Romantic Evening in Wurzburg


Sanjida’s Wet Evening in Wurzburg

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Sanjida had made it. End of working day! She was just leaving the Wurzburg customer’s premises and got into her company car. She looked at the clock, which shows just after 6 p.m. Should she still go home now? It was a good 370 km to her home. No, that was too far. After all, she had driven in the morning. She would take a hotel and start walking home comfortably the next morning. She would tell her boss that the last customer meeting would have taken a little longer and give him the hotel bill.

She started the engine and left the commercial area towards the restaurant where she had eaten very well the last time. She came here two to three times a year. Sometimes just for a day, sometimes for a whole week. Slowly she knew her way around and found her way around without a navigation system.

When she got to the Italian, she ordered a grape juice spritzer and gnocchi with cheese and cream sauce. After the first sip of grape juice spritzer, her bladder answered. “I won’t make it to the hotel anymore”, she thought and examined her chair. Thanks to the thick padding, she found it to be ‘very good and couldn’t help grinning. After the waiter brought her food, she tugged her miniskirt so that she did not sit on it, but was only the white panties between her and the chair. Such a mini skirt has other advantages besides the good impression made by the customer!

She started to eat, but didn’t get very far – a pressing blister is very uncomfortable when eating! To release the pressure, she wanted to let out a few droplets, but at first, nothing came and when she relaxed her muscles a little more, there was a surge. “Oops!” Her face went red. “Well, what the heck,” she grinned and continued eating. But the pressure in her bladder didn’t get any weaker. So again. This time she didn’t even try to let out a few drops. “Ahhh that’s good!” She noticed how the panties between her thighs finally soaked up with her urine and the butt also became warm. She enjoyed peeing in her panties. She took a few quick looks down and into the pub.

She finished eating and even had a dessert come to celebrate the day. While she was enjoying the pana cotta, she ran into the panties again and her bottom was warmed up again. She loved the feeling of just letting it go even though she wasn’t sitting in the toilet right now. And above all, unlike at home, she didn’t need to wipe or clean anything here. She paid the bill, quickly inspected the chair again when she got up (“oh dear, really wet! Get out of here!”), Pushed it under the table, straightened her mini skirt, and left the restaurant with a greeting to the waiter.

Before she got into the car, she put her hand on her panties. Soaking wet! She was happy about it, stroked the wet spot a few more times, and then got in.

She quickly rejected the thought that the car seat would also get something. After all, it wasn’t their car, but a company pool vehicle. Who knows what else there is on the seats.

She drove to the hotel where she had stayed the last time. The reception was open until 11:00 p.m. and even so at short notice, there was still a room available for her. It was the same today. Sanjida gave the nice gentleman at the reception her data and said a little sheepishly: “You know, sometimes a little misfortune happens to me at night …” “And last time I had a bed with a plastic cover …” “I understand. Of course, you can have such a room again this time, but it costs eight euros more than the standard room!” She smiled at the receptionist. Who knew that she was already standing in front of him with wet panties and that was anything but a misfortune! He tapped something on his computer and gave her the room keys. “Room 219, second floor on the right, the key also fits on the front door from 11 p.m. Breakfast is available from 6:30 a.m. Would you like a wake-up call?” She said no and thanked her, said good night, and went to her room.

She put her laptop and small travel bag – in the meantime, on business trips like this, as a precaution, she always had it with her, it often happened that she stayed at the hotel for a short time because the working day was a little longer – in a corner and threw herself on the bed. With one hand she unbuttoned the blouse, with the other she slipped under her skirt into her still wet panties. In the meantime, it wasn’t just damp from the pee in the restaurant. She stroked between her legs and kneaded her breasts. The bra is annoying! She sat up briefly, stripped off her blouse, bra, and skirt, and dropped back onto her back. She lay on the bed naked, wearing only panties and socks, and began to stroke herself again. The right hand kneaded her breasts and twirled the nipples alternately, the right hand stimulated her clit. There was a long moan from her mouth. Finally, she could satisfy herself! Her fingers grew faster and faster, the pressure on her most sensitive areas. It

wasn’t long before it climaxed. As she moaned out her orgasm she felt a few drops of urine seep through her fingers again. She had just completely relaxed!

She lay there for a moment and enjoyed the ebbing climax. Her hand and panties were all wet again, and there was also a small stain on the bedspread she was lying on. “Well, something stupid too!” She got up and pulled the curtains of the room shut. After all, she was completely naked around the top and not everyone had to see that her C-Cup breasts were still pointing upwards. She took her laptop out of her pocket and turned it on. She had decided to go to the cinema. What else should she do with the dawn of the evening? In addition, there was a film she wanted to see anyway. She looked for the nearest cinema and examined the program. It was now 9:00 p.m. The performance started at half-past nine. She wasn’t interested in the advertising at the beginning anyway, so she had just under three-quarters of an hour.

Ideal! She left her boss a short email with the message that she would spend the night in the hotel and would not come back to the office until noon the next day.

She closed the laptop, opened her suitcase and pulled out the jeans and a top. She looked down at herself. Fresh panties? Would only be a waste! A bra? Oh, why? She exchanged her socks for flip-flops – it was warm enough and the way to the car was not far. She looked at herself in the mirror and was satisfied that she looked good. She dropped her shoulder-length dark blonde hair up to now, combed it through briefly, and then set off. It was about a twenty-minute drive, the navigation system showed her the way.

When she got to the cinema, she bought a ticket for the show and a big coke. During the last commercial, she entered the cinema. There were few people in it, all in the top two rows.

The film started and Sanjida made herself comfortable. Feet stretched out on the armrests of the armchairs in front of her and the straw of the Coke within easy reach. So it could be endured! But it came how it had to come. She was quite thirsty and drank the first half-liter for the first half-hour. And her body reacted like a water heater, a few minutes later her bladder wanted to get rid of the liquid. However, she did not let her body distract her from the film, after all, it was just getting exciting. Without waiting for more pressure, she opened her locks and released a gush of urine into her panties. It wasn’t

much, but it was enough to stain the jeans. “mhmm that feels good!”

In addition to her constant sipping on the Coke, the next half hour went without any special occurrences. But then her bladder slowly came back on. This time, however, she couldn’t just focus on the canvas. She ran a hand on the wet area of ?? the jeans. It was cool! She had to change that! Briefly, she relaxed her bladder muscle and felt it warmer again. It got warm on her hand and her buttocks – it got hot in her pussy! She opened the button on her jeans and ran her hand in, directly under her panties. Another gush of urine came out and this time passed her hand first. It was good! She massaged her column and her clit with her hand. Now she was sharp and had to suppress a moan.

In her lust, she got another idea. Some time ago she had noticed that a cold object, such as a vibrator, brought additional pleasure to her hot cunt. She pulled her jeans down a little and took off the lid of the cola mug. There was only a little left in it, she wouldn’t have been able to get it out with the straw anyway, without noise. She then tipped the rest of the cold Coke over her already wet panties and started her intimate massage again. However, she could not stand it for a long time, the cooling liquid gave her the rest and after a few seconds, she gave herself to an insane orgasm, while the rest of the pee ran out and warmed up the panties again. She continued to stroke for a few moments and breathed more slowly and more regularly. Phew!

Hopefully, she hadn’t moaned too loudly. You didn’t know. Well and if so, nobody knew her here.

Slowly she regained her strength and pulled her jeans back up. She felt the wetness. Her whole butt was wet and the armchair was soaked. She licked the wet fingers that were sticky from the coke. Coke and pee – weird combination! The film was just in the last few minutes, but since she had missed the past few minutes, she didn’t know what was going on on the screen. “Well, what the heck,” she thought, and stood up. She left the cinema in the dark and then went straight to the car. The cinema staff will be happy! But by the time they would see the wet chair, she was gone. On the way through the building, nobody had seen her wet pants in the dim light. At least she didn’t notice anything.

The car seat was now somewhat affected. But she only noticed that when she was already inside. Back at the hotel, she came into her room unseen.

Fortunately, she found a bottle of water in the minibar that she opened. She was thirsty again! She set the wake-up function of her cell phone, undressed – except for her panties – and lay down in bed. With the nice thoughts of what happened in the cinema, she fell asleep quite quickly.

She woke up around two-thirty – her bladder squeezed. With one hand she ran between her thighs. The panties were still a little damp, the skin was sticking from the coke. Strange feeling. But very tingly! She caressed herself and felt a warm liquid make its way through the panties to her fingers. But her buttocks also got wet again and a pool slowly formed on the bedsheet beneath her. Another climax was in the offing. This time, however, she didn’t have to suppress moaning. She let it out, her body tensed and she rolled in the warm water as she came. She could enjoy the situation for a few more minutes, then fell asleep again.

About three hours later, she was woken up by her cell phone. At first, she didn’t know what was going on. After turning off the ringtone, she examined herself and her bed. Everything is wet! Even her breasts were damp and she was lying on a large dark spot. Thanks to the mattress protector, the liquid had spread instead of seeping away. She grinned and had another hand on her sticky column. So she went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. While the pleasantly warm water splashed down on her back and breasts, she came again. Then she took off her panties and took a shower, not without cleaning herself properly below.

Then she put on (oh wonder!) Fresh panties and again her mini and blouse – the jeans were still soaking wet – and went to breakfast. After the check-out, she went home. Your boss would get the expense report a few days later – but don’t know how much fun she had from the unplanned stay …

The End.

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