Outdoor Trip


Outdoor Field Trip

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Her adorable grin and kissable lips had made many of my dreams come true. She was a recent college lecturer who came to teach us in the first year and later accompanied us on a field trip. Her form was so seductive that she might arouse urges in a dead man. Gulki ma’am was 5’6″ tall, with thick straight hair that reached her waist. Her body was near-perfect, with 34-28-35 measurements and a golden-brown complexion. Her big dark eyes, sharp features, and toned body made her alluring. I had a great crush on her, and she was fully aware of it. I would help her carry books, assist in class, and even accompany her to other classes to assist. She aggressively flirted with me and even requested that I call her ‘Gulki’ in private. I’d grown bolder and began approaching her. I’d try to feel her soft ass or touch her waist when she held my arm or slapped my back casually. All of this changed when I returned from summer vacation in my second year. Professor Joy was Gulki ma’am’s husband. I was astonished and heartbroken. Joy was a tall, dark, and attractive pervert who was well-known throughout the institution. To make matters worse, she didn’t teach any of our classes in the second year. Still, I maintained in touch with Gulki, making reasons to see her now and again. I had a new girlfriend to whom I had given up my virginity. Gulki ma’am gradually disappeared from my mind until I reached my third year. Then it was announced that a new assistant professor would accompany us to the botanical gardens and serve as our practical lecturer. It was none other than Gulki, my fap queen. I was ecstatic and went to see her before class. Except for us, there was no one else in the lecture hall.

She looked stunning in a light brown churidar kurta with her hair wrapped in a loose silky bun. Her brows were nicely penciled, and she had a dozen bangles on her right hand. Everything about her screamed sex.

Gulki: Good day, Shubo!

Shubo: Hello, Gulki. I’m a student in your class.

Gulki: Oh, that’s good; it’s a fun topic. How’s your new girlfriend treating you?

Shubo: Not as adorable as you.

Gulki: Okay, I’m married now.

Shubo: What’s the meaning of the tattoo on your wrist?

Gulki: It says Joy, which is my husband’s name. Students are arriving now; please address me as ma’am.

Shubo: Good to see you again, ma’am.

I extended my hand. As she took my hand, an electric current passed through it. We held our handshake in silence for about 20 seconds. She still liked me, but she couldn’t tell me the truth. Prof. Joy might be able to please her with his experience, but he couldn’t be more smitten with her than I was.

I sat there for an hour, fantasizing about Gulki. She was a fantasy girlfriend. I was a 5’10” football player who was incredibly fair. My sexual endurance was extraordinary, and I had lately learned to control my ejaculation. I was mentally undressing Gulki when the lesson ended.

She summoned my attention.

Gulki: Assist me in getting the items to my car, and I’ll drop you off at home.

Shubo: Sure thing, ma’am.

So I walked with her to the car, loaded all of her belongings, and climbed into the passenger seat. Her automobile was parked in a shady spot, and there were no students nearby. On a whim, I untied her hair bun, revealing a curtain of hair that dropped to her waist.

She glanced at me with false fury, her eyes large but sexier. ‘It’s either now or never!’ I pondered. I drew her close and kissed her on the lips with my hand in her hair. She started to protest with a moan, but then she startled me by sticking her tongue in my mouth. We were making out in the car, with no regard for the passage of time.

My hands were everywhere they could reach. Her perky boobs were incredibly soft to me. I couldn’t feel her nipples because of the cushioned bra, so I put my hands inside with no resistance from her. My slutty college professor’s tits came on quickly. When I tried to put my hand in her saree, she told me, “This is college.”I sat back on the ride home and reflected on Gulki’s beauty. She had a long layered hairdo and had her hair tinted with crimson streaks after her marriage. Her nose and navel were both pierced. I shagged twice that night to get Gulki ma’am off my thoughts.

The issue was that she refused to give me her phone number while never discouraging my moves in private.

A few days went without incident, and then we were treated to a field trip to the botanical gardens. Gulki ma’am would drive us there, and Professor Joy would accompany us. We began early and arrived at our destination on time. Gulki looked stunning in a black and white floral saree paired with a black sleeveless blouse.

Students were divided into groups and given field trips. By the evening, everyone had completed their work and began gathering around the guesthouse for a party. As usual, Professor Joy was joking and flirting with the females. I saw Gulki with a group and approached her.

Gulki, ma’am! Shubo:

Gulki: Shubo, where have you been?

Shubo: As part of my group.

Gulki: All right, come with me. I’d like to demonstrate something to you.

We began to walk away from the guesthouse. As we moved further along, I became inquisitive and inquire:

Shubo: What were you hoping to show me?

Gulki: Come on, silly boy, let me smell your cologne.

To impress her, I had shaved and virtually bathed in aftershave that day. She grabbed my belt buckle and pressed her cheek against my neck, sniffing me. I could smell her delicious body odor and feel her silky hair on my face. It caused me to have a hard rock erection. I kissed Gulki’s lips and buried my hands in her hair. This time, I took it carefully, moving my head sideways and sucking with my tongue. Gulki drew in closer, rubbing her body up against mine.

I inserted my palm under her saree folds to discover her pussy without losing my grip on her contours. She was on fire, her pantyless crotch soaking wet. I inserted my middle finger inside to lube her even more. She snatched my package with both hands.

Gulki: Hmm, I’d like to have this inside (feeling my dick).

Shubo: It’s been ready for a long time.

Gulki: Did you bring any kind of protection?

Shubo: Of course, ma’am.

I got a condom from my wallet and slipped it on. Gulki gave me a silky hair flip, sweeping her slipping hair away from her bare shoulders and showing a front-open top. I unhooked it and released her boobs. She raised her light saree and underskirt to reveal a beautifully trimmed box.

She didn’t appear to have clipped her bush with scissors, but rather with a trimmer. I forced her to sit on a crooked old tree and lifted her lovely leg over my shoulder. As I slipped my cock inside her pussy, she looked down in a stupor. Her pussy clutched my cock like a ravenous animal clutches its prey.

We fucked for over 5 minutes before I came within her in a series of jerks. I embraced her tightly, my face covered behind her hair and my mouth biting her neck.

Gulki wasn’t finished yet. She knelt and began sucking my semi-erect dick, hardening it in a matter of seconds. I got shivers from her soft lips and tongue. She made me lie down on my back in the grass. My busty instructor then sat on her knees on my stiff dick with care.

She deftly slid my naked cock into her cunt with one hand and began softly rocking. As she fucked me well, I tried to push up with equal force. Her gorgeous hair slapped my face as she leaped up and down, getting quicker with each stroke.

Gulki moaned loudly and plopped her head on my chest throughout what seemed like an endless fuck session. I attempted to imagine all the positions in which I would fuck Gulki in the future days as we lay in the grass under the starry sky. Her body was a sex machine, and I could drink for hours.

Gulki was motionless, her head on my chest. She wore waist-length layers and an open front top with hooks at the front. Inside her love hole, my dick had shriveled. I shook her and said:

Gulki, Shubo! That was a fantastic ride, Sweetie. Are you finished?

Gulki: I’m not sure. Shubo, go eat dinner. I’ll visit you in your room.

So I went looking for my classmates (who had arrived first for supper) and gave my name to the waiter who was keeping a waiting list. I went back to my room to await the next batch. After all, it was only 7 p.m.

Gulki had already gone to bed and was waiting for me. Her waxed legs were dressed in black lace boyshorts. With a sly smile, she urged me into the smooth sheets. I kissed her large lips and buried my fingers in her silky hair.

She began licking my half-erect dick like it was nothing. I was hard and took off her panties in no time. She was wearing a demi bra underneath her nightgown to match her panty.

Even though I’d previously showered, she drew me into the restroom. I admired her form up close. Her near-perfect numbers of 34-28-35, long hair, and 5’6″ height made her appealing in the lingerie. She’d been sunbathing recently, as seen by her somewhat tanned cleavage.

Gulki’s 34D boobs and dime-sized areola attracted me, but I stopped having sex too soon. She put my fingers on her hairless tummy to feel it. She wore a navel ring that had been converted to a barbell.

I wanted to fuck her right away, but she asked me to shave her crotch first. I applied the gel and used my dual blade razor to shave her mound cleanly, then double-checked my work with the back of my fingers. Gulki shuddered and requested that I trim her sideburns and nape.

I looked for stray hairs on her cheeks and neck. The cool steel fangs pressing against her cheeks aroused her. I used the trimmer to remove the peach fuzz.

Gulki was in desperate need of cock. I decided to fuck her tight pussy from behind. However, it was difficult to locate the ideal location. She made a V shape with her index and middle fingers and placed it near her vagina. I’d pushed my dick with a lubricated condom in a single stroke.

Gulki opened her mouth in surprise as I supported her with one hand on her tummy and the other on her silky butt cheeks. Her silken head was crushed on my sternum. I pumped non-stop till I felt like cumming. She had an orgasm right then and there.

Gulki got down on her knees and cradled my cock in her cleavage, milking it slowly with her milf-like boobs pushed together. By putting my finger in her mouth to chew, I fueled her enthusiasm. She yanked the condom off. But she prevented me from ejaculating by pressing her thumb against my cock lips and firmly gripping my erect member with her thin fingers. I pulled out an old technique and massaged my dick in her wet cleavage while gripping her lower jaw.

The moment she let go of my cock, it spits white sperm on her lovely face. She extended her mouth to collect the second cumshot, and she looked shocked. Some of the seamen fell from her face onto her bulging bust as she swallowed it. Gulki stroked her nipples with it. When I remembered Joy and asked, she changed into her underwear and pink satin gown.

Shubo: How about your husband?

Gulki: He’s been fucking me for the past two years. It doesn’t matter if you’re celibate for one weekend.

Shubo: Is Joy going to miss you?

Gulki: Baba, he’s not here!

As both of us dressed and went, things became plain to me. Gulki went straight to her room, while I hurried to the dining hall in the hopes of being among the final batch to eat. We were finished by 9:30 p.m., but I couldn’t leave my room until after midnight.

Gulki took his time opening the door and promptly went back to sleep. I held her for a minute and loved the shorn nape before falling asleep. Fortunately, Gulki had closed the room door before returning to bed.

She was an early riser, and she awoke me at 7 a.m. “We have an hour to get ready,” she said as she brushed her teeth. Before the field excursion, we planned to get ready in our various rooms and go out to breakfast.

My roommate was still sound asleep. So I dressed discreetly, took my clothing, and returned to Gulki’s chamber. She was almost finished as well. With a mischievous grin, she invited me inside.

Gulki was stunning in a white tank top and thongs. Her golden-brown skin was a little darker than mine, but her hairless figure made her look ten years younger than she was.

She handed me a pair of stainless steel scissors to trim her sidelocks. I checked the level on either side by holding her cheeks. When I looked in the mirror, I noticed Gulki standing on tiptoes. She was almost as tall as me, despite being barefoot.

I used little scissors to sculpt her sides. The crunching sound of little hair being clipped piqued my interest. Her hair was center-parted, with face-framing bangs swept behind her ears. I snipped a portion of thong that connected front to back and covered her vagina, while her middle finger was placed on her clit.

She grabbed the hint and began touching herself. She asked me to clip her layers because her hair was touching her ass crack when she bent her head back. I began with the bangs, cutting them just past the shoulders.

Then I bunched her v-shaped back hair and flattened it to her belly button like a harsh cut. About 3 inches of layers were removed, yet no one noticed when Gulki wore her hair in a bun.

She couldn’t take any more of the foreplay and jump into bed for some cock action. I followed her and proceeded to play. She went insane as I followed a route from her navel to her clitoral hood with the tip of my tongue.

I used one finger to check her moisture once her deep breathing stopped. Satisfied, I rolled a condom on my cock and moved quickly within Gulki. She gasped, but quickly regained her composure and matched my powerful thrusts with equal force.

My face buried in her neck, smelling her silky hair, she climaxed. I was about to spill the beans when I noticed she had removed her nose ring and her belly button piercing was one size larger. But I resolved to keep going till I couldn’t hold my cum any longer.

My floodgates finally opened, and warm cum flowed out of my wiener into the condom. She kissed me quickly, and as my spasms ceased, I heard her faraway voice.

Gulki: Sona, it’s almost 8 o’clock; hurry up before someone knocks on the door.

Shubo: I love you, Sona.

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