Sex on the School Bus


Sex on the School Bus with Sir

I was talking to my girlfriends, my naughty girlfriends, about a college trip during the upcoming holidays. They were all ecstatic about the idea, and we considered going to a water park. They said they’d never been to a water park before, so we should all go at least once. We also had a boy band with us. I remembered our school trip, which included a visit to a water park. Because it was a school day, I was very excited about the trip, and the boys in my class were as well. We were supposed to be accompanied by two sirs and one madame. I went to Suresh for permission, only to find out that he was also going on the trip. Suresh and I were both ecstatic. Suresh advised me to flirt with the boys. I knew he wanted to enjoy me after the trip, despite all the sluttiness I’d do on the trip. The two Sirs who were to accompany us were young and always had their eyes on me. I was asked to bring a new bundle of chalk from the store during one of their lectures. I went to get the chalks and came back running, handing over the chalks and returning to my seat.

My benchmate informed me that the sir was watching me as I exited the classroom. He was staring at my swinging butt, which was constantly being hit by my long hair as I walked. And as I was running back to the classroom, I noticed him at the door. Through my tight white uniform, he was staring at my bouncing boobs. I used to tie my waist belt tight, causing my huge round ripe boobs to protrude from my uniform. Many of the boys in my school took notice of them. My friend informed me, “Sir, teri bade ball ko jhoolte hue dekh rahe the, Chaitrali. Or tu jaate teri gaand ko bhi ghoor rahe the.” Her words were making me lustful. Whenever I was feeling horny, I would place my triangular scale on the bench and sit on it so that it was exactly inside my bum. Or I’d go to the restroom, remove my panty, and spend the rest of the day without it. Suresh had already begun purchasing thongs for me by that point. My bums used to sway sideways, and the uniform used to get in between my bums due to the thong. My bench was the last one in the row of girls. The boy’s row began behind me, following me. So when I sat with the ruler under my bums, the boy behind me would move it back and forth. I like to flirt with him a lot. I tell him all my dirty secrets. But I had never even let him kiss me.

During the break, if I went to sit with the boys, he would always hit my bums without anyone knowing. And all I had to do was smile and pat him on the head. Now it’s time for the picnic. It was decided to go during the week. Because it would be crowded on the weekend. We had reserved two buses. And we were instructed to meet on the ground at 8:00 a.m. I got out of bed, took a shower, and dressed in my short skirt without a panty inside. The skirt was very short, falling just above my knee. My thighs were completely exposed. And a clingy T-shirt. My hair was tied in a bun above my head. Little make-up and a bright red lip stick. Because I arrived late, the schoolyard was deserted when I arrived. The first bus had already left, and the second was waiting for me. The girls were on the bus that left. I was now forced to travel in the boy’s bus. When I walked in, I noticed that all of the boys were staring at me. The two Sirs were also riding in the same bus. Suresh wasn’t in it, as far as I could tell. Later, I discovered he was with a different gang. When I went behind the counter, there was no seating at all. On the last row, two boys managed to leave a little space between them.

We began at the school. I was getting a little horny at the thought of me, a single girl, sandwiched between all the men in the bus. I was lonely, but the slut inside of me was waking up. The bus bounced over every pothole, as did my two large melons. The boys began playing antakshari and invited me to sit in the front. There was no place to sit when I arrived. One of the sirs invited me to sit on his lap until the game was finished. He suddenly grabbed my hand and forced me to sit on his lap. The boys had already begun the game and were unaware of what occurred in a matter of seconds. I felt strange at first, but I knew I had to flirt. Sir wrapped his hands around my waist and began singing. The road was in poor condition, with numerous potholes. My bun had become a little loose. Finally, as I passed through a pothole, my hair parted and cascaded onto Sir’s face. He took my hair in his hands and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll hold them.” I’d begun to feel his abrasiveness under my bums. Every time the bus jumped, he pressed his hard thing against my bums, his hands tight around my hair. He was almost as if he was riding me.

My round plump ripe huge bums bounced on his hardness. After a while, the boys stood up and began to dance to the song being played by the driver. They all got to work on it. I rose from Sir’s lap and took a seat beside him in the window seat. The boys requested that we move to the back seat so that they could occupy the front of the bus. We both got up and walked over to the last empty seat. Sir sat next to me in the window seat. I was about to tie my hair when Sir asked me to leave it open. “Chaitrali tum khule baalo mein sundar lagti ho,” he said.

I simply blushed in response to his remark and left my hair open. He asked if I wanted to go to the water park with him, and I agreed. We arrived at the water park. We were all required to change into their provided clothing. Boys dressed in slacks and t-shirts. We were supposed to wear a short skirt and a t-shirt or a pant and a t-shirt. I chose a short, tight skirt and a t-shirt. I emerged from the changing room and noticed Suresh from a distance. Then I went to see my friends. They began to mock me, saying, “Kishore (our classmate who never missed an opportunity to touch me) keh raha tha tu sir ke god mein baithkar maze le rahi thi.” I simply blushed in response to their remarks. They stated, “Ekdum item lag rahi hai yeh dress mein. Toh aaj bohot sare ladke haath mareenge. Sir, bhi tujhpar opportunity marega.” I blushed once more.

After that, we went to the wave pool. We were all present. Boys, girls, and sirs are all welcome. We all decided to play a game of baseball. Boys vs. girls The player who leaves the ball the most will be forced to leave the game. They were all from the sports wing, and I was the only one who was left behind. So every time the ball came to me, it either hit my boobs or I missed it. As a result, I was out of the game, as usual. Sir stated that the game would be handled by the other sir because he was bored and wanted to go somewhere else in the park. So he asked if I was willing to accompany him. I said okay, and we both walked away from the pool. After a short walk, we came across a jacuzzi and sat in it.

Chaitali, sir I’ve always wanted to hang out with you. You are the most attractive and enticing girl in my class. I’m crazy about your curves and your long silky hair. Sir: Thank you very much. Mr.: You also have a very sexy and attractive face to go along with your body structure. He complimented my body and face a lot. Sir, do you have a boyfriend, Chaitrali? No, not at all. He approached me and said, “Tumhe is, in fact, ek boyfriend chahiye. Is badan’s shape rakhne ke liye?” I simply blushed. He was now sitting very close to me, touching my thighs. He claimed that whenever I ran to class, he became enraged by my bouncing ripe round boobs.

He also mentioned that he liked my big round firm ass and my long silky hair that flowed down to a little under my big ass. He asked if he could touch my boobs while I was sitting there. Even though it was an open area, I was ecstatic to be touched by a man in the open. It’s fine, I said. He motioned for me to sit on his lap, between his legs. In the water, I sat between his legs. He moved his hands to my front and rested them on my boobs. My dress was drenched. My nipples became hard the moment he touched my boobs. He began to move his fingers around my nipples, and it became more difficult.

He wrapped his arms around me and began massaging my boobs vigorously. I uttered a groan. He continued to massage my boobs. He asked me to hump on his difficult thing. I began moving my bums up and down while he was grinding his thing. It was becoming increasingly difficult. I had almost made his thing rock hard when I noticed some of my friends approaching us from a distance. We came to a halt, and I sat on the opposite side, facing him. He mentioned that later in the evening, on their way back home, they could have some fun sitting in the last seat. My girlfriends approached me and informed me that the majority of the boys were leaving now because they had other plans after this trip. So we’ll only have two or three boys with us.

Sir smiled as he looked at me. I blushed because I knew what was going through his head. When my girlfriends left, he secretly told me to arrive late when the girls gathered so she could ride back in the boy’s bus. I gave a sinister grin, biting my lower lips. He was well aware that I desired him as well. It was late in the evening, and everyone had gotten tired of playing in the water. I was sitting with Suresh, who was making me horny by discussing how to take advantage of the opportunity to fuck with my Sir. It was late at night, and I purposefully did not arrive at the assembly point on time. As a result, the girl’s bus left with our two madams and one sir. In the boy’s bus, there were only two boys and our second sir.

Sir was overjoyed to see me when I arrived. His eyes were filled with lust, and I could see it in them. I was dressed in a short skirt and a top. I wasn’t even wearing a bra this time. That day, I hadn’t worn my pantyhose. I smiled as I stepped onto the bus. When I got on the bus, the other two boys were fast asleep, and the driver got ready as soon as Sir got on. We boarded the bus and sat in the last row. He forced me to sit in the window seat. It was getting dark outside, and it was getting dark inside as well. He stated, “Chaitrali sab aaye hai. Tum is dress mein lag rahi ho.”

He also put his hands on my boobs. He discovered that I wasn’t wearing a bra on the inside. He kissed my cheeks, and I let out a small moan. He kissed me on the neck. mmmm He began massaging my boobs and pinching my nipples slowly.

Because of his touch, my breathing became more rapid. He was openly flirting with me. The idea aroused me and made me horny. He forced me to touch his thing, which had hardened to a semi-hard state. I was holding his thing and stroking it while he dropped his pants. With each stroke, it became more difficult. Then he made me sit on the floor between his legs, where I could see his big hard thing right in front of my face. I’ve always preferred handjobs and blowjobs. My big wet mouth opened automatically, and he placed his thing inside my mouth, going through my red lips and then to my wet tongue.

For a while, he kept moving it inside out. I made his dick extremely wet. He then motioned for me to sit on his dick with my back to him. He entered his wet dick inside my wet hole after I sat and placed it slowly. I began to move up and down. I gradually began to move faster and faster. My hair band came undone, causing my hair to open. He then clutched my long hair tightly while thrusting me from the bottom. I was gasping for air and moaning loudly. When the potholes appeared, it went inside faster and harder. He motioned for me to rise and take a seat. He made me stand on the seat like a dog. He grabbed my long silky hair again, inserted his dick from behind, and began fucking me even harder. Every push made my big round plump ass swing, and he slapped them hard.

Sir was speaking “Chaitrali, you’re my whore. Are you a rakhel student? Main tujhe sex sikhaunga. You’ve turned into my personal slut. I’ll fuck you in my office at school as well.” He was irritating me with his foul language. I also said, “Sir, Chaitrali aapki rundi hai aaj se. Jitna jitna hai. Jee bhar ke chodo Tumhari rakhel banungi mai Aapse, aapse, aapse, aapse, aapse, aapse, a” My words had piqued his interest, and he was ready to shoot his cum. So he took it out and sprayed it on my face. Some also landed on the seat. I washed my face with a towel he gave me. Then I sat down and thoroughly cleaned his dick. I sat down and licked all of the dirt that had accumulated on the seat. With my wet tongue, I licked it clean. It tasted a little salty. Sir made me sit on his lap once more, and he was enjoying the bumpy road while my big plump ass was doing his thing over and over. The next day, I told Suresh what had happened, and he fucked me harder and deeper in our school’s empty classroom after school hours.

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