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Fucked my Cousin Sister Simmi

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This is a story about me and my cousin Simmi, whom I had a crush on and sex with. I decided to write about an incident that occurred to me recently during the lockdown period. So, without further ado, let me get right to the narrative.

My name is Anubhav, and I am 26 years old and work in Mumbai. I used to go to my uncle’s house regularly because I had a strong bond with them. We used to hang out with my aunt and uncle, their younger son, and Simmi, the heroine of my story.

Simmi is likewise 26 years old and has a lot of flesh on every region of her body. She keeps her form in shape by doing regular exercises at home, therefore her measurements are 32-28-34. When she goes around her house in leggings, her buttocks bounce here and there, forming a deep ass crack line.

My rod begins to rise to its full length just by seeing her. Her melons resemble little mangoes that are ready to be eaten and sucked for their full juices. My cousin Simmi and I also got along well since we had similar perspectives. Because we were the same age, there was good competition in terms of academics between her and me. She was a great student, but I was just an ordinary student, so she was always getting plaudits from all of my relatives for doing well in school. After that, we both completed our graduations and chose to pursue a Master’s degree. We were both due to take the admission exam, so we both applied for it and we’re studying for it. My aunt was pleased since she used to provide us cold drinks, snacks, and other goodies when we did the joint study. We were studying late at night one time, and she was in front of me. Because my cousin was bending down and writing something, I could easily see her cleavage because she wasn’t wearing a bra at the moment. The sharp slash between her melons was driving me insane. My cousin’s melons were being pushed up by her sitting position, which was driving me insane. She noticed me glancing at her watermelons. I averted my gaze as she questioned, “Hey Anubhav, have you not seen any balls, haan, till now?”

I was taken aback by her sudden inquiry about balls and responded, “Balls…, what balls?”

Simmi: I noticed you were looking at my boobs.

I was taken aback when I heard the term ‘boobs’ directly from her mouth. “Oops, sorry,” I said. I was just…and it was your fault since you were sitting in that posture and hadn’t worn a bra.

Simmi: So you’ve figured out that I’m not wearing a bra, Yes!

Me: Hmm… certainly, anyone may say that based on your sitting position and protruding boobs.

My cousin seemed to be getting in the mood. “How shameless you are, staring at your own cousin’s sister’s boobs and talking straight to her in this manner,” she said.

Me: I agree, I’m shameless; it’s simply because I’m a boy and I’m at an age where this type of feeling for a boy is typical, but it’s shameless of you not to cover it up and talk to me directly, na.

“Ooh.. ya we are kind of the same thinking personalities, eight?” she laughed.

Simmi: Don’t you have a GF to do all of that stuff, haan?

Me: I’m not so fortunate, ya. You must have a boyfriend, right?

Simmi: By the way, why are you so certain that I have a boyfriend?

Me: Exactly like that, but I just guessed it.

Simmi: Tell me right now.

Me: You’d be upset with me, so just leave it.

Just shut talking and tell me, Simmi. We’re much more open and accepting now.

Me: I want a girlfriend like you since you are so beautiful and hot!

Simmi: Hahaha

Hot! What’s the matter, what’s the matter with me?

Me: From head to toe, your gorgeous face, your boobs, your waist, and…..I came to a halt.

Simmi: And…tell me what.

Me: Hmm… sure, your butts are so lovely and sexy that they can make even an old man fall in love with you.

Simmi: Is that it? So you’ve been closely monitoring and observing me… Yes.

We were both getting into the swing of things.

Yes, you wear such tight clothes that anyone can readily see your contours.

Simmi: So you’re saying it’s all my fault…. haan,…ha.

Yes, yes, it’s entirely your fault.

Simmi then abruptly requested, “Can we kiss?”

I was taken aback by my cousin’s unexpected question. I didn’t believe her remarks and assumed I was in a dream. I just kept quiet till she pinched me and I snapped back to reality. It wasn’t a dream, it was reality.

“Can we kiss?” my cousin’s sister inquired once more.

In my mind, I had been anticipating this day for a long time. My cousin then approached me and hugged me. It was the nicest feeling I’d ever had. She was dressed simply in a shirt and shalwar. Her boobs were entirely mashed against my chest, and the sponginess of her boobs was palpable. I, too, hugged her strongly, and we remained in that position for a few moments. She then walked away from me, staring deeply into my eyes. I only gave a small smile. She glanced down, embarrassed, and I approached her mouth carefully, took her face in my hands, and tried to kiss her on the lips, but she moved her face and faced the other way. I understood her aim, so I took her hand in mine and began stroking and kissing it, then slowly lifted her face and kissed her on the forehead. As I kissed her nose and then her eyes, she closed her eyes. My cousin sighed briefly before I pressed a kiss on her lips. She groaned but didn’t say anything. I kissed her lips again on top, and this time she took my hands in hers and slowly opened her lips to kiss me back. That was a memorable occasion for me

Her soft lips were mine, and we were both on another planet simply kissing each other. I carefully placed her lower lip in my mouth and began sucking. It had a fantastic flavor. I just kept sucking it, and Simmi was gently moaning, allowing me to suck even more of it.

I sucked her bottom lip for a while. Simmi then took my hand in hers and pressed it on her boobs. I was once again taken aback, but I just went with the flow and slowly pressed it. She murmured once more, Aaah…hmmm…I glanced at her, leaving her lip untouched. My cousin stared me in the eyes, and our lips touched once more, this time she grasped my lip and began sucking and biting it. I couldn’t speak, but I tried and said, “Easy sweetie, I am all yours and I am only here,” and she took my tongue and began to suck and taste it. My dick had already begun to rise to the fullest. As she continued sucking my tongue, we were both lost in our lustful world. Our tongues were teasing one other. She was moving her tongue all over my teeth, which was a pleasant sensation. Our breathing was heavy, and we could feel one other’s breaths close to our noses. After a half-hour of kissing and licking, she left me and lay on the bed, signaling me to come over her. I instantly obeyed her orders. I slid down on her slowly, my rod brushing her pussy area and my legs beneath her legs. We began kissing again, but this time I grabbed both of her boobs and began pressing them firmly; she was enjoying it while moaning. Then she put her right hand under my jeans, looking for my rod. I assisted her by elevating my ass a little, allowing her to feel the hardness above my jeans.

I walked away from her and asked, “Can I sample your gorgeous boobs?” “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” she explained. Go on, don’t stop for anything today, I’m all yours, Anubhav.”

Her words left me, and my rod got completely erect. I then made her stand up and begin to remove her top while she assisted me by raising her hands in the air. There was a view of her two magnificent melons hanging straight as if staring at me and urging me to grasp and eat them. They were spherical and sturdy, with a little coin-sized areola in the center.

I just stood there marveling at those melons for a while before Simmi whispered, “Come on, don’t stop.” I jumped over them and began sucking her left nipple, pressing her right breast, and squeezing it. She was wailing and shouting, “Now they’re yours.” Yesss… Drink as much as you want… “Suck it, hmmm yes…”Aaaaaah, Anubhav, it hurts,….. go slow,” I pinched my cousin’s breast harder as she shouted out in anguish. I then moved from her left nipple to her right nipple and began sucking. I couldn’t get enough of the flavor of her nipple combined with her sweat. I sucked her nipples for a long time before coming down and licking her stomach. Then I stuck my tongue into her navel. It was deep, and I inserted half of my tongue. I began circularly rolling my tongue, and she was having the time of her life.

“Aaaaa Yess

My licking and saliva all over her stomach had made it wet. When I approached her and began licking her ears with my tongue, she exclaimed, “Aaaa “Ouch, yes do it,” she said as I carefully nibbled her ear lobe.

I then licked her ears, nose, eyes, and all over her face, completely drenching her face with my saliva. After that, I lifted her armpit. She gave me a look. “I want to lick and taste here as well,” I responded. “It’s filthy there,” she remarked. “Nooo, I love the flavor of every part of your body, let me do it,” I said.”I love you, you are so nice and lovely,” she remarked with a smile. “Just allow me to shower my love on you,” I responded. Then she said, “All right, do whatever makes you happy.” “It will not only make me happy, but it will also make you feel fantastic,” I said. My cousin then lifted her arms, and I kissed her under her arms while smelling sweat. It smelled great. I then rolled my tongue over it; she had little hairs there, indicating that she had cropped her hair a day or two previously. I swirled my tongue over it and licked every inch of both her armpits and she was having a good time with it. “Will only you get to taste everything, or will I have a chance as well?” she continued. Now you lie down, and I’ll show you what I’m capable of.”I was pleased to hear that and immediately sat down near her. The scene I couldn’t miss was when she landed on top of me and her boobs moved side by side. She leaned across my chest and licked my nipple, and I sighed, hmmmmm…

She put my breast in her mouth and began rolling her tongue over it before biting it. “Heyy

She then proceeded down, licking my stomach, then stopped and climbed up, and I was like, what? She immediately began unhooking my jeans, and I asked, “Heyyy, are you sure?”

Simmi: Just have fun with it; it’s your turn now.

Me: Hmmm… okay.

She unhooked my pants and began to slip them down while I assisted her by elevating my hips, and she removed the jeans completely and set them aside. As she stroked and rolled her hand over the roof, my rock hard dick was already saluting it. It was an inexplicable sensation. My cousin then requested me to assist her a little more, and she began slipping my underwear. I raised my hips once more. My penis shot out and came close to her face as she removed her panties. “Ooohh so it’s fully ready for the action….. hmmm,” she kept looking at it. She licked it, swirled her tongue over it, and finally took it in her mouth without wasting any time. I had not expected this from Simmi, but I was simply enjoying the moment. She kept sucking on it like it was a lollipop. I was completely euphoric, and sperm was forming inside of me. My nerves were completely frayed, so I told Simmi that I might cum. She then came to a halt, rose up, and began opening her salwar, saying, “Not so soon.” She took off her salwar. Woooow… She was completely naked in front of me, save for her blue underwear. Her legs shone in the light, and she continued to show me her body by rolling the front back. She then took her panties off carefully as well. Then came the best scene of my life: a thin dark line running across her clean-shaven cunt’s legs.

“Yummy,” I muttered as I stroked my tongue across my mouth.

“Wanna taste?” she inquired.

“Of course,” I answered, and she opened her juicy pussy lips and squatted over my face. I began by rubbing my tongue over her pussy lips and then putting my tongue into her pussy.

“Hm “Come on, Anubhav.” Her comments drove me insane, and I began sucking and putting more of my tongue deep into her pussy. She was moaning, hmmm….aaaaa She was biting and rolling her tongue in her mouth.

I then touched her pustular lips and parted them even more. Her small pee-hole and pink flesh were covered layer by layer, like a rose petal. “Heyy

I was overjoyed to hear it, and it showed on my face. “Yes, I have decided to lose my virginity to you,” she remarked, smiling. “I adore you, Simmi,” I murmured, overjoyed. I started licking her inside lips once more. Her inner walls were releasing secretions, which lubricated the pussy walls. I kept sucking and licking it, rubbing my tongue all over it. “Aaaaaaaah, go slow Anubhav,” she said as I slowly inserted my finger. I cautiously put a portion of my finger, removed it, and then reinserted it. Finally, I put in one full finger. It was so hot inside that I could feel it on my finger. Simmi was constantly groaning and uttering noises, “Sssshs…

I kept sucking her cunt and finger fucking her. “Anubhav, hurry up, I’m about to cum,” Simmi said. I accelerated my finger fucking, and after a while, she yelled and smacked me across the face with full power. Her love juices splashed all over my face and nose as my entire face was covered in her love juices. She stood up and sat down next to me, resting. After a while, she turned to face me and said, “You are so great, Anubhav.” “There’s a lot more to come, sweetheart,” I said. She then closely hugged me, and we both fell asleep embracing each other.

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