Rainy Day with Colleague


On a Rainy Day with My Colleague

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Hello to everyone. I’m Nikita, and I’ve got another story for you. I am 35 years old and live with my hubby. My hubby is a lovely person who looks for my child and me. He never offends me and always respects my decision. As a wife, I can’t ask for more from a wealthy and kind husband. But, on a rainy day with my colleague in the early days of my marriage, I deceived him. I am from a tiny village near Nashik. I finished my studies and married Pankaj. Pankaj is employed in Pune. As a result, I relocated to Pune with him. I grew up in an ethical household. My parents were not wealthy, but they instilled in me the importance of ethics. I married when I was 22 years old.

I never show off my body, and I despise wearing sleeveless or deep-neck dresses. My husband admires my morals, therefore we were both pleased. Pankaj has a field job that requires him to move from one location to another. But he is trustworthy and devoted to me. I’m confident he won’t have any affairs because he adores me.

One month later, I started working for a corporation as a fresher. It’s a large corporation. My process has approximately 55 individuals, including developers, testers, technical writers, and others. The staff is made up of people from all around India.

After a month, I received training and began working. But I didn’t enjoy the fact that there were so few men around. They were attempting to impress me by wanting to appreciate my body. But I’m aware of my limitations and never entertain anyone. After two months, I was promoted to ‘psycho’ at work. But, to be honest, I didn’t care.

I began to notice various problems in the office, such as cheating, blaming, affairs, and people’s selfish character. I used to dress nicely and never display my body to anyone. I used to get requests from males to wear a western outfit like other women, but I didn’t mind.

I adore my husband. Every night, I used to have sex with him. To be honest, I was dissatisfied with sex at the time. He took nearly three months to break my virginity. I was missing something and never felt like my virginity had been stolen away from me. For self-satisfaction, I used to do the finger. But, because of my principles, I never considered affairs.

I was stuck with work one day, and no one assisted me. My manager has begun pursuing me, and I have no idea how to resolve the situation. I contacted my trainer, but he declined to assist me professionally. Fortunately, Madhan has assisted and trained me on this subject.

In the office, Madhan is a jerk. But, unlike other men, he is decent and never misbehaves with me. But I avoided him because he was having an affair with a married woman.

After a few days, he began assisting me at work. He appears to be gentle, and he doesn’t seem to have any negative thoughts about my body. He answers my inquiries and gets to work.

My manager once described team budget action as a movie. It’s a company-sponsored event, and I wasn’t interested. My manager, on the other hand, asked me to attend the event on the weekend.

Pankaj has to travel to Lonavala for office work on that day. It’s about 75 kilometers from my place. So I urged my boss to reserve a ticket for the weekend. The day had come, and Pankaj had dropped me off at the theater. The show was scheduled to begin at 10:45 a.m., but I arrived at 11:00 a.m. The film had begun.

The film had been completed, and the crew was eager to leave. I couldn’t figure out why they were rushing. However, I later discovered that the outside weather is cloudy. It was dark and overcast, and I was unfamiliar with the surroundings. I dialed my husband’s number, but he did not answer.

My colleagues have vanished, and I have no idea how to get home. I exited the theater and looked for a car and a taxi. But I received nothing. I was tense. Fortunately, Madhan came to a halt and offered to drop me off at my house.

I refused, but he stayed with me and assisted me in finding an Auto. I did not receive any autos. Rain began to fall unexpectedly. Madhan drives me to a roadside shop for refuge. It’s a little establishment. It was pouring severely outside, and my dress was getting wet.

People were staring at me, and Madhan offered me his jacket. It was quite thoughtful of him. Later, I received a phone call from my spouse. He said it will take 7 hours to go to Pune.

I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t brought the house key with me. It’s an auto-lock door, and I can’t get through it to get home. After 20 minutes, the rain ceased. Madhan was asking me to leave, but I told him about the key.

He then invited me to stay at his residence. I flatly rejected it. However, he stated that he would remain in the living room and his bedroom. I agreed, and we both went to his apartment. On his way to his flat, it began to rain again. I was fully soaked.

His apartment is on the fifth floor. Because the lift was broken, we took the stairs. I entered his apartment. I’d like to alter my clothing. My panty was dripping wet.

My pussy is damp, and the weather has made me horny. Madhan was wet, and I noticed a large bulge and exposed chest. His nipples were firm, and my thoughts had begun to wander to him. He extended a towel to me. I went into his room. I shut the door and the curtains. The electricity was off, and the room was pitch black.

I took off my dress, bra, and pantyhose. I put a towel around my torso and used another towel to wipe my hair. The weather outside is deteriorating. I was startled to hear a huge thunderstorm noise three times in a row. I was terrified and yelled.

Madhan raced into the room, checking on my condition. I was nervous, so I wrapped a towel around my cleavage. Madhan was dressed in tight shorts and a shirt. He has a large bulge and is staring at my physique. But he didn’t show any ill will toward me.

He stayed a little longer because he knew I wasn’t interested in romance.

But, to my dismay, it’s another thunderstorm with a lot of noise. I was afraid as a girl and held him. After hugging him, my freezing body was ecstatic.

He hugged me and touched my back.

His naked physique was radiating heat into my body. He undid the towel knot and stripped me naked. I was assisting him as he began a lip lock kiss. I was putting my fingers in his hair and letting him kiss my lips. My tongue was tangled beneath his tongue.

My body was producing a lot of heat, and I was yearning for that time. Our saliva had been exchanged, and I was not about to abandon him. His energy level was adequate, and I required him at the time. The electricity came on all of a sudden, and the tube light turned on.

I pushed him back and grabbed a towel from the floor. I quickly threw my arms over myself and moved back. I was embarrassed and couldn’t look him in the eyes. Madhan was enamored. I saw his dick when he took off his shorts. It’s a little thicker than my husband.

I was disturbed by his kiss, but I lost my mind when I saw his dick. He was moving forward, while I was taking a step back. I got to the wall and couldn’t go any further.

I can’t do it, and I can’t cheat on my husband.

Madhan: Let’s try it just once.

It’s a sin, I say.

Madhan: Let us sin together.

Please, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it. I don’t want to betray my trust.

Then he didn’t try to compel me and instead respected my viewpoint. He stepped back, and I was pleased by his demeanor. He did not capitalize on the circumstance. But I had no idea what had occurred to me. I called him in a sexy tone and thanked him. His dick rose a little farther, and he turned off the light. He could see I was horny. He quickly removed my towel. I said nothing to him, and he was on his knees. He widened my legs and began to lick my pussy. That’s enough for me to cheer him on like a b*tch. My pussy was dripping wet, and his warm tongue made me a wuss. It’s an incredible sensation. I moaned and rubbed his head. Pankaj never kissed my pussy, and Madhan impressed me. I was urging him to be severe with me.

My moans have grown louder and dirtier.

In the morning, I shaved my pussy. It’s clean, and his tongue was warming up. He inserted his tongue deep into pussy. He was circling my pussy with his tongue. “Suck my cunt, cunt, suck, oh!” I wailed. “Oh, dear, suck, suck.”

My blood is warming up. And my moan got filthy. He began sucking my pussy hard. I’m not sure how many organisms I had. But at the time, he was the man for me.

I was burying his head inside my pussy and wouldn’t let him out. At the same time, he accelerated the licking and turned me into a bitch. After about 10 to 15 minutes, I yanked him up and told him to fuck. He gave me a smirk and pushed me down.

I’ve never taken my husband’s dick into my mouth. To be honest, I despise blowjobs, yet his dick felt enticing. His dick is at least twice as thick as my hubby’s and 2 inches longer. I told him no.

“I can’t tolerate that inside my mouth, Madhan.” I have never done anything like this before.” He, on the other hand, was not in the mood and rammed his dick inside my mouth. His dick was thick, so I began sucking it. I was sucking his dick like a lollipop while he pushed my head.

I abandoned my ideas to please him with a blowjob. I was having a good time, and I was taken with his dick. I gave him a 10-minute blowjob and drank his cum. He cums on my boobs and my face. I was getting filthy, but I was enjoying his activity on the bed. It was my fantasy to be filthy on the bed with my husband. Cum on my face, boobs, and waist, for example. But my husband never does anything like that for me. When I requested him to fuck, he pushed me into the bed and stretched my legs wider. He began massaging his dick on my pussy.

My heart was pounding like a drum as I inhaled. I was concerned since his dick size was larger and thicker than my husband’s. He gradually slipped his dick into my cunt. It’s not a simple task for me. I was wailing like a maniac. I was groaning loudly and yanking on the bedsheet.

But he had no mercy and drilled his dick. His dick has gotten deep within my cunt. It was agony. My eyes were filled with happy tears, but it was excruciatingly painful for me. His dick slit my pussy lips and brushed up against my pussy wall.

I felt his dick swollen with pussy, and he began stroking. He changed gears because my legs were wider in the air. On my body, his eyes have a lot of anger, and the outer atmosphere sets the setting for him. His stroking speed has gone to the next degree, causing my pussy lips to be cut.

I was moaning aloud and absorbing his weight on my body. My boobs were mashing, and my legs began to hurt. I was waiting for him to quit stroking, but I was drawn to his vitality. He fucked for around 15 minutes without stopping and then removed his dick.

His dick was full of come, and he poured it all over my face, boobs, and tummy once again. Even though he didn’t use a condom, I was still horny. He afterward flipped me around and positioned me in the doggie position. He spat hard on my pussy and said, “Bitch! I adore your ass. You’ve got a lovely ass.”

Then he spanks my ass and puts his hand on my boob. He began stroking my nipples and pressed his face into my ass. And he began slowly licking my ass. It’s a fantastic feeling for me. My moans were heard and I was promoted to the next level.

He escalated the asslicking gradually, and I was moaning, “Fuck me, please fuck me.” “Don’t stop licking my ass.” I was moaning uncontrollably. Madhan pressed his face on my ass cheeks, licking, kissing, and sucking my ass hole.

My husband never did anything like this for me.

I was in another universe, enjoying the enchantment of sex with Madhan. My body was covered with goosebumps, and I was enjoying his ass licking. I never imagined sex could be that pleasurable. “Fuck!” I exclaimed. And why should I lose out on all of his fun?” My husband isn’t very good in bed. So Madhan is the man I’m looking for to break my virginity.

He then began fucking my pussy in a doggy manner, and I moaned like a crazy dog. After that, he fucked my ass for a while, and we were both exhausted. He fucked for nearly an hour in a varied position. With him, I lost my pussy and ass virginity.

After that, my husband called to tell me that he was detained in traffic due to rain and would arrive home about 11:00 p.m. I told him I was at a friend’s apartment. Madhan prepared dinner for me and offered it to me. I was hungry, so I ate. I took a bath while Madhan ironed my damp clothing.

It’s about 9 p.m., and Madhan has just finished his bath. I was tempted by his dick. I could see his bulge because he didn’t wear underpants. Because my clothing was still damp, I wrapped the towel around my body. I’m not sure what happened to me. I yanked his shorts down and started punching him.

I fell in love with him and took off my towel. I encourage him to fuck me like a dog. After that, I led him into the kitchen and sat in the doggie posture. I supported myself with a kitchen platform, and he began fucking my pussy in doggy fashion.

He’s rubbing my pussy and holding my hair. Then he started pulling my hair and penetrating my pussy. I was groaning loudly as if to say, fuck, fuck my pussy, asshole fuck my pussy. My filthy moans harden him and fuck my pussy. Later, he began fucking my ass in the kitchen.

Later, he fucked me on the kitchen granite in the missionary, scissors, and butterfly positions. I’ve also done tops with women. We fucked for an hour before he dropped me off at my apartment. I was delighted to have lost my virginity.

When I got home, my husband raped me for a while, and then I got my periods.

Later on, I used to fuck with Madhan daily. I used to go to his room for sex before leaving to work. I used to fuck with him after work as well.

My husband used to screw me in the middle of the night. I used to call Madhan at my house on weekends. I lost my morals and began fucking with other men.

I-Pill had stopped working after 7 months, and I became pregnant. To be honest, I had no idea whose sperm it was. But I ended the affair as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I quit my work and didn’t see Madhan again after that.

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