Seduces Handsome Father


Shaila Seduces her Handsome Father

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of


“Daddy,” I whispered as I glided across the moonlit room, stopping only when my trembling knees gently brushed against the silk sheets on his king-size bed.

“Daddy, are you awake?” I asked again as I leaned over my father’s body, purring into his ear, my tongue twitching just an inch away, already eager to lick inside him.

No don’t, I thought to myself, pulling back even as I felt my nipples stiffen and arch toward him. Lifting the soft sheet away from his golden skin I couldn’t help but gasp as his blond pubic hairs came into view, and then had to fight myself from grabbing hold of him as his long, fat shaft appeared, lying proudly on his thick thigh.

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Oh God, it’s so big, I thought for the hundredth time, my gaze locked on the big cockhead, so much bigger than Jay’s or Dev’s, the only other ones I had ever seen. Licking my lips, I wondered what it’d feel like to run my tongue over his balls and up to his long shaft, what it would feel like to pop the fat head between my lips, and what his sperm would taste like as it dribbled down my hungry throat.

I knew from experience he wouldn’t wake unless I did something crazy, that he was almost impossible to rouse once he’d fallen asleep. “Oh Doctor, please make your little daughter feel better,” I pled silently to his inert form as I slipped under the sheet and fit myself against him.

It had surprised me the first time I had lain in bed next to Daddy while he slept and had felt him stiffen, thinking at first he must have awakened. It was only after spending several nights in Daddy’s bed that I’d realized just how often his erections occurred, how again and again as the hours passed his penis would lengthen and fatten as he dreamt. I had learned to delight in the feeling of his hardness against me.

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Over the past four months, I had taken to occasionally sneaking into Daddy’s bed as he slept, although most nights I’d only stay two or three hours before fleeing back to my room, my pussy tingling as I fled. Only twice had I stayed right through til morning but both times he woke to find me dressed demurely in my most conservative p.j.’s, always accepting my lame excuses for being there, never suspecting I’d lain naked in his arms for hours.

The first time he’d ejaculated as I lay next to him I’d been stunned, sure that he must be awake as his ropy strands splashed against my stomach and thighs. I fled that first time, his sticky cream oozing down my legs as I ran, but had been unable to stop giggling as I threw myself onto my bed. I tasted Daddy’s sperm for the first time that night, dipping my finger again and again through the dripping cream, reveling in its aroma and flavor as I sucked his seed off my finger.

Since that first night I’d often seen Daddy come, and increasingly had had to fight myself from straddling Daddy and taking him inside me as he slept. But I knew that I had to be patient only a little while longer, that we’d be in Europe soon, knew that for ten weeks we’d be together and that inevitably we’d make love.

Still, tonight I’d decided to spend the night in Daddy’s bed, have him awaken to my naked body curled against him, preparing him for what was to come, for what he’d already started to desire.


“Sweetie, wake up! What are you doing in my bed honey?” was the first thing I heard the next morning as I woke to Daddy gently shaking my shoulder.

“Oh Daddy,” I murmured while stretching and moving so the silk sheet slid below my breasts, my ruby-tipped nipples immediately jumping erect. “I had a nightmare, Daddy, a terrible nightmare,” I said in a little girl’s voice as I leaned over towards him, letting him feel my nipple brush against his chest.

“But honey, Jesus” he started to protest, his eyes raking over my firm, ripe teenage body.

“But what Daddy?” I interrupted, suddenly remembering how I had awoken late in the night and felt Daddy’s big shaft pumping a nocturnal emission of rich, white sauce across my bum and thighs.

“You’re not,… I mean you’re not dressed Shaila, you’re naked,” he complained about a catch in his voice.

“I always sleep nude now Daddy, just like you,” I said smiling. “I love feeling the soft silk against my skin,” I added, feeling now the caked stickiness that still hung on my back and thighs, Daddy’s sperm coating me.

“You’re my daughter sweetie. You know people wouldn’t understand you sleeping naked in your father’s bed.”

“You sleep naked,” I pouted. “And besides, who cares what other people think?” I demanded as I pressed insistently against him. “Besides, you’ve seen me naked before – I am your daughter! And you’re my doctor,” I added indignantly, “You’re supposed to see my body. Is something wrong with it?” I asked laying back and spreading my legs and arms, opening myself to my Daddy’s inspection.

“Of course not Stef! It’s just that you’re a big girl now. You’ve become a woman honey,” he stammered as I saw his cock rise from its resting place, lengthening relentlessly upwards against his stomach. “It’s not right for you to sleep in your Daddy’s bed. You shouldn’t look at my honey when I’m naked,” he insisted as he saw my eyes drift down to the awakening giant.

“Even though I had a nightmare Daddy? I was so scared,” I moaned fearfully.

Daddy couldn’t stop himself from pulling me into his warm arms, couldn’t stop himself from asking, “What was your bad dream about baby?”

“It was dark Daddy, so dark,” I whispered, my lips just inches from his. “They attacked me, Daddy, in a dark alley, three of them, they were so big, so ugly,… they hurt me, Daddy,” I added, whimpering now.

“Who sweetie? Who were they? What did they do to you, honey?”

“They hit me Daddy… so hard, and then they tore the clothes from my trembling body. They scared me so much, Daddy! They were foreigners… Arabs I think big, ugly, dirty men with long smelly beards. They wanted to rape me, Daddy, despoil me because I’m an American Oh Daddy, they were so dirty and they made me do terrible things,” I said, my body now trembling in his arms.

“What things Shaila?” Dad asked, horror now etched on his face, clearly living his worst nightmare, the defilement of his only daughter, but unable now not to hear all the gruesome details.

“Oh, Daddy! It was so terrible,” I cried as I wriggled in his arms, the blond curls on my pubic mound being crushed by his pulsing shaft. “The big, fat, greasy one put his thing in my mouth Daddy, he made me swallow him. Oh God, I gagged Daddy, each time he pushed it into my throat it hurt Daddy,”

I wept, my face contorted into a grimace of disgust, ” and then one of the other ones put his finger in my rear, into my … oh, anus,    you know, my bum Daddy…then he put his penis, his big Arab penis they weren’t circumcised Daddy… it was awful, filthy ”

“It’s okay sweetie, please stop, it’s okay don’t cry. It was just a dream Shaila,” my handsome Daddy insisted as I sobbed, trembling in his strong arms. “Daddy will never let you be hurt by anyone honey,” he promised, even as his rock-hard penis tried to burrow into my stomach.

“What about next year Daddy? When I’m away at school… all alone there are so many foreigners in Boston Daddy. They hate us, Daddy. They hate us because we’re blond and good looking and healthy and smart and happy and Americans and Christians”

“I’ll always protect you, sweetie,” Daddy promised again as he kissed the tears from my cheeks.

“You promise Daddy?” I demanded as my lips found my Daddy’s.

“Forever Shaila,” he insisted as he moved his burning lips over my face, swallowing my salty tears.

“I wish there were more men like you Daddy. I wish I could find a boyfriend as handsome and nice as you, someone big and strong to protect me, the boys at school aren’t anything like you,” I purred, my body trembling in his arms.

“Oh Shaila,” he laughed, but with a tinge of regret evident in his voice. “You’ll find a nice boy your own age soon sweetie, a boy you’ll fall in love with, a boy you’ll want to marry and start a family with,” he continued, but I could see he was happy and excited with my compliment.

“I don’t want a boy Daddy… and no one as handsome as you Daddy,” I said as I hugged him even tighter, forcing him to feel his little girl’s now ripe body.

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“God honey, I’m an old man, way too old and feeble for a beautiful young girl like you,” he protested but did not attempt to move away, in fact, seemed to push his hard shaft even harder into me.

“No, you’re not! All my friends think you’re so hot.”

“Yeah sure,” Daddy responded, a blush spreading across his face. “I can just see all your eighteen-year-old high school girlfriends thinking I’m hot,” he finished, clearly enchanted with the thought of my sexy teen friends getting off on him.

“You’re only thirty-seven Daddy,” I crooned into his ear, loving the feel of Daddy’s cock throbbing against me. “When you came out last Sunday in your Speedo I thought both Monica and Jacqui were going to attack you.”

“No way!” he exclaimed.

“And when you got out of the water and came over and talked to us wow!”


“Your thing Daddy Your penis, it stretched your suit so much, Daddy. We could see practically everything! And it looked so big!”

“Shaila!” Daddy stammered loudly, feigning anger even as he pushed it harder against me.

“You should have heard what they said Daddy when you left about how they’d like to get you alone and take off your suit and feel it in,” I trailed off giggling.

“I’m sorry honey, I won’t wear it again, I didn’t mean to embarrass…”

“It’s okay Daddy, I liked it. I’m proud of my Daddy, proud they think you’re such a sexy man. Their fathers are both old guys, it’s only you, my friend’s dream of. Monica told me she got so excited when she had her medical when you saw her naked when you touched her… ”

“Oh God, that’s not right, I’m her doctor,” he mumbled.

“And it is big Daddy,” I said huskily, my eyes drifting down towards the crimson cock that lay between our bodies. “Don’t you like it that young girls want you, Daddy?” I teased after a long pause. “Wouldn’t you like to make love to Monica or Jacqui or one of my other friends?”

“They’re just girls Shaila; I’d never have sex with young friends of yours, I’ve known them since they were little girls, they’re my patients,” he protested fiercely as he grew ever harder against my stomach.

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“You don’t like them? You don’t think they have nice bodies, Daddy? You don’t think they’re sexy when you see them naked in your office?” I demanded.

“They’re nice girls honey, but they’re too young for me…”

“They’re a woman now Daddy, like me. Don’t you think I’m pretty? Sexy? Don’t you think men want me?” I cooed into his ear, each breath tickling him, caressing him, inflaming him.

“Of course, you’re beautiful honey, but…” he stuttered, reddening as he spoke.

“If I wasn’t your daughter, your little girl, would you want to make love to me Daddy?” I pressed him for an answer even as my fingers moved onto and around his hardness.

“Jesus Shaila!” He groaned rolling away from me, and then rose and jumped out of bed, his long shaft bouncing proudly as he moved.

“Awww, stay in bed with me a few more minutes Daddy,” I pled as he disappeared into his bathroom. What’s he thinking about I wondered as I heard the shower running. I know your body wants me Daddy but what about you?

I was on my back naked, my legs spread, when Daddy reappeared minutes later, drops of water dotting his broad chest, a white towel wrapped around his waist. I had one knee raised in the air, and my thin strands of blond pubic hair were no barrier as his eyes locked on my pink insides as he approached the bed.

“C’mon sweetie, time to get up, you don’t want to be late for school,” he prodded, trying to act naturally as he sat next to me and lightly ran his hand over my shaking knee and up and down my inner thigh.

“God it’s only six-thirty Dad, why are you up so early anyway?” I complained as I pushed my knee further into his hand, opening myself further to his hungry gaze.

“I have an operation at eight honey, I gotta rush,” he explained as he quickly stood and started to pull his briefs up his hairy legs, catching them on his again raging hard-on.

“He’ll never fit, it’s too big,” I giggled as I watched Daddy try to stuff his fat cock under the inadequate material. “I like it when I see him so hard Daddy, do you need any help?” I continued as Daddy blushed and turned away from my eager eyes.

Finally dressed, he turned back to me and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead before saying, “Now you be good today Shaila. I should be home around seven; do you want me to pick up something for dinner?”

“Some Thai maybe,” I suggested.

“How’s the booking of our trip going anyway honey? You’ve only got a couple of days more you know. Have you got it all finalized?” he asked as he moved, his eyes never leaving me as he backed towards the door.

“I finished yesterday Daddy. I’ll give you all the details tonight. Bye, love you,” I yelled as he finally slipped through the doorway.

“Oh Jesus,” I moaned aloud as I heard the front door slammed shut, the fingers of my left hand snaking down between my already damp thighs. I watched myself in the wall mirror facing the bed and could see my engorged nether lips, my erect clit, my fingers as they slowly spread my slit and penetrated my throbbing pussy.

It almost hurt as I arched upwards to meet my probing finger, yet even this inadequate replacement for Daddy’s big prick still brought me to a shuddering orgasm in minutes, my frustration assuaged momentarily by my copious spending. I brought my sopping fingers to my mouth and reveled in my taste, wishing only that it was mixed with Daddy’s thick white sauce.

“Paris,” I mumbled as I sucked my index finger, “Just four more days Daddy. We’ll make love for the first time in Paris,” I promised myself aloud.

I’d often slipped into Daddy’s bed over the last eight years, ever since the day Mom had run off with her lover and left us. It had always been innocent until last February when I’d finally realized I didn’t want the boys my age who in increasing numbers were flocking around me; neither Dev nor Jay had come close to igniting the passion that Daddy could arouse with just one kind look, one gesture, one caress. Lying in Daddy’s bed, still warm from his body, I thought back to that February night four months ago that had precipitated everything that was now happening in my life.


Daddy had surprised me on that night four months ago, taking me out for an evening of dining and dancing at one of Pittsburgh’s most glamorous nightspots – my coming out party he had called it. A celebration of my being accepted that week into the September 1994 Freshman Class of Harvard Medical School

I had worn high heels and my sexiest dress, a new, black, clinging silk number, to celebrate the occasion, my breasts free under the low cut top, the high slit in the dress exposing my firm, long thighs with every step I made. I had been elated when I had come downstairs and Daddy’s mouth had plopped open, clearly stunned at the picture I made.

“What?” I demanded, surprised how good it felt to have my Daddy so obviously excited watching me.

He gasped, “You’re so beautiful Shaila,” combined with the way his eyes roamed hungrily over me excited me in a way I’d never been before. He’s your Daddy silly, I thought to myself as he walked me arm-in-arm to the car, but still remembered the comments my friends were always making about Daddy, about how they’d love to be alone with him.

It was the perfect evening and Daddy made me feel like a girl who had been transformed into a Princess, his Princess, and I, with no prior plan or conscious desire suddenly started to treat him like a real man, a sexy man. I danced closer than I would have normally, I repeatedly bent over or adjusted my top so he had view after view of my full breasts, my hard crimson nipples; sitting, I moved my dress so the slit was towards the front, my wispy thin red silk panties continually exposed to his hungry stare.

I plastered myself against him as we danced; pushing my breasts, my hard nipples into his chest, grinding my mound into him as my fingers gently caressed his hair, his neck. It was then that I felt it for the first time, felt Daddy’s thick spear rubbing, probing urgently against my stomach. It seemed too big, dwarfing what I had felt when Dev, when Jay when others had danced with me.

Strange sex

I was flushed with excitement when we finally got home after three a.m., both of us slightly tipsy from the wine and the sexual energy echoing between us. I was actually shaking as he escorted me to my bedroom door, new wild, impossible, incestuous sexual thoughts whirling through my brain. Waiting, wondering what next, he surprised me, simply presenting me a small, gold-wrapped package as we stood in the doorway.

“What is it Daddy,” I asked as I opened the small rectangular box. “Oh God,” I shrieked when I saw the necklace of perfect white pearls sitting on a bed of black silk. A card had slipped from the top of the box when I went to lift the lustrous string and recognizing Daddy’s miniature scrawl, and shaking I read:

Dear Shaila

I’m so proud of you Shaila! No father on Earth has ever been luckier than I – to have a daughter as kind and beautiful and intelligent and nice and caring and loving as you is the best thing that could have happened to me.

It seems just yesterday that I so proudly brought you home from the hospital. To think that today that little girl is now eighteen and soon will be leaving me for university and adulthood is almost incomprehensible. I’m so proud of you honey, how well you’ve done, what an outstanding person you’ve become.

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There has never been anyone else in the world I have loved more than you; I can’t imagine having lived my life without you in it. You bring so much joy into my life

Thank you, darling, I love you so much, Daddy.s. I thought maybe you’d like to wear these pearls when we have dinner in Paris this summer

I think it was that moment in time when I realized there was no one in the world I’d rather spend my life with, that there was no one else in the world I wanted to make love to more than Daddy. As I stood sobbing in his arms, being hugged and kissed by the only person I had ever loved, I felt a surge of sexual attraction echo through my body, my tongue, my lips, my nipples, my liquid insides, my whole body responding to a man as it never had done before.

My fumblings with Dev in the back seat of his car, the kissing, the touching, the frantic grappling; sleepovers with Jacqui and Monica where we talked endlessly of boys and sex, and even experimented among ourselves; and even the night with Jay, just weeks ago, when I had felt for the first, and so far, only time, a penis penetrate me; none of these experiences had prepared me for what my body was now doing, feeling, demanding, urging.

“Shaila, are you okay?” finally penetrated my foggy thoughts and brought me slowly back to a new reality.

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