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Seduction in the Family Together

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

“Oh god yeah” I groaned full of ectase. “Please don’t stop, I’ll be right there.”

The tongue inside me felt so good, but no sooner had I screamed the last sentence it stopped. I groaned in frustration, I was so close to it, she can’t hold me up any longer.

But she didn’t want that at all, I hardly felt the tongue anymore, two fingers penetrated into me and the next moment the tongue was there again. The fingers moved faster and faster in me and I felt how I was inexorably flying towards my climax.

When she started circling my clit with her tongue, it was over. I screamed and moaned so loud that I could hear it all over the house. After what felt like an eternity, the time had finally come and I wanted to savor every moment.

After minutes that felt like hours, I was still twitching in bed and slowly I calmed down again. The fingers had disappeared from me and the tongue had done its job.

“So here you are, that sounded like a fun morning.” At the sound of the voice, I opened my eyes again and saw my grinning father in the door.

“Darling are you already home?” My mother lifted her head up between my thighs where she was licking the remains of my nectar. “We didn’t expect you back so early.”

“You probably didn’t have your watch on your games, it’s noon. Tina better go freshen up, your siblings should come straight out of school,” said mine Father to me.


“We are back home”. I just came out of the shower and heard my brother Dabi, a year younger, and his twin sister Nidhi come in

through the door. A short time later we sat at the table for dinner and happily told us what we were doing all day did, with mom and me not going into too much detail. The rest of the day my siblings did homework and I phoned my best friend most of the time and we planned what we wanted to do during the holidays. Fortunately there was only one Week of school and we both kept our fingers crossed that like this it would still be a few days away.

Mom came to my room shortly after I hung up.

“So Tina tomorrow your father, Dabi and I are going to your aunt as planned. Nidhi doesn’t feel like it and you wanted to stay at home with her. This is the perfect opportunity to test whether we can win them for our games. Now the two are grown up and nothing should stand in the way. You have the whole weekend for you and you can slowly touch yourself. ”

With a kiss that was not very maternal and a grin, she left again.

As I lay there on my bed, my thoughts wandered back to the week ours was Relationship to each other has changed fundamentally.


“Then we’ll be gone,” my father called and got into the car with my siblings. He wanted to take them to our grandparents for a week and be back the next day.

In the evening, my mother and I sat in front of the TV and watched a love movie. “Would you like to have a glass of wine now that you’re of age?” “Yes, gladly.”

Several were made out of one glass and shortly afterwards we had the first bottle emptied

. The question surprised me, we have a very good relationship, but we rarely talked about intimate things.

“Well,” I pressed around. “We haven’t had a chance to meet a friend yet.” “There wasn’t one yet.” “But you’ve probably already had your experiences like that?”

“So if you want to know exactly, I don’t have them.” Oh God did I really just say that to my mother?

“You are still a virgin? When I was your age I thought of nothing but sex and luckily I already knew your father there. ” “Yes, I know, a short time later I was already there.”

Our parents got married early and my mother was only 20 when I was born. “But surely you already have …” “If you want to know exactly, no I don’t.

Except for a few kisses at some games, I have no experience with boys.”

So now it was out. I would have liked to do a lot more, but so far I have never dared.

We sat next to each other in silence for a while until Mama got up and got a second bottle of wine. Shortly afterwards we emptied them too.

“Tina in your looks, the boys have to line up.”

I inherited the look from her, we both have reddish hair and a fair complexion. Through regular jogging, I kept myself fit while playing volleyball, which gave me a slim but athletic figure. I looked very much like my mother and some people have already thought she was my older sister.

“I only gave you the best, there must be someone there. I still remember your father’s eyes almost fell out of my head when I wore a slightly deeper neckline. ”

  • Mom, what’s the point? ” Although she is right, I obviously got my breasts from her and even if they are slightly smaller than hers, I am very satisfied with my C-cup.

After a pause she started again: “If you feel insecure or have any questions, you can come to me at any time. You can ask me anything and I will help you as much as possible. “” Thank you mom but I think I’d better go to bed now. ”

I put on my usual sleeping clothes consisting of panties and top and lay down. But all the talk didn’t stop me, my thoughts kept circling around the conversation.

Shortly afterwards I heard my mother coming up, she probably wanted to go to bed too. Then there was a soft knock and my mother stuck her head into my room. “Are you still awake,” she asked.

“Yes, I can’t sleep.” She came all the way to my room and sat on the edge of my bed.

“No it’s okay, it was strange, but you’re my mom after all.” We talked for a while and then she wanted to go to sleep. When she just wanted to get up again, I finally got the question which has been bothering me since I was in bed.

“Uhm mom, you said yes, I can ask you anything if I want to know something.” “But of course my darling,

that’s what mothers are for.” “So you know that I have hardly any experience, but I have been wondering all the time what a real kiss feels like. Not such a short smack that one when spinning bottles or something but gets a real one. ”

I really noticed how I blushed. “It is a very nice feeling, especially when you get lost in the kiss and it can get very intense very quickly. Oh, I don’t know how to describe it better. ”

  • K … could you show me? ” “Do you want that?” I could no longer trust my voice and could only nod.

With a small smile, Mama leaned over me and came closer and closer. I closed my eyes and moved my head towards her. I felt hers already Lips on mine, and after a moment she pulled back.

Disappointed that it was over so quickly, I opened my eyes. At that moment her lips were on mine again. Suddenly her mouth opened and the tip of her tongue hit my closed lips. I opened it, the tongue made its way into my mouth and started playing with mine.

We got really lost in the kiss, one became two and when Mama finally released her lips from mine, I had lost any feeling of how much time had passed.

Mama got up, smiled at me again, wished me a good night and left. Just before the door closed, she said,

“I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Now I was alone in my room again. I turned around and hoped to finally be able to sleep when I came to my chest with my hand.

My nipple was very hard and I felt the moisture between my legs. I slowly let my hand slide down and began to stroke myself. I pushed my top up and kneaded my breasts with the other hand. Shortly afterwards I came and had to resist a loud moan.

I came several more times until I finally fell asleep exhausted.


When I went to breakfast the next morning I could hardly look my mother in the eye.

“Tina, I can see from you that last night’s kisses depress you. But I only showed you what a kiss like that felt like and it was nice, wasn’t it? ”

  • You’re right, mom, but it was a bit strange after all, “I stopped ashamed.

“Did it arouse you, it’s normal that it made you hot.” I blushed again. “Did you do it yourself afterwards?”

“To be honest, yes, and not just once.” “That’s something nice. And masturbating is the most normal thing in the world.”

Shortly afterwards I finished breakfast. I spend the rest of the day mostly in the garden by our pool. I alternately swam and sunbathed.

My father came home in the afternoon. In the evening we ate together and afterwards I said goodbye to my room to watch TV. When I got tired I went to the bathroom to change for bed.

Back in my room, I saw a small packet on my pillow. I curiously unpacked it and the first thing I found was a card.

“It makes it a lot more fun” was written there and there was a red kissing mouth.

The card was from Mama and when I unpacked the vibrator, I was speechless. Completely perplexed, I put it in the drawer of my nightstand and put it my sleep.


After I woke up I stayed in bed for a while because I was on vacation and I didn’t have to get up. Shortly afterwards my mother came into my room. “Did you have fun with my little present yesterday?” She asked with a grin.

“Well … hmm … I didn’t really …” “Didn’t you use the vibrator?” “No I didn’t know really like “.

“Just try what you like.” She got up and went out again. “But if you want I can show you a little something.”

I lay there for a while, thinking about her words. Then I gathered up all my courage and got up. I reached into my drawer and found the vibrator. I found my mother in the kitchen.

When she saw me she had to smile. “Should I help you? Dad is at work and we would have the whole afternoon to ourselves. “If you really would? ” “Go to your room, I’ll be right there.”

I sat nervously on my bed. When mom finally came, she had changed and was wearing only a bathrobe. In addition, she was also holding a vibrator in her hand.

“Me I thought the best thing would be to just show you what I like, but we both still have too many things for it. Shortly afterwards we sat opposite each other.

“First of all, I mostly have erotic thoughts, which get me in the mood. Then I get a little wet and my nipples become hard. Most of the time I start to play with my breasts, I massage them gently and play with my nipples. After a while I slowly drive down between my legs with one hand. There I slowly pull a finger through my column, from bottom to top and end at my clit. I drive around this a few times and then start stroking myself more extensively.

Then when I’m wetter, I slowly dip my finger into my column and slowly drive in and out. Most of the time there are more fingers added. ”

As she spoke, she did exactly what she described to me. Her breathing was faster and her face was slowly turning red.

I was still sitting on my bed as at the beginning and watched my mother.

“Go ahead,” she said to me. “I can’t think of anything to think about.” “What was the last time you thought about?” “That was after our kiss.”

My mother stopped playing and slowly leaned over to me.

“Then we have the well again”, she breathed. Already I could feel her lips on mine and her tongue demanded intake I her only too happy to grant.

When her mouth broke again from mine we grinned at us both. “I think we would have solved the problem. ”

I followed her gaze on my breasts and saw my hard nipples. “Now stroke yourself as you normally do.”

So we both sat opposite each other, played with ourselves and watched each other.

After a while I heard my mother: “Now put your vibrator in your mouth to make it nice and moist. Then turn it on and slowly drive it down over your nipples. Now run your fingers through your cleft as before and play on your clit. ”

When I felt the vibration, it was as if lightning from my clit shot through my whole body and I could not suppress a moan.

  • So it is good Honey let yourself go “.

I got more and more lost in my lust. I felt my climax approach.

Suddenly I felt something unusual on my nipple. I opened my eyes and saw my mother closing her lips around my nipple and starting to suck.

Then she bit my nipple

When I opened my eyes after what felt like an eternity, she was no longer in my room.

******************************************* “We’ll start driving. Behave and be nice to each other. ”

Now I just need a plan how I can seduce Nidhi over the weekend. The End.

In the next story, I will share you another story named Best Girl-Friend Ever

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