Sex with EX-Lover – Day 2


5 Days with Ex-lover – Day 2

Hi readers! I’m Maya and I’m back with part 2 of my story. You are reading this story at

Ahaan and I enjoyed the rest of the party, by teasing each other constantly. I bit my lips whenever he looked at me.

I loved making him crazy for me. He felt like a milestone for me. Which I needed to win tonight. I didn’t want to let him go, easily.

We walked towards the table for dinner. He was sitting right in front of me. I looked him straight in the eyes when he sat down.

He passed me a smile, which turned me on. I hit his feet lightly with my heels and when he looked at me, I bit my lower lip and looked straight at his lips. It was turning him on as well, I knew!

We started having our dinner but the only thing in my mind was him! And how I’m going to make this night unforgettable for him.

While eating, I made him super nervous by constantly looking at him, flirtatiously!

I took a piece of salmon, in between my lips, and moved towards his lips.

I placed my lips on top of his and we shared the salmon. He gave me a peck on my lips and we finished our dinner.

Now it was time to leave. We met our colleagues and friends and said goodbye to them.

Now we were going towards the exit. You are reading this story at

He held my hand, strongly in his masculine hands. We walked towards the parking lot and there was no sound of any being. As we entered the parking lot, he pulled me to a side, behind the pillar. His hands ran up my spine and our lips locked with passion.

“Ummmmmmmahhhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ummmmahhhhhh!!!!”

Ahaan….. I want you to…….

I left the sentence in the middle and pulled my top up. Now I was in a black bra and my top was almost up to my neck.

He wrapped my legs against his legs and his lips got to my neck!

“ahhhhhhhhh mmmmhmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh…”

I was getting horny like a wild cat in the heat.

I kept pressing his head on my neck while he was biting it like he was craving me and my skin!!!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Ahaaaaan…….!!!! Ahhhhh!!!”

His hands slipped into my bra and his lips went directly from my neck to my nipples!!!

“Oh fuckkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!”

He stretched my nipples with his teeth!!!!!! “Ahhhhhhh!!! Ahannn!!!!

His lips made my nipples wet and his teeth were playing with my nipples by stretching them and I started to bounce my boobs, while my legs were wrapped around his legs.

“Ahhh ahh ahh ah ah ahhh ahhhh!!!”

“I missed you dammit!!!!! I FUCKING MISSED YOU AHH!!! “

“I missed loving you babe!!!!!”

Now he started sucking my boobs one by one, and I kept forcing and pressing his head on my boobs.

He was so fucking passionate about sucking my boobs !!!

Like he was just born to suck them titties!!!!

My pussy started getting wet again

I wanted to take his dick all inside my pussy again!!!!!

We were madly loving each other and suddenly we heard footsteps approaching.

I quickly pulled my dress down again and he held me in his arms.

We hugged and while hugging our crotch rubbed against each other’s and I could feel his iron rod-like dick getting hard again.

He could also feel my pussy getting wet for him.

We wanted to fuck each other so hard at that moment that we didn’t want anything to stop us from madly making love!

He held me in his lap and we walked towards his car.

“It feels so good to be back!!” He said while looking at my face.

His eyes were sharp and his gaze went straight to my heart. Like I was the only loveable person at that moment.

He kissed my forehead and I closed my eyes. You are reading this story at

Now we reached his car. He opened the car door and we sat in the car.

It was dark outside and we sat in the car, close to each other.

I put my head on his shoulder and he started driving the car.

After a while, we reached a quiet street with no one around. He stopped the car and we looked at each other with love, once again!

Now it was time to fall in love once again!

He pulled me close and we hugged once again.

This time, no one was around. I took off his coat and threw it in the back seat. He took my dress off and flew it to the backseat of the car. Now I unbuttoned his shirt and his chest was bare in front of me. I started kissing his chest and neck!!

He started getting weak for me, and I was having fun while making him go mad at me!!

“Ahhhhhh ahhh ahhhh!!!! Ahh !!!! uhh ummmhhhahhhhh ahhhh ahh ahh ahhhhh!!!!!”

As I was kissing his chest, his hairy chest kept turning me on!!

His chest was so hairy and so hot!!!!!!

My lips wet the chest with saliva and he leaned his head back, getting hornier for me!!

Now I got an idea

I turned towards him and unzipped his pants!!

His dick was getting as hard as a rod, in his pants!

I took his dick out of his underwear and now my hands were holding his dick as hard and strongly as I could!!

My fist held his hard dick and he pushed my head on his dick!!!


A moan slipped out of his mouth and this was the right time to make it even hard for me!

I put my lips on his dick!

“Remember… I loved when you dirty talked with me! When you called me dirty words, it made my naughty pussy dripping wet!!”

“Oh.. ahhh……. Fuck!! Yess… I remember that too!!!!!” You are reading this story at

“Be my horny bitch… kutti bn jao!!!!!! Chussss lou is lunn ko, gashti bnnn k!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(Be my bitch. Suck this dick like a whore!!”)

This made me even crazyyyy and hott!!!!!

I took his cock in my mouth. “Uhhhhmmmm ahhh ahhh … uhhh uh uhhhh uhhhh”

“Choooooossssss ghashtiiiiiiii………. Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Meriiiiiiiiiiiii randiiiiii haiiii naaaa tuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Choooooos!!!!”

(suckkk it whore!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! You are my whoree!!!!! Ahhh…. Suckkkk it!!!!!!!!!!)

I started sucking his cock like a seasoned bitch!!!

“Uhhh uhhh ah ahhh uh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh hahaha ah ah ahhhh ahhhhh!!!!!!!!”

I kept stroking his dickk with my mouth !!!!

His dick was going in and out of my mouth!!!!!!

I started to slow down while sucking to give him even more pleasure!!! With a slow pace, I was sucking his dick.

“Ahhh kutttiiiiiiiyaaa……. Tuuuu meriiiii kutiyaaaaa hai….. Meriiiii randiiiii haiiii…… meriiiiiiii gashtiiiii haiii…. Ahhhhhh meriiii randiiii…. Ahhhhhhhh gashtiii ki trhaaaaa chussss…. Ahhhhh chussssss randiiiiiiii!!!!”

(Ah ah ahhhh bitchhh!!!!! You are my fucking bitch!!!!!!! My fucking whore!!!!! My fucking slut!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh my slut!!!!!! Suck it like a slut !!!!!!!!!! suck it ahhh ahhhhhhh suckkk it whore!!!!!!!! Fuck whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

We were enjoying our blow job sesh loudly!!

Now I increased my speed and my mouth was thrusting his cock inside and out fastly!!!!

I was sucking it like a lollipop and my saliva was dripping on his legs!

Now he held my head in his hand and started to push my head harder on his dick.

Now his whole dick was inside my mouth.

I started to give him a deep throat like a fucking slut!!!

His dick was hitting the back of my throat and I was loving the feeling!!!

“Kitniiiiii ghashtiiiii bn gyii haiii tu mayaa!!!!!!! Pehly tou ese nai chusti thi!!!! Ahhhhhh mayaaaa!!!!!!!!! Kia chez hai tuuuu maaaaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh puraaa lunnn chussssss zorrr se !!”

(“What a whore you have become MAYA!! You didn’t use to suck like this before! Ahhhhh Mayyaaa!! What a girl you are!!! Ahhhh suck my whole dick hard!!!”)

I kept pounding my head on his dick, taking it deep till the end of my throat!!

I was choking but still kept sucking nonstop!!!!!!!

Now his balls were in my hands!!!

“Ubb tattayyyy bhe chusay gi ghastiiii??!!!!!!”

(Now you’ll also suck my balls, whore!!)

I started to play with his balls. “Ahhhhhh hhhhhhh ahhhhh fuckkkk ahhhh ahhhh fuckkk ahhh!!!!!”

His balls were getting so hard and I pushed them inside my mouth too!

Now I was being a complete whore for him.

His balls were in my mouth and I was so close to choking!!!!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh faster ahhhhhhh fasterrrrrrrrrrrrr ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhh fuckkkkkk!!!!!!! Fasterrrrrrr ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh fuckkkkk youu ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah ahhhh ahhhhhhh ahhh!!!!” You are reading this story at

His dick started to get rock hard and with a jerk, he came all inside my mouth!!

I wanted him to cum all inside my mouth and he did!!!!!

I swallowed all his cum load and cleaned his dick off of cum, with my lips.

“Ah!!!!!! Mayaaa!!!! I love youu baby!”

I love you more heart! I hugged him.

Now He cleaned up his dick with tissue paper.

We started driving again. I put my head on his shoulder again, and he kept playing with my hair with my left hand…

“What next?” I asked him

“My place?”He asked.

“Maybe….. ?”

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