My lord comes back from work and finds me in the bathroom, where I’m getting out of the shower and wrapping a towel around my body. He opens the door a little and asks if I did the errands he asked me to do. Immediately the fright is in my limbs because I have forgotten the little cups of wine that he wanted to have. The other things that I had worried about are no longer worth a chanter is given this fact, I already suspect.

He looks at me waiting forever, his disappointed but determined look at me. My lack of an answer tells him more than words.

“With that, you robbed yourself of a nice dinner and I kept the afternoon free for free, Damini,” he says casually and turns to my clothes, which are messy on the floor in front of the shower.

“You could have written everything down to me, then I wouldn’t have forgotten the wine either.” I react defiantly to his speech. At the same time I regret my impulsive way again, why can’t I just shut up?

The bad conscience troubles me a little now and I murmur “I’m sorry.” There is no reaction from him, I repeat the sentence louder and look at him demanding.

“You are a little stubborn today, miss. You seem to be having fun messing up the day. I think you need to get back on track.” he says and picks up my jeans to pull the leather belt out of the loops with a smile.

I look at him in surprise and think, ‘Well if it’s just the belt …!’

I know how much he likes to spank my butt and because I screwed up I can give him the fun and put on a trodden face. “I must have deserved a reasonable punishment,” I reply with the necessary seriousness, grinning inwardly because I think I know what will happen.

“Well, then you don’t mind that you get the belt around your neck for the punishment you deserve.” He loosely puts the belt around my neck, sits on the edge of the bathtub, and points his hand invitingly at his thighs. I look at him in astonishment, but I don’t show my surprise and lie down on his knees to accept the punishment.

He puts my hands unattached on my back and says

“I expect them to stay there, as befits a person to be punished.”

While his right-hand claps my buttocks, the left pulls the noose slightly. God knows I didn’t count on that and quiet panic arises in me. I keep my breath away until I get used to the feeling of being able to breathe less, which is not easy when it hits my buttocks so badly.

I don’t know what my bigger problem is right now, the pain in my cheeks or the panicked feeling that I can’t breathe.

I try desperately not to move my hands, but after his last slap on my butt, I hold it involuntarily, protecting against it as he stretches out again. He hits my hand of course and I immediately realize what I have done and become dead still, remain motionless, and humbly lower my head with my eyes closed.

My lord is suddenly strangely quiet. Suddenly he pulls me up by the belt, gets up, and pulls me roughly down the stairs into the hallway. I stumble after him, can hardly keep my balance and now I have to deal with fear because he has never been so crude. He puts my face to the railing of the stairway and fastens the belt so that I can’t even turn my head back. With two ropes, he ties my hands up and spread them wide to the railing bars.

With a vigorous pull, he now forces my legs apart to attach a spreader bar to my ankles, which he succeeds despite my resistance. So prepared he shows me the whip, holds it in front of my lips, and says very calmly

“Kiss her, she’ll do you good. She’ll help you learn”

I do what he tells me and carefully touch the whip with my lips. I guess what will come now and could bite my ass for my mistake from earlier. Why did I do that? I know that I deserve the punishment, even if it does not suit me and I am slowly struggling against the bonds by trying to pull at it again and again. This will only make them narrower.

Smiling quietly, he observes my ridiculous attempts to fight the shackles, my resistance excites him, of course, but the type of bondage does not give me a chance to get free. The feeling of power over me makes him shiver.

He stands behind me, I hear it, but nothing happens. He takes his time and waits without saying a word. The minutes seem like hours, I don’t dare to break this silence.

Suddenly the first blow with the whip slapped my buttock, which still hurts from the hand treatment. I’m startled when I feel the whip on my butt and try to avoid the next blow. My sparse range of movement allows only a few centimeters to escape to the front and the square wood of the railing where I desperately press against myself deeply hurts my labia.

Everything cramps up with me, but I don’t make a sound, even if I would like to scream my pain out, I won’t give him the fun as long as I can. I hear his laugh and would love to look at him in a rage, but I can’t turn my head.

Despite his cool, level-headed expression, he seems to enjoy trying to teach me manners and deep down I know that it is necessary, but I still can’t switch off my unruly manner and spit on the floor contemptuously.

After he registers my rebellious spitting out, he disappears for a moment. For me, time doesn’t pass at all, is it seconds? Minutes? I don’t know. Only the place where the crop hit me hurts like the devil.

When he comes back into the hallway, he puts a leather gag on me, which has a rubber penis replica to make him mouth-dead, which he pushes into my mouth under violent defense attempts on my part, and closes the stable leather belt behind my head.

I disagree with the gag in my mouth and shake my head wildly back and forth, it doesn’t help, he is stuck. I am desperately trying to figure out how to avoid the situation, how to undo everything and start the day all over again.

I am aware that my considerations lead to nothing, my problem is that I do not accept my punishment even though I am aware of my guilt.

As if on an inner command I fidget again when my master holds the nipple clamps in his hand and thus comes dangerously close to my nipples.

The gag and the belt around my neck make the air more and more scarce, my pulse is racing and my lungs are screaming for oxygen.

“This is for your defiant manner today,” my tormentor notes when he simply snaps the clamps on my nipples and does not let them slide carefully as usual.

I can no longer pull myself together and moan in suffocation. His gaze hits me suddenly, he laughs at me condescendingly, whispers in my ear

“Your groaning tells me a thousand words” and attaches a chain to the clamps that he leads past the railing.

From now on, every little movement of mine inevitably leads to severe pain in the nipples. In the corner of my eye, I can still see that he is reaching for the crop. Again this unbearable weight.

My nipples are causing animal pain now and I am still annoyed by the sound that escaped me. But slowly I notice that all resistance is futile and every little movement is now acknowledged as a violent pain in my nipples.

I close my eyes and lower my head as far as possible. I am beginning to understand that he has the power.

Satisfied he registers the humble lowering of my head and he realizes that I have understood and it is time to obey him and receive my punishment. He takes a lot of time between each stroke. Each cheek gets its 8 strokes.

Satisfied, he looks at the cross pattern on my red cheeks and seems satisfied with his work.

My buttocks burn like fire and every time I stroke the whip it feels like 1,000 pinpricks. I wait for the next blow, and when it doesn’t come I suddenly wake up from my humble stupor and a hint of panic seizes me. What’s coming now I cannot see him, but I hear that he is behind me again, feel his proximity so intensely that a shiver runs down my spine.

I stifle with suffocated moans as I perceive something between my thighs that I cannot assign.

“Since your cheek with spitting was very noticeable, I have to come up with something else,” he says and takes a fine brass brush, goes to his knees, and touches my labia with hundreds of small wire ends.

I winced as if an electric shock had hit me, the sudden pain is unusual and cannot be compared to anything I know. Every single muscle in my body is tense and I just want to scream, but the gag refuses this release. I try to concentrate on what he does to me and realize after the first shock that this new pain in my labia excites me a lot.

He continues the treatment with the brush carefully after my reaction clearly shows him how exciting I find it. His probing grip with his finger finally confirms how wet I am. Soaking wet with excitement.

While the brush continues to annoy my labia, he gently kisses the stripes on my buttocks, very gently. One after the other. His other hand finds its way to my clit and begins to stimulate him.

Half insane from the different emotions he gives me, I’m trapped in a dream world and enjoy the mixture of pain and excitement with my eyes closed. His tenderness comes at just the right time and I can feel how wet I am when he grabs me between my legs.

His tongue finds my rosette and begins to play around with it. Pain, pleasure, and excitement can no longer be separated from me.

I moan out loud when I feel my tongue and am grateful that I can experience these feelings despite my initial defiance. I move my butt back and forth slightly because I no longer know where to put my lust.

My excitement shows him that I have finally accepted the punishment.

He puts the brush down and his free hand begins to explore my butt. With the help of the lubricating cream, his fingers slide into my twitching buttocks almost without resistance, his other hand does not stop stimulating my clit.

The fingers begin to turn slightly, with gentle forward and backward movements. I catch the rhythm and take part.

Stretching drives me crazy, it’s such a cool feeling and I have trouble keeping my breath flat.

Suddenly he pulls his fingers out and shoves his cock, which is bursting with impatience, all the way into my butt. It is so big that I groan deeply. He starts to fuck my ass faster and more violently.

Feeling the hard cock in my butt, as it hits more and more violently, mixed with the feeling of various sources of pain in my body, is driving me crazy.

With each of his thrusts, I experience an orgy of pleasure and pain, my nipples are burning, and the air is getting scarce.

As if he suspected it, he pulls the gag out of my mouth.

I can finally breathe freely again. The unexpected overdose of oxygen is like a sweet drug. My mind switches off completely and I can only feel, and hear myself as if in a trance, my horniness screaming far away. “FICK MIIIICH” I shout out loud, “More, harder!”

His irrepressible desire to feel how he satisfies me according to his wishes puts me in ecstasy.

I am completely at the mercy of him and am finally enjoying it to the fullest.

His cock craves me, he wants to savor it, because he rarely feels me, and hits him violently full of energy. He reaches around me and loosens the nipple clamp with a practiced movement, he drops it carelessly, while he does not interrupt his bumps.

The violent pain when loosening the clamps gives me the right, last kick and I get into a huge orgasm.

The feeling of liberation, lust, and pain brings tears to my eyes. I don’t know where to go with my feelings

Shortly afterward, my lord comes to redemption with violent moans, pulls his cock with a gentle jerk out of my butt, and squirts his juice onto my streaked ass.

Painful sex with lord

Waves of unbearably beautiful feelings cloud my mind, everything around me seems like a fog, and slowly it is getting black.

He loosens the belt from my neck and frees my hands. I collapse weakly, shaken by my feelings.

I am no longer able to stand. He catches me and carries me to the couch in the living room, wraps me in a blanket, and places my head on a pillow.

Then he snuggled up close to me and kissed me tenderly on the mouth for what he had experienced. I sink into the happiness of this moment and feel as free as ever before.

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