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The Best Exotic Celebrbdom Hotel may be found tucked away in a remote part of India, high in the Himalayas if you know where to look. The hotel, which is concealed in the mists and mysteries of the Himalayas and is only accessible to the hotel’s exclusive clientele, which consists of private celebrity ladies, provides a pleasant getaway and a place to indulge in numerous nefarious obsessions for a variety of wealthy and powerful women.

The regulations of the hotel are easy to understand but must be followed. Every participant is required to sign a disclaimer form, and they must be at least 18 years old to take part. Once inside the hotel, women are seen as more important than men, and any male companions, including friends and spouses, are thought to be tightly under the direction of their respective mistresses. In addition to that, the hotel has a collection of its very own slave males that are made accessible to the hotel’s famous guests. All of these gentlemen are consenting adults who are staying at the hotel for the primary purpose of making money.

One of these slave boys is Raju, who was only just chosen. He is tall and slender, with doe-like eyes, long hair, olive complexion, and gorgeous lips. Raju is nineteen years old, but more significantly, he has never been sexually active in his life. There was a tremendous competition for his services, which was ultimately won by Salma Hayek, a long-time member of the group and a superstar in Latin American cinema. This same evening, she came to collect her award.

The priest approached Mrs. Hayek in her presence while barefoot and on his knees. Salma was blown away by what she saw, and she found that he was much more attractive in person. Raju had been groomed for his first customer, and he was aware of his position within this company. She snapped her fingers, and he crawled to her and kissed her shoes in a subservient manner. Raju understood where his place was in this organization.

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Salma instructed Raju, “Take off my shoes and kiss my feet, you gorgeous puta boy.” Raju did as he was told, gently taking off Salma’s pricey shoes and licking the soles of the beautiful feet of his celebrity master. She struck him in the face with her foot and put it in his mouth. Salma always took pleasure in the power she had to coerce young and gorgeous males into doing nefarious things for her. By the instruction he had received, Raju thanked her for the smack and then began licking her toes while maintaining eye contact with his mistress.

“You are mine for the night, which means that I may indulge whatever repulsive fetishes that I have with you any way I like!

“Yes, mistress.”

Salma began playing with her pussy while Raju kissed her feet. She then squeezed her enormous breasts over her shirt with one hand while playing with her pussy while Raju licked her feet. Salma’s fingers went up to her skirt. Raju was mesmerized as he watched, and he couldn’t believe he was able to make a famous actress like Salma Hayek look so seductive by merely licking her feet. His boyfriend used him as a tool and a sex toy without him even realizing it, but he had no idea!

Rev took a long breath in, and the musty aroma caused his mouth to start watering. Salma then pulled out her fingers, shined them with her pussy fluids, and offered them to Rev to sniff. Raju desired to gratify her by tasting her pussy and licking it. He also desired to lick it. Salma was able to read the need in his eyes, and she taunted him by saying: “Do you think the dog would like licking its master’s private parts? Raju could not help but nod, entranced by both her aroma and her attractiveness.

“Not so fast, you scumbag. You have to put in the work to acquire that great pussy, and you have to engage in nefarious activities to obtain it. Do you grasp it, young man?”

Raju mumbled, “Do whatever it is that makes your lady happy.”

“So, spit it out, babe: are you familiar with the term “blumpkin”? A repulsive item.

The demeaning construct that conceited guys came up with to put women down. I am going to assume that you have not. Crawl behind me, and you will discover the answer.”

When Salma stood up and walked away, Raju crawled after her on his knees even though he had no idea what she meant by what she said. After entering the restroom, Salma gave Raju her attention before removing her skirt. Raju was taken aback by her stunning appearance; her teeny-tiny thong revealed her enormous bottom and was unable to contain her growing pubes. Although Raju could detect her eagerness by her scent and saw that she was sweating, he had to wait for his orders.

Soon after, Salma also removed her thong and stood there in all of her glory, her stunning hairy cunt gleaming with juice, and her slave bowing in front of her in submission.

“What am I going to get from you now, my darling slave? A Blumpkin! You are going to kiss my better pussy while I crap, and you are going to look me in the eye as I crap!”

After finishing her sentence, Salma sat down and took Raju into her embrace before continuing. She spat in his mouth to protect him and then instructed him to taste the saliva.

Raju was shocked to find that he was experiencing such a personal encounter with a woman he had only ever seen in movies and on television. Her hairy cunt was inches away, wet and glistening from her fluids, and her spit was in his mouth – which helped to lubricate him since his lips had gotten dry – and he had to lick her as she was… Her hairy cunt was inches away, moist and gleaming from her secretions.

…his daydream was rudely awoken by a loud fart and a sounding smack. “I’m not accustomed to having to wait around, you little pig!” And Raju didn’t waste any time and began licking them right away. He rested his chin on the bench, pushed out his tongue, and tasted the salty wetness of his mistress. Meanwhile, Raju made sure to maintain eye contact while her hair made its way into her mouth and nose. After a little while, he heard two pops, and the splashback struck him in the chin. While Raju’s tongue worked its seductive alchemy on Salma, she flashed a seductive grin and let out a hungry sigh.

He was now branded by Mistress Salma Hayek, and any future Mistress he would serve and marry would not only receive a slave, but also a celebrity who was branded and used as a souvenir by other celebrities. Raju understood that he was in love, and he was now branded by Mistress Salma Hayek.

– Raju’s pride knew no bounds!

“I’m going to hose off the slave, then I’m going to urinate on it, and then I’m going to drink it.

all, and I have no intention of stopping the licking!”

And just as Raju was about to take his first taste of Salma’s golden celebrity nectar, he was interrupted. And thus Salma Hayek decided to take Raju up on the offer of his virginity!

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