Seduced by my Student


How I Got Seduced By My student

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Hello, lovely individuals. I’m here to tell you how my student charmed me. I’m hoping you’re in good health. Please allow me to briefly introduce myself. I’m Aryan, and I’m 26 years old from Delhi. I come from a wealthy background and am a well-educated professional. I am 5’8″ tall, have a 6″ long tool, and am 2.5″ thick. You can’t overlook my athletic figure and good looks!

Let me introduce you to the story’s characters.

Aryan: This is yours truly.

Dipali: She is my first and only tutee. (I’ll explain why later in the story.) She’s about 19 years old, a fair-skinned female with 30B-30-32 measurements and standing about 5’5″. I must say, she is adorable, like a doll.

Now, back to the narrative. It was April 21st. It was a very difficult time. The number of Covid-19 cases was increasing, as was the number of deaths. As you all know, Delhi was also placed under lockdown, with almost no movement of people.

I was also working from home and had plenty of free time because there wasn’t much to do. To give you a sense of scale, I live alone on the second floor in a two-bedroom apartment. The first level is occupied by my landlord’s family, while the ground floor is occupied by another family of tenants.

I went downstairs to get groceries and other necessities and returned. My landlady called for me as I was crossing the first floor, and the dialogue proceeded as follows.

Landlady (L): Hey Aryan, pay attention.

A: Yes, aunty, what’s the matter? I have appropriately closed the main door.

L: I’m not interested in the gate. Do you have any additional tissue boxes?

A: (To her surprise, I had just purchased two boxes) Yes, I had. Allow me to store these items upstairs. I’ll get you some Kleenex in a minute.

L: All ok.

I dashed inside my apartment, emptied the food bags, and put everything back in its proper place. I went downstairs with one box of tissues.

L: I appreciate it very much.

A: That’s no problem, aunty. Is there anything else you require?

L: In fact, I needed a favor.

A: Yes, please go ahead.

L: Do you have any ground-floor tenants?

A: I’m not familiar with them. But, in any case, what is your point?

L: Deepali (their daughter) just graduated and is now enrolled in junior college.

A: How about that? What can I do to help?

: She’s pretty bad in school. You’re good with numbers. Could you help her by providing her lessons? They are willing to pay you $2,000 per subject per month.

I was originally hesitant because money was not an issue. But then I reminded myself that it’s only a matter of 1 or 2 hours per day. In addition, I have far too much free time with little to do. So why not try your hand at teaching? I can assist a weak child in strengthening her concepts.

A: All right, I’ll teach her, but only under one condition. I can’t commit to a specific time because I have to deal with work hours as well. So I’ll send her a text an hour before her lesson time.

L: All right, agreed. I’ll give her your phone number and encourage her to contact you.

After this chat, I returned to my apartment and began doing my daily tasks. This dialogue almost slipped my mind. Then I received a WhatsApp message from an unknown number. This is how the conversation progressed.

Deepali (D): Hello, this is Deepali on the other end of the line. Regarding tuition, Akshara aunty gave you her phone number.

A: Hello! Yes, I recall. Do one thing: come to the office tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. with your accounting books and a notebook.

D: All right, Sir. Is it necessary for me to bring fees in advance or at the end of the month, sir?

A: Don’t be concerned. At the end of the month, pay me. For the first time, I am also teaching. So, let’s give it a week and see how it goes before deciding on prices.

D: All right, Sir. Goodnight

Then I ate dinner, watched a movie on my tablet, and fell asleep. I awoke the next morning and went about my normal activities. I was waiting for my first student at about 2:15 p.m.

Yes, I was ecstatic because I was about to teach for the first time in my life. And I value time the most. People who are not punctual irritate me. My doorbell rang at 2:25 p.m., and there she was, the major character of this story!

D: Good morning, Sir.

A: Hello there, Deepali. Come in, take a seat, and let’s get started on our studies.

Initially, I had no negative intentions toward her. It was nothing more than a teacher-student relationship. As I began educating her, I saw that she lacks comprehension of even the most basic concepts. So I had to teach her everything from scratch, and I discovered that I am a fairly decent teacher as a result.

She was growing better at her studies as the days passed. She sat next to me on the couch one day. She screamed in fear and hugged me firmly. She spotted a lizard and was terrified of it.

My arms were being crushed by her breasts. Her one hand was wrapped around my neck, while the other was resting on my pants. I was taken away by this unexpected movement, but I was thoroughly enjoying it. My dick began to swell, and her palm was exactly over my crotch.

I stood up and scared the lizard away from the hall before it could get any stranger. But I was pretty sure she felt the boner under her palm for a few seconds. The remainder of the day went as usual, and she returned to her apartment.

The next day, I noticed a few abrupt changes in her appearance and demeanor (Yes, of course, in a positive manner). She used to dress casually in loose tops and trousers or salwar suits. Today, though, she was dressed in a tank top and three-fourths denim. She had moved closer to me.

While studying, she tried to get physically attracted to me now and again. I know you think I should seize this moment and pound on her. But, being a gentleman and thinking Deepali to be in her adolescent phase, I just disregarded all of her advances. I didn’t do anything except study.

She wore crop tops, tight-fitting tops, loose shorts, deep neck tops, and so on for the next few days. But I ignored all of her cues and proceeded to teach her. But she wasn’t going down without a fight. She sprung the final ruse on me, and I quickly fell for it.

It was around 6:30 p.m., as I recall. My adolescent pupil texted me. It was, in fact, an image. I was frozen while downloading it. She was naked in front of the bathroom mirror, wearing only her back printed cotton underwear! Guys, I swear I was sweating just looking at that photo, even while the air conditioner was turned on.

I couldn’t keep my gaze away from her lovely but undeveloped breasts. Her areola was the correct size, with light brown yet perky nipples. But such happiness couldn’t last forever. She removed the photo and the text within 4-5 minutes of sending them.

D: Please accept my apologies, sir. I intended to email it to my lover Arnav but instead forwarded it to Aryan Sir.

I assumed she would have removed the picture as soon as she discovered it had been forwarded to me. Why wait 4-5 minutes before deleting? Also, because I hadn’t drilled a pussy in around 4-5 months, my sexual urges were at an all-time high. So I responded.

A: No worries, sweetie. However, you must not send such images to anyone. People can use you as a pawn and blackmail you. NEVER, EVER send compromising photos to anyone.

D: Are you sure you’re not going to blackmail me? (Using an emoticon with two tears of laughter)

A: You’ve already erased the photo. I have no justification for blackmailing you. (Wink)

After that, I had no response from her. That evening, I masturbated while envisioning Deepali, then ate dinner and went to bed. I texted Deepali the next morning, asking her to meet me at 6 p.m. for courses. I decided to seize the opportunity if one presented itself.

I shaved my balls for the event and went about my usual activities. As the clock hit 5 p.m., I eagerly awaited Deepali. Every minute felt like an hour as she waited for her. My doorbell rang at approximately 05:50 p.m. As I approached the door, my heart began to race.

I opened the door with trembling hands. She was dressed like a sexy chick. She was dressed in a white spaghetti top with the word “baby” inscribed on it, black denim shorts, and black canvas shoes. And I was dressed formally in a black shirt and khaki slacks.

I greeted her and sat alongside her to begin teaching. But things have shifted between us. I no longer saw her as a student. While educating her, I purposely tried to contact her hands. She was sitting closer to me than usual.

But there was some disagreement between us over who made the first move. I was hesitant to make the initial approach because it would be a risky phenomenon if she wasn’t interested in me. I went into the kitchen to retrieve the water bottle from the refrigerator. I received a text message when I was in the kitchen. Yes, you got it correctly, it came from Deepali. It was the identical photo she had sent me the day before, with the remark, “Now you can blackmail me.” I returned the bottle to the fridge and entered the room.

My heart rate was at 120 beats per minute. I sat next to her on the couch, staring into her eyes. I could see the lust in my adolescent student’s eyes. I moved my lips closer to hers and laid a delicate kiss on her brow.

That’s it! She closed her eyes and pressed her lips together. The thrill was at its peak. I stood up, turned down the heat to 16 degrees, and urged her to do the same. I turned on the television since I was a jerk during sex. With lust and passion, we looked into each other’s eyes.

I put my hand behind her chin, raised her head, and drew my lips closer to hers. She closed her eyes and motioned for me to suck her baby pink lipstick off her lips. I pressed my lips on her bottom lip and began sucking her. The lipstick she was wearing had an acidic flavor to it.

The sweet kiss quickly developed into a wild one. We were suckling on one other’s lips. While sharing saliva, our tongues wrestled in one other’s mouths. I trapped her against the wall and began massaging her boobs over her top without breaking the kiss.

We smooched for at least 15-20 minutes. She was a great kisser, I must say. She now seized command and began unbuttoning my shirt. She was overly horny. She unbuttoned the first two buttons and then broke the rest, ripping my shirt open and throwing it on the floor.

She forced me to lie on my back on the bed before coming over and smooching again, although this time she tore off my vest, undid my trousers, and unzipped them. She accomplished all of this without even a single pause in the kiss, and it felt exciting!

She now undoes my pants. I was lying on the bed in my underwear, trying to get my dick out. I snatched her by the waist, pinned her down, and undid her crop top. I resumed eating her lips while caressing her breasts in her pink designer bra (the one without hooks).

I began slowly and passionately kissing her forehead, lips, and earlobes one by one. I slipped my hand up to her neck. She was really sensitive in that regard. She began quivering and using her hands to struggle as soon as I placed my lips on her neck. I took both of her hands in mine and began sucking and licking her neck.

She shook like a fish without water. I was having a great time. “Please leave the neck,” she wailed. (While chuckling) It tickles me, Aryan Sir. You’ve been quite mischievous.” Then I began kissing my adolescent student’s breasts over her bra.

I kissed her navel and began licking around and into her belly button. “It feels so lovely,” she moaned softly. Now, sir, fuck me. “I can’t wait any longer.” But I was having fun teasing her, so penetration was out for a bit.

I undid her shorts now. She was naked on the bed, wearing a pink designer bra and stunning blue V-shaped pantyhose. Her underwear was soaked wet. I flipped her over, and she was now lying on her stomach. With our underwear still on, I walked over to her so that my dick was contacting her ass crack. I shifted her hair and began kissing her neck. She was having so much fun that she was raising her ass upward in delight. I proceeded down carefully, kissing her from the upper back to the lower back, and then her ass. I flipped her again and took her bra off.

It’s far more enticing than removing the hooked bra. In front of my eyes was the most stunning pair of breasts. Her areolae were about 2 cm long, with light brown nipples that invited you to delve into them.

Her breasts were tiny and had yet to develop further. But those were some of the best matches I’d ever seen. I began sucking one of her nipples and pinched the other with my palm. I wrapped my tongue around her areola, and she went insane.

I gave her breasts around 15-20 minutes of my entire attention. I kissed her, punched her, kneaded her, licked her, and bit her breasts. She had a good time as well. I kissed her thighs now while massaging her boobs like a stress ball. I moved slowly towards her inner thighs, licking and caressing her thighs. The scent of fresh juice from her damp underwear was driving me insane. I used my teeth and hands to remove her underpants and saw her pussy for the first time. Oh my goodness, it was stunning. Her vagina was pink because she had it shaved clean.

I wrapped delicate kisses around her pussy before sucking her clit. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed. My guy has never disappointed me, sir.” She opened her legs and placed her feet on my neck while I was sucking her clit.

Now I was kissing her labia with my lower lip, and she was freaking out. With my fingers, I spread her lips and put my tongue inside her vagina. She simply forced my head inside through her feet while clutching my hair fiercely. I began moving my tongue in an up-and-down, circular, and to-and-fro motion.

It was only a matter of 2-3 minutes before she entered my mouth. I lapped down her salty yet delicious juices and moved my lips closer to hers. I began smooching her and playing with her breasts. I resumed kissing her neck. She was pleading with me to fuck her when her phone rang.

It was her mother who called, urging her to come home because it was already 8 p.m. We regained our composure. I assisted her in getting dressed while still in my underpants. “Looks like you two had a good time after all,” she added. She was pointing to my dripping wet underwear.

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She then slid her hand into my panties and took out my dick. She licked the tip of it like a gorgeous bitch. “You are extremely large, sir.” “I hope tomorrow’s lesson starts a little earlier,” she stated before kissing me goodbye and leaving. I smacked her behind hard while she was walking. We hope you enjoy our story please stay tuned with so we can continue to provide you with the best sex stories.


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