Sex in the Cinema Hall


The Story in Cinema Hall with Tina and Nadel

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

After the experience in the cinema (see “Already in the cinema again”) I was a bit irritated the rest of the evening, and Tina could be seen that she was in the mood for a public adventure. And so the next evening Tina’s night should be (in mind, of course, I had the thought also to be involved, you know me).

Tina occasionally jumped in at a fitness center for a good friend: counter service, checking in and out, making coffee, and so on. So also on this Saturday evening when I was visiting. Her service went from 4 pm to 10 pm. She said that if I wanted to, I could come over and train beforehand, go to the sauna, or whatever.

So I went there around eight o’clock. The center was in such a mixed new area. Partly for commercial use, partly with apartment buildings. The fitness center was on the first floor. Relatively small, but I also think it’s quite fine.

So not only the Muckiprotzer, but mainly people who want to live healthily and also want to do something good looking without putting on ten briquettes too much. There was not much going on, probably usual on Saturday. I changed my clothes: hot pants, sports bra, and tank top and started cardio training. Tina brought me something to drink and along the way we talked and flattered about where Tina is flashing today could put. Although she was wiggling something, I already felt that she was concerned about this and she looked towards the end of the day with a delightful tingling sensation in her stomach.

After half an hour I went over to the equipment, did something for my belly leg and the center emptied more and more. When I was sitting on the chest trainer (butterfly), I noticed that you were looking directly into the window. And since it was dark outside and bright inside, it was like a huge mirror. I could see myself exercising, but didn’t see what was going on outside, and since I didn’t know this part of the city at all, I didn’t know if anyone could watch me. And the thought alone excited me slightly and gave me ideas!

In the meantime,, it was ten and the last guests left the studio. Tina locked up and came to me. She sat on the trainer next to mine. I don’t know what it’s called. The opposite of the chest trainer, where you have to swing your arms back against the weights. We trained a bit like this and talked about what we could do today. I looked in the direction of the window and asked Tina: “You, what’s opposite?”

“Mm, a street, a few bushes,, and behind it a new housing development. Why? ”

  • Can you see us from there? “
  • Mm, I don’t know. Probably yes. If someone just looks over there. “

I grinned at her, leaned forward and took off my shoes and stockings, and started training again.

“Oh, no Nadel. Not with me. I have no idea who’s looking at everything now. And people know me here. ”

  • Come on. Shoes and stockings aren’t bad. ”

Tina looked a little uncertainly towards the pane. Our eyes met in it.

I have known her long enough to know that she turned this on very nicely. And not just them. I also felt a tingle between my legs.

“Well, shoes and stockings. But no more! ”She also took off her footwear and leaned back again. We continued to train (with a small weight, of course). I felt the tingling sensation in my pants and since I was wearing a bra, I stopped again and took off my T-shirt. I looked ahead, exercised,d and now watched myself dressed only in bra and sports pants. This excited me even more.

“Come on, move in,” I told Tina. “No pig is watching anyway!” Without answering, Tina grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it over her head,

albeit hesitantly. She looked somewhat uncertainly into the window. I smiled at her.

“S’hat has! Or?”

“Sure, you know that. You know me only too well when it comes to my exhibitionism. But you know me here. ”

  • Isn’t that an extra kick? “
  • Mmh, yes, but also unsettled. “

I got up, went to her and kissed hers. “You are great!” I said, pulling my pants down and now sitting on my chest trainer, wearing only my underwear.

“I’m totally stupid!” Said Tina, standing up and also taking off her pants. “Oh, man, if one of the members watches!”

“It won’t!” I replied. Although of course, I was secretly hoping for an

audience. I felt how I got wet and also knew that I could not stop now. I continued exercising and looked at Tina in the window.

“You, I would like to see how the chest moves during breast training.” “Don’t spin around, Nadel. That’s enough now. ”

But without answering, I opened my bra and let it fall. Now I sat there bare-

breasted. In the middle of a brightly lit shop window. I got wetter and wetter and rubbed the inside of my thighs.

“Oh, Nadel. I can’t. ” ” Do you want to? ”

  • Oh, man, you know that very well! My pussy flows like yours. “
  • Mmh, may I see? “I had to laugh.

Tina smiled a little tightly, but then unhooked her bra. “Shit, shit, shit!” And threw him on the floor.

Tina’s breasts! I love her. Big, buxom. Fantastically shaped! Quite the opposite of my little titties. But which I still find very beautiful and proud of it!

Now we both sat topless and looked in the window. I smiled, Tina was a little cramped.

I went over to her, clutched her breasts and kissed her left nipple. I rolled the right one between my thumb and index finger. It got tough right away!

“Oh, Nadel. Not. ”

I ran my hand down her belly, over the navel, and to the waistband. “Not.” But she didn’t fight back either.

I slowly ran my hand into her panties. I felt that she was shaved. “Not, Nadel.”

At the same time, she ran both hands over my breasts and pinched them them slightly.

She brushed down my lasts and didn’t stay on my panties for long. She took it on both sides and slowly pulled it down to me. I spread my legs slightly so that the panties did not get caught in the buttocks and pussy gaps and went down easier. I wanted it!

When she had it up to her knees, I briefly pulled my feet together and the panties fell to the floor.

While I sucked on Tina’s bud and found something in her panties (I massaged her wet clit) I became aware that I was now stretching the bare bum of the neighborhood. This turned me on even more.

I took Tina’s panties and pulled them down too. She only too readily raised her bottom. When I had taken her off, I stretched out, turned to face the window, and then sat back down on the chest trainer. I started exercising again and watched myself doing it. Tina stared ahead more, but also started training.

I spread my legs so that I could see my wet pussy. And how! It shone! And when I saw Tina spread her legs in the window, her pussy also glistened with moisture. We grinned at each other. It was so exciting to see yourself like this, not knowing if and if so, who is watching everything. Keeping my legs deliberately spread, even though I would have loved to squeeze them tightly together, also stimulated me. And to see Tina’s plump body and her wet, shaved pussy …

I couldn’t help it!

I got up and walked over to Tina, who was looking at me expectantly with glassy eyes. I knelt between her thighs and gently licked her lips up to the clitoris. Tina’s clit stands out slightly, so it is a delight to satisfy her orally. She held my head firmly in her lap and kept saying:

“No, Nadel! Mmmmhhhhh. Not here! Mmmmhhhhhhh! ”

And I continued licking, my tongue deep through her crack. again and again up to the clit, where I always nibbled lightly. It wouldn’t have taken much … but …

suddenly, we were startled to death and froze into pillars of salt, the phone rang. We looked at each other questioningly.

“Do you have to go?” I asked Tina.

“Nah, the AB should start right away.”

We stared into the window. Were there spectators ??? And then the announcement came and then the beep.

“Hell,o you two!” The phone rang. We shivered! So someone was watching!

At the same time,e we covered our breasts and tried desperately to see something in the window. But then we only saw our horrified faces.

“Have no jitters! We stand here on the balcony and watch you two very pretty girls. We are 10 boys and celebrate the bachelor party of one of us. Now we wanted to ask you if … Tuuuuuut “The tape was over.

We looked at each other.

“A bachelor party ???? It can’t get any worse. ”

“Nah,” answered Tina. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this (?) We didn’t move.

The phone rang again. Again the AB. The beep again.

“Don’t you want to come to us and have fun there? For Floria,n it would be the most beautiful bachelor party that he wishes for and nothing that you don’t want is guaranteed to happen! You can count on it. X-Strasse 34. Ring the bell at Y. “

He hung up.

We looked at each other and started laughing. We looked into the window and looked at at each other there.

“And?” I asked.

“I’m not quite sure. What do you think?”

“There’s no question that I’m hot. And so far we have only had good experiences with our nudism. It never happened, what we didn’t want. ”

  • Mmh. This dates almost towards your Rocker meeting vision of Flughafen Wien. “
  • But even in the imagination nothing I did not want to happen. Should we? ”

Tina considered, and looked at me questioningly. But as short as she was before orgasm, still unsatisfied but hot, …

“Ok. But just have a look over there. And if we don’t like it: From the middle. ”

“ Sure. ”

We got up and collected our clothes. “What should we wear?” I asked.

“Shoes,” now Tina was all the same again, “pants, t-shirt.”

And so we turned off the light, locked it, and only went across the night street in sneakers, gym pants, without panties, and a T-shirt without a bra. Few cars were on the road. We quickly found the right house number and rang the bell. The door opened immediately.

After the lights were turned off in the studio, the boys just waited for the bell to ring.

“Comes up,” we heard a voice.

We went up the stairs. A young man around the age of 25 was waiting for us. He looked very nice and personable.

“Oh, did you get dressed again?” He grinned.

“Sure,” I said. “First of all, we wanted to see who is celebrating here.”

“Sure, of course. My name is Fred. It’s ok here. Nothing really happens that you don’t want. We just want to celebrate and have fun today. And having fun with you is even nicer. Come in. ”

We went into the hall. Inside we only heard muffled party noise. Really expectant.

“So, do you want to come in right

away, or do you want to surprise our Florian in particular?” “Mmmh!” I thought. Then I saw several scarves hanging on the cloakroom.

I whispered my idea into Tina’s ear.

She looked a little uncertain, but nodded.

“Fred,” I said. “You go inside. But make it clear to everyone that if we say STOP, it also means STOP and we can go whenever we want. ”

“That’s okay. Don’t worry, really. ”He went into the room and left us standing in the hallway.

We looked at each other and without exchanging words we stripped naked. It wasn’t that much anymore: a T-shirt, pants, and shoes.

I got two scarves from the dressing room and gave one to Tina.

We pressed ourselves together again, then stood in front of the door and blindfolded. My scarf really fit so well that I couldn’t see anything at all.

Tina asked: “Ok?”

I answered a little unsettled: “Must be.”

I pushed the doorknob down and opened the door. Silence!

Only then did I realize that there wasn’t even music on. Then someone took me by the hand and said, “Come in.”

The End.

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