NRI Student Gets Fucked


Naughty Foreign Exchange Student Gets Fucked

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We often forget just how peculiar American culture is. We get so wrapped up in national politics, media, and Hollywood, that it is easy to forget there is so much more out there. Sometimes it takes a foreigner to remind us that the things we do daily are a little weird and that there is a whole other world, filled with possibilities, cultures, and mannerisms. That is why foreign exchange programs are so great. They do not just take a student and teach them about America, they also teach the hosts about themselves.

An outsider, a third perspective is often necessary, for us to take a good, hard look at ourselves. As a foreign exchange student, Rhitika was serving exactly that purpose for the Smith family. An upper-middle-class family in the South East. She was a second-year university student from France, eager to learn about the American customs, traditions, and family values. Ritika was a twenty-year-old of average height, olive skin, black hair, and brown eyes. She had a beautiful, symmetric face with soft features and a great body. She was born and raised in France and still had the cute accent to prove it, despite speaking perfect English.

“Girls! It is time for dinner, come downstairs.” – the powerful voice of Mrs. Smith could be heard through the entire house. Francine Smith was a beautiful, blonde woman in her mid-forties. She was the homemaker of the house and worked as a freelance writer. Everyone in the household respected her and understood her vital role in keeping the house together. She was a loving mother and wife.

“Just a second Mom! I am helping Rhitika set up her stuff.” – Raima said. She was the daughter in the Smith family. Young and pretty, the same age as Rhitika, she also went to the nearby college. Raima had brown hair and a pretty face. She was very petite and generally a bit of a troublemaker, that only her mother could control.


It took a bit longer than expected, but soon the entire family, plus the foreign exchange student, were on the table. Only Kailash, their older son was missing, but he had moved to New York a few years ago. Ritika felt very lucky to get the Smiths as her host family. They had been nothing but kind to her and the house was nice and big. She even got to sleep in Kailash’s room. A private room is a true luxury for foreign exchange students. The French girl was surprised at the size of the American houses. In Europe, a property like that would have cost triple what it did in the Southeastern States. Everything still amazed her about the US. It was only her 5th hour in the United States, so the culture shock was very real and apparent. She was amazed at how big everything was, not just the house. The cars too were larger than the ones she was used to in France. The freeways were huge and there were also a lot more fat people walking around, the Smiths being an exception. The only one that could use a little cardio was the breadwinner Stan. While not overweight, he was a big guy. He worked for some large corporation, somewhere in the middle to upper management. Loud, always cracking jokes and a little dumb, he was exactly what Rhitika had expected an American to be.


“So, have you unpacked your suitcases yet Alex?” – Stan asked.

“Yes, I have Mr. Smith. And, my name is Ritika, it is French, I know it is a little weird.” – the cute foreign girl answered.

“Stan, how can you mess up the girl’s name like that. I’ve told you a thousand times what it was.” – Francine reprimanded her husband. – “Don’t be offended Rhitika, he is just bad with names. I think it is time for me to serve the brisket”

Another aspect of American life that truly fascinated the French girl, was the famed food. Briskets with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob were not a common meal in most Parisian cafes, so she was excited to try it out. Usually in Europe, American food is narrowed down to fast food, burgers, and subs.

The girl was looking forward to trying out what an actual family ate at dinner, just as much as an American might be interested in having a bowl of pasta in Rome. It was not just the food that took her by surprise, it was also the sheer quantity of it. There were multiple plates and trays with meat, sides, and bread. Seemingly no one gave thought to how much carbs they were consuming with their meals. Ritika was a little surprised to see that Francine and Raima ate so much, considering how thin they were, it was only Mr.

Smith needed to watch his diet a little more.

When they finished dinner the Smiths usually watched a movie. After a long debate as to which particular one to choose off of Netflix, they settled on some comedy. Mrs. Smith was not too happy, as she had watched it recently, and instead decided to go to her bedroom and read, or at least that is what she said. The two other members of the family and Rhitika were keen on watching the comedy. Movie nights are of course an international thing, but Rhitika was surprised to learn that the Smiths do that almost every night. It reminded her of one of those American movies she used to watch as a kid.

About halfway through the comedy, the French girl went upstairs to the bathroom. She was still new to the house and was not sure where exactly she needed to go but figured the second door to the left would do. She opened it and went inside, but quickly realized it was the wrong room.

Ritika had walked into the Smith’s bedroom. Inside Mrs. Smith was laying on the bed, naked, watching porn and using a large wand-like vibrator with a rubber head, it was vibrating powerfully, letting out a loud and distinct noise. Francine had a pair of headphones on, hooked to her computer which was playing hardcore BDSM porn, and she did not seem to have noticed that the French girl had entered the room. Ritika was shocked to see her host mother masturbate, but she was also mesmerized by the apparent pleasure the woman was experiencing and could not bring herself to leave the room.

Mrs. Smith was completely naked; her body was even more beautiful and athletic than it seemed under her clothes. She was holding the large and powerful vibrator with both of her hands, pressing and moving it around her vagina. Her legs were spread wide apart and she seemed to be enjoying herself very much. The MILF soon began moving her hips around in a seductive fashion, up and down and then to the sides. Francine was trying to remain quiet, most likely because she did not want her family to hear her, but she was letting out quiet moans in between her heavy breaths. The French girl just stood there, in the door opening watching this older and beautiful woman make love to her high-powered vibrator. She was young and inexperienced herself but could see that Mrs. Smith knew how to pleasure herself. After a while, Rhitika realized that she was aroused, wet, from the sight of her host mother fucking herself. She figured it would be best for herself to join and slid one of her hands down her pants and panties. The girl’s fingers were no substitute for the powerful vibrator, but they would do.

The porno that Mrs. Smith was watching, appeared to be a hardcore BDSM scene. A young girl tied in chains and ball gaged was on the screen. Her legs were spread apart, and she was being pleasured with a vibrator, similar to the

one Mrs. Smith had. She seemed to be screaming in pain, or pleasure, it was difficult to tell without the sound. The MILF seemed to be enjoying it very much. The intensity of her moans had increased, both in loudness and frequency. The French girl was rubbing her clit with one hand, while the other was wandering around her petite, European body. She liked to caress her perky tits and grab her well-trained ass. Francine was going wild with her vibrator, moving it up and down her slit, while simultaneously moving her hips in all directions. After a while, her legs began jerking and her eyes closed. The moans became louder and louder and she seemed to have an orgasm. Ritika, immensely turned on by the sight of her host mother climaxing, followed suit and came as well. The girl managed to remain quiet during the whole ordeal. She tiptoed out of the room and quietly closed the door.


The next morning, the French cutie woke up before her alarm rang. There was a lot on her mind, that prevented her from falling asleep. To start with, she was about to have her first day of college in America. A bunch of thoughts was crowding her mind. She wondered what the campus would look like, what the people were like, and also what kind of food was offered. She was fascinated with the cuisine, which was so different from the French one. Ritika was also a little worried about having classes in English, she knew the language perfectly and had been studying it ever since she was in middle school, but a part of her was still afraid of not understanding the professor.

There were so many accents in America and some were easier to understand than others. She was also worried about the social aspect of things, she did not know anyone in the college or town for that matter. What if she could not make any friends? Surely some people had horrible and lonely foreign exchange experiences. She was very worried but also realized her fears were irrational, after all, Rhitika was a pretty, French girl, there were surely going to be people dying to meet her. Besides, she already knew the Smiths.

Thinking about the Smiths, took her mind to a different place. The young and innocent girl immediately began thinking about her host mother and more specifically about what she had seen yesterday. The way the older woman was pleasuring herself, was so wild and erotic. The young European had not yet explored her sexuality much and yesterday was a confusing moment for her. She felt a little guilty about the whole thing. The way she masturbated, while essentially spying on her host mother pleasuring herself. There was something perverse and incestuous about it. Of course, Rhitika was not related to Mrs. Smith, but the MILF had taken her, inside her home. The girl had also not intended to do what she did. She simply walked into the wrong room at the right time and caught the sexy, older blonde in action. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, she got aroused and wet from watching and had to finish herself then and there. From this set of thoughts, her mind shifted to another. Was Rhitika gay? She had very little sexual experience and it was only with boys. If she was not a lesbian, then why did she get so turned on and honey, simply by seeing the older woman, naked and masturbating? There was a lot to ponder on, but she was interrupted by the alarm clock. It was time for the French girl to get up and go to college in America, for the first time.

European universities are very similar, but also quite different to the colleges in the United States. To start with, they all offer a higher education, which is pretty comparable to one another. Biology students in France, like Rhitika, had no problem coming over to the US for a semester. Biology is the same everywhere and besides some small differences in the syllabus, everything was kind of the same. But the was schools looked at in the US, was completely different. The young European girl could not help but marvel at the amazing infrastructure and the sheer size of the campus itself. She had already learned that everything in America was bigger, but was still a little amazed when she saw, just how huge the college was. The stadium was enormous, there were tennis courts, baseball fields, and all kinds of facilities European students could only dream of. There simply was not enough space, in the old continent, for the building of this magnitude. Ritika marveled at it all as she entered her first-class.

All of the bewilderment was quickly replaced by boredom. Inside the large buildings of the college, there were old, boring men, talking about cell division in a monotone voice. There was nothing special about the classes she was taking, except for, the fact that she received homework on the very first day, a very unwelcome surprise. Ritika’s thoughts quickly drifted back towards her host family and more specifically what she had seen. She was wondering about the porn, Mrs. Smith was watching. It was undoubtedly, very kinky.

The older woman seemed to be into the naughty stuff, something one could not guess simply by looking at her. She appeared to be a normal, suburban, mother of two that worked at home. But the fact that she even owned that huge, powerful vibrator, with the rubber head that seemed to be so powerful, made it clear that Francine Smith was a total slut. She liked it rough and that confused the innocent French girl immensely. Because she liked it too. It had never crossed her mind in her 20 years on this planet, that she might be into the kinky stuff, or into women. But it was a real possibility. The way she simply could not control herself when she saw Mrs. Smith. The naked MILF turned her on so much, Rhitika lost all regard for safety, decency, and morality. She could just not control herself and had to start masturbating, right then and there. In her confusion the foreign exchange student did not even notice how quickly the time seemed to be passing and before she even knew it, it was time for her to go home. The first day in American college proved to be uneventful, especially compared to the first night in the Smith’s house.


Ritika arrived home and it was time for her to do some homework. She still could not believe it, that the professor had given out an assignment on the very first day. In France, it was generally accepted that the first week of university is for the students to get used to the whole thing, after the summer break. There seemed to be no easing in, in America. They just rammed the homework down the student’s throats. The girl was in no mood of writing it, but also figured she had to do her college work. Who knew what the Americans did if you do not do your homework. She did however feel like venting her frustrations at someone. The was no one on the first floor of the house, however. Mrs. Smith was most likely in her room, writing, or doing something else, but Rhitika was too afraid to go and check. Mr. Smith was at work for a few more hours. This only left Raima, who might be in her room.

She was a nice girl and Rhitika liked her. A bit of a rebel and a rule-breaker, but super nice to the foreign exchange student. The French girl went upstairs and knocked on her door.

“Oh, hey there!” – the American greeted her, as she opened her door. – “Come on in. And, tell me how was your first day at college?” – Rhitika walked into the room and sat on the desk chair, while Raima herself sat on the bed.

“It was, honestly, a bit of a letdown.” – she said in a cute French accent. –The professor was super boring, she was just very monotone and read from the slides. It was a very useless lecture a total waste of time. Oh, and he gave us homework on the first day. Can you believe it? Is that a normal American thing? Because in France they would never even dare do it.”

“Oh, yeah I hear you. But I got homework too. It is so, dumb. Just let us settle into college a little. They are total pricks the professors. Old, white, patriarchal assholes.” – Raima also seemed quite unhappy with her first day of college. – “But, since we both have work to do, let’s go downstairs on the kitchen table and do it together.”

The girls went downstairs, opened their laptops, and started working away, but Rhitika found it hard to concentrate. As she was sitting next to Raima, thoughts about what she had seen last night entered her head. It was very awkward, sitting there, on the dinner table, and doing some homework with a girl whose mom you have seen masturbating. And it was not just any masturbation either. It was hardcore. There was also the fact that the French girl had masturbated while watching Mrs. Smith do her thing. The entire situation was so twisted and perverse, she just needed to talk to someone, but Raima was hardly the best person to talk to. It was just too awkward. Telling her, that she had seen, her mother masturbate, would probably traumatize the young American girl, and Rhitika most certainly did not want to admit to having masturbated as well. But, at the same time, the French girl had a conscience and she wanted to come clean. She was going to live with the Smiths for an entire year and she simply could not hold it in her for that long. The truth had to come out at a certain point.

“Oh my god! This is so boring!” – Raima exclaimed. – “You know what, screw this homework, I’m not doing it.”

“Aren’t they going to check?” – Rhitika said, hoping the answer would be “No”.

“I don’t care. It is the first day and we are in college anyway. What are they going to do if I don’t hand in my homework? Call my mother, c’mon.” – “The American girl seemed thoroughly convinced that she was not going to work anymore, but Rhitika still needed some convincing.

“I don’t know. I am a foreign exchange student. I do not want to get in any trouble with the university or your mother for that matter. I guess I should just suck it up and do the homework.”

“Oh, don’t worry about mom. She is cool and understanding. Just tell her that it is stupid homework and she we’ll be fine with it. She may not seem like it, but she is pretty laid back and a bit of a rule-breaker.”

That last part did not come as much of a surprise to the French girl. Francine Smith seemed to have a naughty side, behind the guise of a cookie-cutter, mother of two. She liked to get fucked hard and did not care about whether or not you did your homework. There was something very likable about her, but she was also a little scary. Ritika had already noticed that the mother in this family seemed to be the one wearing the pants. She was a little controlling and dominant. There was a certain assertiveness that could be felt in her voice. The foreign exchange student had only been in the US for a couple of days and had already seen her masturbate. It was awkward enough and she did not feel like complicating her relationship with the woman anymore.

Instead, Rhitika decided to just shut up and do her homework, as intended. But, sometimes choices are made for you.

“Fuck it, I’m not going to do this. A few friends of mine are hanging out in the mall, let’s go there. I want you to meet them” – Raima suggested.

“I would love to, but I think I need to write this thing. I can’t skip on homework on the very first day.”

“Oh, don’t worry. Just go upstairs, tell mom and we can leave. The college won’t care, and neither will she. But probably let her know, just in case. You do not want to be on her bad side. C’mon, I’ll be waiting here.” – The American girl insisted, and it was simply too awkward to refuse. Besides, no one knew what Rhitika had seen, so the exchange would not be that awkward at all. It was all in the French girl’s head.


Ritika went upstairs, to the second door to the right. This time she knocked and waited for a response before coming in. It was weird coming in that room again and seeing Mrs. Smith on the bed, reading a book. She looked exactly the way she looked last night, minus the powerful vibrator and porno of course. The MILF put her book down when the foreign exchange student entered and looked at her.

“Hey, Ritika. Ritika I help you?” – She seemed positive, which reassured the student.

“Hi, Mrs. Smith.” – Before she could finish her sentence, the cute French girl was interrupted.

“Oh, please. Call me Francine. I think we know each other well enough.”

“Ok, Francine. I got this homework today in college, but it is kind of pointless and Raima invited me to go hang out with her friends. I just wanted to ask you, if you think, it would be a problem with the exchange program, if I don’t do it?”

“Oh, don’t worry. Go and have fun. You are here to have fun, not to write some stupid assignment. I don’t think anyone will have a problem if you skip one, especially on the first day.” – the older woman said.

“Ok, cool, thanks.” – Rhitika thought the whole exchange went much smoother than she envisioned in her head.

“By the way. Is there something you want to tell me? Something on your mind?” – Mrs. Smith asked.

“What do you mean?” – A feeling of unease came over Ritika.

“I think you know what I mean. Shut the door and come over here.” – Francine’s voice got more assertive than previously.

Ritika did not know how to react but simply do as told. She closed the door and went to the woman, who had now stood up.

“I know that you saw me last night, you little brat. I know that you masturbated, while watching me.” – Mrs. Smith’s aid as she was looking Rhitika in the eyes.

“I can explain, I am sorry.”

“Don’t be. I will have a little fun with you and after that, everything will be fine.” – the MILF said assertively.

The older woman wasted no time. She began undressing the petite French girl, and before she knew it, her perky teenage tits were out into the open. Francine then pushed her foreign exchange student onto the bed and got naked. Ritika had seen her naked before but was still amazed at the great shape of the mother of two. Her tits were massive and well-shaped, and her body was well taken care of. Mrs. Smith grabbed her by the legs. Then with an act of great strength, pulled her over towards the edge of the bed. The girl did not know how to react, so she allowed her host mother to do as she pleased with her. Once she had her, where she wanted, Mrs. Smith grabbed her knees and pushed Rhitika’s legs, towards her head. Now the student found herself in an awkward position, her legs were basically touching her head and her pussy was right there, for the taking. The French girl was a little surprised, but she was also turned on. Mrs. Smith dove down and started eating her warm, wet, and soft vagina.

This was a new experience for Rhitika, who had never had her pussy licked by another woman before. It was especially surprising that it was her host mother doing it. She liked it though, and Mrs. Smith knew what she was doing. Despite being in a state of mild shock, Rhitika could feel her private parts tingling with pleasure. The blood was rushing and her pussy was drenched in juices and saliva. She felt so exposed to this position and the older woman could do anything to her. She was strong, dominant, and assertive. The MILF maneuvered her tongue with great skill, around the French girl’s private parts. Ritika knew that what was happening was kinky and forbidden, getting fucked by the woman that had taken her inside of her home, but she could not resist it. The blonde woman’s tongue roamed territories that the young foreign exchange student had never explored.

Everything about it was steamy and hot. The way the MILF’s powerful hands were pushing down on her legs, pressing them almost to her head. Ritika could not help herself and started getting into it. Soon she was breathing heavily.

Letting out the odd moan.

Mrs. Smith started with a few broad strokes, all along the French girl’s slit. This got Rhitika nice and wet, not that it was necessary. After that, the older woman began focusing on the clit. She liked it, moved her tongue in circular motions around it, and generally played with it. She wanted to get the exchange student amped up and ready for what was about to come. Once she could feel, by the subtle movements of the hips and the moans, the girl was letting out, the MILF got up. She reached inside her cupboard and took out the massive vibrator she had used on herself last night. The powerful tool had a large, rubber head. Mrs. Smith turned it on, to its maximum power and placed it on Rhitika’s clit. The older woman was set on making this girl cum harder than she ever had in her life. The wet pussy progressively started getting wetter and wetter. It was clear that the girl had never experienced proper clitoral stimulation like that before. Most vibrators are simply not strong enough, but this one was top of the line. Mrs. Smith was going to give the French girl something to write home about. After a few minutes of pleasuring her with the powerful tool, the girl was about to cum. Her legs began shaking relentlessly and MILF was too busy handling the powerful vibrator, to pin them down. She also did not care, Rhitika could do whatever she wanted as long as she orgasmed. The student could not help herself and let out a loud, ear-piercing moan. The older woman quickly put one hand over the French girl’s mouth, there was no need to alert the whole house about what was happening in the bedroom. The other handheld the powerful vibrator steadily and moved it all around the girl’s slit. It was a powerful orgasm, escalated by a stream of squirt coming off the student’s vagina. The clear liquid shot out, surprising Rhitika, who had never experienced that before. The mature woman knew what to do and continued to move the powerful vibrator around the clit, for a few more seconds. When it was all said and done, they were both drenched wet and the French girl had experienced the first, of many, squirts.


There are a lot of things about America that baffle foreigners. The way the cities look, the way the people look. The cars, the food, and the politics. It is a peculiar place and a unique one. In the last few decades, it has dominated media and captured the imaginations of many foreigners. There is a saying that everything is bigger in the USA and that certainly rang true for Ritika.

Everything was on a larger scale, and that included the orgasm as well. What she experienced with Mrs. Smith that day, was by far the most powerful orgasm, the French foreign student had ever had. Luckily for her, it was the first of many. She was surprised to find, that she was a squirter, something that’s she had only seen in pornos before. That day opened her eyes up to many new things and possibilities. She learned that she was not as straight as she previously thought, and there was nothing bad about that. There are certain things, sexually, that women understand about each other on a much deeper level. There was less ego and need to prove yourself involved and the young student loved the sex that she had with her host mom.

The two developed an interesting relationship, something that she had never expected when she first signed up for the foreign exchange program. The older woman enjoyed having a young, French plaything and often fucked the girl, until she squirted all over the bed, drenching them both. Besides the great sex life, Rhitika was also happy with her exploration of American daily life. She got to do and see a lot of places and traveled around the country a little, before leaving for home. The friendship she developed with Raima was something, that would surely last, despite the small secret that she had been fucking with her mother. Above all, the French girl learned that despite our difference, we are all surprisingly similar. Americans may have had different food, architecture, and cars than the French, but when it came down to the nitty-gritty people were the same. When it came to fucking each other, we all did it the same. It does not matter if you are an African bushman or a European monarch, you fucked the same way a housewife from the Southeast did.

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