Sickness of feet and Doctor Savita Treated my Cock


 117  Story of Lady Doctor Ki Chudai This incident is of the time when I was in engineering college, my name is Vinay and people fondly call me Binny.  I was 22 years old at that time and I used to play football for the college team.  I injured my leg during a match, I…

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Hard Core Sex in Train Journey


 163  His cock was absorbed in my hot pussy. But Rohan felt pain. She said aunty my cock is hurting, and then I stopped without moving. And bowed down and started kissing her lips. After waiting for 2 minutes like this, I slowly said in his ear that Rohan is still having pain in the…

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पड़ोसी आंटी ने अपनी चुत के साथ अपनी बेटी की कुँवारी चुत फिर मेरी मॉम की चुत दिलवाई। भाग-2


 292  हेलो दोस्तों। कैसे हो आपसब? जैसा कि आपसब जनते हैं कि मेरा नाम बाबू सिंघानिया है और मैं 21 साल का हूँ। ग्रेटर नोयडा में रहता हूँ।   मेरी पिछली कहानी पड़ोसी आंटी ने अपनी चुत के साथ अपनी बेटी की कुँवारी चुत फिर मेरी मॉम की चुत दिलवाई में आपसब ने पढ़ा की…

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Widow Aunt and Her Thirsty Pussy


 220  Tears started flowing from Aunt’s eyes. I also held her by the neck and said, I am an aunt and will not take care of you. Don’t you feel alone? Hearing this, she squeezed me harder. His nipples were very hard. My cock started getting hard now. And he felt it. Because my cock…

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Smooth Pussy Undressing of School Head-Mistress


 157  Madam shamelessly said what happened. Age is not seen in the game of pussy and cock. And anyway my pussy is very thirsty. For some young hard cock. Because my husband comes once in two years for a month or two and most of the time is spent in visiting relatives. That’s why my…

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Life’s First Fuck. – Painful but Very Exciting and Fun.


 120  Within minutes we were all bare in the bedroom. He looked at me trembling and then asked are you okay?   He said, ‘If you are uncomfortable, we will stop’.   I knew my resistance was wrong. Because that day I had made up my mind to fuck. It was my wish. I was…

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Swap the Wife for Sex Fun


 458  This thing happened when I was posted in Australia.   Hello friend, my name is Priyansh. I am 34 years old. I am a resident of Delhi. And I’m an ambassador. This happened when I was posted in Melbourne Australia. I have been married for 6 years. And I have 2 kids too. My…

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 146  I am Rithika. My friend Ratul works as a mechanic and is often on the road for weeks. I was pretty upset when Ratul told me that I had to celebrate my birthday alone this because he had to go to assembly at that time. When he said goodbye, he promised me a birthday…

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Our Day on the River


 101  Summer morning slowly awoke. Over the lazily flowing, wide river, a few nightly mists of fog were still moving. However, the rising morning wind blew and whirled them around, dissolving them as if they had never existed. In the old, gnarled willows that lined the shore in common with dense bushes and shrubs, some…

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The Business Trip with Maria


 175  My name is Raju and I had to travel to our business partner in Hungary for the second time. I asked my wife if she would like to come with me so that we could see Budapest. She declined that she could not leave professionally. But shortly before leaving, she told me that it…

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It Was like a Dream for Me


 179  Hello, my name is Radhika, Rads , 35 years old, I am married and have a son, Veer . I don’t remember how I got there, but I cheated on my husband. Not how you think that would probably be less bad. NO, I’m cheating on my husband with our own son. My husband…

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In the forest with my Cousin Samiha


 91  It all started at some point when I realized that I would much rather be somewhere outside “Relieve me” than on a toilet, and by that I mean all three options… Whether it is something urgent for the quiet place or I just have pressure in the testicles, it is always the best outside.…

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Nitin and Nirupa After the Bike Tour


 98  Suddenly it poured out of buckets. Nitin and Nirupa were surprised here in the middle of the forest. They quickly turned their bikes and drove back towards their little house on the village. Nothing would become of her little mountain bike excursion today. Fortunately, it would only go all the way down. On the…

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 87  My lord comes back from work and finds me in the bathroom, where I’m getting out of the shower and wrapping a towel around my body. He opens the door a little and asks if I did the errands he asked me to do. Immediately the fright is in my limbs, because I have…

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A sparkling surprise for Gauri


 93  They had agreed twenty minutes ago. Both had one thing in mind when they went out and wanted to tear open someone. It was not the first time that Gauri was looking for a partner for the night in the bar, where she had found it now. The bar was well known as a…

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