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After Exam: Hot Teacher and I

I’m Neha and I’m a student of M.Phil. I was good in academics so I decided to peruse my M.Phil. in biological sciences. My university was quite far from my house and it’ll take me around 2 hours to commute every day. Exams were near and I was unable to study properly for them. I didn’t want to fail as I had always been an A-grade student.

My zoology teacher was a very handsome and quite maintained guy. His name was Amaan. He was a Ph.D. doctor and was an enthusiastic person who loved to teach. I noticed him giving me smiles throughout the classes. I really liked his attitude, his smile, and his way of teaching. He was a 5′ ft 11 inches tall guy with a wheatish complexion and a maintained beard. He usually wore white crisp dress shirts and by God, He’ll look so handsome in them.

So the night before my zoology exam, I set my alarm for 5;30 so I can wake up early and study for the exam.

“Amaan… I want you to fuck my brains out… ahhhhhhh… oh yeahhhhhh amaaaaaannnn ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! amaaaaan fuckkkk my brains out ahhhhh!!!! oh amannnnn!!!!!!!!!!”

Amaan was fucking my cunt vigorously and I was panting while being fucked front and back from amaan! “ohhhhhhhhh yeah yeah yeah amaannnnnn your dick is about to come ahhhhh amaaaaan fill my cunt with your cummm ahhhhh amaaaan don’t stop ahhhhh!!!” and he came all inside my pussy, filling it with his thick white cum.

Oh shit!!!

I woke up with a shock, looked at the clock and it was 30 minutes past 8!! “How did I sleep for this long? and what was I dreaming about?”

I had to be in the exam hall at 10!

I couldn’t believe that I overslept!. I picked up my things, splashed water on my face, and rushed outside to reach campus. When I reached my campus, it was almost 10:30. Amaan was sitting on his invigilator chair and everyone in the classroom was doing their exam paper. I came inside, sweating! He looked at me and gave me a hand gesture to sit. I sat down on my seat with my roll number written on it.

I was panicking inside because I was late and I haven’t prepared for the exam. Amaan came closer to me and handed me the exam paper. He looked at me, gave me a faint smile, and said softly, “Good luck!”.

I could smell the scent of his cologne which left me tranced for a while and I started imagining what has happened in the dream last night. I could still feel his strong grip on my shoulders and his thrusts inside me.

I shivered for a second and looked at the exam paper. I didn’t know most of the questions. I started doing the paper quickly but I was very upset as I couldn’t attempt it properly.

Amaan was looking at my face from his chair. He noticed that I was upset and maybe I didn’t know my paper. After I handed my paper to him, He said to me, “Come to my office in 15 minutes.”

I didn’t know why he said that. But I was a bit scared from inside. In seconds, I made a plan.

I went to the washroom, applied a little bit of lipstick, took off my panties, and lowered down my bra so that my cleavage was visible as I bent down. I applied “Black Opium” perfume on my neck and opened my hair. I looked at the mirror, “perfect!”

Now 15 minutes had passed, I knocked at his door and he was sitting in his office, counting the papers maybe. He let me in.

I came inside, shut down the door from behind, but kept standing at the door.

I looked at him with a bit of smile and seduction. He wasn’t looking at me at first, as he was counting the papers. When I didn’t come to his desk after a few seconds, He looked up.

I was standing there, giving him the most seductive look, sharp gaze, and a lip-bitten smile. He remained stunned for a while, looking at me.

Then I started walking towards his desk, with sharp eye contact, not saying a word. He stood up from his chair, and when I approached his desk, I didn’t sit on the chair. I rather sat on his desk, cross-legged. Looking at him, his lips seduced me to the core. I bit my lips, giving him a seductive look, straight into his eyes.

He couldn’t resist my seduction.

His hand touched the upper surface of my hand, which was as soft as butter.

I leaned towards him, whispered in his ears,”my exam didn’t go well, you know why?” He looked at my eyes, nodded in “why?”. I whispered again, “Because you fucked me in my dream last night,and I couldn’t wake up early”. After saying this, I licked my lips, touching his lips with my fingernail and I leaned back again.

The sexual tension between us was at its peak at that moment, He was breathing heavily.

I bent down a little, he could see my 34DD curves. My tight boobs were giving a sneak peek from the top.

His hands lingered over my hips, pulling me closer to him. I looked at his eyes when he pulled me closer to him.

Amaan couldn’t resist me any further. He pushed me down on the table and pulled my top up. My tits were in front of him in my black bra.

He leaned on the top of me, opening my legs and pushing them apart. His heavy body made me turn on so I started to play with my boobs while he held my legs to open them! He saw down, I wasn’t wearing any panties!

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His dick got really tight in his pants. He unzipped his pants and his hard cock was now in his briefs.

I couldn’t wait anymore so I lowered down my hands, on top of briefs, on his hard cock. I started to stroke him slowly which made him even crazy!

He lowered down his pants even more and I took off his briefs! Now my hands were unbuttoning his white dress shirt and we were breathing heavily.

He couldn’t wait anymore as well, so he took off my top as well. Now we both were naked. I was laying bare on his desk, and he was standing bare in front of me. His hands started stroking my nipples and I started stroking his dick.

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His dick was as hard as an iron rod at that moment. I wanted to suck the juices out of his dick. He started from the top!

He locked my lips while his hands were playing with my pink nipples. We smooched like old passionate lovers. We were smooching so hard and fast while holding each other’s genitals and stroking them as well. We smooched hard with sucking each other’s lips and eating off of each other’s tongues.

Now he started to come down on my neck. I pushed his head hard on my neck while he was biting my neck so hard and wildly. I was moaning so hard that my neck was my most sensitive part. I kept on moaning,”ahhhhhhhh AMMMMAAAANNN!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!! OHHHMMM UHMMMM AHHHH”

Amaan now came down on my boobs and his hands were squeezing my boobs while his tongue was suckling my boobs like a baby. He kept on suking my boobs while I kept on moaning “ahhhhh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahhhhhhhhhh”. My hands were pushing his head on my boobs harder and harder while he was sucking my boobs faster and faster. His saliva was dripping all over my boobs and I couldn’t stop moaning with peaks of excitement.

Now I wanted to take control and suck his cock like a bitch!

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I took his dick in my hand and started to suck the cap of dick. He was getting super aroused at that moment. I started to suck his dick harder and with dripping saliva. His dick was going at the back of my mouth while I was sucking it harder and harder. “uhhhmm hmmm uhh uhh ahh uhh ahh uhh ahhh hhh ahhh haha ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh uhhh ahhh”.

The sound of me giving him a blow job was echoing in his office. He kept pushing my head harder and harder on his dick and I kept sucking his dick like a thirsty bitch.

His dick was now fully wet with my saliva and completely wet.

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He opened my legs up fast, put me down on the table and he put the tip of his dick on my cunt and he started to put pressure on my pussy with his wet hard dick!

My pussy was dripping wet as well. His dick was just on the top of my pussy and he started thrusting it inside harder and harder. “ah ah ahhhh ahhhahhh ohhh amaan ahhha hh amaaan ahhhh ahhh ahhh amannnn ohhh amannn ahhh ahhh amaann fuckkkkkkkk ahhhh don’t stop amannn ahhhh fuck my cunt ahhhh fuckkkkk amaannnn ahhh ahhhh ahhhhhhh amaaann youuu sexyyy dickkk ahhhh ahhhhh fuck my pussy ahhh ahhh harder ahhhh harder ahhhhhh amaaannn ahhhhh ahhhh”. He held me with my ahir and started pushing his cock fully inside my pussy, “fuckkkkkkkk ohhhhhh fuckkkkk ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk ahhhhhh ohhhh uhhhh uhhhh fuckkkk ahhhhhh fuckk ahhhh ahhh fuckkk ohhh ahhhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh don’t stop ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh”.

He kept fucking my pussy like this for almost 15 minutes and then he came all inside me. His dick was so big and satisfying that I couldn’t stop being fucked by him.

After that, we dressed up again. And he was super happy and satisfied with the sex as well. He gave me full marks in that exam and we fucked a lot after that. I will share more of my sex stories with Amaan later sometimes.

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