to go on with this?” – the MILF asked

I decided not to answer and simply looked her in the eyes. Rajib’s mom continued kissing my lips, even more passionately. It was the first time I saw her in such a light. After all of the years of playing and hanging out with Rajib, I was now fucking her mom, it was wrong while at the same time, so right. She knew she might regret this, but she had no intention of stopping and I wasn’t going to stop her either. Her tits were exposed, beautiful, perky, and wet from the shower, I couldn’t help myself, but to pinch and play with her nipples. I licked the hard nipples and sucked on them, first one then the other. I loved how it felt as I swirled my tongue around them, taking my time, enjoying my friend’s mom’s beautiful body.

While I was busy with the tits, the MILF’s hand began wandering down south. Her fingers soon found their way down my legs and tights. Once again, my best friend’s mom had to ask me for confirmation.

“I don’t want you to regret this.” “Just go on.”

The MILF gave me a deep passionate kiss and her hand continued moving

down. Bypassing my legs, she was soon massaging my clit. I responded with some sexy hip movement, followed by some more heavy breathing. It was my first time with a girl, and I was loving it. But this was just the start. The MILF pushed me against the wall of the shower, to get a bit more comfortable, she wanted to finger me good. Rajib’s mom then returned to kissing my lips, my neck, and my nipples while at the same time pleasuring me. But it wasn’t enough, we were going to go all the way tonight.

My childhood best friend’s mom wanted to devour my pussy. She slowly started moving down my fit body, going on her knees, until her mouth was over my wet pussy. There was no more shame or doubt about the lesbian act at hand. She licked my slit and sucked on my labia and clit. The MILF had clearly been with women before and was very experienced at this, she was hitting the right spot and I couldn’t stop my hips from moving. As she was pleasuring me, she couldn’t help but pleasure herself as well. My friend’s mom’s pussy was probably also wet, how could it not be, in such an arousing and naughty moment. I could see it in her eyes and her movement, that she was aroused. Her hand slid down between her legs and she was soon fingering herself while eating me out.

“Oh my god, I am going to cum!” – I screamed.

All that I could think about at that moment, was how lucky I was to have come to this kickboxing class. This was the hottest thing that had happened to me, ever, and I owed it all to my best friend’s mom. Sure, it was taboo, kinky, and forbidden for me to be fucking Rajib’s mom, but it was great. We had been best friends for years and I had known her mother for years, I knew how weird this whole thing was. I knew it was taboo, but that just made it hotter.

The MILF was sexy, older, and more mature and she knew how to give it to me, just like I had always dreamed about. She had the experience and confidence necessary to give it to me well.

The MILF knew the orgasm was coming, she could probably feel my body moving wildly, she was experienced enough to recognize what was happening. Her mouth was filled with my juices, there was no denying that we were both enjoying ourselves. It was messy, dirty, and hot and I loved it. The fact that my best friend’s mom was licking my pussy, the fact that she was also aroused, was intense. She was busy eating me out, but at the same time did not neglect her own pussy. Her hand was busy working, her fingers vigorously massaging her own clit. This was hotter than anything I had dreamed about, anything I had fantasized about under the shower.

At this point, it was a race between the two of us. Who would orgasm first? I was inexperienced with girls and definitely never had my pussy eaten like that. But that didn’t mean that the MILF was any less aroused from the whole thing. At this point, the torrent of juices was probably making it hard for her to move her tongue around, but it didn’t really matter. Once I put my hand on Rajib’s mom’s head, we both knew it was about to come to an end. My hips began thrusting harder, I was as much fucking her as she was fucking me. My orgasm arrived, not unexpectedly, after a few seconds. It was loud with my voice almost unrecognizable from the pleasure. The MILF didn’t last much longer, cumming only a few seconds later.


“Oh my god.” – was all that I could utter, a minute or two after the sex.

“I know, you were horny, I could sense how much you wanted this.” – she said.

“Yeah, it had been a while, but even then, it wasn’t like this. I have never been fucked like that before. Thank you.”

“Please, don’t thank me, I had my share of fun.” – she stopped the shower. – “Let’s get dressed, we’ve been in here for too long.” – I followed her.

“So, what will we do? I mean, with Rajib. She is my best friend and your daughter.”

“Well, I won’t tell her if you don’t.” – she looked at me. – “We’re both adults and we can do whatever we want. Besides, this isn’t going to be a serious thing.”

“I guess you are right.”

“What about you? How do you feel about this whole thing?” – she asked me. “I think I am going to get the monthly membership for the kickboxing club.”

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