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A New Sex Experience for me with Suganda

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

“No, that’s completely unfair!” I stamped my foot furiously on the light brown cork floor, crossing my arms in front of my chest and puckering my narrow lips into a pout.

Suganda sighed and rolled her annoyed beautiful brown eyes. “Jana “Don’t queue up like that now. We made it clear from the beginning that if you have a semester break or general free time, you do the housekeeping and cook while I have to work.”

“Yes, but I also have to do something for the university …”, I replied and looked at the floor with my blue eyes. I crossed my arms a little more tightly so that Suganda could not see how I nervously thumbed against him Index finger rubbed.

“Oh really? Did you study all day for university? Have you read excavation logs, prepared presentations, and write your homework? Or did you just sit in the living room all day, gamble on the Playstation, and forget the time ?! “This time it was my girlfriend who crossed her arms over her chest and raised her eyebrow questioningly.

I snapped up and looked up at my friend with surprise and mock indignation. “I would never-”

“Should I just have a look?”, Suganda interrupted and looked deeply into my blue-green eyes, with which I tried desperately to avoid her eyes. She sighed. Before I could object, I pushed past me through our narrow hallway and into the living room of our apartment, grabbing the blue, state-of-the-art PS4 controller that was on the small white IKEA table and dropping it into the gray couch cushions.

“I hope you realize that if I can prove it now That you weren’t studying, your punishment would be doubled … “Suganda didn’t even turn to me anymore while I got behind the couch and looked nervously at the TV. I stroked a strand of my blonde hair from my face, my heart was pounding with excitement.

Suganda called up the main menu and was quickly in the settings, where she went to the activity list and scrolled to the top.

Last online: Friday, May 3rd, 2019. 6:23 p.m. More specifically, 10 minutes ago. Last played: God of War (2018), 9 hours 17 minutes 49 seconds. Better said, since I got up this morning.

I bit my lower lip and the blood rose to my head, turning red as Suganda slowly turned and looked at me. There was a mixture of anger and disappointment in her eyes. I quickly broke eye contact and fixed the floor, a gentle whimper was heard from me.

Without warning, Suganda suddenly grabbed my blond, slightly curly hair and pulled me so hard that I breathed in pain. “First you ignore clear agreements, then you lie to me and then you play my own game while I am

struggling at work ?!” “Aaauuuuhhh! I’m sorry!” I howled and tried to grip my hands on my hair, but despite my regular visits to the gym, Suganda was significantly stronger than me. I looked at my friend with pleading eyes. “Please, I’ll make up for it and quickly cook something!”

“Oh, and so you intend to escape your just punishment? By the time you are done cooking, we’ll be half-past seven, but I’m hungry now! ”Suganda held her tight grip on my hair while her other hand took my wrists and fixed them.

I paused briefly and looked at my friend who was angrily examining me. I felt this tingling sensation between my legs again, that every time my hands were unsuccessfully pulled. My eyes wandered over her work outfit, despite the warm weather, she had opted for a black blazer and a wine-red blouse, while she showed a lot of skin with her black pencil skirt. Her brown hair was still in a strict bun, only one or two unruly strands protruded from her hair bun. My girlfriend just looked adorable, while my fitness shorts and white floral top made me look more like the shy girl next door.

“Please … I … I just forgot about the time … come on …” My eyes formed button-round dog eyes and I pulled the corners of my mouth slightly down, emitting a slight whimper. I have always been able to beg well and my time with Suganda made my pleading face perfect automation, I stared deep into her eyes, those beautiful brown eyes that glared at me so badly.

But this time it wasn’t a game night, this time Suganda had no fun doing it, this time I had screwed up a little damn hard. Even worse, Suganda was hungry. “You take off your clothes now! You stop with your damn whining and rumbling, or you get a gag! Did we get along Miss ?! “Your question was followed by a hard jerk on my hair, which I could only comment with a tortured squeal. I nodded my head quickly so that Suganda let go of my hair to my relief.

“Ouch …” I complained as I stroked my maltreated hair and looked at Suganda through some loose strands. However, my friend only had to raise her eyebrows and give an unhappy clearing of the throat so that I whimpered slightly, I knew yes, what she wanted from me now. With a melodramatic sigh, I first pulled down the dark fitness shorts so that my gray string was brought to light. To my shame there was already a small stain on the soft fabric, Suganda’s charisma was easy too for me, even though I lowered my eyes submissively, I could see from the corner of my eye that Suganda was smiling.

“I’m just going to get something, when I come back I want to see you standing completely naked in the middle of the room. If not, you will feel the consequences, I promise you! “Without saying another word, Suganda went directly from the living room into our bedroom. I had to swallow. Of course, she would punish me somehow, that was after my failure inevitable, but I was thinking of a light spanking by hand, but now Suganda would go into our room and open the big wooden box in the walk-in closet and take a suitable tool for my punishment from our generous collection of toys Whether paddles, whips, canes or whips, our box was very well filled with percussion instruments.

In order not to be punished even more for my disobedience and my inability to undress quickly enough, I quickly undressed completely. My panties wandered down my thighs and I quickly pulled my top over my head. As usual, I didn’t wear a bra at home, so my small, round breasts were freely accessible. Despite my nervousness, I saw that my nipples were slightly erect and felt my stomach doing roller coaster rides.

“Turn your back to me!” Suganda’s cold voice made me wince and jerked my thoughts out of my head, I followed her instruction without a word. Then I heard the click of Suganda’s shoes on the floor when she came back from the bedroom stepped right behind me and I was startled and flinched a little when she suddenly put a long piece of cloth over my eyes and tied it tight. I wailed again from my eyesight and was about to complain when Suganda stuck to my bare bottom I cried loudly once.

“No, you won’t complain now, the blindfold stays on!” Suganda whispered in my ear, causing my neck hair to rise. I hated it when she blindfolded me before the punishment, so I couldn’t even see what she had come up with for me,

Suganda then grabbed my wrists and pulled them together behind my back, only a moment later I felt my wrists tightly tied with a rope, the thickness and feel of the rope left on it conclude that it was a cotton rope, and I rubbed my hands together for a moment, only to be frustrated to find that the bondage was flawless and the knots were out of reach of my fingers.

After my hands were tightly tied behind my back, I could feel Suganda’s hand prancing over my bare skin, how she first caressed my back and then grabbed and squeezed my round breasts from behind. I let out a slight moan and nestled my back against Suganda, her soft hands on my sensitive skin felt so good. Suddenly Suganda’s thumb and index finger lay on my now hard nipples and pinched and pulled on them, I let out a surprising and painful scream.

“Aaauuuaaa! No please! “, I begged and rubbed my hands against each other in vain when the stinging pain flicked through my breasts. Suganda immediately let go of my nipples, only to hit my butt very hard again.

“I warned you what would happen if you ran around again, didn’t I ?!” Suganda hissed and before I could even say a word of apology, a ball gag was pushed into my mouth. I could only groan when I felt the strap of the gag firmly locked behind my head and my jaw being pushed apart a little, the taste of rubber spread in my mouth.

“I warned you, so don’t complain. If you had been cooking instead of doing nothing all day, I wouldn’t need to punish you now! “Suganda’s specific voice boomed in my ear as she put a collar around my neck. The cold leather made a shiver run down my back, and the tingling between my legs grew even stronger. I grunted when I felt Suganda fasten a short leash to the collar and then started to walk me slowly through the apartment. I patted and stumbled blindly after my girlfriend before I started with my legs bumped into a cold, hard surface.

“This is the kitchen unit, lie with your upper body over it and spread your legs!”

I immediately followed Suganda’s command and lay down with my bare chest on the cold marble, spreading my legs as best I could. I breathed heavily through the ball gag, the withdrawal of several of my senses was very intense. “Wwsss mmcchhnn wwrrr iiinn ddrr Kkkuucchhee ??”

Although the gag severely restricted my articulation, Suganda seemed to understand me. “I’m hungry, so I’m ordering pizza now. I grumbled and nodded my head. Then I heard my girlfriend take out her cell phone, make a quick phone call to the pizza shop just around the corner, and order two pizzas. When the meal was ordered, her attention turned back to me, her fingers sliding gently over my thighs and butt, which were easily accessible due to my position, and stretched towards her, and I groaned with excitement when one of Suganda’s fingers briefly touched my labia, which were already wet.

“The food is coming in thirty to forty minutes, you will be punished, understand Miss?” I whimpered and nodded my head as best I could. “Good

… you get fifteen blows for not cooking and more Fifteen because you lied to me, so thirty strokes in all. Half is owned by the riding crop, the other half is made with a cane! ”

I groaned loudly in protest and complained that thirty blows were a lot and close to my pain threshold, and while the whip was still relatively comfortable or at least sustainable, the cane was a pain. I shook my head hard and tried to gag and get rid of the blindfold, but both were tight and didn’t move a bit. After a few seconds and a very hard blow with the whip on my butt, which stole my breath, the spectacle was over and I howled and whimpered.

“This is a punishment, miss, a punishment for not cooking! Yes, it will hurt, yes, you will scream and squirm and curse me, but you have to attribute everything to yourself! “In the meantime, I had calmed down and I only whimpered, but I knew Suganda had made a decision and there was no more shaking.

“Ready?” asked Suganda in a stern voice. I nodded my head and sobbed lightly.

The first five blows with the whip were still okay when Suganda had held back and only warmed up my butt. The remaining ten blows with the riding utensil were really bad, I screamed and tugged at the bonds and my butt burned. But that was no comparison to what came with the cane. I howled and tears filled my eyes, I kicked myself in pain and Suganda had to fix my feet with cuffs to the kitchen counter so that I wouldn’t wriggle too wildly and would affect one of us. My butt was battered red and blue and hurt incredibly, I was trembling with pain all over my body.

Just as Suganda was hitting the cane on my aching ass for the fifteenth time and I let out a painful scream through the gag, the doorbell rang loudly. I let out a relieved groan through the gags and released the tension from my back so that my torso rested on the cold marble. Without saying another word, Suganda placed the cane next to my trembling and maltreated body and went to the apartment door to get our dinner. I heard Suganda let the pizza delivery boy’s attempts at flirting flash off on him as usual and returned to the apartment a few minutes later. The smell of pizza rose right into my nose as she placed the warm pizza boxes right next to me on the kitchen counter.

“Well, hunger?” I answered Suganda’s question directly with a groan, I had eaten very little during the day and was therefore hungry. The

discipline had pulled on my strength, I was just finished. I was just lying on my breath breathing heavily on the kitchen counter and heard Suganda open the refrigerator and take a tube of painful ointment out of it. I groaned in relief when I felt Suganda spread the cold ointment on my red butt. The feeling was just wonderful and the pain was reduced considerably.

Suganda put a steaming pizza box on my lap before sitting down next to me, her box on her knees. She tenderly put her arm around me and kissed me on the cheek.

“You took the punishment very bravely, I’m proud of you but next time

you think about cooking ” Suganda whispered in my ear and started eating her pizza.

I grinned and my Cheeks turned red. “I will not forget it …” But as I knew myself and my dexterity, the next punishment would not have to belong in coming.

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