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After a few years of experimentation and fun in college, Dighi settled on a guy. She wasn’t sure if that was the right thing for her, but it was how she felt at the time. After a few years of having fun with girls, she had to settle. Not just with a man, but also in life. Right after college, she landed a nice, cushy and boring, a job in an office. It was what everyone told her to do. Graduate college gets a job and a boyfriend. It was the path she was pushed into by her family and friends as well as the society around her. Sure, she liked to party and have fun while studying, but all of that was behind her. The wild nights with kinky girls were over. Now, Dighi was dating Laxman. It had been a few months already and their relationship was starting to get more serious. They were packing their luggage, ready to go on a vacation with his mom. Dighi had never seen her boyfriend’s mom, but she was excited to meet her, if all the stories she had heard were true, Ms. Cummings was an interesting woman. She was in her forties, good-looking, successful, and recently divorced. That weekend in Mexico was going to be an important milestone for Dighi and Laxman’s relationship. Meeting the parents is always exciting and stressful as it can make or break a relationship. But she wasn’t worried. Dighi was always good with her parents. It was also going to be the first trip the couple was going to take together. Finding the free time and money to travel was challenging for the young couple, and they hadn’t been anywhere yet.


Luckily Ms. Cummings was covering the accommodation, which allowed Laxman and Dighi to finally do some traveling.

“Did you only pack things you’ll need? We don’t have that much space in the luggage” – Dighi always had to double-check with her aloof boyfriend.

“Yeah, of course. I’m not 12. I know what I need on a trip.”

“I am asking because you have a jacket here. It is 100 degrees in Mexico right now.” – she was annoyed.

“Oh, yeah, I guess. Can you put it away, please? I can’t pause when playing online.”

It sometimes felt like she was in a relationship with a teenage boy. Unlike her, Laxman was still struggling with adult life. It wasn’t just that he couldn’t pack his bags. He also struggled to find a good job with his ‘communications’ degree. Currently, her boyfriend worked part-time in the Jamba Juice in the Mall and spent all of his free time smoking weed and playing video games. It wasn’t Dighi’s idea of productive time management, but she could never convince him to do anything else. Things were a little rocky between the two of them in the past few days, especially due to the lack of sex. It had been a week since they last did it and the young and pretty Dighi was starting to get disillusioned. She figured the Vacation with his mom would be the perfect place to rekindle their relationship.

When they landed in Mexico, the young couple had to hang out at the airport for a few minutes, until Laxman’s mom arrived. It was always awkward when they had to spend so much time alone, together. Dighi found it hard to keep a conversation going with her boyfriend for too long and was relieved when his mother finally arrived. She was a beautiful MILF, blonde and tall. Laxman’s mom had an asymmetric face, with sharp features. She was wearing high heels and tight jeans, that accentuated her physique. She was curvy and athletic, with big tits and ass. She carried herself with confidence and with a smile, she greeted the two young lovers.

“Hey, you must be Dighi!” – she gave the girl a warm hug. – “I am so happy to see you. You look beautiful in person. You better treat her well.” – she told Laxman.

“Yeah, mom, I do. How is it going?”

“I am very glad to meet you, Ms. Cummings. I have heard a lot about you. I am sure we ate going to have a great time.”

Dighi was taken aback at how charming the mother of her boyfriend was. The older woman seemed like a cool person to be around, from the get-go. The three of them picked up their baggage went to the hotel. It was a big, luxurious resort, something that Laxman and Dighi would never be able to afford by themselves, without the help of Ms. Cummings.

The two of them got a room together, while his mom was going to be right next to them. As soon as they got in the hotel room, the horny Dighi attempted to fuck her boyfriend.

“So, how about we do it in Mexico?” – she said, as she laid down seductively on the bed.

“Oh, what? No, we can’t. My mom is right next door. I don’t feel comfortable having sex in here.”

“Wait, so you don’t plan on fucking for the duration of this holiday.” – she was perplexed.

“Yeah. I mean, we are on this vacation, so that you can get to know my mom, not to have sex.”

“Laxman, are you kidding me? God, you are such a loser.” – the angry Dighi stormed off into the bathroom.

As soon as she slammed the door, Dighi decided the best course of action was to masturbate in the shower. She was feeling horny as hell for at least a week and if Laxman wasn’t going to give it to her, she was going to pleasure herself. All of that lack of sex made her stressed out and she needed to release all of the pent-up energy. Her boyfriend was in the bedroom next to her, but that wasn’t going to stop the horny chick from having some fun with herself. She got completely naked and stepped in the shower. Even though her boyfriend’s mom was in the room next door, she very much intended to have fun. Dighi found it kinky to masturbate or fuck, right next door to Ms. Cummings. After setting the water to the perfect temperature, Dighi got down to it. With one hand, she cupped her breast. It was nice and perky. She was a young, slim, and fit girl, proud of her athletic physique. Her other hand moved down slowly. She liked to tease herself, when she had the time, starting with one finger. Dighi let out a little moan when the finger entered her wet pussy and began playing with her nipples, with the other hand. She did not care one bit, about the noises she was making. In the worst-case scenario, her boyfriend was going to come and join her. The sexy, young girl then moved her hand down from her breast to her stomach and back. Dighi loved caressing her smooth, silky skin, and it made her tingle, with anticipation. She was a pretty girl with an athletic body, in her prime. It made no sense that Laxman did not want to fuck her, not just here, but back home as well. It was a shame for a hot chick like her, to not get laid.

Dighi then inserted both of her fingers inside. It was the bare minimum she needed. A dildo or a vibrator, like the one she had at home would have been even better. But on vacation, her hand was the best she had. Luckily, after years of practice, she knew exactly what to do. Her palm was rubbing against her clit for extra stimulation. There was nothing better than pleasuring yourself after a long a stressful flight. Her fingers jerked, with the right rhythm, slowly edging her to a climax. In the meantime, her other hand was exploring her beautiful, young, and athletic body. She felt the orgasm was close, began moving her legs, spreading them and then pushing them back, together, and finished herself off. Dighi felt the walls of her vagina contracting and rubbed even harder. It was exactly what she needed at that moment. A good, hard orgasm. When it came, she was not too shy to moan, loud. Her knees almost buckled because of the climax. It had been so long since she came, Dighi had almost forgotten what it felt like.


“C’mon, let’s go.”

“Yeah, just a second, I still need to brush my teeth.”

“What, now? God, hurry up please.”

It was always a hassle, doing anything with Laxman. Every time, he and Dighi were about to leave, Laxman suddenly had to do something, every single time. Change his socks, brush his teeth, or check something on his laptop. It was small things like that, which pissed her off. In a relationship, constant annoyances, no matter how small, begin to grow on people. She hatted the fact that he was messy and always late. Playing video games and not cleaning up after himself. It was the exact opposite of her personality. Dighi was very orderly, always punctual and on time, she hated being late. At first, she figured that opposites attract, that his small quirks would be cool and cute, but they pissed her off now. To her delight, there was a knock on their door, which took her mind off her loser boyfriend.

“Hey there, are you guys ready?” – Laxman’s mom asked. She looked great, in just her swimming suit and a t-shirt.

“Almost, he still has to brush his teeth.”

“What, now? Laxman, honey, hurry up please. Don’t make me and your beautiful girlfriend wait.” – Dighi loved the compliment, she didn’t get them very often.

“It is been a while since I’ve been to the beach. We don’t get to travel very often.” – Dighi said.

“Oh, that is a shame. That is why I wanted to take you two to Mexico. You can always use a good vacation, and it is a great way to get to know each other.”

The more they talked, the more Dighi liked her boyfriend’s mom. She was cool, calm and collected, and had her life in order. Once Laxman was ready, the three of them headed to the beach. It was just a few minutes away from their hotel. The sands were almost white, beautiful, and white. The sun was beaming, and the weather was great. Already, Dighi felt a little more relaxed, she was entering vacation mode, something that hadn’t happened in a while. In the past few months, ever since graduating college, she had been doing the same thing. Working, hanging out with Laxman, and the occasional sex, which was also a little bland. She was looking forward to recharging, under the Mexican sun and rekindling her relationship. Ms. Cummings was also a cool person and Dighi was looking forward to getting to know her a little better, as well. The three of them found a spot to sit, and the first beach day, in more than a year officially began.

“Who wants to go in the water with me?” – Laxman asked.

“I think that I want to hang out here, in the shade for a while.” – Dighi said.

“Yeah, I brought a book with me. I don’t plan on going to the beach, to be honest.” – his mom chimed in.

“God, you girls are so boring. But whatever, I’ll go swim.” – Laxman ran off into the ocean.

“So, how is it going with you two?” – Ms. Cummings asked Dighi.

“Well, I think it is alright.” – the young girl was a little startled. – “We need this vacation though. Things have been going a little stale in the past weeks.”

“Is that so? Then I’m glad I took you two here. You just finished college, right? How had that been treating you?”

“Oh, yeah I did just graduate, a few months ago. It has been a difficult adjustment. I was having a great, carefree time, but now all of a sudden, I need to work a boring office job. I have all of these responsibilities. It is rough.”

“Did you party a lot in college?” – Ms. Cummings asked, with a smirk.

“Yeah, kind of. I guess a little more than the average person. And more than now.” – Dighi did indeed have a lot of fun during her college days.

“I remember back when I was young. God, those were good times. But, listen. I am not going to give you any advice regarding your relationship with my son, but I will advise you to have fun. You are what, 22? You are young Dighi, do whatever your heart desires, while you still can. And you can.”

Hearing that, really made the Dighi think. Despite her job and relationship, she was still young. Sure, she had different things to worry about and her daily life had also changed, but she was only 22. Just a year ago, she was drinking during the weekdays and fucking random boys and girls left and right. Not that much had changed, inside of her, in just one year.

She still had the need, that all young people have, to go out, explore and do crazy stuff. Everyone around her had pushed her into this mundane and boring, grey lifestyle that she now had. Back in college, she used to travel much more, despite having even less money. There were a lot of things to do, sights to see and experiences to have, she just needed to go out and look for them. Because of this newfound enthusiasm, she was more than happy when she heard her boyfriend’s mom’s next words:

“I was thinking, we should go out tonight. You two need a drink and I’m buying.”


“Are you ready? What are you even doing in there?” – Dighi shouted.

“Just a sec, I need to shave.” – once again, her boyfriend was taking longer than she would have liked to.

A lot of the classical, sexist, stereotypes did not apply to their relationship. She was earning more money than him, she was never late, and she was hornier. And on this vacation, Dighi could hardly control herself. It was much easier to suppress her naughty thoughts at home when her mind was occupied with work and all sorts of other problems, so the dry spill she was having did not bother her much. But now, in Mexico, where everything was starting to become clearer, she found herself constantly aroused. She walked half-naked on the beach all day, and all kinds of sexy people were walking by, constantly reminding her of the sex she could be having. Fucking was all she did back in college, and now that she was not getting any, even the smallest things Laxman did, seemed to annoy her exponentially. Him being late and aloof was something she had learned to deal with, at home. Now, it drove her mad. If only her boyfriends would just fuck her, Dighi would look past all of his other problems. But there was no one around to do that, but herself.

“Hey, I’m here!” – Laxman’s mom said, from outside.

Dighi was amazed at how well the woman was looking, in her short, black skirt. Despite her more mature age, Ms. Cummings had a great pair of legs and her ass was nothing to sneeze at. She still had it and going out with her was bound to be a fun experience. She was more mature but seemed like someone that knew how to have fun. Once Laxman finished shaving and got dressed, 15 minutes after he was supposed to, the three of them set off for a fun night out.

Mexican resorts offer a lot of options, regarding drinking and partying. In the end, they settled on a nice, upscale, and quiet bar, close to the beach.

Everyone in there was dressed up fancy, except Laxman, and the people were young and sophisticated. It was completely different, from the places Dighi used to frequent in her college days. She was used to more seedy and cheap establishments, but this place was amazing. It had a mature and sophisticated vibe, something she lacked in her life. The couple and Laxman’s mom sat down and ordered drinks. The music was nice and quiet, allowing for a good conversation and the drinks were great. Good thing that’s.

Cummings was paying, as it was quite pricey as well.

‘So, I understand that you two don’t go out much. Why is that.” – the MILF directed her question to the young couple.

“You know how it is, mom. Life and all that other stuff get in the way. She works a full-time job, and I also have to work. And in between work in the mall and gaming, there is little time to do other stuff. Also, it is pretty expensive to just go out and drink. I spend a lot on gaming, so we need to cut back on some things.”

“Laxman, maybe you should cut the time you spend on gaming. And maybe, work more. You need to take better care of your pretty girlfriend.”

“Mom, c’mon. We are doing great, having lots of fun. If I worked more, we wouldn’t have had as much time together. I just prioritize my freedom over money, that’s all.”

“Well, your mom has a point Laxman.” – Dighi rarely discussed these topics with him, but now that his mom brought it up, she had to. – “You could work a little more, or maybe look for a better job. You are a bit too old, to be working part-time in a mall. And if you game less, we can have just as much time tighter.”

“What is this, some kind of an attack against me? Why are you two ganging up on me? I am just here, having a good time, and you two are trying to change me, I am sorry, for being myself!” – with that last sentence, he got up from the table and stormed off.”

“Well, that escalated rather quickly.” – Dighi was perplexed at the behavior of her boyfriend.

“He’ll be fine, it is a good conversation to have. I can sense you are a good girl, but you need to push him more on this kind of issue.”

“I know, but it is a little awkward. I mean, I don’t know what I want in life. How can I ask him to give it to me?”

“Well, you can expect some basics at least. I know it is an intrusive question, but how is the sex life?” – Dighi felt a little uncomfortable, but it was a good opportunity to vent.

“Honestly, it hasn’t been that great in the last few weeks. We both just kind of do our things. Whenever I try to initiate something, he rejects me. It is a point of contention, but we are working on it.”

“That’s a shame, a pretty girl like you, being left unsatisfied. God, my son can be such an idiot sometimes. But let’s have some fun tonight, shall we?”

The two of them drank for a few more hours. Dighi had lost all of the tolerance she had back in college, and only had a couple of drinks. It was fun, getting to know her boyfriend’s mom. She was such a wonderful person, it made her wonder, how Laxman turned out like that exactly. He must have been, more like his dad, who Ms. Cummings dumped years ago. After talking for a little while longer, the two of them headed off for the hotel, where Dighi agreed to have one more drink, in the MILF’s room.


By the time the two of them arrived at the hotel, Dighi felt like they had become extremely close. She shared some stories about her wild college past, that she would have never imagined sharing, with the mother of her partner. In return, Ms. Cummings had also told the younger girl about her wild and slutty adventures, back in the nineties. Behind the cover of a classy and modern, mature woman, she was quite the naughty minx. It was great getting to know her, on a level different to the one, a girlfriend usually gets to with the mom of her boyfriend. It was like the two of them were friends, peers that were having a fun night out.

“You are a special girl, you know?”

“Oh, thanks. I was a little worried at first before we met. I am usually good with mothers, but there was always the chance we didn’t get along. And that can break a relationship apart.” – Dighi was being honest.

“I am going to be real with you. You are a pretty girl, smart and ambitious. I don’t think you should keep dating my son. I know that I shouldn’t meddle in your relationship, but I know him. As much as I love him, there is just better that you can do. At the very least, you deserve to be sexually satisfied.” – Dighi was startled.

“Wow, thank you for being honest. It has crossed my mind. I just, don’t know what I want from life right now.”

“I think I can help.” – with those words, the MILF leaned in for a kiss.

Dighi hesitated for a bit but knew that this was going to happen. Her boyfriend’s mom was way too hot, and she was way too horny to resist her. The feeling of another tongue, inside her mouth, made her insane. She loved sex and for way too long, it had been denied to her. She was going to fuck the MILF and did not care a single bit, about her boyfriend, who was just next door.

The mature woman knew how to kiss, and once she felt Dighi was going along, she started making her moves. She moved in closer so that the two women embraced each other. They continued making out, with their hands all over the other’s body. The younger girl was reminded of the sexy curves the MILF had and wanted to see her naked. She stopped making out, just to unzip Ms. Cummings’ dress, pull it off and toss it to the side. The older woman took off her bra, right away, to reveal a massive and beautiful pair of tits. They looked young and symmetrical, Dighi could not resist the urge. She began massaging and sucking on the tits of her boyfriend’s mother. It was amazing and only got them both hornier. The MILF helped her son’s girlfriend out of her clothes and the two of them were just wearing panties.

After a few more sensual kisses, it was time for those to get off, too.

Dighi was dead set on pleasuring her boyfriend’s mom. She got on top of the MILF and inserted two fingers, inside her wet vagina. It was nice and tight. It had been a while since she had last fingered a girl, other than herself, but it was one of those things she would never forget. With a good rhythm, and some waving motions from her hips Dighi was both jerking her fingers and moving them in and out. The older woman was turned on by the whole thing and began moaning loudly. No one cared that Laxman was just in the other room. His mom let out just as much sound as she wanted to, and it was a lot. The two of them continued kissing, with the odd bite or a scratch. They were into it and things started to get progressively more hardcore. Dighi was aroused and acted like possessed. She was bent on fingering the mature woman until she came. It only took a few minutes for the sexy, young chick to achieve that. The MILF started breathing more and more heavily and had a ‘face, followed by some more screams and moans. Dighi would have continued if Ms. Cummings did not take charge of the situation.

“I want you to lay down. I am going to give you what my son hasn’t.” As she said that, the older woman got up and walked over to her suitcase.

When she returned, Dighi was delighted to see, she had her hand and leg cuffs

with her. It had been a while since Dighi had done something so kinky. The MILF then proceeded to tie her arms and legs to the edges of the bed. The girl was almost completely immobile and could only move a few inches of her limbs.

“You’re a young girl, have you ever done something like this?” – Ms. Cummings asked.

“Oh, yeah” – back in college Dighi used to do a lot of naughty stuff and nothing her boyfriend’s mom could do would scare her.

“I am going to teach you a few things, it is about time you get a proper fuck.”

As she said that, the naked Ms. Cummings got on the bed and top of her son’s girlfriend. She gave her a few kisses on the lips, but it was clear, this wasn’t going to be sweet and sensual. After that the MILF moved down, to her pussy, kissing her abdomen and legs on the way down. Dighi was already aroused from pleasuring the older woman and could not wait until she got fucked herself. This was promising. The older woman began kissing her inner tights, slowly moving toward the slit. With each kiss, the aroused girl tingled with anticipation. She wanted to get fucked hard like Laxman couldn’t. Ms.

Cummings took her time, completely disregarding what Dighi may have wanted. After a few minutes of teasing, she finally moved her tongue, along the girl’s slit. It was already wet, but that fist sensual lick of her tongue got her son’s girlfriend through the roof. If only he could also fuck this good. Ms. Cummings then began to lick the pussy more and more ferociously. She was rough, just her tongue was enough. After a few strokes Dighi was drenched wet with saliva and her juices. Then the MILF started fingering her.

Her experienced fingers were like nothing Dighi had ever felt before. She was moving her fingers up and down with vigor, much more skillfully than the younger girl had done a few minutes ago. It was like she knew how to hit just the right spot and the right rhythm. Dighi wanted to move her legs, touch her body, but the young girl was restrained. She felt powerless, not being able to move her limbs, totally under the control of Ms. Cummings. Her boyfriend’s mom sure had a few tricks under her sleeve. Dighi could not move, but she could moan and groan freely. No one cared if the other people in the hotel, or Laxman, heard them. the expression on Dighi’s face showed that she was having more fun than ever, in the last months. It was easily the best sex she had ever received, much needed after the boring masturbation under the shower. Soon enough, she began feeling a warmth, a tingling in her groin. Ms. Cummings leaned on her, not slowing down her ferocious pace of fingering, and began choking her son’s girlfriend. Her strength was impressive. This was the kind of sex Dighi wanted, it was what she needed to have a great orgasm. She did not last long after that. As a horny, unsatisfied woman, this was simply too much for her to handle. She let out a loud, moan, signaling her orgasm, it did not slow down Ms. Cummings at all, however. The MILF continued to pleasure her until Dighi reached a few more climaxes.


After fucking her boyfriend’s mom Dighi was facing a dilemma. There was no way she was staying with Laxman, but did she tell him why? It would be a pretty hard blow on the guy and possibly ruin his relationship with his mom. But at the same time, she kind of wanted to hurt him. After getting fucked hard, the young girl could finally think straight. He was a loser and she could do better. There was no future for the two of them, but there was no good way to end it.

After cumming for the last time, she gave a couple of last kisses to Ms. Cummings and headed off to her room. The mature woman advised her to do whatever her heart desired, she did not seem to care too much if her son found out.

By the time Dighi got back to their room, he was sleeping. This allowed her to lay down in the bed and think about what the best course of action was.

There was one more day of their vacation in Mexico. She could end it tomorrow, or she could wait until they were home. Things would be a lot less awkward if she waited and it wasn’t like they were going to have sex anyway. She also figured it was best if her affair with his mom stayed with the two of them. Finally, she could go to sleep.

“Hey, Dighi. Wake up. Dighi” ‘Laxman, what do you want?”

“I want to talk to you about last night, what was that whole thing about. About be needed a better job. I don’t appreciate it you know.” – he was still pissed off.

“You just need to take a look at your life, take on more responsibility. That’s all. We want to help you, me, and your mom. You need to stop being a loser”

“What are you talking about? I am not a loser. I am doing great, and you need to take a look in the mirror about your own decisions if we need to be painfully honest.”

She could not believe what a petty asshole he was. The good fucking opened her eyes and she could not hold it any longer.

“Laxman, I fucked your mom last night. We’re done!”

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