Package of Command and Obedience


The Mix Package of Command and obedience

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

“What’s going on?” I looked at him questioningly, but he just kept sitting on the bed and slowly let his gaze wander down my body.

The question was superfluous, I already knew what he wanted before I spoke and it didn’t matter what my mind said, my body responded immediately, my nipples stiffened and pressed against the fabric of my tight-fitting cotton undershirt, I became hot, the heat spread from my abdomen in my body, and my pelvic floor started to twitch without that I could control it and I felt it was getting wet in my panties.

It was crazy, but within half a minute I was horny and my body was ready to be taken just because he was looking at me. It was as if my body no longer obeyed me.

What had happened to me? We were only 6 months together, but this short period was enough to turn my sexual world upside down, so I was amazed at myself at times.

But it wasn’t so much the fact that I always gave myself to him willingly and absolutely unconditionally that amazed me, but how much I enjoyed submitting to him. Dominant, uncompromising, persistent, and hard, that’s how he would take me straight away. My body knew that and was getting ready.

I should have guessed when I got out of the shower and just put on my panties and undershirt. It emphasized my lush curves far too much.

I stood a little unsure of him. He continued to look at me. He looked at my erect nipples, which pressed clearly through the thin fabric.

Then he got up and walked slowly towards me. I involuntarily backed away from him. He stopped right in front of me and I looked up at him. He was a good 1.90m tall and therefore more than 30cm taller than me.

He fixed me with his steel-blue eyes “Take off your top” He said it very calmly but in a way that also said “And no re-words!” I obeyed. He didn’t make a face when he looked at my bare breasts but I could still feel the excitement in him.

“And now the panties!” I obeyed again.

“Turn around!” I turned to our mirrored closet and looked at my bare reflection. I could see the moisture around my freshly shaved column. He stood behind me and gently stroked the slightly damp hair from my face. Then he slowly rubbed the contours of my body with his hands until they came to rest on my hips.

I shivered involuntarily. I heard his voice. He spoke softly and yet there was a clear hardness in your voice. “Bend forward. Hands-on the mirror! Higher! Now spread your legs a little. His hands went up and clutched my breasts.

How I loved these hands now. They were so huge that he could easily cover my DD bust. I looked at my tits in the mirror, how they were massaged, how he took my nipples between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed. I groaned.

Then he went deeper. His middle finger dipped easily into my moisture, played with my clit, rubbed my juices in my crotch and I was already heading straight for my first orgasm. My face was only a few inches from the mirror. I avoided looking into my eyes. He guessed that.

“Look!” I heard his command. I reluctantly did so. I lost control of my own body as it towered behind me like a tower. The movements of his fingers became more demanding. His middle finger disappeared into the second link of my column. It was agony. I longed for penetration but so it was just a cautious promise about what would come.

Feeling his finger in me increased my excitement. He took a second finger, spread me, opened me, fucked me with his fingers. I drowned his hand in my juices. He fucked me quickly, that there were smacking noises.

I moaned into my reflection so that the seal fogged up in front of me. The orgasm came suddenly and violently. He grabbed my hair and I had no choice but to look at my orgasm face. He pushed against me from behind. My excited nipples pressed against the cold mirror glass. My knees softened and I slumped on his hand and drove his fingers deep into my body. It took me a few seconds to catch my breath.

“Now lie down on the bed! On your back and spread your legs ”

I did as I was told. I could feel his eyes on my gender as he slowly began to undress. I could see his erection in his boxer shorts. My heart started pounding. He pulled down the shorts and his stiff tail flicked out like a snake snapping.

And I was the rabbit.

At the latest now it was inevitable that I would be fucked right away.

How would he behave if I rejected him? Would he accept it? Or would he take me against my will? I was a little frightened of myself when I secretly wished he would go on.

And there it was again, that feeling that gave me such great pleasure. A mixture of fear and lust. And the fear excited me even more.

I loved this feeling of total lust without being touched. I lay there and in my head, I saw the pictures of what was about to happen.

Me, the small, rather a petite woman, not even 160 cm tall, would be taken by this guy with his 190 cm. He would fuck me wildly and uncompromisingly. I looked at his huge cock. Knowing that I should have him in me straight away and the fact that he would do everything else sensitively increased both fear and excitement. I resisted the temptation to close my thighs and continued to offer myself to him.

He climbed over me. He came closer and his chest pressed against my breasts. He gave me a deep but surprisingly tender kiss on the mouth. I felt his cock on my labia. I urged him to finally unite with him.

Usually, he loved torturing me with my lust and seemed to hesitate forever until he took me. Not this time!

With a single powerful movement from him, I had his monster cock inside me. I wanted to moan but the cry of pleasure got stuck in my throat.

That was not fair. I barely managed to absorb his huge part in me and he stakes me uncompromisingly and unexpectedly.

He penetrated me – literally. It felt like he was taking possession of my body.

“You like my cock?” He bumped hard once. I would have liked to answer, but I just managed to make an incomprehensible babble.

But he was right. It might sound like a cliche in a cheap fuck story, but I couldn’t deny it.

I stood on his cock, the way he dominated me with it, how he showed me who the man and who the woman is, how he opened and stretched me.

His bumps hit my body hard. I looked down my body at my lap. Saw his big cock stuck in me. Saw my pussy wide open and stretched. He took me faster and let his body clap hard against mine. I had to push myself against the head of the bed with both hands so as not to hit my head against the wood with every push. He had strength like a bear and I got to feel it with every one of his fucking shots. A violent orgasm rolled over me and then the next shortly thereafter. I gasped. He paused, deep inside me. He gave another tender kiss. His tail was still hard as steel. Unbelievable that he still hadn’t come.

He pulled out of me and lay on his back. “Sit on me. Take my cock into your pussy! “I got myself into position. Although I already had him inside me and although he had already opened my love gate wide open, I hesitated a little to stake myself with his spear. Nevertheless, I obeyed his request. I continued his Tail to my entrance and let it glide through my hot, humid paradise.

Again I felt my abdomen open and stretched. I knew that he would insist on absorbing it in its entire length and so refrained from haggling over the last few inches.

  • “Oh, shit” it escaped me when I felt him bump into my cervix lightly.

“And now ride my cock! … harder”

How I loved being dominated by him. It doesn’t take long and I noticed my abdomen cramped tightly around his cock in the announcement of another orgasm. I could hear my juices splashing on his stomach. It took me a second to realize what was happening to me,

I was ejaculating. “Oh god”

“Don’t stop! Firmer!” he ruled at me. I gritted my teeth. “No! Please … I can not …”


I rode on. The orgasm spread in my body. I jerked uncontrollably but still tried to ride before I finally needed no power at all.

“Madness!” Was the only thing I could say to the moment when the aftermath of the mega orgasm

I just experienced flicking through my body. If I had known at that moment that the true monumental orgasm was still to come, I would probably have fled.

He grinned diabolically at me: “We’re not done yet. Okay … listen carefully now. Lie on your back and spread your legs. I’ll put my cock back in your cookie jar and I’ll continue to fuck you. Meanwhile, I will give you some commands. I want you to execute them immediately without thinking! Got it? ”

I nodded silently. I let his still steel-hard cock slide out of my belly, lay down next to him, and opened my thighs for him as I was told. I wasn’t wondering what he was up to, I wasn’t wondering where I should get the strength from to survive another torture. I just obey.

He climbed over me. His body glistened with his sweat and my ejaculate that I had spread over him. He put his cock on my pussy. With a casual movement, he pinned me again and slowly but powerfully began to strike.

“Watch out! Here is command number 1. You are forbidden to have another orgasm! Roger that? I keep fucking you at that pace, but you can’t come! ” ” But … ”

“No buts!” He interrupted me harshly, “just do it”

I didn’t disagree – but how should I do it? I had already lost all control over my body and was barely able to get a clear thought, a huge thing was in me and I was aroused to the roots of my hair. How should I control other orgasms? I felt his cock working in me, felt the excitement rise in me. I wanted redemption – wanted to come. I fought against it. For the time being, I somehow made it, but my resistance crumbled. He accelerated the pace of his thrusts. I knew it was about me right away. I threw my last bit of willpower against the approaching climax.

“Caution! The next command! COME TO ORGASM !! NOW !!! “He shouted the command at me and started screwing like a maniac.

I exploded. I didn’t care if it was his order or the fact that I couldn’t have held back any longer – – The orgasm was huge.

“Stronger! COME STRONGER” He looked me straight in the eye as he gave me this command. And my body obeyed.

I came more violently.

A century orgasm gripped my body. I screamed, I squeaked and grunted like a pierced boar. The neighbors probably thought I was being stabbed.

“Continue! Violent! Don’t stop coming !!! ”

That was the last thing I remembered before I went black …..

The End.

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