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Fucking My Paying Guest Bhabi

This is a story of me fucking my paying guest bhabhi.

I am a middle-class guy in his late 20s. I was studying and working at the same time. My family moved from our family home to the village for the summer holidays. I couldn’t go with them as I had my exams. I thought of posting an ad for “paying guests” so, till the time my family is away, I can make some pocket money which will help me with some expenses. You are reading this story at

I posted an ad and there were a lot of calls and messages from the interested people. One message caught my eyes. It was on WhatsApp and the DP was of a beautiful woman in her 30s. She seemed married but I wasn’t sure. Her DP has a low-cut blouse and she looked really beautiful in that picture. I thought of answering her message. She texted me asking about the rent and the environment around the neighborhood. I replied to her with the rent that I was asking for. She left that on seen.

I got a bit disappointed as I was expecting to have a reply from her.

It was late at night. Around 3 AM. I was playing PUBG. My phone started to ring. When I looked at it, it was the same number that the woman had texted me from. I picked her call and said hello.

She said “Hi… Ummah… Is.. this… Zayd?”

Her voice was so seductive. She sounded a bit sleepy as well. Like she was just up from her sleep. I responded with a yes.

“I wanted to..umm.. ask about… the.. rent… I was… interested .. in that…”

She took breaks while talking and it sounded so seductive to my ears that I got lost in her voice for a while…

“Yes. The rent is around 10k per month.”

“Uhm.. ahm.. isn’t the rent.. like… too .. much?”

“It can be negotiated.. you can have a look first and if you decide to live, we can maybe negotiate a little on that,” I told her in a bit of a nervous yet confident voice.

“Ahm.. okay.. when can I.. Uhm.. come?”

“you can come tomorrow if you want to..”

“Ahm.. okay…..”. “Can I come.. like.. Uhm… now?”

I was shocked to hear this.

I wasn’t expecting that from her.

“If you can manage to come at this hour, then sure. I’m alone at home. You can come and have a look.”

“Ahaaa… Okay… I’ll see you soon then.” She sounded excited.

I got super nervous and I had to change as well. So I got out of my bed and changed from my pajamas to a bit casual t-shirt.

After almost half an hour, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was her on my door. I was surprised and shocked at the same time. She was wearing the same low-cut blouse with a saree. Her cleavage was peaking out of the deep-neck blouse. I was so lost in her cleavage that I forgot to greet her.

She coughed to grab my attention back. I got nervous and said, “oh sorry. Hi, welcome. Let me show you around?”

She laughed and followed the lead. After a house tour, she agreed to pay 8k for the rent. I asked her when she wants to shift and she told me in the same seductive tone, “tonight?”

I was happy and nervous at the same time. I told her, “sure. But how will you move things so quickly?”

“I can move my things here tomorrow, mmhm? But I want to move in.. tonight….”

I got her hint but still, I wasn’t sure if what she was saying was what I was thinking.

I closed the door and asked her if she wanted to eat anything.

She said no and wanted me to show her room to her. When we went inside, she stood by the door and I touched her shoulder by chance, or maybe by mistake. She laughed again and recognized the nervousness in my eyes.

After showing her the room, she said. “I want to sleep now.. can I?”

I said, “sure. I’ll leave. If you need anything, let me know.”

When I was about to leave her room, she held my hand and said,” I can’t fall asleep alone. Can you help me to sleep?” You are reading this story at

She said that in the most seductive yet confident tone ever!

I got lost in her and couldn’t say a word. She pulled me a little closer to her, on her bed.


She then grabbed my cheeks, looked me in the eye, and started to run her fingers all over my neck and shoulder. I was feeling a very different kind of tingling sensation with her touch. She knew what she was doing. She kept on looking at me in the eyes and her fingers were now running softly over my thighs!

Ah, I couldn’t even tell the kind of tingles that I was feeling at that moment.

She said to me while looking me in the eyes,” are you wearing boxers underneath or……”

She left that sentence mid-way. And before I could even answer that, her hand went inside my trousers!! I wasn’t wearing anything underneath my trousers and now I felt a bit embarrassed. She said to me,” Ohhhh…………. So you aren’t wearing anything under your trousers hannn…..”

I got shy and didn’t say anything in response.

Now she made another move. She put her hand on her boobs and said,” Are they big enough for you?”

This time, I didn’t stop myself and said,” If you show me, then I can tell!”

She was already ready to hear that from me. So she put my hand on her boobs from the top of her blouse and said,” Take them out and you’ll know!”

Now I made my move. I sat in my lap first. I adjusted my body with hers and I slid both of my hands inside her blouse. I couldn’t control it at first. Her boobs were so soft to touch. I was touching and stroking her boobs and her eyes closed for a bit!

Now I wanted to kiss them and feel the boobs with my lips! I put my lips on her cleavage and slowly and seldom, started to rub it on her boobs. Ahhhhhh. At that moment, it tasted like warm butter!

I enjoyed tasting her boobs, and now I again ran my hand all over her breasts. Damn, those were crazy bosoms of hers! We both took off each other’s clothes now!

She took off my shirt and I opened up her blouse. I unwrapped her saree and I was shocked to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra under her saree! You are reading this story at

I saw these big hot tittes with pink nipples. My mouth watered just by looking at them!

I squeezed her nipples with my left hand. Her right boob was in my mouth, and it was lifted by my hand. Her moaning began to get slow but seductive, and now I knew that this hot bhabhi needed to be fucked and loved by me to satisfy her cravings. I keep licking her tittes harder and harder and sticking out my tongue like a dog. I sucked her from the hips to the neck.

I moved the tongue from her neck and put it behind her ears! She was going crazy for me for sure! For all the men who are jerking and reading this, listen to me, and do not forget to lick the woman’s neck and earlobes because that is what gets her crazy for you. My mouth was not enough to suck her whole goddess-like body! whole womb. She was a big lady so I had to love each and every inch of hers!

I kept licking her hot body like a wild animal. I wanted to make it more fun for her. I wanted to give her the best fuck she had by any stranger.

I decided to put my saliva all over my body and lick her body. While I was doing this I told her to keep looking at me in the eye and watch me lick her tittes and body! She wanted me to take control of her so bad that she asked me to make her my prostitute for sex at that moment! She wanted me to go all wild and crazy for her!

After licking her for a while, I moved to her navel. I asked her, “I’m ready to open those legs wide and open for you and do you so fucking hard tonight!!!”

“I can’t wait to be fucked by you!!!!! Just don’t stop!!”

As she started to push my head on her body, I started licking her inner thighs, which tasted to me like a salty treat!. As she was such a big woman, I had a lot to lick and bite. I bit all of her inner thighs. Slow and steady, I put my finger in the clitoris, and put my finger in the middle of his pussy hole.

I wanted all the fingers to go into her clit. I started licking her navel and my finger was going inside her pussy!!!! Now with my finger, I was circling her clit and she was going wild and wilder for me! Then licked her inner thighs like a wild dog!! I started to increase my finger circling speed and now I was going at a much faster pace. Her boobs were going up and down and it was making me harder and harder!! You are reading this story at

“ahhhhhhhh you motherfuker!!!! Don’t stop motherfucker ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Her moaning filled the room like a melody. It was just the sound of “ahhhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!” in the room.

Even her boobs were dancing up and down and she was shaking with my licking!!!

My tongue was all inside her clit and I found her G-spot!! This was the spot where the women get so fucking crazy and wild!

It’s always hot to see that you can make a woman cum like this. She started cumming and the white liquid was coming out of her! After a few minutes, I told her to change her position, now it was time for the second round. This time I asked him to come over to me and hold the bed so that we can fuck hard. I told her directly not to stop until she threw her cum shot at my face.

Now she put my face between her big thighs started to squeeze me until all the juices were coming out. Then she jumps up and down like a whore and throws me down. At first, she was breathing hard because of her cum, and she could not put her thighs in my mouth as she was doing them before.

So I lifted her by myself, lifted her thighs, and placed them between my lips. I said to her, “Ride my face like the fucking whore you are!!! Don’t you fucking stop pushing this big pussy on my face till I tell you too!!!!!!!!”

And now she was riding my face. I kept slapping her in the face, while she kept rubbing her big pussy on my face! For about the next 15 minutes. Then she got tired. I knew this whore was tired now, so it was time for me to make her wild with my dick. I jumped over her and put the penis in her fucking wet cunt. You are reading this story at

I put on a condom and started kissing her with so much passion and love!! Now I adjusted my penis on her cunt and started to thrust it inside! I slowed down a bit and started to get the pace, then I started to increase the speed of pushing my penis in her cunt.

I was pushing the penis inside her harder and harder and she was screaming hard for me while I was fucking her like my bitch!!

“ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

“ahhhh ahhhh fuck ahhhh ahhh ahhh!!”

I changed position and did the doggy style and started to increase speed. I spit on her ass and started to fuck her big ass hard!!



Now she held onto the bed pole while I was banging her ass hard!!

I banged her fat ass for 15 minutes and I was about to cum! I took off my dick from her mouth and started fucking her mouth very hard. Her face had turned pale while I was fucking her mouth, and she started making moaning sounds while she was being mouth fucked by me. Her saliva was all spitting out, and now I wanted to shoot my cum in her mouth!!!!

Now I took the dick from her mouth and shot all my cum on her body.

I came all over her body and now we both fell on the bed!

We remained on the bed like that for almost half an hour. Then we got up, showered together, and fell asleep in the same room. You are reading this story at

She became my paying fucking guest from that day. And I banged her hard every night for the next 3 months!

The End.

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