Sex with Guest – Part 2


The nice guest met up with Ripa

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of


Hello there, my name is Ripa. I am 1.65 feet tall with blonde hair. I normally wear them up so you can see my lovely neck more clearly. I have a lovely breast and a cup size C. I adore my breasts and enjoy inspecting them in the mirror: two gorgeous huge apples with quite large nipples. I prefer to wear tight clothes that push my breasts somewhat, making my cleavage tea look very beautiful. Furthermore, these snug tops highlight my erotic wasp waist, which I am really proud of.

My bottom, on the other hand, is something I’m not so proud of. I believe it is fairly large. Although it is no longer bulky due to its round and substantial shape, I would love a smaller crack. Men, I’ve discovered, have a penchant for staring at my butt. But I must admit that I enjoy wearing high heels and going about with my hips swinging. My massive backside is swinging provocatively. So it’s no surprise that many men can’t get enough of my a$$.

I work as a waitress in a local pub. This is a job I enjoy. You stand out among folks who are normally cheerful. I can also flirt a lot, which I enjoy doing in my personal life.

Today was another evening when I was looking forward to both my work and flirting. I dressed up a little before coming to work, wearing gorgeous satin panties and a black push-up bra underneath, then a white, tight shirt with the top buttons left open and tight trousers without pockets on Butt, which highlighted my big, round ass well. The males should stare at my buttocks till their eyeballs fall out today.

Our pub was quite crowded. It’s no surprise that business was brisk on the weekends leading up to Christmas.

I served a very polite bunch of males, most likely on a corporate outing. One of the younger ones stood out for me: blue eyes, a nice grin, and a great bubble butt in my jeans. He was really nice to me and gave me a cheeky smile. His comments, which he addressed to me, were also sincere: he acknowledged my efforts as a waitress, but he had a specific wit in every syllable that made me chuckle. Besides, his sly glances at my buttocks were not hidden from me. Every time I stepped away from his table, his gaze was riveted on my round buttocks, which I knew how to stage nicely. When I looked back over my shoulder, I noticed his longing gaze on my bottom.

While his colleagues grew less abrupt as the evening progressed and after a few drinks, he stayed true to his line and treated me, as was quite charming at the start of the evening.

Around midnight, he paid for the entire bunch; it was a proper bill. I melted away as he gave me a very big tip and his gorgeous sly smile. I vowed to keep an eye on him and acquire his phone number later.

My shift was over at 1 a.m. I went to the restroom to try to figure out how to get the number. When I returned, I didn’t see my crush. The group was still present, but he had already left. What nonsense!

I hastily grabbed my jacket, said my goodbyes to my coworkers, and dashed outdoors. Nothing was found when I searched the parking lot. I dashed down the driveway. Then I noticed him. He walked home, wrapped tightly in his jacket.

I finally caught up with him: “Please wait for me. Thank you for your kind tip today!” “You’re very welcome. Is that why you’re chasing me now?” “No, I just completed work and am on my way home!” “Oh, so! On foot and by yourself? Not without risk!” “I understand, but I can’t ask you to drive me home.” “Well, why not?” At the same moment, I felt hot and chilled. That it would be so simple…

“But that’s lovely!” “Then that’s the way!” I exclaimed. I pointed him in the correct path. The trail took me down a dark stairway. I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing him, pushing him against the wall, and starting to kiss him like mad as soon as we were in the dark. “Oh my gosh, you’re stupid,” I thought to myself, but I couldn’t stop myself. I hope I didn’t screw things up now.

But that was not the case: he returned my violent kisses almost as if he had been expecting them. And then he hugged me and proceeded to my bottom with his hands. I thought so, too! He started kneading it fiercely, which made me groan. Because I enjoy landing there! I felt a lot of pain in his jeans, which he crushed into my stomach. That piqued my interest. I got wet on my cunt right away. I took his hand in mine and guided him to my house.

I threw it onto the bed as soon as the door to my small flat was shut: “So, my little fetishist! Do you think I didn’t notice your greedy looks at my backside today?” He blushed with humiliation! How wonderful!!! “But I have to confess that your butt massage has blown me away! Now sit back and relax!”


I gently took off my tight jeans and turned to face him. He stared at my ass, which was slowly slipping out of my pants, as if enchanted.

Then I launched an assault. “Now you can see him up close!” I said as I put myself on top of him. With his face to his knees, I stuck my butt in the face.

He didn’t give himself much time to beg. He grasped my tight ass cheeks, stroked them, and drew my column to his face greedily. He began licking my column through the panties. I wasn’t expecting such a speedy response.

I turned him on when I heard a loud moan. I hope it didn’t upset him that I was not just wet, but drenched between my legs.

But I didn’t have to be concerned about it. He nearly devoured me and ran his tongue over my moist pantyhose.

But I didn’t do nothing either. I removed his pants and freed his cock from his panties. He jumped at me: a participant in the murder! Wow! I ran my tongue along it before wrapping my lips around it. He gave forth a contented murmur.

He also liberated my a$$ and pussy from my pantyhose. Then he put on a real firework show with his fingers and tongue. He touched my clit first, then pushed his tongue into my cunt, then rubbed my finger through my column again and greedily licked my cunt juice. It’d never seen anything so cool before.

What’s more, he got it in my tight rear hole: he gently massaged my rosette with his fingers, then sucked my slime from the front hole to the back of my asshole and distributed my hot juice there. Then he dug his finger slowly into my plump ass. It was a cool sensation, he was so caring and careful, yet so definite.

My groans became more audible. It didn’t take long: with his tongue in my cunt and his index finger in my buttocks, I cried out in the midst of the hottest orgasm I’d ever had.

I was on a lustful high. I slipped down and slammed his thick cock all the way into my hot hole, as if in a trance. He sighed loudly now. I began to move up and down.

I was becoming increasingly fast. I rode him like a stallion’s rider. But what was that? My next orgasm was approaching. I’d never had anything like it before: two orgasms in a succession – would it happen today?

I accelerated my ride on him. I could tell by his moans that he wouldn’t be around for long.

He suddenly began rubbing my bottom from behind, packing tight into my large buttocks and kneading them. That was fantastic! I began to moan once again. Then he grabbed his index finger and gently pushed it inside my rear door.

Then it was all about me: I had my second orgasm with his enormous cock in my wet cunt and his index finger in my butt. My vagina cramped as I sprang up and groaned loudly.

That was too much for him as well. He blasted his entire load into my pussy with a shout, pushed and pumped, and I felt his sperm pour into my vagina.

I collapsed on him, exhausted and sweaty. Or should I say: bursting at the seams with liquids, for it wasn’t simply perspiration that poured down and out of my body…

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