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Good day, Readers. This is Suchit and Maya’s story. They were both classmates and college friends. They are both married and in love with each other. Maya has no world; she is constantly preoccupied with Suchit. Suchit is a gentleman who has never touched another girl. They had sex before marriage as well. On the bed, Maya says no to Suchit. They did not plan for the child due to financial constraints. Their marriage was opposed by both of their parents. Suchit was involved in an accident one wonderful day. His leg was injured, and it took him two months to heal.

He was unable to engage in sex after that. To be honest, his dick had quit working. He was unable to collect a single drop. Despite seeing a lot of porn videos, his dick is still a little piece. His dick remained motionless. He sought the advice of numerous doctors, only to be disappointed. Maya, on the other hand, has no problems without sex. She is content with Suchit, and time passes. Maya hasn’t had any sex in five years. She didn’t appear to be interested in sex. However, they are subjected to parental pressure. Following the accident, Suchit and Maya’s parents came together and began to help them. Maya is afraid that revealing her husband’s secret will force her to divorce. Maya is happy without sex, and all she wants for Suchit is for him to be happy. Suchit, on the other hand, is dissatisfied and wants Maya to enjoy her sex life with other guys.

Suchit discovered a sex stories website and began reading sex stories. He got in touch with a few readers. But it took some time for him to discover a trustworthy person. Meanwhile, he persuaded Maya to have sex with someone else. Maya consented to Suchit’s proposition since she didn’t want to hurt him. Suchit arranged a hotel room and handed the Maya over to the Reader. Maya was uninterested, but she accepted it for the sake of Suchit’s happiness. Maya was dressed sexily in a one-piece gown. Her dress came down to her knees, and her cleavage was enormous. Maya was left with no choice as Suchit left the room. The Reader is neither tall nor bulky. He appears to be a normal guy, and Maya dislikes him. Maya and Suchit both go to the gym every day. Maya stands roughly 5.3 feet tall, has a bra size of 34 B, a waist size of 26, and a fantastic ass shape. Her skin tone is exotic, and she is dressed in a sky blue gown. She is dressed in a one-piece outfit with a half-jacket on top. The aroma in the room was lovely, and her crimson lips enticed the Reader to go hard. He began to approach her, and Maya began to back up in dread. She was out of her element. Her heart was pounding. She was exhaling loudly and touching the room’s wall. He approached her, grasped her palms on his own, and forced her against the wall. Maya closed her eyes as he kissed her on the forehead. Maya put costly perfume on herself. Because of her smell, the Reader’s blood was boiling. He then kissed her cheeks, eyes, and nose. He placed his lips on hers and began sucking her bottom lips. Maya was out of her control. The Reader, on the other hand, was sucking her lip and tasting her lipstick.

With his liplock kiss, he was attempting to break her lips. But Maya wouldn’t let him have a liplock. Her eyes were closed, and she was deep in thought. She did not back him in his desire for sex. But Maya’s figure made the Reader’s blood boil. He pressed his chest against her boobs, unlocking her palms. Her boobs were compressing, and Maya could feel his dick brushing against her belly button. His dick is powerful, and he was counting on her belly button. Maya’s face was changing, and she opened her eyes to look at the Reader. Reader moved his fingers inside her dress, touching her thighs. Oh! It’s a horny sensation for her. Maya’s mood was shifting as she felt his stiff dick. He began drawing circles on the upper half of her thighs, and her pussy began to moisten. Her nipples were begun in an erected state. She was chewing her lower lip without realizing it. The Reader nibbles her earlobes, intensifying her sexual desires. Maya groans and inquires about his identity.

Reader: Do you want to know what my name is?

Maya: Of course.

Reader: Darling, please ask my name using acceptable slang words. (while sucking her neck)

Maya: Asshole, your dick is enticing me. What is your given name?

Reader: Sexy babe! Chaitanya is my name. What kind of fucking do you want me to do?

Maya: I’ve been away from sex for quite some time. Fuck me good.

Maya’s hand was on Reader’s dick as he unzipped his pants. “How would you like me to fuck?”

Maya: Fuck you like a b*tch. Desi babe! Please make me yours.

She began gently caressing his dick. He pushes his tongue into her mouth and twists her tongue with his own. Maya’s principles were shattered by that kiss, and she began to support the Reader. She was kissing him passionately while caressing his dick.

He removed her dress’s back hooks and shoulder straps without her knowing. When they broke the kiss, the Reader could see the lust in her eyes. He inserts his finger into her bra and begins stroking her aroused nipple.

Maya: (moaned) Please don’t do it.

Reader, what’s going on?

Maya: Something is going on between my legs.

Reader, what is going on?

Maya: My cunt is getting drenched. It seemed as if a current was flowing through my cunt.

Your cunt wants my dick, reader.

Maya: You’re right, asshole. My cunt is fucked.

Reader: I’m going to fuck you like a slut.

Maya: I’m feeling a little naughty right now. Fuck me, don’t ask any questions.

Reader, please take off my dress and your dress.

Maya removed her dress and stood naked in front of him without hesitation. The Reader yanks her hair and bites the back of her neck. The Reader’s temperature rose as a result of her naked and shaved body. She’s sultry and seductive. She undressed him and bit his chest nipple. Maya was taken aback when she saw his dick. It’s long and slender. He asked her to spread her legs wider. Maya shifted her weight, and he knelt. He sniffed her pussy and tasted her cunt top lips. Maya moaned and clutched his hair. The Reader, on the other hand, wants more hints.

As a result, he lifts her in his arms and places her on the bed. He began kissing her lips. His kiss was passionate this time. They were both swapping saliva and kissing fiercely.

Reader’s boobs were being crushed by his chest, and her hands were wrapped around his neck. He then broke the kiss and kissed her neck, cleavage, and chin. He then began sucking her boobs one by one. Maya was moaning seductively. The Reader then took an ice cube and began stroking her nipples with it. Maya was engrossed in his foreplay. He rubbed the ice cube between her boob gap, and the melting water touched her navel. Then he sat on her thighs and dropped honey on her belly button. He stroked her nipple with ice crystals while holding the dick over her. Maya’s naked body was becoming cold, which heightened her wicked wants. Melted water brushed up against the honey, going through on her cunt. His dick was dripping with honey. She also felt warmth on her cunt. He licked her cunt and stretched her legs further. Maya was wailing and yanking on his hair. Her moans became more audible. He gradually increased the speed of his licking and advanced to position 69. Maya began to offer a blowjob. She liked the flavor of honey and was shameless in sucking his dick and groaning. He was licking her cunt and ass while she drank his cum. Maya was in awe of his licking. She had never sat on the mattress and loved the pussy licking for so long. They both licked for a while before separating from the 69 positions. Then he widened her legs and inserted his index finger, licking her top pussy lips. Maya’s moaning became more audible as a result of this deed. Suchit never inserted his finger into her cunt. His finger was on a sensitive portion of her body.

Maya was moaning, as if to say, “Please fuck me.” However, he raised his middle finger. It traveled a longer distance, and Maya became his slave. She grips his wrist and quickly presses his fingers together. He was also sucking her cunt at the same time. She was drenched.

She was dripping wet and moaning. However, he pushes another index finger into her crotch. “You asshole! You asshole!” she screamed. Bastard, you’re a jerk! “I am your heiress!” The Reader, on the other hand, didn’t stop licking her pussy. She was yanking on the bedsheet, her legs spread wide in the air. Her pussy was dripping moist. The reader then took a piece of pink metal and twisted it in a doggie fashion. He massaged his dick over the pussy while pressing her nipples. Maya was moaning as he pushed his large dick inside her cunt from behind. His dick is thicker than Thatcher’s. His dick was forcing his pussy lips against her pussy lips.

Maya was unable to maintain a doggie position. Her hands slid and slid across the bed. The Reader continued to put his enormous dick within her cunt. Maya was moaning in anguish. But he drove his dick completely inside her cunt from behind. He later widened her ass cheeks and put the pink metal inside her ass hole. Maya was screaming in agony. Reader shoved the pink metal down her throat. Maya is unaware that the pink metal is a vibrator. He pressed the play button, and Maya became the world’s indifferent observer.

Her moans were audible, and a vibrator enhanced her pleasure. Then he started shooting in her pussy. His swings were powerful and came from the rear. Maya was getting double penetration, which she had never had before. Inside her pussy, reader cum.

It’s seeping into her body and rubbing against her sensitive areas. Maya is on ovulation day, but she has also begun to appreciate his hard sex. She was requesting that he fuck in a missionary role. The reader put her in a missionary stance and began fucking her.

Maya’s legs were flying in the air, and her boobs were being crushed by him. Her pussy was grinding with thick dick and she was groaning like an animal. Her groin was stuffed with a vibrator. She’s muttering, “Fuck! Fuck! You motherfucking jerk! “Fuck me hard.”

He inserted another vibrator in her pussy after the missionary position. The Reader sat on her boobs and pressed the vibrator. She was in heaven this time. Her ass and pussy were vibrating, and the Reader inserted his dick into her mouth. Maya was aware of his weight, but she was also relieved to bear it. She was sucking on his dick and chewing on his come. He turned off the vibrator after ten minutes and pulled it from pussy and her ass. Because of the thick vibrator, her pussy lips were well stretched.

In a missionary posture, he began inserting his huge dick into her cunt. Maya was having a good time and moaning loudly. Her throat grew parched. The Reader, on the other hand, fucked her in that position for 20 minutes and poured a big come inside her cunt.

Maya insisted on the Reader fucking all night. He fucked her in every position conceivable in her pussy and ass. Maya’s cunt was full of cum and was sleeping without her knowledge. She awoke late in the morning to see that the Reader had left the room. She had a shower and then checked out of the motel.

She had a nasty pussy and an ass. Her entire body was covered in love bites. After that occurrence, she didn’t dare to see Suchit. For a week, she cried, but Suchit encouraged and supported her.

She missed her regular periods after a month. Maya was not startled by her pregnancy because the Reader poured a large amount of cum into her womb. Suchit accepted her pregnancy and her child. We hope you enjoy our story please stay tuned with so we can continue to provide you with the best sex stories.


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