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It was his second day on Juist Beach. Wonderful sunshine today and according to the weather forecast for the next few days. Temperatures around 28 degrees in the shade. Just the right thing for his vacation.

He had rented a beach chair. Not just today, but for the next ten days. Until the end of his vacation. He was number 784 and stood in the back of the beach. There were only a few individual beach chairs in the direction of the dunes.

He wanted to rest. Read. Close your eyes when he feels like it. And didn’t want to be disturbed by cries of children or balls flying around. Not that he had anything against children, but on this vacation, he just wanted to rest and relax.

That’s why he had turned the beach chair towards the dunes. So he had more peace and quiet. Because he didn’t really need sunburn on his fair skin.

He had been sitting in his basket for about an hour, with the footstool extended, and immersed in an exciting thriller when someone tampered with the only beach chair between him and the dunes.

He looked up briefly. A woman was removing the wooden grill and then putting her things on the bench.

He could only see her from behind, but he liked what he saw. A slim figure emerged under the colorful shawl. Long straight brown hair fell to the middle of her back.

She turned and saw him and gave a short nod. She could be in her mid-30s, he guessed. A distinctive face with a slight smile and brown eyes. This is how it looked at least from a distance of around 10 meters between the two baskets.

In the meantime, she had settled in the basket at home. She took off her towel and stowed it. Underneath, a dark blue, one-piece swimsuit came to light.

He didn’t want to stare at her and went back to his book after he nodded her nod.

The time passed. He peeked over the edge of the book every now and then. His eyes were covered by sunglasses. But she wouldn’t have noticed him anyway, because she had obviously fallen asleep.

He didn’t care about it anymore, but let himself be captivated by the thriller.

After about two hours the woman got up. She grabbed a towel and headed for the water and was out of his sight.

It was a while before she came back wet. Her hair, almost black due to the wetness, stuck to her body. She started to dry off. Her back was facing him.

In order to dry her feet, she had to bend down. Then she did with her legs pressed through. This made her butt bulge towards him. A very pleasant sight. Crunchy and not too big.

Then she was done with feet and legs and straightened up.

He quickly looked back at his book. Didn’t want to get caught. And quickly put a towel over his abdomen. Because at the sight his limb was a little swollen. And she shouldn’t necessarily see that.

She took her shawl and tied it over her breasts. Before that, she had slipped off the shoulder straps of the swimsuit. Again she turned away from him.

She started taking off her swimsuit. He could see nothing of it but only suspect it because of the movements. Only when she brushed him all the way down and dropped to his feet was he safe. Now she was standing naked in front of him, wearing only a bath towel.

His cock stiffened. It’s a good thing the bath towel was still over his abdomen.

The woman reached into the beach chair and pulled out a bikini. She bent to slide the bottom part over her feet and then pull it up.

How he would have liked to see her a little to the side so that he might catch a glimpse under the cloth.

But then she had successfully put on the bikini, sat in the beach chair, and started reading. Without giving him another look.

A little later he fell asleep.

When he woke up, the other beach chair was empty and the grille was replaced.

The next day he was back at his beach chair number 784. Without thinking about yesterday’s woman.

Less than half an hour later she reappeared and took the same beach chair.

Like yesterday, she carried the bath towel and a basket of utensils. He wondered if he should help her with the bars.

But actually, he didn’t feel like it. Didn’t really want to make friends. He wanted his rest.

This time he went into the water in front of her. When he came back she was putting on her slippers to go to the water too.

He delved into his book again. The thriller caught him.

It was a while before she came back. She tied the towel again to take off her swimsuit. This time, however, she stood to the side of him. Now he was curious to see something.

He held the book up so high that he could still look over it, but didn’t immediately notice when she looked over at him. But she didn’t.

She pulled the swimsuit down from under the towel. As she had to reach into the bath towel through the side opening, there was a gap. He saw bare skin.

The belly and then the area of ?? her hip. Also thought she could very briefly recognize the approach of her pubic hair. Then the drape closed again.

She pulled up the bikini bottoms. Then the top was on. Before she could pull on the top part completely, the knot loosened and the bath towel fell off. This gave him a look, if only briefly, at her breast, which was not yet completely covered. But she reacted quickly and pulled up the top.

Looked around at him. But then he had the book in front of his eyes again. And a stiff tail, which he had covered with the towel early on. So everything had gone harmlessly for her.

You lay down in your beach chair you started reading. However, this brief moment of view of her breasts and bare skin did not let him go. Also chased him in his dream when he fell asleep a short time later.

He only noticed that his towel had slipped off when he woke up again. By then his stiff tail had swollen again. And he didn’t notice that she had looked at it with interest.

So the second day on the beach passed.

The procedure was repeated on the third day. With one difference. When she pulled off the swimsuit, the cloth gaped significantly wider. Since she was facing him a little more this time, he actually had a look at her trimmed bush. And could see the bulging labia below. Then it was over. The scarf stayed in place this time as she put her top on. Which he very much regretted.

But he hadn’t thought of putting a towel over his waist. It was too late now. And so she had a look at his braces under the tight-fitting swimming trunks. She acknowledged that with a smile.

When she sat down in the basket, she spread her legs a little. Of course, everything was covered by the bikini panties. But the fact that he imagined what it looked like underneath did nothing to calm him down. His tail stayed stiff.

Her eyes were fixed on it. She didn’t try to hide it. Smiled. He was a little embarrassed.

She started to apply the cream. First the feet, then the legs. He stroked her bikini bottoms with his hand and lay on her delta for a moment before continuing with her belly. Then it was the upper body. She lotioned between the apples, running her hand under the bikini top.

When she was done, he could see the nipples clearly erect under the tight-fitting bikini.

Then she delved into her book and he also turned to his thriller. Again she left the beach in front of him, nodded to him as she passed.

The next day started like the days before. He was on the beach first. Filled his basket and made himself comfortable.

She came after him for a while. Arranged comfortably. Went back into the water. Tied her shawl and started pulling down the swimsuit.

This time she faced him even more. She pulled the shawl as far as possible to pull the swimsuit over her hips. Holding the cloth sideways with one hand and pulling the wet fabric down with the other hand.

Now he had a clear view of their bush. On her labia, which glistened wet from the water in the sun. It couldn’t be a coincidence. He was certain that she was deliberately giving him this insight.

He had given up the towel over his waist today. Uncovered his now stiff cock under his pants. Wanted to test whether she would turn away indignantly or acknowledge it with a smile.

And that was the case.

Then she started pulling up her bikini bottoms. This time, however, without giving him a look at her bare abdomen.

To do this, she opened her shawl before putting it on the top. With her bare breasts she stood in the sun, slowly began to fasten the bikini top.

Before she put it all on, she ran her hands over her wonderful curves. The nipples rose pointedly. He enjoyed the sight.

Then she sat in the basket. Again with legs apart. Started to apply cream again. When she reached the abdomen, she pulled the panties a little to the side. First left, then right. Creamed the outer area of ?? the labia. All the while, her eyes were on his stiff cock.

She straightened the panties again and continued on the belly. Then further up. Pulled the top to the side again and presented her breasts. Only briefly, but very clearly directed towards him. In doing so, she observed whether there was someone else nearby.

He had to straighten his stiffener first. He reached into his pants to accommodate his swollen part more comfortably. He deliberately stroked his pants twice.

She reared a little at the sight. A shiver seemed to overwhelm her.

This time they did not delve into the books but kept an eye on each other.

Her hand had moved over her stomach towards her panties. She also stroked it. Sitting in front of him with his legs spread wide. Then she let her hand disappear into her panties. Wanted direct contact with her wet hole. Pulled her hand out again. Was excited to see how he would react.

He didn’t want to be left behind. Also slid my hand into my swimming trunks and gripped his stiffener. Run my hand up and down a few times, even if it was very tight in my pants. Then he pulled his hand out again.

Now it was her turn. Would she keep the game going?

She grabbed her panties. Slid the side margins a little inwards. This gave him another look at her outer, smooth-shaved labia. Then she pulled her panties up. The fabric slipped between her lips. Was hardly to be seen. Now her pussy was almost naked in front of him. Always recognizable even from a distance.

In the meantime, she kept watching the surroundings. Didn’t want to be caught by someone else. He did the same the other way.

She stayed that way. With the panties in their now wet column.

He pulled his swimming trunks aside. Showed him his balls, also shaved. However, that was very uncomfortable. So he let the pants snap back.

Instead, grab the top edge and pull it down a bit so that its tail tip looked over the edge.

Again she reared up a little. The sight seemed to excite her.

She grabbed her top. Pulled the fabric halves to the side and presented her bare breast, crowned by stiff tips. Stroke it. Tucked the nipples between her fingers and rolled them back and forth. Gently pinch it in.

He could hear a slight moan even at the distance between them. Then she covered her sweet apples again.

What should he do He decided to go all out. Pulled the swimming trunks

under his testicles. Showed her his stiff member with a drop of lust on the tip. Pushed it up with one finger. It stood stiffly from him. Then he pulled his pants up again.

Now it was over with her. She pulled her panties aside and pushed one finger, then two holes in her open hole. Started bumping into it. Still looking at him.

He couldn’t control himself either. Pulled his pants back down and started rubbing his stiff cock.

Both had their eyes fixed on the other’s abdomen. Glanced briefly to the side to make sure that nobody was approaching their beach chairs.

She stopped briefly and took off her panties completely. Now sat opposite him with his bare abdomen. However, have a towel ready to pull over you in case of danger. He did the same to her and also took off his pants completely. When he got up, he turned around briefly to present her with his bare bottom.

She was sitting in the basket with her legs spread wide. Rubbing violently. His hand also moved up and down on his shaft.

He wouldn’t last long. The situation was too cool. This attractive stranger in front of her, writhing violently in her beach chair, keeping an eye on him.

Then there is the danger of being discovered.

A few more strokes and his balls contracted. The juice made its way up. His lower body slipped even more to the edge of the seat. Got up a little. This pushed his pipe in her direction. So that she had a good look if he was about to squirt his juice.

With a suppressed groan, the time had come. The white juice splashed into the sand. Shot after shot left his pipe.

It was time for her too. She reared up. Thrust her fingers into her wide open hole. A groan came to him. With difficulty suppressed. She came with violent twitches.

Exhausted, they pulled the towels over their bare abdomen. Fell back in the beach chair.

He fell asleep after a few minutes.

When he woke up, she was already gone.

The next day he wanted to speak to her. Maybe there was more. Now that they had seen so much of each other.

The next day and the rest of the time he waited in vain. It did not reappear.

What he regretted. But then again not, because it had been a very special experience. Here on the sunny beach of Juist.

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