Perfect House Guest


An Unexpected Guest 

Hi, my name is Karthik. I am 1.65 tall and have blonde hair. I usually wear them up so that you can see my sexy neck better. I have a handsome breast with a cup size C. I love my breasts and like to examine them in front of the mirror: two beautiful big apples with very large nipples. I like to put on tight tops that squeeze my breasts a little, which makes my cleavage tea look pretty sexy. In addition, these tight tops emphasize my very erotic wasp waist, which I am very proud of.

What I’m not so proud of is my bottom. It’s quite big, I think. Although it is not bulky now, because it is round and quite bulky, but I would prefer a smaller crack. The men like to stare at my butt very much, as I have often noticed. But I have to say that I like to wear shoes with high heels and like walking around with swinging hips. My big backside is swinging very provocatively. So it’s no wonder that many a man can’t get enough of my ass.

I work as a waitress in a pub in our town. I like this job. You are a lot among people who are usually in a good mood. I can also flirt a lot, which I like to do for my life.

Today was another evening where I was really looking forward to my work and flirting. I pretzled myself up a bit before going to work: a cute satin panties and a black push-up bra for underneath, then a white, tight top, where I left the top buttons open and tight jeans without pockets on Butt that brought out my plump, round ass nicely. Today the men should stare at my butt again until their eyes fell out.

It was quite busy in our pub. No wonder business was booming on the weekends before Christmas.

I served a very nice group: all men, probably a company outing. I particularly liked one of the younger ones: blue eyes, wonderful smile and a great bubble butt in my pants. He was very kind to me and smiled slyly at me. His words, which he addressed to me, were also very sincere: he recognized my work as a waitress, but had the certain joke in every sentence that often made me laugh. Besides, his furtive looks on my butt weren’t hidden from me. Every time I walked away from his table, his eyes fixed on my round buttocks, which of course I knew how to stage well, of course. When I looked back over my shoulder, I saw his yearning look at my bottom.

While his colleagues became less and less abruptly at an advanced hour and after a few drinks, he remained true to his line and treated me, as was very charming at the beginning of the evening.

He paid for the whole group around midnight, it was a proper bill. He gave me a very generous tip and his wonderful sly smile: I melted away. I vowed to watch him later and get his phone number.

My shift ended at 1 a.m. I went to the toilet and tried to figure out how to get the number. When I came back I didn’t see my crush anymore. The group was still there, but he was already gone. Such a crap!

I quickly grabbed my jacket, said goodbye to my colleagues and hurried outside. I searched the parking lot, nothing. I ran along the driveway. Then I saw him. He went home on foot, wrapped deep in his jacket.

I caught up with him: “Hey, wait for me. Thanks for your generous tip today!” “You’re welcome. Is that why you ran after me now?” “No, I have just finished work and am going home!” “Oh, so! On foot and all alone? Not without danger!” “I know, but I can’t ask you to take me home.” “Oh, why not.” I felt hot and cold at the same time. That it would be that easy …

“But that’s nice!” I said, “then that’s the way!” I directed him in the right direction. The path led through a dark staircase. No sooner were we in the dark than I could not help it: I grabbed him and pushed him against the wall and started to kiss him like crazy. “Oh god, you’re stupid,” I thought to myself, but I just couldn’t help it. Hopefully I didn’t mess it up now.

But that was not the case: almost as if he had been waiting for it, he returned my violent kisses. And: He hugged me and immediately went to my bottom with his hands. I thought so! He began to knead it violently, which made me groan quite a bit. Because I love touching down there! I felt quite a beating in his pants, which he pressed against my abdomen. Man, that made me horny. I immediately got wet on my cunt. I took my hand and pulled him to my home.

As soon as the door of my small apartment was closed, I threw it onto the bed: “So my little pofetist! Do you think I didn’t notice your greedy glances at my rear end today?” He turned red in embarrassment! How sweet!!! “But I have to say that your butt massage has just thrilled me! Now sit back and enjoy!”

I slowly peeled my tight jeans and turned my ass towards him. As if spellbound, he stared at my ass, which slowly slipped out of my pants.

Then I went on the attack. “So now you get to see him up close!” I said and threw myself over him. I stuck my butt in the face with his face to his legs.

He didn’t let himself beg for long. Greedily he grabbed my tight ass cheeks, massaged them and pulled my column to his face. Through the panties he started to lick my column. I didn’t expect such a quick reaction.

I heard a loud moan, which turned him on. Hopefully it didn’t bother him that I was not only wet, but soaking wet between my legs.

But I didn’t have to worry about that. He almost devoured me and let his tongue run over my wet panties.

But I didn’t stay idle either. I took off his pants and released his cock from his panties. He jumped towards me: a part of the murder! Wow! I let my tongue slide along it, then wrapped my lips around it. He let out a pleasant moan.

He also freed my ass and pussy from my panties. And then he did a real firework display with his fingers and tongue. First he caressed my clit, then he stuck his tongue into my cunt, then he rubbed my finger through my column again and licked my cunt juice greedily. It had never seen anything so cool.

And what was the coolest: He even got it in my tight rear hole: He carefully stroked my rosette with his fingers, then licked my slime from the front hole to the back of my asshole and distributed my hot juice there on my back entrance. Then he slowly dug a finger into my plump ass. It was such a cool feeling, he was so loving and careful and yet so decisive.

My groans grew louder. It didn’t take long: With his tongue in my cunt and his index finger in my buttocks, I came to the hottest orgasm I had ever experienced with a loud cry.

I was on a wave of lust. As in a trance, I slid down and shoved his plump cock all the way into my wet hole. Now he groaned loudly. I started to move up and down.

I was getting faster and faster. I rode him like a rider his stallion. But what was that: The next orgasm was looming for me. I had never experienced anything like it: two orgasms in a row – should that happen today?

I rode him faster and faster. I noticed from his moans that it wouldn’t be long for him either.

Suddenly he started massaging my bottom from behind: He packed firm into my big buttocks and kneaded them. That was awesome! I started to moan loudly again. Then he took his index finger again and slowly pushed it into my back entrance.

Then it was all about me: With his big cock in my wet cunt and his index finger in my butt, I had my second orgasm. I reared up, groaned loudly, my vagina cramped.

That was too much for him too. With a cry, he injected his entire load into my pussy, he pumped and pumped, and I felt his semen shoot into my vagina.

Exhausted and sweaty, I lay on him. Or should I rather say: overflowing with liquids, because it wasn’t just sweat that ran down and out of my body …

In the next story, I will share with you another story named “The Housemates”

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