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I desperately wanted to do both, but it was impossible. So I kept sucking on my husband’s cock. It was well-stocked, and I had a great time putting his big glans in my mouth and staring him down. He simply closed his eyes and enjoyed my tongue’s abilities. I was in a trance and excited to feel his cock deep in my cunt. I imagined his glans pressing my labia apart and penetrating deep into me. I absolutely desired it.

I haven’t been this horny in a long time. We had a few too many glasses of wine today, and I just noticed the tail I was sucking in front of me. I felt warmth on my buttocks stretched back like a hallucination. I felt something on my pussy because my imagination was so strong. Something seemed to be boring between my labia. If I hadn’t known better, I’d have assumed someone was trying to fuck me. Something penetrated me because I was so horny. As if a cock would fuck me from behind, in and out slowly. This phantom fuck made me so hot that I screamed and sucked my husband even harder. I was a little dazed from the alcohol, but I had clear thoughts.

I freaked out when I suddenly felt hands on my buttocks! It wasn’t a phantom fuck, but a hard cock in my pussy. In a split second, I considered how that could be. I was hoping it wasn’t our dog Luffy who had stuck his cock in me. I turned around to see my son Rakib behind me, holding my butt and fucking me.

“RAKIB!?” I shouted and jumped forward. His cock escaped from my pussy. “What in the world are you doing?” I jumped onto my husband’s bed and threw a blanket over my body. I thought to myself, “My own son.” His penis was in my pussy. I believe it would have been better if it had been Luffy!

“Fuck,” Rakib said in response to my question. I was perplexed as I stared at him. My husband Raju had noticed the situation but had remained motionless.

“What on earth were you thinking?” I inquired angrily. “I wanted to give it a shot. Continue doing it, “He stated flatly. “Are you insane?! I’m your mom!”

My son looked at me blankly, as if he didn’t understand what was going on.

“What’s the point?”

“You fuck your own mother,” I said. “You also don’t just

put your thing in a woman’s buttocks without her permission” “So why not? Didn’t you enjoy it? “enquired he.

“But that isn’t the point!” I yelled. I didn’t want to think about it. “Raju, speak up about it as well!”

“What else can I say?” He reacted with surprising calm. “Did you enjoy it?” “Are you serious?” I became enraged.

“Look at it from a different angle: Rakib clearly liked it.”

My gaze was drawn to my son, who was still standing in the room, erection in hand. Obviously, yes.

“Did you happen to notice that your SON was just shoving his PIMMEL into my PUSSY?” I inquired, emphasizing the points he didn’t seem to grasp.

“Calm down, honey,” he said calmly. “It’s only sex. Nothing we don’t do in any case.”

I was furious. No longer to my son, who thought fucking his mother was a good idea, but to my husband, who apparently saw nothing wrong with it.

“So you don’t mind that our son, me, his mother, fucks?” I asked him again, hoping that this time he’d get it and that his previous opinion was just a result of the alcohol.

He responded without thinking: “If you don’t have a problem with it, I don’t either. Rakib clearly does not have it. It’s entirely up to you.”

My mouth was wide open. It was impossible for me to believe. I thought I was sexually permissive, but what my husband said surpassed everything. So it was perfectly acceptable for him to have sex with my son! Is he completely insane? My own flesh and blood, my son! I mean, that’s insane!

I removed the blanket and stood naked in front of my son and husband. “Would you like to fuck with mom?” I inquired of Rakib.

“Yes!” he exclaimed right away.

“Okay, fine. Come on in, “I said this indifferently. My son was desperate for sex with me, and my husband didn’t seem to mind. So I ignored it. Regardless, I told my son to come to me. Perhaps my husband would think it was unusual.

Rakib approached us on the bed and sat across from me on his hard slat. I returned my gaze to my husband. There was no reaction. So, I reasoned to myself. You prefer it this way.

“Come on, put it in,” I encouraged my son. “You’ve already figured it out.”

He leaned over me, smiling, and guided his cock to my still wet labia. I couldn’t believe it. Was I mistakenly cast in the wrong film? Both seemed unconcerned about the fact that my own son was about to push his cock into me. It was the last chance to snap it, but I let it happen. My husband should have seen how ill I was.

My son’s cock penetrated me deeply. I couldn’t help but think he’d stick his cock in the hole I’d dug for him. It was completely wrong on every level. He pulled his cock out and pushed it back in after he was finished with me. My own son messed with me. I lay motionless and stared at him, amazed at how enthusiastic he was.

“How are you, Rakib?” My husband inquired. “Just awesome,” moaned my son above me.

“How does it feel for you, honey?” he inquired. I despised him for asking this question. I had to think about how it felt, and if I was completely honest with myself, it felt good. But what did my husband anticipate? After all, my son literally “joined” us in the midst of our lovemaking. I was already excited, and now I had a hard cock inside of me. Of course, that was exciting. Even so, I knew it was wrong.

“How does it feel like being fucked by your own son?” I groaned in response.

Rakib came to a halt and looked at me with concern. “Should I pause, Mom?” I turned to face my son and spoke. “That’s fine.”

I hated that I found it cool in some way. I looked him in the eyes and saw my son in my mind. How could I have allowed him to fuck me? I pondered. On the other hand, I was overjoyed when he fucked me back and forth. He leaned in and kissed the top of my chest. “Mom,” he groaned, carefully sucking my nipple. I didn’t want to enjoy it so much, but it surprised me. I kept pretending to be cold and motionless beneath my child, but my breathing was a terrible traitor.

“So it wasn’t such a bad idea, was it?” When my husband noticed that I was slightly moaning, he smiled.

“Isn’t that a brilliant idea?” I spoke quickly. “Rakib, get off me,” I said. My son, surprised and sad, pulled his penis out of my pussy.

“Sit with your father,” I told him. He climbed to the top of the bed and sat against the wall.

“Now I’m going to show you a stupid idea,” I said as I rose to my feet. “Now I’m fucking my son,” I exclaimed angrily. It should sound like I’m doing it despite the fact that I’m looking forward to it.

I knelt over my son, who was staring at me intently. “Now mom demonstrates how good she can fuck.”

I sat on his legs and led his cock to my pussy. My husband kept a close eye on us, but I ignored him. “Aaaaah,” I groaned consciously as my son’s cock vanished into me. My husband had no qualms about fucking my son? I decided to put on a real show after that.

“Do you like your mother’s pussy?” As I sensually rode him, I groaned. “Yes, mom,” Rakib replied enthusiastically.

“Do you like your mother’s breasts?” “Oh yes”

“Then you should touch her. Suck on my nipple, kiss her” He pressed his face into my chest right away. “Suck on them as if you’re a baby.”

“Oh mom,” he moaned as he did it. I always moaned and rode him wilder. I had to perform a show before my husband, but it wasn’t a show anymore. I had a great time riding my boy and saying dirty things to him.

“Oh, yes, my darling. Suck on your mother’s tits, “I groaned, pressing my breasts harder against his face.

“You’re a good boy,” I told him. “With a hot cock that pleases mom”

“Mom,” he cried out in delight, and I felt his cock pulsing inside me. My son was on his way. I pressed my hip against his and tensed my pelvic floor muscles. “Oh, yes, my child. Spray me completely. Fill your sperm into Mom’s pussy.”

“Wow, mom,” Rakib exclaimed. “You are the greatest.”

When I turned to look at my husband, I couldn’t believe it – he was watching us and jerking himself away.

“I wish I had a mother like you, honey.” “Does that make you hot?” In disbelief, I inquired. “I’ve never seen anything as hot as that.”

I felt my son sagging in me as I looked over at my husband, who was holding his hard cock in his hand. I didn’t have nearly enough.

So I stood up from my son and sat on my husband. The sperm dripped from my cunt, but the majority of it stayed in me after my husband stuffed me with his latte. As a result, I rode my husband on a fully waxed cunt. Waxed completely with my own son’s sperm. With my extremely wet pussy, I kissed my husband and milked his cock. He groaned loudly, and I hadn’t seen him so animated in a long time. My husband didn’t take long to cum inside me. When I finally got up from him, I looked over at my son, who had switched roles with my husband and was watching us fuck. His cock stood like a one once more.

“Would you like another chance?” I inquired, excitedly. “Yes, mom,” he said. I knelt in front of him on all fours. “Take me, my son.”

He stood behind me, grabbed my ass, and shoved his cock into me before I could even breathe in and out. My husband stood there, exhausted but intrigued, watching us. Rakib fucked me harder this time, and we moaned in the choir together. He drove it like a rabbit alongside me and sprayed it back into my cunt. I had no idea what was wrong with me, but I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted it over and over. I was always wishing I could collect more of my son’s cum with my pussy. My inexperienced son was no exception. After only a few minutes of splashing me, he was ready to fuck his mother.

I was intoxicated by this sex and completely ignored my initial thoughts on it. I wanted to fuck my son and get fucked by him. Rakib came in his mother’s pussy seven times in a row until we lay down exhausted. My husband took his cell phone and even filmed the last few times. There was nothing hotter for me anymore.

“You can always have me,” I promised my son. My husband didn’t mind. And if he had something against it, I wouldn’t care. I got the taste of incest and nobody would stop me

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