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When I was 30, I had been a psychologist in a clinic for two years. My life was organized. My work was valued and I had a wife and little daughter.

One day I received a call from an angry mother, whose daughter was apparently out of control. 19-year-old Ratna smoked and drank, had tattoos and piercings done without her parents’ consent, and sometimes did not come home for days.

But worst of all, and the main reason why she sent her daughter to me was for the mother that Ratna just always slept with every guy. She had not only had sex with various teachers but also with her driving instructor, the neighbor, and even with friends of her parents.

At first, I didn’t know what to make of it. I had already worked with various aggressive or depressed adolescents, but I had never had a real “nymphomaniac” in my armchair.

Nevertheless, I dutifully wanted to take care of the matter and made an appointment for Ratna in the following week with my mother.

It was evening and most of the clinic’s employees had left, but Ratna was ten minutes late. I sat at the desk and clicked through my appointments when there was a knock on the door.

I opened it and Ratna stood in front of me. I was quite tall and it came to my shoulder. I kindly invited her in and offered her the armchair.

I tried to hide it from the outside, but when she was standing in front of me, I could understand that she was easy for all the guys.

Ratna had shaved the sides of her head briefly and dyed the hair in the middle blond and tied in a ponytail. Her plump breasts were pushed up by the skin-tight, crop-free top and her hot legs, which ended in black chucks, were staged by her torn-off hot pants, which moreover revealed more of her extremely crunchy butt than concealed.

Ratna had her entire arm tattooed from shoulder to wrist and a small ring shimmered on her left nostril. Her face showed that she had once been an incredibly cute girl, but now she was just hot.

So Ratna sat down in the armchair across from me, her legs crossed and her arms crossed, pushing her breasts out, which were already inflated. The look on her face showed how much she was etching everything here.

Accordingly, their answers to my basic questions were also initially. I proceeded, as usual, trying not to stare too clearly at the young woman’s tits.

After a while, we started talking about her “nymphomaniacal” behavior, whereupon Ratna said: “I don’t understand what’s so bad about it. It’s just my way of getting what I want.” As my gaze swept over your neckline again, I replied: “This will make you devalue yourself. And maybe at some point, you will be at a point where this method no longer works.” A smile appeared on Ratna’s face: “I don’t think so. All men are the same. I bet I could screw them too so that they tell my parents that everything is fine with me.”

I heard that right. I tried to stutter an answer: “So, Ratna, I would never …” “You would never fuck me?” She cut me off, “But her looks say something else.” I looked at her questioningly because I was completely surprised.

Ratna laughed: “Come staring at my tits since I’ve been in here.” I tried to reply, but Ratna came up to me and sat on my lap, hands, and legs wrapped around me.

I tried to push her a little bit away from me and said, “Ratna, we should …” “What should we do?” She interrupted, holding onto the back of my neck. Now she started rubbing her crotch against mine, whispering, “You need to relax. It’s ok. I like it when men stare at me. I like it when men stare at me and just remember to fuck me “And I like it when they have a really hard cock, when they see me or think of me. Because that’s how I get them to do what I want. Just like you, doctor.”

Again I wanted to push her away from a little and said: “Ratna, I …” But again she interrupted me by pushing my face deep into her neckline and breathing into my ear: “You will tell my parents that everything is OK, so I don’t have to come here anymore, and for that, they can fuck me all night. ”

That was too much. “Ratna we can’t do that.” I lifted her off my lap, opened the door, and waved my hand: “You should go now, Ratna. See you next week at the same time.” A little puzzled, Ratna stood in the middle of the room, then finally took her bag and said, “See you then.”

I couldn’t get Ratna out of my head all week. At the last session, I was able to resist, but if this bitch would hurt me up again, I don’t know if I would stand firm a second time.

When it was finally time again, there was a late knock on the door. I opened it and Ratna stood in front of me and grinned at me. Her hair, or what was left of it, was tied back in a ponytail. Ratna, however, had now colored her black. She was wearing a tight black tank top and underneath just as tight white pants. Her crisp legs ended in red chucks.

After I got myself together, we sat down and I tried to do my therapy. But she always positioned herself so that I had a good look at her hot figure or her beautiful, full breasts. In addition, she licked my lips all the time, grinned at me lustily, or bit her lower lip. This little bitch wanted it.

Then I came back to their certain “way” and said: “You know, Ratna, if you sleep with so many men, then you will …” But she cut me off: “Why do they always want to Talk about it? It doesn’t matter who I fuck. Or do you want to hear how all these men fucked me? ” She grinned at me mischievously.

However, I said: “Ratna, please pay attention to your way of speaking. And no, I don’t want to hear how you … Well, you know.”

Ratna continued to grin, then knelt on all fours and came up to me like a hungry wildcat, saying, “Oh, but I think you want to hear that. You want a lot more than just hearing how I’m going to be fucked. ” Meanwhile, she knelt between my legs and said, encompassing my cock through her pants: “You want to fuck me yourself.”

Then Ratna started slowly massaging my hardening spank. She looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Do you want me to suck your cock?”

I thought to myself: Fuck it. In my whole life, I have never had the opportunity to fuck such a bomb and every man would do the same in my situation.

So I said, “Come on, blow me, you little piece.” With a grin, Ratna opened my zipper and took out my stiff but a quite big spanking. She didn’t hesitate for a second to immediately put it deep in her mouth.

I leaned back and started unbuttoning my shirt. Ratna sucked and sucked on my cock like a goddess. Now and then she released him briefly, but only to lick my balls, which made me shudder through my back every time.

Then Ratna got up and grinned and pulled her tank top over her head. She was not wearing a bra and her breasts stood up by themselves and were perfectly shaped. And no panties appeared under her white trousers either.

She knelt between my legs again and told me to squat briefly, whereupon she took off my pants and underpants. Then she went back to my wet pleasure rod and pushed it deep into her throat again. Ratna’s experience was noticeable. She knew exactly how to do it.

My last blowjob was years ago, which made this experience even more awesome. I looked at the little bitch, who was kneeling in front of me and spoiling my spanking with closed eyes and subtle smacking. Then I put a hand on Ratna’s head and started with light pressure, which Ratna steadily gave in a little more, and more and more of my cock disappeared in her throat.

I finally took the second hand and pressed Ratna’s head down until my cock sank to the root of her mouth. So I paused a moment to feel the wet tightness of Ratna’s throat around my rock-hard spanking.

With a lustful smile, Ratna released my cock again and, clad only in her red chucks, climbed over my legs and rubbed my glans on her bare cunt. “Do you want to put it in my pussy?” She asked, moaning slightly. I just nodded hornily and slapped her on the butt cheek, which she commented with a giggle.

Then Ratna let her pelvis sink and my cock sank deep into her wet pussy. Ratna groaned: “Oh my god, you are big in me!” She started to move slowly up and down, which made her breathing difficult.

I also started thrusting her willing tight cunt from below, and Ratna was clutching my shoulders more and more. I had her ass cheeks gripped and Ratna rammed my cock deep into her dripping cunt again and again. Then I stopped bumping, massaging her full breasts and caressing her sweet nipples. At the same time, Ratna started to ride me slowly again and ran my hair through it.

After a while, however, she whispered in my ear: “I want you to fuck me properly!” So I picked her up and ran with her to my desk, where I put her on my back and immediately sank back into her.

Now Ratna was lying naked on my desk with her legs spread wide open and my hard cock bumped wildly back and forth in her cunt. I love to fuck this way. Not only because I can hit it hard, but also because I have a wonderful view of the column.

Ratna’s spread, smooth-shaven cunt with long labia just looked awesome. My stiff cock had stretched the pleasure opening wide and I could not take my eyes off this wonderful view. Ratna was a bundle of moaning lust under my mercilessly hard thrusts.

“Yes, fuck me! Harder! Do it for me!” Demanded the bitch in front of me on my desk. She grabbed her breasts and played with her nipples. She bit her lip whenever I went deep into it. I had grabbed her by the back of her knees and fucked her like a sewing machine, causing my whole office to be filled with the loud clap of our meat, which was closely intertwined.

I could have gone on like this forever, but when I slowly realized how my stamina was coming to an end, I pulled my cock out of Ratna’s longing cunt and made her understand that she should kneel in front of me. This time I immediately grabbed her hair and pushed my cock quickly and deep into her throat, which elicited some gagging. But I knew that she liked it.

Ratna immediately confirmed this suspicion by sucking and sucking on my cock again after I let go of her hair. Never before had a woman sucked my cock so hot as this bitch here in my office. She looked me in the eye again and again and let her tongue slide inside the inside of my mouth. It was indescribably awesome.

But then I picked her up again and she knelt on my armchair, my butt stretched out. That’s exactly what I wanted. Feel her hot ass on the loins with every push.

Ratna gripped her cheeks with her hands and spread them a little as she said, “Come on, fuck me right again!” So I grabbed her ass and sank into Ratna’s cunt with a satisfied sigh, which moaned loudly.

I grabbed her ass and rammed my cock faster and faster into her wet hole. Ratna gasped and groaned and clawed into the arm of the chair.

Again and again my big cock went deep into Ratna’s tight cunt. The air was pressed out of her lungs and apart from her moaning, she heard only occasional requests for harder blows.

It wasn’t long before Ratna put her head back and the waves of her orgasm collapsed over her. Her eyes rolled and her body vibrated under the violent waves of ecstatic lust.

However, I was still far from thinking about quitting and continued to thrust mercilessly into her, now grabbed her hair by her ponytail and pulled her towards me while my balls kept slapping against her cunt. “Yeah! That’s exactly how I want it! Fuck me like the little bitch that I am!”, Ratna groaned breathlessly, whereupon I increased the strength and the pace again.

While I was still grabbing her hair with one hand, I gave Ratna several punches with the other hand on the bare bottom. Louder and louder, beat by blow, her suppressed groans became a scream.

But of course, this horny hustle and bustle did not pass me smoothly. I felt like I would be coming soon and without warning, I pulled my cock out of Ratna’s pussy and turned her over. Then I sank my swollen member deep in her mouth and pressed her head deep on my cock. So I shot several loads of my semen down her throat, which she swallowed to my surprise. I was done and let Ratna lick my prick clean before I got dressed again. Ratna also put her clothes back on and said: “Maybe that was a great fuck, Herr Doktor.” As I buttoned up my shirt, I became more and more aware of what the consequences could be here. I had slept with my patient. If that came out, my career was at stake. So I replied, “Ratna, that … That must never happen again, you understand?” Ratna smiled slyly and said, “Well, we’ll see. See you next week, Doctor.”

And with a wink over her shoulder, she left my office. What had I got myself into?

The End.

In the next story, I will share with you another story named “One Night Stand”

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