Romantic Story Under the Parking Lamp

The evening dragged on again, I only work briefly as a graphic designer in a large advertising studio. I am glad that I was given the chance to join in right after I finished my design studies. Now we have accepted a large order for which our team is preparing the presentation documents. So it has happened in the last few days that work is only over when the job is done, as it is today.

The clock shows well after ten in the evening, it is already dark outside when we leave the office.

I have an apartment not far from the office, I always take the bus there, but at that time it doesn’t run anymore, so I set off on foot. The air is wonderful, so fresh but still warm.

At first, my path led me past street cafes and bars that were still open, but the further I went, the fewer passers-by crossed my path. I decide to continue my way through the park. Following my thoughts, I hear the chirping of the crickets, the croaking of the frogs in the ponds, and the occasional sound of a bird. Back then, as a child, I loved the sound of nature and it still is today. I pass a park bench and decide to sit down for a few minutes. I close my eyes and listen to nature, not even the noise of the city can be heard at this time.

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Suddenly I hear a flock of birds leave their sleeping place on the top of an old oak tree and I can see the reason, a couple appears in the light of a dark lantern, Wildly smooching, they stop under the lantern, and they don’t seem to have any eyes for their surroundings either, because they are getting wilder and I can see the man’s hands disappearing under the woman’s sweater while their mouths are in a wild fight. The girl is now also looking for direct contact, I can see that her hands are messing with her partner’s pants. A little later she crouches.

I feel the sight excite me. I had to miss the feeling of physical contact for a long time. First the exams at the university, then the new job, there is no time for a friend. The more I had to satisfy myself during this time and again I feel the tingling in my pussy.

I close my eyes and imagine that I would kneel under your lantern in your place, in front of my eyes I can see his tail, it is not yet hard, but is already of a size that gives me pleasure. In his thoughts, he presses his acorn on my lips and I open my mouth, I let my tongue circle around his acorn, around his wristband, and up and down his shaft. With my hands I grasp his tail and jerk it rhythmically, it increases further under my treatment, I can see how the blood pulsates through his veined shaft. Only a few caresses left and he’s rock hard. He put his hands on my head and he drives his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. He always nudges my throat

The idea makes me incredibly horny, I feel the juice in my pussy converge and leave a shiny film on my lips. The tingling is getting stronger that I just can not prevent reaching into my jeans with my hand and massaging my pussy through the string. I notice how the love juice makes its way through my lips and soaks my thong with moisture. I now slide the string aside and slide my fingers over my column. I can feel my bud swell and become more and more sensitive due to my state of excitement. Every touch creates a feeling like an electric shock chasing through my body. I keep massaging my pussy, the blood has made my lips swell and they open, so my fingers slide ever deeper into my innermost. It excites me more and more, so I penetrate my pussy with a finger. I don’t know if it was a thought or if I groaned.

I step up my efforts with a second finger.

I continue to slide down on the park bench, I can’t support myself. My second-hand looks for the way under my shirt. Packed in a sports bra, my breasts are eager to be touched. Only with the bra can I run my hand over her. My warts quickly become hard and stand out clearly from the bra. The feeling is like a connection between my warts and my bud, if I touch one, it triggers a reaction in my whole body. I let my fingers slide in and out of my pussy more and more violently, the waves coming through my body coming at shorter and shorter intervals. I have lost all clear thoughts, I do not know where I am.

Only the greed in me counts, the greed for satisfaction, for experiencing the highest happiness.

Suddenly I feel more hands on my shoulders, I stop and want to turn around, but gentle pressure and a sonorous voice of a man stop me.

“Pssst, relax, let yourself go, and enjoy it.”

My body sinks back onto the park bench and I can feel the gentle hands as they stroke my neck and run over my head. They caress my face, then we dark in the eye, he puts a cloth over me. Then his hands slide deeper, they come to hold on to my breasts. They circle my breasts very tenderly, draw ever closer paths and reach my warts. Even though the shirt is recognizable. He gently massaged it with his fingers. Then his hands slide deeper as they reach the hem of my shirt, they grab him and he pulls it up. I let it happen, put my arms up and let him brush it off.

Again he massaged my breasts, but now he lets his hands disappear into my bra and I can feel his hands directly on my breasts. His touch gives me goosebumps with excitement. I can’t say anything, just bring out a muffled groan. He continues to massage my breasts, which he has now freed from the supportive hold of the bra. He twists my warts between my thumb and forefinger. My moan gets more intense.

Then I feel how my legs are gently pressed apart before I can even answer anything, a finger lies on my mouth “Pssst”

Again I lie back.

Two hands caress my legs, I feel them on my calves, on my thighs as they grip my buttocks. Then on my hips, I can feel their warmth directly, they are even gentler than the hands massaging my breasts.

They caress my stomach and back down to my thighs, this time on the inside. In my step, they come to rest. She has to feel the heat coming from my pussy. She massages my lips through my jeans. The feeling returns, the tingling, the longing. I press my pelvis against her hand, I want to feel it wilder and more intense.

My head is turned to the side. The man who was standing behind me sat next to me on the bench. He grabs my hand and guides it into his lap. I can feel a huge erection through my pants. I rub my hand over it, then I open his pants and I can put my hand around a rock-hard cock. I want to feel every inch of this shaft with my fingers, the large acorn, the pronounced veins, and the bulging sack. I massage his balls and he groans. Now I bend to the side, I want to taste it, so I let my tongue dance over his glans, very carefully to irritate him to the extreme, again and again, I let my tongue circle around her and especially around his foreskin ribbon. His moan gets more intense, he still has his hands on my breasts, and it pushes me even tighter. I let my tongue slide along his shaft, again and again, I take his testicle in my mouth and suck on it.

Now he puts his hands on my head and leads me closer to him. His acorn pushes into my mouth.

I kneel on the bench, support myself with one hand, and with the other, I take hold of his shaft and jerk him, in addition, I knead his balls.

The woman now reaches between my legs from behind and continues to massage my pussy through my jeans. Now she opens the buttons and the zipper.

Without letting his cock slide out of my mouth, she brushes my pants and my thong off my body.

It pulls apart with my butt cheeks and I startle when I feel the tongue of a woman on my lips for the first time in my life. In an unexpected gentleness, she lets it slide over my lips. When she reaches my bud I moan into the tail, which nevertheless fucks me in the mouth. He penetrates me deeper and deeper, making his hair tickle my nose. But I don’t have to choke, I enjoy this deeply filling feeling.

My lips are pulled apart and her tongue penetrates my pussy, as deep as she can, she pushes me in and fucks me with her. Her fingers are dancing over my bud.

I am more excited than ever, this fearful feeling with the security given to me makes my whole body tremble.

Now she takes her finger and penetrates me, I feel how she moves in me, then she has found my G-spot, together with my bud she massages these extremely sensitive parts of my body.

My body trembles more and more, I perceive every touch until my body rears up.

At that moment, his hands pull me close to him, so that his cock is deep inside me, so I notice how he squirts in my throat after thrust of his sperm. I can feel the salty, bitter taste on my tongue. I have no choice but to swallow all his cream, I want it that way too. He never stops giving me his sperm that it is already running down the corner of my mouth.

When he has lost some hardness, he pulls it out of my mouth. I hold him tight, want to lick every drop of his cock, suck every drop out of him.

With two fingers I am now fucked in my pussy, her movements are getting wilder and harder, and she massages my sensitive areas until I reach my climax.

My whole body is tense like a tendon, my muscles tighten, and I am paralyzed. My eyes go black. I don’t know how long I was away, did I only dream it all? The events come back to me completely blurred. What if someone saw or heard me.

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Where’s the couple?

Nobody can be seen anymore. Everything is quiet, only the sounds of nature can still be heard.

The tension has left my body, but the events have changed me, these feelings had been pent up in me for too long.

The End.♥

In the next story, I will share with you another story named “UNCLE AMIT”

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