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The forest run Story of Popi

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Popi, actually Papya, but everyone called her Popi, sat at her desk in the office, and sullenly sipped her coffee. She had imagined everything so beautifully and now things had turned out quite differently. She had seen herself at the center of a crowd of people, all of whom congratulated her on her day of honor. But everyone had forgotten their birthday. At least she had expected Lore not to forget it.

It didn’t have to be an unusual gift, but a little attention, a nicely expressed congratulation, a kiss, at least a good press. She sighed, straightened her blouse. She was annoyed that her skirt was slipping up again. If only she could have put on the much more practical jeans and a simple t-shirt. She put the coffee cup down and pushed the rubber that united her blonde mane into a pony tighter against the head.

This 25th birthday would be remembered for sure. The next considerations revolved around the crucial question of whether she should terminate Lore’s friendship. How could she, after all the conversations lately, of course, Popi had discretely brought her birthday into play, or did she even have for after office hours …? She could be trusted to do that too. The ringing of the phone finally took her out of her thoughts. A customer claimed her full attention and chased away her cloudy thoughts.

And then the day was over. The evening was a bit fresh, at least in mid-September, but it was not raining and so nothing stood in the way of daily jogging. Popi slipped out of her clothes. For a moment she was tempted to let everything go and to have a Prosecco and a film. But automatically she took her jogging things out of the box. She would take a shower after exercising. The sports bra, which ensured that her pretty tits did not bounce around uncontrollably, pulled over her head. When she pushed her breasts in and adjusted the garment, she could grin again. On the one hand, it was the anticipation of the run, on the other hand, the fact that she could see that her breasts were still growing and that she would soon have to get a bigger bra.

She pulled off the red thong, she had worn it all day and threw it in the laundry basket. Before she got into her simple cotton panties, she sat on the toilet and peed. She wiped off and put on the panties. It didn’t bother her that you could see the bottom of the panties through the sweatpants. She had tried to leave the panties off completely. However, there was only one attempt, because the jogging pants were so practical, were sheer, and had pushed into her pussy uncomfortably while running. In doing so, she felt quite naked, despite her pants showing her labia. And she was by no means exhibitionistic, at least she believed that. Ankle socks, trainers, and a track jacket completed her outfit. To celebrate her birthday, she put the watch with a heart rate monitor that she had received from Mom on this very occasion around her wrist. Just the key and the cell phone and we were ready to go.

In the hallway, she met her neighbor. “Hello, Popi!” “N’evening Frau Brosig!” “Happy Birthday Popi.” She checked her watch. The heart rate monitor clearly showed how much they were pleased with the neighbor’s kind words. But someone else who thought about it. “I have to go then!” Popi stated just girls and have fun! ” Another round of jogging, and then taking a hot shower, she thought, and the day ended at least nicely. She had no idea what was going to happen to her.

She turned into the large city park and checking her pulse, she ran into the remote part of the park. There were a beautiful forest and beautiful paths that were ideal for running. She kept on the route she ran every day. A pleasant round with gradients and flat sections. She was not afraid and glad that most runners preferred other routes. It was so nice to clear your head here, especially after a stressful day in the office, where you had to sit quietly at your desk. You had exercise and fresh air and were alone with yourself and nature. Or not?

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She heard footsteps behind her. She slowed down to let the one pass, but nobody came. She looked around. There was no one to find her, but she had heard the steps very clearly. She hadn’t imagined that. She kept walking and hearing the steps, again and again, she saw no one. Slowly she felt a little queasy. But she calmed down and told herself that there was nothing, there could be nothing, nothing should be.

She listened intently as she continued to run, but her steps and especially her palpitations now drowned out almost every other sound. Then a jogger came towards her. Should she run back with him? Should she let her evening sports spoil because of a noise she wasn’t even sure was there? She shook her head defiantly and kept walking.

And then the steps behind her were back. Now they were very clear. She squinted back. Yes, someone was running behind her. She couldn’t see exactly who or what because it was already getting dark under the trees. But it had to be a man. As she slowed her pace, he slowed too. What did he want from her? Would it have been the other way round with the jogger! It rose hot in her. But the city park had always been safe, she hadn’t heard of a raid.

What could the guy who had come so close now want? Did he want anything at all? Didn’t he know that joggers didn’t have any valuables with them? Your watch? Nonsense.

And yet, when she classified the guy, he towered over her by a head, he certainly had a muscular body, as a threat, as a danger, she got goosebumps. She sighed cautiously; head cinema was different from reality. But she had always imagined such a situation, so hopeless and therefore so exciting for her. She felt her nipples rise. She turned and calmed down again, he didn’t look so threatening in his shabby clothes, she told herself. And somehow she would surely come out safe because something like that would not happen to her.

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She turned and went to him. He hadn’t expected that, because he pulled his hood over his face. With two steps she was with him and with the next, she would have scurried past, and then she would take her legs in her hand and give him no chance. She crossed the route to the busier part of the park and calculated the best chances. She was just about to pass when his hand jerked forward and gripped her arm roughly. “Well, Blondie, where are you in such a hurry?” “Um, what do you want? I have absolutely nothing with me,” she stammered. She didn’t even try to get rid of him because his grip was like a screw clamp. She also froze more and more as if he was petrifying her with his near presence. She tried to turn away from him.

“I’m screaming!” She announced. “Well then go on! There’s no one here anymore! Shouldn’t have run so far from the others.” Popi screamed, but no answer, there was no one left to help her. And then he

had also turned his second hand on her back and tied it together with a cable tie, from the time before which they were constantly sold out due to gray shadows. He dragged Popi off the path into the undergrowth. Now the bushes beat up and they were no longer visible.

Suddenly he had a huge knife in his hand. Popi fell silent, annoyed that her legs had stopped working when she had the last chance. It was too late. He would probably rob her, it shot through her head, although she had already told him that she had nothing with her. What was the key or the cell phone? At most the watch with the heart rate monitor on her wrist.

When he felt her, as she thought, to find valuables, she relaxed a little. His searching big hands were not uncomfortable. He cut open her track jacket, took it off, and tossed it aside carelessly. “I said I didn’t have anything with me!” Posted Popi. “Yes, yes, Blondie, you have what I want with you! And there!” he hissed. He pushed his paw between her legs from behind. Popi couldn’t pinch her as fast as he was about her gender. Firmly squeezed his hand, which she got hold of. “Au!” Shouted Popi, who suddenly realized that he wanted her body. With the knowledge came the panic and in the middle of the pressing of his hand on her cunt she pissed off. “Well Blondie is probably afraid of your pants made!” he laughed.

Still, he didn’t let go of her. His hand was still clenching her labia. He increased the pressure. Popi gasped and suddenly she howled like a siren. The guy let her go and she pressed her legs together. A quick cut and a jerk and the sweatpants consisted of only two tubes that slid to her knees. He grabbed Popi, happy that the pain on her labia had stopped, and pushed her to a group of trees. She tried to fidget but got a resounding slap in the face.

Her cheek was burning and her pubic pain hurt from his grip and the piss was starting to feel uncomfortable. She took note of all these adversities and had to take note of them at the same time, although he had not touched them, she annoyed his treatment, his particular way of being exposed. She couldn’t have said for sure if her cotton panties were just wet from her pee.

He fastened them between two trees that were about a meter apart. One leg on one, the other on the other tree. So she was now standing with her legs apart and only wearing her panties and bra. He’d left her sneakers too. He cut open her panties on the sides and pulled them between your legs. He grabbed him back and front and pressed him against her pussy. He was rubbed between her labia and rubbed her clit. She could feel the lust spreading in her abdomen. Then he stuffed her pissed panties into her mouth. “I don’t like it when the girls scream uncontrollably!” He laughed rattling. She was disgusted with her piss, but it didn’t help, which he slapped her on the left and right with a slap on the face. So she opened her mouth and took her wet pants between her teeth. She felt the taste of her pleasure juice mixed with piss.

After a few moments, it didn’t even feel so gross. She tugged on the fabric and at that moment could not have said what excited her more, what he did or how he did it. It was just certain it excited her.

He stood in front of her and now also cut the bra. Her tits hopped outdoors and when he saw her nipples set up he grinned. He grabbed the hemispheres and kneaded them firmly but not brutally. He twirled warts and was happy with how beautiful they were. Popi had closed his eyes and complied with the inevitable. She just hoped that he wouldn’t stop too quickly.

When he took a step back and let go, her eyes widened. He took his cock out of his pants. What a wonderful, violent beating, she thought. Nice long and nice hard. “What do you mean, Blondie,” he asked, “would you like it?” She shook her head. “Wrong answer!” Was his dry comment. He shoved his hand between her legs again. This time she couldn’t fight back. And as gently as he stroked her labia, she didn’t want to fight back either. He pushed two fingers in with a jerk her fuck hole. She was so wet that it chattered. “But you would like it!” was his comment. His thumb rubbed over her clit. Popi thought he could feel his fingers everywhere. She felt her excitement and her cunt wet. If she didn’t have a gag she would have gasped out her lust. He worked on it for a while, then suddenly stopped again. Now Popi nodded violently, ready to revise her decision. If so, then she wanted to be fucked.

But the guy didn’t care what she wanted. He stepped behind her and clapped his hand vigorously on her cheek. Her head snapped back and her pelvis jerked forward. She was immediately hit again. She quickly realized that she had to hold still. With one hand he pulled her head back, with the other he gripped her and rubbed her nipples. They were rock hard and stood out splendidly. He pushed his hot cock up and down in her butt fold. She pressed her butt against him and hoped that he would finally penetrate her.

He pulled the gag out of her mouth. “Well, you bitch what do you think I should fuck you?” “Mhhm” “What was that you Fickstuck? I can’t understand you? “Popi thought she had to sink into the ground. It was so humiliating for an absolute stranger to treating her so nastily … and yet she was so horny that she muttered:” yes fuck me. ” “Sweetie,” he growled, “you can do that with a lot more enthusiasm. And don’t you forget you want it? “Suddenly she understood.” Please you monster fuck me at last. I finally want to feel your cock in me. ” He didn’t like the monster, but he didn’t want to be that way, after all, she had formulated it as a request. He admitted to himself that the little girl was absolutely natural and certainly submissive. He wondered whether it would be expandable and pushed his full lout into her cunt in full length. Popi gasped when she suddenly felt so full. “Ahh! Yes! Oh, it’s good! Yes, finally fuck me properly! ”

He started pushing her nicely evenly, but the monster should still pay him. He reached around her legs and dipped his finger in the pleasure juice that was squeezed out of her cunt amply next to his cock. Now that she was pressing her butt hard against him, he let go of her tits and head and pulled her buttocks apart. When she pushed back to take him in completely, he stuck his index finger into her asshole. “Neieieiiin!” Popi whimpered but she didn’t stop her movements. The finger was very lightly slipped into her buttocks and irritated her even more. She felt how hotter she was. She was close to, soon she would get redemption they rolled over the first waves of a tremendous orgasm, he pulled his cock out of her, put him on her rosette, and pinned her with one jerk. She twitched, wildly at its peak. Her tortured asshole milked the intruder violently. That was too much for him and he injected his cream deep into her intestine.

When Popi had recovered halfway and started to think clearly, she heard someone in the thicket. A flashlight came on. “Well Popi, there you are!” Someone said, and Popi immediately recognized Lore’s voice. “Lore, please get rid of me!” Lore released her and handed her a package. “Well fresh clothes!” Grinned Lore, your sports gear is hopelessly gone! ” “But ..?” “No buts, Popi, it looked spicy. I hope you did your rape halfway there!” “Mhhhhm! You were there all the time? “Sure, I had to see how my birthday present arrived! Oh yes, my dear happy birthday! ”

The End.

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